Monday, January 16, 2017

Leaving Nothing To Learn From: America's Foolish Policy In Syria Will Leave A Legacy Of Shame And Ignorance

Abdo Haddad
January 11, 2016

We are a sacred country, yes.

Because of us, because of our beliefs only and because of what our history is, our heritage, our ancestors are gift to us and not the Umayyad ancestors or the Abbasid, we are way older than this, way older than this.

The Ummayyad and Abbasid were dark eras, were dark times for Syria, we make a lot bad and we … you don’t know that we have created alphabet, you don’t know … so we have, we have enough to come out of it.

I’m worried about you, you are not willing to learn from us, you are fighting us, killing us, suffocating us. 

You will not leave anything to learn from. 

Today on your TVs, your politicians, your media, your journalists are lying bluntly and feel happy about it. 

What you could say on American TV today, you couldn’t have said it 10 years ago or 20 years ago, so you are more comfortable with lying, with conspiring, you’re are more comfortable in describing the others as numbers, as objects, as use, not as people and souls, not as lives. 

This is dangerous for you, we appreciate our lives, the more we lose people we appreciate the life we lost and the life we have, and we make sure that the lives that we lost are honoured. 

As Christmas Approaches, Remember It Is The U.S. Government Who Is Responsible For Ruining Christians In The Middle East

Janice Kortkamp
January 14, 2017

Editor's Note: This article was intended to be published five days before Christmas. However, due to an oversight, the article is being published late. We are publishing the article now because it still bears relevance. 

Christmas is coming and since the days of Jesus, Syria has almost always been a safe haven for Christians. Enjoy this video of the Lord's Prayer being sung in Aramaic...the language of Syria.

The first Christians ran away from Jerusalem to Damascus where Saul was going to hunt them down. These days, there are hundreds of churches from most denominations there. They sit comfortably side by side with mosques. Except where "rebels" those areas they are desecrated and destroyed...and so have many mosques by the way.

Under the government of Syria they have thrived...until the US, UK, and EU decided to TRY to "take out Assad" as they took out the leaders of Iraq and Libya that is. Christians are not treated like some protected endangered species though! They are an integrated part like everyone else in the beautiful mosaic that is Syria in every aspect of society including the government, army, business, education, etc. Non-Muslims are not allowed yet by the constitution to be President. This is a complicated issue and one for Syrians to hash out themselves.

Thanks to the US war in Iraq, that huge population of Christians is just about gone...communities that have existed for 2,000 years. Gone forever are over a million innocent Muslims and other minority groups.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Trump Presidency, Transition of Power To Ignite Era Of Destabilization In The U.S.?

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
January 15, 2017

It is clear that Americans were able to avoid the worst case scenario of a Hillary Clinton presidency. However, the 2016 elections provided the country with the Presidency of Donald Trump. While the surprise was not unwelcome considering the other option, Trump supporters are now being faced with some difficult questions as he nears actually taking office.

Trump was always the wild card, running roughshod over the Republican candidates and eviscerating Clinton (if not in the debates, then at least during the campaign as a whole) in the general election. His supporters painted him as an outsider set to save America while his opponents literally painted him as Hitler. Trump’s refusal to articulate specifics about his plans once in office have been represented by many of his supporters as a brilliant strategy since, obviously, no one required specifics before voting for him (Clinton was enough to sway the vote his way). However, the tactic has worked extremely well because those of us who are watching his progression to the White House are incapable of making solid statements – critical or supportive - about his policies one way or the other since we do not actually know what they are.

To be sure, in the days leading up to his inauguration, Trump has done a few positive things. First, by appointing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to head a Vaccine Safety Commission, the President-elect has taken a bold stance in favor of unbiased research into the dangers of vaccinations and the power of Big Pharma as well as the constant hysterical lunacy coming from corporate media outlets kept alive by Big Pharma’s money. Second, his recent attack on CNN was a welcome breath of fresh air. To see CNN correctly labeled as “Fake News” after years of literally making up skits and stories to promote the establishment agenda was a pleasure to behold. It is also worth mentioning that, during the campaign, Trump hinted around at increasing tariffs and protectionism, “renegotiating” the disastrous free trade agreements, working closer with Russia, and abandoning the NATO destabilization campaign against the Syrian government. All of these are things Trump should be commended for, assuming he actually enacts them as policy.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Damascus Water Crisis Now Over As Syrian Military Retakes Wadi Barada

Brandon Turbeville
January 13, 2017

If there was any doubt that the water crisis in Damascus was created by the Western-backed terrorists operating outside the city, the end to that crisis should now dispel the rest of that doubt. This is because the crisis is now over precisely because the Syrian military was able to retake the area.

