Thursday, September 28, 2017

Journalist Travels To North Korea, Brings Back Photos Very Different From MSM

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
September 26, 2017

As the United States continues to drum up support for possible military intervention in North Korea, the propaganda attacks launched against the isolated Asian nation by the mainstream corporate press have intensified as well. Ranging from the semi-legitimate to the ridiculously absurd, the corporate media has launched a campaign of insults balanced only by its “resistance movement” to Donald Trump. In this case, however, Trump has the rare backing of the corporate press if only in the by the fact that the media is cheering for war harder and faster than Trump is perhaps willing to give it to them.

The corporate press has presented the entirety of North Korea as a state in which no independent thought is allowed, starvation is rampant, haircuts are mandated, and the population of the country is essentially kept in a massive prison camp with messages of brainwashing piped in to every home.

Yet, in the middle of all the propaganda and the talk of war, one journalist, Eva Bartlett, actually traveled to North Korea to get a firsthand impression and on the ground grasp of just what North Korea looks like, a sense of the culture, and what is on the minds of North Koreans. The pictures, videos, and stories she brought back with her tell a much different story than what is being portrayed on the screens of Western media.

While this writer is not attempting to paint North Korea as a utopian land of plenty and bastion of personal freedom, presentations of the country that are alternative to what corporate media outlets have portrayed cannot be ignored. After all, the Western media has repeatedly demonized and lied about nation after nation on the list slated for Western invasion and destruction. From Saddam’s incubator babies, Ghaddafi’s Viagra jihad, and Assad’s killing his own people, lie after lie has led the gullible American public to war. Unfortunately, only after the fact have the lies been exposed on a massive scale.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

EU Med Establishment Launches Jihad Against Homeopathy

Brandon Turbeville
Natural Blaze
September 26, 2017

In a report that shocked no one familiar with the European medical establishment, a Europe-wide umbrella organization representing 29 national and international scientific academies in Europe, the European Academies Science Advisory Council has launched into a tirade against homeopathy.

The EASAC bashed homeopathy as non-sense and claimed that “promotion and use of homeopathic products, risks significant harms.”

The EASAC wrote the report with the intention of influencing policy and regulations across the European Union and encouraged scientists to “reinforce criticisms” of homeopathy as part of a unified front to stop the growing interest in the alternative health industry.

As Ars Technica reports:

The council did not mince words about the “alternative medicines,” which rely on the erroneous ideas that ‘like cures like’ and that water can have memory. In its 12-page statement, the group summarized the extensive scientific work showing that homeopathy is scientifically implausible and produces nothing more than the placebo effect in patients. 
“EASAC is publishing this Statement to reinforce and reiterate this extensive and well-founded critique,” it wrote. The EASAC also noted that homeopathic remedies can be dangerous because they may delay patients from getting real medical treatment and undermine patient trust in the medical community when sham treatments fail. 

Russia Accuses US Of Cooperation With Jihadists, Attempts To Sabotage Liberation of Deir ez-Zor, Indirect Support For Daesh

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
September 25, 2017

As tensions rise between Russia and the United States over the latter’s consistent support for terrorists inside Syria and increased support for Kurdish militias in the North, Russia is now exposing the U.S. support for Daesh and the level to which the U.S. is using Kurdish fighters as proxy forces against both Syria and Russia. Russia is also exposing the American cooperation with Daesh to that end.

Last week, the Russian Defense Ministry accused U.S. intelligence agencies of engaging in a sabotage attempt against the Syrian military and Russian initiative to retake Deir ez-Zour by initiating, encouraging, and directing an offensive in Northwestern Syria by jihadist forces agianst the Syrian military. The Russian MOD claims that the point of the offensive was to draw attention and focus away from the SAA operations in Deir ez-Zour.

The Ministry stated that 29 Russian military policemen were surrounded by jihadists, forcing the military to break them out via Special Ops backed by air power.

“According to our information, U.S. intelligence services initiated the offensive to halt the successful advance of government troops to the east of Deir al-Zor,” said Colonel-General Sergei Rudskoi.

