Monday, January 26, 2015

'American Sniper': Lies and Propaganda to Divide a Nation

Brandon Turbeville
January 26, 2015

The recent release of the film American Sniper has, if nothing else, furthered widened the divide between many Americans. While those who view Chris Kyle as the reincarnation of George Washington are singing the praises of Kyle and the movie, others have come to the opposite conclusion.

Of course, the American oligarchy via its mouthpiece mainstream media has firmly attempted to draw the battle lines – If you like Chris Kyle andAmerican Sniper then you are firmly in the camp that supports the troops, loves your country, and opposes terrorism. If you do not view Kyle as a hero, then you are clearly in the camp made up of pinko-commies, socialists, and terrorist sympathizers.

And, of course, if you don’t think Chris Kyle was a hero, then you hate the troops.

But the truth is that Chris Kyle was not a hero. Chris Kyle was a murderer. He was also a war profiteer and a liar.

One need only look to Kyle’s past history and his own words to see the proof of that statement. In his book, American Sniper, Kyle repeatedly referred to the people whose land he invaded and whose families he helped kill as “savages,” regretting only that he was unable to kill more of them.

Kyle wrote,

People ask me all the time, “How many people have you killed?” My standard response is “Does the answer make me less, or more, of a man?” 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Je suis Charlie or Je suis Hypocrite?

Anthony Freda Art
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
January 22, 2015

In the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, social media was filled with predictable tag lines, hashtags, and memes. It was the result of a general public who had briefly tuned in to current events or the fact that there was a country outside of their own expressing “sympathy and solidarity” with the victims of the terrorist attack. All this proved, however, was that the culture creation machine was well at work at producing feel good messages and that a simple Tweet was quite enough to make the majority of people contented that they had done their patriotic duty.

Critical thinking? Not necessary.

Within hours of the attacks, social media was flooded with “I stand with Free Speech” and “Je suis Charlie.” Americans, unaware of anything that happens outside of their own borders (or within) were happy to retweet and share familiar sounding memes while the French were happy to indulge themselves in the fantasy that they are a free people.

Yet with French President Francois Hollande’s speeches extolling the virtues of free speech and expression, the reality of the matter is that the “Je suis Charlie” meme should have carried the tagline “Je suis Hypocrite.”

The French government and French society in general is by no means a society of free expression. While Christianity and Islam are regular targets of derision and attack by magazines like Charlie Hebdo, other religions are considered more equal in such utopias.

For instance, in 2009, an 80-year-old columnist for Charlie Hebdo was actually put on trial on charges of “inciting racial hatred” for making a joke that then-President Sarkozy’s son was converting to Judaism for financial gain. For all the talk of standing with free speech, the gentlemen making the joke found himself standing quite alone.

Indeed, even the act of “denying the holocaust” is a punishable thought crime in France. While the suggestion that the Nazi regime did not inflict unspeakable crimes against Jewish people is anti-historical in and of itself, a nation of true free speech would not punish the expression of the thought by criminal proceedings.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Israel Bombs Syria, Kills Top Iranian General and Top Hezbollah Commander

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
January 21, 2015

In yet another brazen attack on national sovereignty and human rights, Israel has once again launched a bombing mission onto Syrian soil in defense of death squads and terrorists that it has been supporting – along with the United States, France, and the UK (NATO) – since the beginning of the Syrian crisis.

Some reports attribute the attack to missiles fired from helicopters while others suggest that the attack took place using Israeli drones.

Regardless, the attack took place close to the occupied Golan Heights area in southern Syria. Both the Hezbollah and Iranian officials were in Syria to investigate Israeli/terrorist connections as well as to advise Syrian troops.

While Israel has launched a number of airstrikes inside Syria in support of ISIS and al-Qaeda in the past, targets have largely consisted of Syrian military positions, weapons storage areas, and the like. These recent strikes, however, bring a more international dimension to the table as they have claimed the life of a top Iranian General. The attack also took the life of a number of Hezbollah fighters.

Iran has publicly confirmed the death of General Mohammad Ali Allahdadi as well as the fact that he was killed in an Israeli airstrike inside Syria. As is typical, the Israeli government has not publicly confirmed the death or the airstrike operations. However, citing “anonymous intelligence sources,” the Israeli news media has reported that not only did the strikes take place but that they were an attempt to foil a plan by Hezbollah to attack Israel.

Brandon Turbeville on Reality Bytes Radio with Neil Foster - January 20, 2015

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Brandon Turbeville - The Road To Damascus: Terrorism and Destabilization In Syria - Coffee Etc. Mullins, SC - December 2014 - Video

Brandon Turbeville - The Road To Damascus: Terrorism and Destabilization In Syria

December 2014

Coffee Etc. Mullins, S.C.

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