Indeed, the Syrian military has taken back the Wadi Barada area, forcing the terrorists to leave, surrender, or die so that the experts and specialists can attend to repairing the damaged water system and begin providing clean water for the people of Damascus.

Of course, the mainstream media is doing its best to ignore this story and will likely not be reporting on the fact that it is the Syrian government which is providing the water to the people of Damascus after America’s terrorist rats cut it off nor will it mention that the Syrian government was not in control of Wadi Barada and could not have been in control of the water supply and the water treatment plant coming from that location. Thus, it could not have been the Syrian military who poisoned the water supply.

According to a report by Leith Fadel of Al-Masdar News,

The three week long water crisis in Damascus has finally come to an end after an agreement was put in place between the government and jihadist rebels on Friday afternoon. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Science: Endometriosis, Fibroids Caused By These Common Chemicals, Billions In Annual Medical Costs

fibroids endometriosis pthalates DDT DDEBrandon Turbeville
January 13, 2017

In a new study, a team of researchers set out to estimate the health cost of two chemicals in the European Union – pthalates and DDE.

Both of these chemicals are known hormone disruptors and are found virtually everywhere in the Western world. From plastics to pesticides and from makeup to food both pthalates and DDE are almost impossible to avoid by anyone living a life that is considered somewhat normal.

But both have been strongly linked with “common” female reproductive issues, particularly endometriosis and fibroids.

Between fibroids and endometriosis, it is estimated that 70% of women will experience infertility as a result of exposure.

There are substantial human and toxicological studies (in mice and other lab animals) that suggest that exposure to these endocrine-disrupting chemicals, many of which are increasing in use, are contributing to female reproductive conditions,” said Dr. Leonardo Trasande, associate professor of pediatrics at New York University School of Medicine.

DDE is actually a breakdown product of DDT that was banned for agricultural purposes by the United States and Europe in the 1970s. The product is still used for disease control and its agricultural residue still lingers in the environment. For that reason, most exposure to pthalates comes from eating food produced in contaminated soils/water and from eating food and drinks stored in plastic that contains pthalates.

South Carolina Considers Legalizing Medical Marijuana

marijuana south carolinaBrandon Turbeville
January 12, 2017

As 2017 begins, South Carolina is doing its best to tiptoe in the 21st century. Making headlines all across the state, a new bill that many people are calling the South Carolina Compassionate Care Act is making its way through the South Carolina House.

The topic has been debated before but has failed to pass largely because of the state’s authoritarian law enforcement lobby and fearful and hysterical anti-drug groups. The bill, however, is by no means an end to America’s failed drug war in South Carolina. It will fully regulate and control both production and patient access to medical marijuana. It also has specific guidelines and conditions that must be present in order for patients to qualify for access.

Among these are HIV AIDS, hepatitis C, glaucoma, cancer, ALS, Parkinson’s, autism, Crohn’s and PTSD. There would be a review board established and purchases would be limited to no more than two ounces every two weeks.

While we recognize that the hysteria and full-on police state over a harmless plant, corporate money interests and the person issues of many opponents is a massive stain on the legacy of humanity and the state of South Carolina, we can recognize this new bill as a small step in the right direction.

Grand Mufti Of Syria Discusses Secularism In Syria - Human Beings Live In States, No Countries Based On Religion

Aaron Hendel, Gail Malone, Grand Mufti Hassan and Janice Kortkamp
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post 
January 11, 2017

While most Americans are force fed propaganda and misinformation about virtually every country outside their own borders (including the country in which they live) Syria has been a particular target of the corporate press. In fact, so much propaganda and lies have been spread regarding Syria and the crisis unfolding there that the average person glued to Fake News outlets like CNN, FOX, and MSNBC could scarcely recite one fact about the country correctly.