In addition, the Defense ministry asserted that the U.S., via its SDF terrorist proxies, attempted to sabotage the SAA crossing of the Euphrates.

The MOD stated that, just as the Syrian military began crossing the river, the waters immediately began rising, suggesting that this could only have happened if the dams upstream which were being held by the SDF had been opened.

Russia Threatens To Fire Back On U.S. Proxies, Special Forces If Fired On Again

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
September 23, 2017

Even after the apparent cooling of tensions between Russia and the United States in Syria, it seems that the potential for direct military conflict between the two world powers is increasingly likely yet again. As has been typical in the Syrian conflict, the steps toward greater likelihood of confrontation is the result of the U.S. push to provoke Russia and threaten the Syrian military with repercussions for retaking Syrian territory from Daesh.

Ever since the SAA began its campaign to liberate Deir ez-Zour, the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a collection of Kurdish and Arab terrorists working under the guise of “moderates,” has been racing toward Deir ez-Zour as well in order to prevent the SAA from retaking the city in full and to prevent the Syrian government from having access to its resources.

Now, as both the Syrian military and Russia attempts to break the back of terrorists in Syria, the U.S.-backed SDF forces have opened artillery fire on both SAA and Russian posititions, prompting a warning from Russia itself.

This warning is concerning not simply because the U.S. is openly supporting forces firing on Russian troops but because American troops are embedded with the SDF. Thus, if the Russians fire back on the SDF, there exists the real possibility that there will be an exchange of fire between Russia and the United States.

The Russian Defense Ministry stated that the SDF had taken up positions on the eastern banks of the Euphrates alongside U.S. Special Forces. The SDF/USSF twice fired on Syrian/Russian forces.

Brandon Turbeville Interview With Kayhan Institute, Iran - September 21, 2017

Brandon Turbeville
Kayhan Institute Newspaper, Iran
September 21, 2017

Full English text of Brandon's interview with the Kayhan Institute of Iran.

Now only after eight months from administration of Trump , we have witnessed resignation and dismissal of 15 high ranked people from white house . according to this situation Do you believe he gonna be able to finish his 4 years period of presidency? As many analysis hearing from America suggest that. How the unstable political situation is serious in United States?
This is a very complicated issue. Trump was never a man of the people. He was always part of the 1%, he was friends with many unsavory characters, and was utterly ruthless with his businesses. He’s also shown that he is willing to further many of the goals of the Deep State. That being said, he and his administration have been under attack since day one. In fact, even before he took office, maniacal political commentators, activists, and politicians were calling for his impeachment. Almost anything the man says is turned into a hysterical insane scandal by the so-called “left” in America. Trump almost seems like he was put in place to be a lightning rod, to galvanize the left into complete insanity and thus to galvanize the right in response to the left. The strategy of divide and conquer, in other words. That strategy is working to a tee here in the U.S.

Regardless, any attempt of Trump to be independent of the Deep State agenda results in scandal, political pressure, extreme pressure from the corporate media. Only when he bombed Syria did he receive anything resembling positive coverage. There is clearly an element in the U.S. government, the Deep State,that is working to control Trump and to constantly keep him under pressure in order to exercise that control.

So to answer your question – I think it’s plausible to question whether or not he will make it the whole four years. There is an effort underway to impeach him. Others believe he may resign and there is evidence to show this as a possibility as well. It will depend on Trump’s willingness to go full steam ahead with the Deep State agenda. I would draw a parallel between Trump and Richard Nixon. Neither were great people and both were overcome with personality and mental issues. Both were kept under intense political pressure behind the scenes as well as in the public eye in order for the Deep State apparatus to continue to be able to control them. Ultimately, Nixon was burned by the Deep State and there is little doubt that they are willing to do the same to Trump.