One such propaganda narrative is the lie that the Syrian crisis is sectarian in nature and that the country was plagued by religious tension and division before the war began. Neither of these claims were the case and, five years into the NATO imperialist war effort, Syrians are as united as they have ever been.

Americans under the false impression of Syria and Syrians as well as religion in Syria might be surprised to hear from the religious leaders of the country who have denounced the violence and who have expressed nothing but compassion, understanding, and unity with Muslims, Christians, Jews and those of all other faiths.

Photos From Aleppo - The Children of East Aleppo Are Free

Janice Kortkamp
December 20, 2016

By all means, weep for the children of Aleppo. Weep for joy because the children of East Aleppo are free from hellish bondage of living under al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. And because children in West Aleppo will no longer be targeted by terrorist mortars, hell cannons, exploding bullets, car bombs, suicide bombers and chemical weapons attacks. Weep for all the children of Syria who have been killed, wounded, orphaned, hurt because of an illegal war created by the west against their country.

By all means, pray for the children of Aleppo. Offer prayers of thanksgiving for the sacrifices of Syrian, Russian and Hezbollah troops who are fighting such hard battles against such terrible enemies.

By all means weep for the people of Syria. Weep because before the US decided to create yet another war based on utterly fantastic lies and false narratives, they were safe. Their country was beautiful, stable; there was hope and growing prosperity

By all means pray for the people of Syria. Pray that they can hold out against the onslaught of lies and gangs of terrorists supported by the United States of America and our allies. Pray that the truth somehow manages to escape thru media. Pray that victory and peace will come soon.

These pictures are from Aleppo this week, showing the evacuees being cared for by the Syrian Army and government. I ask you - do they look frightened of the army??? Of course not!! Don't believe the media lies. These pics came to me from Rev. Andrew Ashdown who spent most of this week in Aleppo.

Tragedy Happens When The Masses Are Silent

Janice Kortkamp
December 20, 2016

As I write this tonight, I am seething with anger, frothing at the mouth with frustration, and happy to offend.

The people of Syria support their president and army. Period. The "rebels" are evil. Period. The stories of atrocities, murder, rape by the Syrian Army meaning President Assad are lies. Period. The people of Syria want to be free of the terrorists and they want their country back. Period.

I accuse President Obama, Hilary Clinton, Samantha Power, John Kerry, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham of high treason for supporting, arming, training, funding, and recruiting for ISIS, al Qaeda, and a legion of other terrorist militias to do our dirty work of regime change coup against the leader of a sovereign and independent nation that is not and never was a threat to our country.

America's government, our media are evil; they call evil good and good they call evil.

Our "freedom fighters" just today wired an 8 year old girl with explosives. She was directed to walk to a police station in Damascus pretending to be lost. Our precious "freedom and democracy rebels" then remotely detonated her to blow up the inside of the station.

We do this because we are controlled by Zionists - the "Israel first" gang. The Zionists are not true Jews. The Zionists have kidnapped Judaism. The media, financial sector and virtually all of the political sector are being held in bondage to this ravenous, greedy, completely paranoid and delusional gang of land thieves who yell "Anti-Semite" and "Holocaust denier" should you dare question their murder and gluttony for wealth. Do you know the first terrorist bombing in the Middle East was done by Zionists?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Obama Stutters And Stammers Accusations Against Russia During His Final Push For War

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
January 11, 2017

As Obama’s days as U.S. President draw to a close, both the Obama administration and the mainstream corporate media are attempting to provoke a greater conflict with nuclear-armed Russia on the basis of something that never actually happened; at least on the basis of something that they have yet to prove has actually happened. Still, the hype and hysteria being piped from the halls of the White House, intelligence community, and the mouthpiece of the establishment, the corporate media, is incessant. According to the media and the President, the Russians hacked the DNC (never mind the fact that the DNC was acting inappropriately and rigging the elections themselves) and put American democracy at risk.

Of course, neither the intelligence community nor the White House has yet to produce any evidence of their claims, despite the fact that they are clearly provocations aimed both at Russia and the domestic population of the United States, with the intention to frighten the latter into submission with a healthy dose of Neo-McCarthyism and red-baiting. Still, this continuous and baseless propaganda might cause many Americans a number of flashbacks since the last time their President, intelligence community, and corporate media came to them with proof of an encroaching threat to democracy, telling them the evidence was clear but that the masses would simply have to “trust” them, Americans ended up bewildered on the battlefield in Iraq where they remain to this day, thirteen years on.

Once again, we are given no evidence, only vague unproven allegations to justify actions that very well may be destructive not only to the American people but to all the people of the world. All we need is for Colin Powell to give a Power Point presentation in front of the United Nations and the circle will be complete.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Rebels Take Aleppo, Behead Syrian Soldiers - Syria Takes Aleppo, Rebels Leave In Buses

Janice Kortkamp
January 11, 2017

When US backed "moderates" capture Syrian Army soldiers they execute them, often by beheading. I have seen pro-rebels "civilian" mothers cheering while they let their children play soccer with the heads of the soldiers.

The trouble with "rebels" is they love to post bragging videos of such things. Or, they use the captured soldiers as human shields.

The Syrian government will often execute FOREIGN terrorists they find in their country. Good for them.

They offer amnesty and reconciliation to most Syrian militants. They can choose to return to their lives before the war or fight in the Syrian Army or they can choose to get shipped in buses to Idlib.

95% of the 100,000 people who were in East Aleppo are chosing to live in areas under government control.

These buses are transporting militants to Idlib, an al Nusra (al Qaeda) controlled province which will hopefully be dealt with soon.

Vanessa Beeley Shows What Is Really Happening In Aleppo

Janice Kortkamp
January 11, 2017

This is what is really  happening in Aleppo.

Vanessa Beeley has spent the last several days in Aleppo, both in East and West Aleppo. 

Unlike CNN et al of the main stream media...she's telling the truth.

An 8 year old girl died in a "rebel" terrorist prison.

The "rebels" were hoarding aid food and supplies selling them to civilians at exhorbitant prices that most couldn't afford.

The "rebels" shot a starving woman in the mouth when she begged them for food.

The "rebels" shot civilians as they tried to escape thru the humanitarian escape corridors set up by the Syrians and Russians.

Please 27 minutes too long to learn the TRUTH?

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - January 9, 2017

Brandon Turbeville
January 9, 2017

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - January 9, 2017

Brandon discusses the way forward and list of demands for 2017. Brandon also discusses the Syrian crisis and the question of Russian hacks.



Sunday, January 8, 2017

Leaked Tapes Reveal John Kerry Admission U.S. Was Pulling For ISIS Against Assad, Russia Only Fighting Terror

us isisBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
January 7, 2017

A Wikileaks release of John Kerry’s statements has yet again blown the lid off the public claims of the U.S. Government, Obama administration, and the corporate mainstream media in regards to ISIS and the war in Syria. The tapes of a conversation between John Kerry and the so-called “Syrian Opposition” at the Dutch Mission of the United Nations on September 22 were released on Wednesday. While mainstream media either refused to report on the leaks at all or eliminated the most incriminating parts of the tapes, Kerry openly states that the United States sat idly by while ISIS grew and grew in order to force Bashar al-Assad to “negotiate.”

To be clear, Kerry did not state that the United States funded, directed, or directly supported ISIS, claims which are already easily documented by previously leaked documents and by simple facts on the ground, both circumstantial and otherwise. However, he did clearly admit that the United States knew ISIS to be growing in Syria but did nothing to stop or oppose it because the U.S. wanted to use it as a bargaining chip in order to make the secular, democratically-elected President, Bashar al-Assad “negotiate,” which, of course, simply means stepping down and allowing a proxy president and Western-backed terror coalition to take his place.

Kerry says in this clip:
The reason Russia came in is because ISIL was getting stronger. Daesh was threatening the possibility of going to Damascus and so forth and that’s why Russia came in. Because they didn’t want a Daesh government. And they supported Assad.

From Kessab, Syria

Janice Kortkamp
December 19, 2016

Kessab, Syria

Our family has lived on the farm here in Virginia for two generations and are raising the third here. We are a rarity in America to have generational connections to a piece of land.

Traveling in Syria, especially through just a few of its thousands of villages, I started to get a little feel, just a sense, of what it must be like to have ties to a place for tens of generations - sometimes hundreds of generations.

Kessab sits right on the border with Turkey, in the far northwest corner of Syria. It is an Armenian Christian town that was also a favorite weekend resort spot for many Syrians because of its beauty, set as it is in mountains and close to the sea.