در گفت‌وگوی کیهان با 6 کارشناس غربی مطرح شد فاشیسم درآمریکا نهادینه شده است

Brandon TurbevilleInterview with Kayhan Institute Newspaper in Iran
September 21, 2017

در گفت‌وگوی کیهان با 6 کارشناس غربی مطرح شد

* مصاحبه: محمد حسن  نیک بین
گفته می‌شود اختلافات نژادی در آمریکا با انتخاب شدن دونالد ترامپ پس از حدود 9 ماه، بسیار بالا گرفته است. راستی‌های فاشیست از یک سو و لیبرال‌ها از سمت دیگر در چند ماه اخیر درگیری‌های بسیار گسترده‌ای با یکدیگر داشته‌اند که مهم‌ترین نمونه آن راهپیمایی نژادپرستانه در «شارلوتزویل» بود که به خشونت‌های جدی انجامید و صحنه صف‌آرایی مردم آمریکا با یکدیگرشد. اتفاقاتی که آمریکایی‌ها و همین‌طور جهان را به یاد جنگ‌های داخلی سال‌های دور این کشور انداخت. از سویی دیگر بی‌ثباتی عملکرد ترامپ و جهت‌گیری‌های نامتعارفش استیضاح وی و ناتمام ماندن دوره چهارساله‌ ریاست جمهوری‌اش را بر سر زبان‌ها انداخته است. کیهان با توجه به اهمیت این موضوع دو سؤال اساسی را از شش تن از کارشناسان برجسته غربی و عمدتا آمریکایی پرسیده، این مصاحبه را در ادامه با معرفی کارشناسان از دیده می‌گذرانیم. 
سرویس خارجی
«استفان لندمن»، کارشناس و تحلیل‌گر مسائل آمریکا در پاسخ به این سؤال که: «پس از گذشت حدود 9 ماه از ریاست جمهوری ترامپ، حدود 15 نفر از افراد عالی‌رتبه کاخ سفید یا از مقام خود استعفاء داده‌ و یا برکنار شده‌اند. با توجه به بی‌ثباتی ترامپ در اداره کشور آیا وی می‌تواند دوره ریاست جمهوری 4 ساله خود را به پایان برساند؟»، گفت: من همواره درباره توانایی ترامپ برای بقا در پست ریاست جمهوری خوشبین نبودم، من همیشه به این نکته ‌اشاره کرده و گفته بودم که اجماع دموکرات‌ها، برخی از جمهوری خواهان و اکثریت رسانه‌های آمریکایی سعی در تضعیف جایگاه وی دارند. من دائما از سیاست‌های داخی و خارجی ترامپ در مقالات خود انتقاد کرده‌ام. ترامپ اداره کشور را به جنگ افروزانی سپرده که خوی تهاجمی دارند. میلیارد‌رهایی همچون ترامپ و دیگر نئو کان‌ها بر دولت ترامپ تاثیر می‌گذارند. ترامپ هم مانند پیشینیان خود فقط به دنبال ثروت است. وی همچنین همانند روسای جمهور پیشین تمام قول‌هایی که به مردم داده بود را فراموش کرده است. 
تحلیلگر معروف کانال‌های «راشاتودی» و «پرس‌تی‌وی» در ادامه تصریح کرد: «نیروهای مخفی» تاریک در حال حاضر آمریکا را اداره می‌کنند. آمریکا در حال حاضر به خاطر سیاست‌های ترامپ بیش از هر موقع دیگری از هم گسیخته شده است. همزمان دست‌های پنهانی مشغول مبارزه با ترامپ هستند، همان‌هایی که از هیلاری کلینتون در رقابت‌های انتخاباتی حمایت می‌کردند اکنون به دشمن درجه یک ترامپ تبدیل شده‌اند. باید بپذیریم که کلینتون گزینه‌ای به مراتب خطرناک‌تر از ترامپ بود من همواره از هیلاری به عنوان «خدای جنگ» یاد می‌کردم. استیضاح رئیس‌جمهور تاکنون در تاریخ آمریکا رخ داده است و احتمال روی دادن مجدد آن هست، اوضاع برای دونالد ترامپ به شدت بی‌ثبات است.
«وین مادسن» پژوهشگر، روزنامه‌نگار معروف آمریکایی و نویسنده کتاب «داعش همان آمریکاست» در پاسخ به سؤال مشابه گفت: اکنون آمریکا یک رئیس‌جمهوری دارد که بی‌کفایتی وی هر روز بیش از گذشته نمایان می‌شود. ترامپ اکنون از وجود مشاورین کهنه کاری همچون «رکس تیلرسون»، «ماتیس» و «مک مستر» بهره مند است. این 15 فردی که از کاخ سفید اخراج و یا کنار گذاشته شده‌اند افراد بسیار تندرویی بودند که قبل از خسارت رساندن به کشور، مقام خود را ترک کردند.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Kurdish Question: Why Federalization In Syria And The Creation of A Kurdistan Is A Very Bad Idea

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
September 18, 2017

Shortly after the Russian entrance to the Syrian theatre, American media became full of stories praising the heroism of the Kurdish fighters battling against ISIS in areas such as Ayn al-Arab (Kobane) and others. From stories promoting the fighting prowess of the Kurdish brigades to cleverly created propaganda campaigns regarding female Kurdish fighters, the Western press, including the alternative media, was full of stories telling Americans that the Kurds were the real victims and the real heroes of the crisis. This propaganda campaign came about the same time that the Syrian military began making serious gains against Western-backed terrorists with the help of Russia. Thus, as America’s terrorists began losing the war, America produced another “freedom fighter” poster child – the YPG.

This propaganda narrative has continued until today where it is now considered almost a heresy to suggest that the YPG is not a freedom fighting brigade that guarantees everyone’s rights. To suggest that there should not be a Kurdish state carved out of Syria is to subject oneself to the onslaught of accusations as being pro-Erdogan and/or racist. There is a reason behind the push to lionize the YPG, however, that the Western media is promoting and that the alternative media has become obviously blinded to.

U.S. Bases In Syria Set The Borders For A Federalized Country

Despite the spits and spurts of World War Three, it seems the United States (at least part of the establishment) and Russia are beginning to move toward a cooling of their approaches to the Syrian crisis. While we have seen this many times in the past – the apparent mutual understanding of Russia and the U.S. – we have been consistently been rattled by an abrupt push by the United States toward a greater involvement in Syria and a push that could very well be the catalyst for a third world war.

Monday, September 18, 2017

The 2016 Winner Of The Award For Reverse Excellence

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
September 17, 2017

Toward the end of every year, it has become a Western tradition to initiate the proceedings of a “round up” or “best of” of the people, events, and products of the year and attempt to crown a number of individuals with awards for the most accomplished, best dressed, most influential, or most creative of that year. The world of politics and government is no different. Since Wall Street and the Corporate world essentially function as government as well, it is natural that anyone in banking, finance, or the business of exploitation and the military industrial complex be eligble for recognition as well.

However, while politicians, government officials, corporate overlords, and financiers are awash with awards and backslapping trophies, there was still no official award provided to them at the end of the year for their life’s accomplishments and those made over the past 12 months. We decided in 2015, it was time to change this.

Please note: We apologize for being so late in announcing our winner for 2016. Last year contained a number of events that nearly resulted in the complete destruction of the United States and our staff was focused on survival and neurosis for most of the year. We promise to be more prompt in the future.

A Little About The Award For Reverse Excellence

In our attempt to devise the perfect, comprehensive award, we asked ourselves what such an award would look like? We already have the Nobel Peace Prize, a perfect Orwellian award whose name says “peace” but is generally awarded to mass murderers, warmongers, and proponents of genocidal austerity. Unfortunately, we find the Nobel Prize is no longer able to provide us with the pride and confidence in the world’s leaders who are responsible for the killing of innocent people and the destruction of their livelihoods in the way that we desire. Unable to understand the concept of doublethink, the general public is confused by the use of the word “peace” in the title of the prize and thus they believe that the “peace” prize is actually a prize for peace. For that reason, they often see the recipients as weak and ineffectual despite their accomplishments.

New Documents Show Pentagon Is Shipping Billions Worth Of Weapons To Terrorists In Syria, Trying To Cover Its Tracks

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
September 15, 2017

While Donald Trump garnered praise from many anti-imperialist activists and researchers after his public announcement that he was ending the CIA’s program of arming terrorists in Syria, it appears much of that praise will be short-lived. Certainly, many expected a slight of hand from the Trump administration and the Deep State and now evidence has surfaced showing that the U.S. government has simply shifted the focus of arming terrorists from one agency to another.