Kessab and the Armenian people themselves have known one wave of violence and attempted genocide after another by Turkey over centuries. The leaders of Turkey slaughtered millions during the Armenian Genocide that began in 1915. Syria, on the other hand took in the refugees fleeing the violence - as Syria has historically done. One recent example: Syria accepted millions of refugees running from the US war against Iraq.

During this current war in Syria, Kessab was targeted once again. Safe, stable and prosperous under the government of Syria, it was brutally attacked along with several surrounding villages by a huge army of "rebel" terrorists led by al Nusra (al Qaeda in Syria) together with several terrorist groups some openly supported by the United States in March of 2014.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

That Time HRW's Ken Roth Contradicted Himself Twice In 4 Days Over Syria

germany-syria-human-r_horoBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
January 5, 2017

Human Rights Watch and its Executive Director, Kenneth Roth, have managed a number of brazen failures in their attempt to support Western-backed terrorists in their goal of advancing Western imperialism in Syria. From using photos of cities the United States has bombed in order to blame the destruction on Bashar al-Assad to attacking Syrian nuns who attempted to correct Western media propaganda about kidnapped civilians in Lattakia, HRW has made a name for itself as one of the loudest shill organizations originating out of Soros Land.

Kenneth Roth, however, appears to be in a race with his own organization to see who can discredit and/or humiliate him/itself the most. Obviously banking on the short attention span of his audience, Roth’s Twitter account has now become a display of hypocrisy, propaganda, and contradictions ripe for mockery for anyone who visits it.

For instance, going back over a year, Roth tweeted an absurd statement that “Assad released jihadist Zahran Alloush from jail June 2011 – part of effort to taint uprising.” Roth thus suggested the conspiracy theory that Bashar al-Assad released the Jaish al-Islam terrorist Alloush so that Alloush would radicalize the “opposition” (who were already slaughtering and torturing civilians as well as demanding extreme Sharia law) so that he could then crack down on the “opposition” (which he was allegedly already “cracking down” on) and use the radical nature of the “opposition” to justify his crackdown. Roth is suggesting that Assad would multiply and militarize a “peaceful” revolution he was already cracking down upon for public relations. This is a difficult pill to swallow unless the audience is inhabiting a place located as far away from reality as Roth himself.

The U.S. Is A War Machine And War Is A Racket

Janice Kortkamp
December 19, 2016

"We were told we were fighting terrorists but the real terrorist was me." The words of a US Iraq War vet. Wish all Americans would watch this.

The US is a war machine. And "war is a racket" to quote Marine General Smedley Butler, the most decorated soldier in US history at the time of his death in 1940.

We've made college so absurdly unaffordable many of our young people have to join the military to get an education. That is no accident or coincidence. Then we turn them into killers for profits.

A dear friend of mine is worried about her daughter who joined the marines. She told me her daughter, who prior to her military service was truly a deeply compassionate person, is now becoming inhuman...unfeeling.

Colonel Wilkerson, Colin Powell's right hand man said we are the "world's leading death merchants" because of our weapons deals, usually arming all sides in conflicts.

It took a lot and a long time for me, the old war hawk, to see the truth. I'm still no perfect dove...I cheer when the Syrian Army wins their victories over the real terrorists my country is arming, training, funding, and recruiting for to do our dirty work for us.

But the Syrian Army consists of Syrians defending their homeland and that is what armies should be doing.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

White Helmets Stand In Solidarity With al-Qaeda - Hold Citizens Hostage In Damascus With No Water - Still Worthy Of A Peace Prize?

white-helmet-infographic-2Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
January 4, 2017

Only a short time after the terrorist support group known as the White Helmets, thoroughly exposed and discredited by the alternative media, were nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, the true nature of the organization is on display yet again. This time, the water crisis in Damascus represents the fake humanitarian organization’s time to shine.

Shortly after the liberation of Aleppo, al-Qaeda fighters in the Barada Valley outside Damascus dumped diesel fuel into the water supply to the city on December 22. Obviously, this made the water supply impossible to consume and, on December 23, the Syrian military launched a campaign to retake the area and to restore the city’s water supply.

According to the Moon of Alabama website, photos were even posted online showing the water treatment plant rigged with explosives but those photos were, according to MOA, removed from the internet.

Despite hostilities, the Syrian government is ready to send teams to restore water to Damascus, the lack of which only punishes civilians and holds a vast number of people hostage under the possibility of thirst. Terrorists, however, are denying access to the site and, instead, are offering to allow teams access the facilities on the condition that the Syrian military and Hezbollah end their military siege of the city. In effect, the terrorists are holding the people of Damascus hostage for military gain.

Interview in English with President Assad of Syria

Janice Kortkamp
December 19, 2016

Interview in English with President Assad of Syria. It is 18 minutes long. Please watch.

"This is the problem with the American position. They think they are the police of the world. That they are the judge of the world. They are not."

President Assad as always giving a great interview while being questioned by yet another reporter who seems to know nothing of the realities on the ground there.

This is the most critical point for Americans to understand. Just because a group claims to want "freedom and democracy" doesn't mean they WANT freedom and democracy!!!

EVERY armed group in Syria fighting against the government has stated their desire for an Islamic state instead of a secular government. They have ALL imposed harsh sharia law wherever they've "liberated" areas in safe and secular Syria. They have all beheaded, raped, kidnapped, and looted. They have all used suicide bombers, car bombs, mortars etc to wage terrorist attacks against civilians, schools, hospitals. And many of the militant leaders and fighters are foreign nationals from over 80 other countries.

This is why Syrians call all armed militants terrorists...because they are.

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - January 2, 2017

Brandon Turbeville
January 2, 2017

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - January 2, 2017

Brandon discusses the Syrian crisis, claims of Russian hacking, and other important topics held over from 2016.



New 90-Day Rat Study Destroys Corporate Propaganda

intestine_of_rats_fed_gm_corn_showing_erosions_fissures_damaged_cells_1200x600-1Brandon Turbeville
January 3, 2017

GM proponents who constantly drone on with untrue claims that the science has clearly demonstrated GMOs as safe were dealt yet another blow shortly before Thanksgiving this past year.

This is because yet another study has been published demonstrating the negative health effects of GMOs on the intestinal tract.

This study by Ibrahim and Okasha entitled “Effect of genetically modified corn on the jejunal mucosa of adult male albino rat.,” and published in the journal Experimental and Toxicologic Pathology has demonstrated that rats fed GM Bt corn MON810 for only 90 days did indeed suffer rather serious damage to the surface mucous membranes of the jejunum – which is part of the small intestine.

The specific type of corn fed to the rats was MON810: Ajeeb YG. This is a GM version of Ajeeb, which is a local species of corn grown in Egypt. The GM version was created by Monsanto for the Egyptian market.

The rats who were fed the GM corn were given the MON810 corn as 30% of their diet. The control group was given the same amount of non-GMO corn.

In the group fed GM corn, the finger-like structures in the intestine known as villi that absorbs nutrients from food were clearly damaged. They were both distorted and flattened and some cells were even joined together.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Erdogan Claims To Have Evidence, Photos, Video, Of U.S. Coalition Support For ISIS

turkey_intelBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
January 2, 2017

Shortly after Christmas, and lost in the holiday shuffle, Turkish President and terrorist supporter Recep Tayyip Erdogan, made a statement accusing the U.S.-led coalition of supporting not only terrorists in Syria but ISISI itself. He also stated clearly that Turkey has proof that U.S.-led coalition is supporting the notorious terrorist organization it claims to be fighting.

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, December 27, Erdogan stated that “They give support to terrorist groups including Daesh (ISIS).”

He added that “Now they give support to terrorist groups including Daesh, YPG, PYD. It's very clear. We have confirmed evidence, with pictures, photos and videos.”

Erdogan also called on GCC members such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar to join Russia, Iran, and Syria in peace talks regarding the current crisis next month. He said these countries (the Russian coalition) have “show goodwill and given support” to Syria. He stressed that Turkey would not take part in negotiations if “terrorist groups” like the Kurdish separatists were involved.

State Department spokesman Mark Toner responded to Erdogan’s statement by saying that it was “ludicrous” and that it has “no basis for truth.” Toner added that the U.S. is “100 percent behind the defeat and destruction of Daesh, even beyond Syria and Iraq.”