Trump never ended the Pentagon program, viewed as a much smaller initiative. However, documents recently revealed are showing that the program is officially set to continue in the arena of $2 billion over the next five or so years. Given the secrecy of the program, however, many believe the monetary value of the weapons shipments is much higher.

A new report released by two international weapons monitoring groups, the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN), confirmed on Tuesday that the Pentagon is continuing to ship massive amounts of weapons to Syria. In addition, the Department of Defense is attempting to destroy its own paper trail. Both the OCCRP and the BIRN provided conclusive evidence that the Pentagon is shipping in up to $2.2 billion worth of weapons from private weapons dealers to terrorists in Syria. They also provided evidence that the DOD is altering paperwork such as end-user certificates in order to hide its involvement.

This story now echoes the early revelations made by Bulgarian reporter Dilyana Gaytandzhieva who reported on the use of diplomatic flights as cover for weapons shipments by the anti-Syria coalition from those countries to terrorists in Syria, Yemen, and other locations. Gaytandzhieva was subsequently interrogated and fired from her job at Trud.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Journalist Uncovers White Helmets Used Another 'Victim' For Stage Prop Before Switching Him For "Little Omran"

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
September 15, 2017

After a known terrorist with the Nourredine al-Zengi faction (the group responsible for beheading a twelve year old boy on camera), along with his compatriots in the Nusra propaganda wing known as the White Helmets snapped a picture of an injured and bewildered little boy in the back of a hospital, Little Omran Daqneesh became the “symbol of Syria’s suffering” throughout the Western media. However, soon after the gullible western public was sucked in to the “Olympics of the feels,” it was revealed that the photo had indeed been staged by the White Helmets looking to produce a piece of propaganda that would sufficiently tug on the heart strings of the American public who typically have no strings to pull on when it comes to their countries’ imperialist agenda.

In 2017, however, it was revealed that Little Omran was not only still alive but living quite well in government held territory in the care of his father, a former Syrian military soldier and government supporter. Interviews with Omran’s father revealed that Omran had indeed been used as a stage prop and that the White Helmets terrorists’ attempt to commandeer Omran for further propaganda pieces.

Recently, the White Helmets’ “Little Omran” story has been exposed yet again for an even more blatant act of propaganda and staging.

In an interview with Abu Omar, Vanessa Beeley uncovered the fact that there had been another poster boy for “Syria’s suffering” shortly before Omran came along. Once Omran began emerging from the rubble, the first “victim” was discarded for the little boy.

In her article, “Aleppo: White Helmets Switched Injured Victim For Smaller, Cuter Omran In Propaganda Coup,” Beeley writes,

New U.N. Report Cites Terrorists, Blames Assad For Chemical Weapons With No Real Evidence

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
September 15, 2017

The United Nations is marching ahead with its task of acting as the Anglo-Financier administrative arm of the world corporate-financier government structure with its recent “report” aimed at the Syrian government. According to Western corporate media outlets who are reporting the story with unconcealable glee, the United Nations “war crimes investigators” produced a report blaming the Syrian government for chemical weapons attacks at Khan Sheikhoun and nearly two dozen other incidents (Access the report here).

The United Nations team stated that there had been 33 incidents investigated. 27 were the fault of the Syrian government and perpetrators had not yet been identified in the other seven. In other words, all of the alleged chemical weapons incidents were the fault of the Syrian government except for the ones they have yet to determine.

However, there are many problems with the stance of the report, its methodology, and its purpose.

The UN Investigative Apparatus Is Not Unbiased

It is important to remember that, whatever the UN may be, it is not impartial or unbiased, particularly when it comes to Syria. Whether it is delisting Saudi Arabia as “parties that kill or maim children” due to KSA’s threat to remove money from the organization to producing phony reports against the Syrian government, the United Nations has demonstrated time and again that its own mechanism is geared toward helping NATO, GCC, and Israel destroy the secular government of Bashar al-Assad.