Monday, January 2, 2017

U.S., MSM Claims Of Russian Hacking Lack One Important Ingredient . . . Evidence

trump-propaganda-russia-origBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
January 1, 2017

As 2016 comes to a close and, with it, the final 20 days of the dreadful Obama administration, a madness has gripped much of the country that has been concocted, promoted, and drilled into the American psyche by the U.S. government and its corporate media/intelligence agency controlled mainstream corporate media. This new narrative, which has a deeper hold within the American “leftists” (more accurately labeled Democrats) circles around the claims that Russia has essentially launched a coup in the United States by “hacking American elections.”

These claims have been repeated ad nauseum by the President, high level politicians, and the corporate media ever since shortly after the Trump victory and in the wake of Clinton’s treachery being unearthed by Wikileaks in the months prior. The U.S. government, clearly the biggest threat to democracy across the world, is now provoking Russia yet again based on something that appears completely fabricated as as 2017 appears on the calendar.

Because these claims, also supported by U.S. intelligence agencies, are being circulated minute by minute by the corporate media, they bear some analysis before the world is incinerated on the basis of ignorance, paranoia, and deception.

The U.S. Government Was Not Hacked. The Voting Machines Were Not Hacked.

This is one point of intense misinformation by the corporate media. With the tagline “Russia hacked US elections,” the typical uninformed, half-attentive viewer is left with the idea that the Russians hacked into the voting machines and somehow disturbed the true choice of America. In addition, with the rhetoric coming from the government and their media mouthpieces, one is led to believe – by inference – that Russia also hacked the government itself in some way. But the truth is that, regardless of who the hackers may have been, neither the government nor the vote was ever hacked. Only the DNC was hacked. In other words, the Democratic party was the only victim of hacking in this sequence of events. The information contained therein was then released to Wikileaks which, in turn, released them to the public. Notably, it was through intense work and effort that the alternative media was able to bring the material contained in the DNC emails to light.

Hundreds Of GMO Studies BUSTED By Discovery Of Major Conflicts Of Interest

conflict_of_interest_1200x600Brandon Turbeville
December 26, 2016

Researchers affiliated with France’s National Institute for Agricultural Research recently announced the results of their study regarding potential conflicts of interest and published studies on GM crops.

The study was published by the journal PLOS One and determined that a large portion of studies on genetically modified crops were rife with conflicts of interest.

Most of these studies were tainted because someone working on the study was also an employee of a GM-producing company either as an author or having received funds directly from the company.

Explore: Scientist Group Slams GMO-Pushing Nobel Laureates In Damning Letter

Out of 579 published studies that were analyzed, around 40% showed a conflict of interest. “We found that ties between researchers and the GM crop industry were common, with 40% of the articles considered displaying conflicts of interest,” said the authors of the study.

The researchers also noted that studies with conflict of interest had a much higher likelihood of presenting a favorable outcome for GMOs when compared to those without.

The authors stated,

Erdogan's Oil Plot: Evidence Continues to Mount Against Turkish President

Image result for sputnik newsEditor's Note: Brandon Turbeville quoted in Sputnik International in 2015. 

December 25, 2015

Daesh (Islamic State/ISIL) is stealing crude from Syria and Iraq with the knowledge of NATO, because it is precisely NATO that the terrorist group is making business with, US journalist and author Brandon Turbeville notes.

The evidence continues to mount against the Turkish leadership which is up to its eyeballs in an illicit oil business with Daesh terrorists.

Turkey's opposition, Syria-based independent analysts and now Rystad Energy, an independent oil and gas consulting firm, are providing new details on how the illegal Turkey-Daesh trading scheme works.

The Norwegian news agency Klassekampen has leaked Rystad Energy's report, which has shed light on how large amounts of oil have been smuggled to Turkey from Daesh-controlled zones in Syria and Iraq and then sold at sharply reduced prices — from $25 to $45 per barrel.

"Of course, ISIS [Daesh] is not engaging in oil deals without the knowledge of NATO since it is precisely NATO that it is doing business with. In fact, one of the principal smugglers conducting business with ISIS is Bilal Erdogan, the son of Turkish President Recep Erdogan," writes Brandon Turbeville in his article for

It is no secret anymore that Bilal Erdogan is shipping the stolen crude via BMZ Group maritime company, Turbeville notes, quoting Gursel Tekin, a Vice President of the Turkish Republican People's Party (CHP).