Indeed, one of the UN’s own Syria “war crimes prosecutors” publicly admitted her own bias as she stepped down from her post over her frustrations that the U.N. simply couldn’t barge into Syria and bring Assad up for trial for “war crimes.”

Big Ag Offers More Genetic Modification To Solve Crisis Caused By Genetic Modification

Brandon Turbeville
September 12, 2017

Genetic modification is now taking on a new appearance. Although if you were to read many reports announcing arrival of the new technique it would sound as if it is an entirely new and separate process.

Because plants are able to “turn off” their genes through RNA interference in order to block protein translation – researchers are now attempting to weaponize this trait and genetically engineer crops that can produce specific RNA fragments that begin the process of RNA interference to shut down a specific gene which is necessary for life and reproduction.

This RNA fragment production would be set to begin upon ingestion by insects. it would then kill or sterilize the insects who have eaten the crop. The new RNA interference modification was recently reviewed in Trends in Biotechnology in the journal’s special issue on Environmental Biotechnology.

As Cell Press writes:

RNA interference faces multiple obstacles before it could work for all major crops and their pests. On the plant side, scientists have not yet found a way to transform the chloroplast genomes of cereal grains such as rice and corn, the most direct route to producing enough RNA fragments to eliminate pests at a high rate. On the insect side, prominent pests such as some caterpillars can degrade those fragments, staving off shutdown of the target gene. 

Big Ag Reaps Benefits From Emerging Dicamba Crisis

Brandon Turbeville
September 11, 2017

While most of the focus has centered on glyphosate in terms of dangerous pesticides, there is another weed killer that is posing a danger to crop growers – dicamba.

Although not the only state affected by the growing dicamba controversy, Ohio has been one of the afflicted states.

Although the state has only received 19 official complaints of dicamba damage in 2017, weed specialists like Mark Loux at the Ohio State University Extension, an outreach arm of the College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Services at Ohio State University, says this is most likely because farmers do not tend to want to report their neighbors.

They tend to fault the dicamba not the person who is applying it.

For this reason, Loux estimates that there could be 3-4 times more instances of harm. Loux says, “the sense I get from people here is, ‘this is not acceptable.’ What’s not acceptable is this movement with no ability to control it.”

What Loux is referring to is the fact that dicamba often spreads beyond the intended target area.

After dicamba is applied to crops it can turn into a vapor and then move to the surface of leaves and spread to neighboring fields with the wind. Loux says that it can sometimes spread as far as half a mile away.

“I’ve seen it cover whole soybean fields,” he said.

Friday, September 8, 2017

MSM Ignores Videos Of Syrians Celebrating SAA Deir ez Zor Liberation

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
September 7, 2017

While the Western media laments over the recent liberation of Deir ez Zor by the Syrian military and the impending defeat of America’s ISIS terrorists, the reaction of the Syrian people – both inside and outside of Deir ez Zor – tell a story of anything but sadness over the SAA victory there.

Normally, video footage from a city that was recently the scene of a historic military battle would be considered prime news film for television. However, in this case, since the citizens on the ground are welcoming the Syrian military in droves as liberators and saviors, the western corporate media is, predictably, silent.

One such video as published by Syria Channel Today shows hordes of celebrating Syrians outside the Men’s Monastery in Deir ez Zor unable to sit still, chanting praise for the Syrian army and the country as a whole. In the background, one can see numerous Syrian flags and posters of Bashar al-Assad.

These are the people who Assad is killing according to Western media outlets. It is odd then that these victims of “Assad’s barrel bombs,” “Assad’s brutality,” and “Assad’s concentration camps” would turn out in such large numbers to support the military that is allegedly killing them. It is even odder still that they would carry posters of the “brutal dictator” that the whole country was supposedly united against. It would be incredibly odd if the propaganda against Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government was true. Once again, however, the reality on the ground, the footage coming back from Syria, and virtually every testimony given by Syrians themselves contradicts the propaganda coming from Western media and Anglo-Financier coalition.

City of Deir el-Zour, SyriaDeir ez-Zor: 'It Has Become Clear That Syrian Army is Winning the War'

City of Deir el-Zour, SyriaBrandon Turbeville Interview with Sputnik International

September 8, 2017

The advances of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) backed by the Russian Aerospace Forces in Deir ez-Zor will lead to the ultimate defeat of Daesh (ISIS/ISIL), experts told Sputnik. However, the eradication of Daesh doesn’t mean the end of the war while Idlib and some other parts of the country still remain in the hands of extremists.

The breach of the Deir ez-Zor blockade is an important landmark since it will lead to the defeat of Daesh in Syria, Brandon Turbeville, an American geopolitical analyst and author of the book "The Road to Damascus," told Radio Sputnik.

"The Syrian military just have made massive gains sweeping across the east and I personally believe this is going to be the end of ISIS [Daesh] in Syria," Turbeville said expressing hope that Deir ez-Zor will soon return to normal life and "become Syria again" just like eastern Aleppo did earlier.

Brandon Turbeville interview with Sputnik International - September 6, 2017

Image result for sputnik internationalBrandon Turbeville
Sputnik International
September 6, 2017

Brandon Turbeville interview with Sputnik International - September 6, 2017

The Syrian Army has broken a years-long Daesh siege of the city of Deir ez-Zor. This is what the country’s state news agency – SANA - has reported. The key strategic city, located on the Euphrates shores, has been under terrorist control for more than three years. Syrian government troops, backed by Russian air forces, have been advancing towards it since August. According to Russian military, the lifting of Deir ez-Zor siege will lead to the complete defeat of the most combat-effective formations of the Daesh terrorist group in Syria. The Middle East country has been in the grip of a civil war for over six years now. Government forces are fighting against Syrian opposition groups as well as numerous terrorist organizations, such as Daesh.

We discussed the issue with an American geopolitical analist and writer, the author of the book "The Road To Damascus" - Mr. Brandon Turbeville.

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

CNN Caught Creating Fake News Again: Adding Words To Syrian Witness’ Statement To Fit Western Narrative

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
September 6, 2017

Although the entirety of the Western corporate media machine is worthy of the name “Fake News,” CNN has become the standard bearer of the title. It seems that the organization is doing everything in its power to earn its position as the tip of the spear in the army of “fake news.” Indeed, it is scarcely possible to keep up with the lies, deceit, and half-truths CNN presents to the general public on a daily basis. Occasionally, however, one instance stands out so much that it cannot be allowed to slip by without being addressed.

Back in 2016, as Aleppo was the scene of a fierce battle between America’s terrorist forces and the Syrian military, CNN broadcasted a report from Jibrin, Syria where it purported to show the sad state of civilians fleeing the war that had come to Aleppo. The clip shows two Syrians – one young boy and an older man – who are telling the reporter about their situation.

The CNN reporter predictably attributes the horrors facing the civilians as a result of the eastern part of Aleppo “being under siege by the Syrian military,” not the fact that terrorists had seized east Aleppo and were fighting to the death to keep it. Still he quotes an older man who paints a less than typical CNN-style portrayal of the “rebels.” The man says, “I wanted to leave with my kids fifteen days ago but the rebels shot at me and said ‘Hey you bastard! Do you want to join the regime?’”

The only thing surprising about the man’s statement was that it was actually aired on CNN.

However, the most interesting aspect of the report is what was attributed to the young boy whom CNN quotes as saying, “We were afraid that we would starve to death. We were also scared because heavy bombs were falling.”

Reporter Who Exposed Diplomatic Flights Weapons Transfers Speaks: Azerbaijan Confirms Documents

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
September 6, 2017

Last week, I wrote an article entitled, “Leaked Documents Purport To Show How The U.S., Gulf Countries Ship Weapons To Terrorists Using Diplomatic Flight Cover,” in which I covered the story broken by Bulgarian reporter Dilyana Gaytandzhieva regarding the use of Azeri diplomatic flights by the United States and Gulf countries to ship weapons to various conflict zones in Africa and the Middle East, including to terrorists organizations. Gaytandzhieva originally came upon the documents as a result of a leak sent to her by Anonymous Bulgaria.

Her report blew the lid on a secret program to provide weapons to terrorists in Iraq and Syria as well as anti-Houthi militants in Yemen. The documents leaked to her by anonymous sources show that the Azberbaijani airline Silk Way Airlines was contracted by companies in the United States, Israel, and the Balkans to the militaries of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates as well as U.S. Special Ops. Gaytandzhieva’s own on-the-ground reporting also uncovered many weapons related to this secret trade in Aleppo after she had traveled there to investigate the story.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to visit Gaytandzhieva’s original article in which she presents scanned copies of the documents sent to her.

Although Gaytandzhieva’s report is months old, it gained wider traction in the alternative media after it was revealed she was subsequently interrogated by Bulgaria’s intelligence services and then fired from her newspaper because of the story.

Because of the nature of report – leaked documents coming from Anonymous – many readers will no doubt read the article with the mind of a skeptic. However, in the days after my own article was published, Gaytandzhieva was interviewed by Terry Bain of the Voices Network who asked her about her method of authentication of the documents she received.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

SC Senator Calls Out Law Enforcement, Slams Politicization Of Police

Brandon Turbeville
September 4, 2017

When the South Carolina State Legislature was working on a bill to address the opioid crisis, the Senate unanimously voted to attach an amendment to the bill that would allow the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control to work with doctors in the VA to greater understand whether or not the possibility of using medical marijuana for treatment would be useful in the state.

If one could even call this a step in the right direction, it was of the smallest of baby steps.

However, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Lobby immediately sprang to action, packing the hearing rooms and spreading disinformation about the bill. The goal was simple: to prevent even the discussion of the possibility that medical marijuana may be beneficial in certain instances.

Even the thought of discussing whether or not to discuss the possible benefits of medical marijuana brought out the dinosaurs and the “just doing my job”-bers to continue their campaigns of lies, deceit and authoritarianism on the general public South Carolina.

Of course, this being South Carolina, there is always a nice dose of puritanical stubbornness thrown into the mix as well. But what is interesting, is that the famous tagline of law enforcement, “don’t blame me, I’m just doing my job” only applies to vicious beatings, exorbitant and irritating traffic tickets, caging of peaceful people, and kicking in the doors of families in the dead of night.

When there is a discussion of the possibility of possibly lightening up by one one-thousandth of a percent on the state’s Soviet-style drug laws, suddenly the just-doing-my-job-bers start trying to do the job of politicians, doctors and constituents. Funny how that works.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Leaked Documents Purport To Show How The U.S., Gulf Countries Ship Weapons To Terrorists Using Diplomatic Flight Cover

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
August 31, 2017

A recent report by Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva entitled, “350 Diplomatic Flights Carry Weapons For Terrorists,” may very well have blown the lid on a secret program to provide weapons to terrorists in Iraq and Syria as well as anti-Houthi militants in Yemen. Gaytandzhieva’s report claims that the documents leaked to her by anonymous sources show that the Azberbaijani airline Silk Way Airlines was contracted by companies in the United States, Israel, and the Balkans to the militaries of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates as well as U.S. Special Ops. Gaytandzhieva’s own on-the-ground reporting also uncovered many weapons related to this secret trade in Aleppo after she had traveled there to investigate the story.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to visit Gaytandzhieva’s original article in which she presents scanned copies of the documents sent to her.

Although Gaytandzhieva’s report is months old, it gained wider traction in the alternative media after it was revealed she was subsequently interrogated by Bulgaria’s intelligence services and then fired from her newspaper because of the story.

Gaytandzhieva reports that at least 350 diplomatic flights by Silk Way Airlines (an Azeri state-run company) transported weapons all across the world to various war zones over the past three years. She writes that the planes carried “tens of tons of heavy weapons and ammunition headed to terrorists under the cover of diplomatic flights.” Gaytandzhieva says that the documents implicating Silk Way Airlines were sent to her on Twitter by Anonymous Bulgaria.