Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Turkish Invasion Of Syria: Who Is Behind It And Why

syria safe zoneBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
August 25, 2016

On Wednesday morning, Turkey abruptly launched an all-out military assault on Syria, sending in tanks, troops, and engaging in airstrikes, in concert with airstrikes from the United States, to the northern portions of Syria near the Turkey-Syria border under the guise of combatting ISIS forces. At this time, the military operations seem focused around Jarablus.

According to the BBC, “A dozen Turkish tanks and other vehicles have rolled across the Syrian border after heavy shelling of an area held by so-called Islamic State (IS). Military sources told Turkish media 70 targets in the Jarablus area had been destroyed by artillery and rocket strikes, and 12 by air strikes.”

Al-Masdar reports on the progress of the Turkish military offensive by writing:

The Turkish Special Forces, alongside the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Faylaq Al-Sham, reportedly captured their first village during this new offensive dubbed “Operation Euphrates Shield.”

According to Faylaq Al-Sham’s official media wing, their forces captured the village of Tal Katlijah after the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) terrorists quickly abandoned the area in order to reinforce Jarabulus.

ISIS has mostly abandoned the small area between Jarabulus and the Turkish border, leaving only small units to resist the advancing Turkish-backed rebels.

The Turkish-backed rebels are now attacking the hilltop village of Tal Sha’er, which is along the road to Jarabulus.

Turkey Invades Northern Syria - Operation Euphrates Shield

turkey_intelAfraa Dagher
Activist Post
August 25, 2016

Syria: A source in the Syrian Foreign and Expatriate ministry has declared that Syria condemns the latest invasion by Turkey into Syrian territory and Jarablus city under the air cover of the U.S.-led coalition. The ministry considers the invasion to be a flagrant violation of Syrian sovereignty and stated that one does not fight terrorism by replacing ISIS with terrorists backed by Turkey.

It was added that the Syrian Arab Republic that any fight against terrorism in Syria should be coordinated with the Syrian government and the Syrian Arab Army, who has been leading the battle for more than five years.

This statement came after Erdogan announced an operation in the north of Syria allegedly against ISIS and the Kurdish militants in the north of Syria. Erdogan dubbed this operation “Operation Euphrates Shield.” He stated that the goal was to remove the risk posed to Turkey by ISIS, the Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Syria or (KDPU; KDP-S).

Erdogan has already admitted that his policy toward the Syrian people is wrong, saying they have the right to self-determination. He has stated that the operation in the north of Syria is only to remove the dangers posed by the aforementioned organizations on the border with Syria in the wake of the Gaziantep attacks. He has promised to end his operation after the objectives have been met and the risk has been removed.

So how should we read this?

Erdogan is merely following the United States, saying what people want to hear but, at the same time, following the same old track that they have followed since the beginning of the crisis.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Turkey Invades Syria, Backed By U.S.

syria safe zoneBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
August 24, 2016

On Wednesday morning, Turkey abruptly launched an all-out military assault on Syria, sending in tanks, troops, and engaging in airstrikes, in concert with airstrikes from the United States, to the northern portions of Syria near the Turkey-Syria border under the guise of combatting ISIS forces. At this time, the military operations seem focused around Jarablus.

According to the BBC, “A dozen Turkish tanks and other vehicles have rolled across the Syrian border after heavy shelling of an area held by so-called Islamic State (IS). Military sources told Turkish media 70 targets in the Jarablus area had been destroyed by artillery and rocket strikes, and 12 by air strikes.”

For those who may be wondering exactly what the Turkish goal might be, two points must be mentioned in regards to Turkey’s actions which should go some length to demonstrate that the Turks are still focused on destroying the Syrian government as well as preventing the establishment of a Kurdish enclave either in Syria or Turkey.

First, the Turkish military is acting as the frontal assault for “moderate” rebel forces like the FSA who are marching in directly behind the Turkish military to hold territory conquered by the Turks. Any association with the Free Syrian Army, a gaggle of Western-backed extremists indistinguishable from ISIS, should be a major warning sign to any informed observer that the goal is not to aid in the destruction of terrorist forces in Syria or to assist the Syrian government in its goal to do so. Second, the Turkish invasion was accompanied by American airstrikes which clearly indicates that the Turks are operating closely with the United States, which has been chomping at the bit to either directly destroy the Syrian government via military invasion or to create “buffer zones” and “safe zones” in the country to act as forward operating bases for future terrorist proxy operations.

Western Media Lies About Syria, Uses Dead Children As Propaganda

media_mind_controlAfraa Dagher
Activist Post
August 23, 2016

If it is not Baby Aylan, it is little Omran. The Western mainstream media and their outlets will seize upon any tragedy, regardless of who is at fault or what actually caused it, in order to promote war against Syria. For those who are easily swayed by such sad photographs and videos, ask yourself, “Why does the media care more about some stories than others? Why do they care more about some children than they do about other children, some of whom are suffering more than those whom they choose to showcase?”

Western media has ignored thousands and thousands of children who have been killed in this Western-backed war against Syria. The children in Ekrima school in Homs, for instance, were killed by twin car bombings conducted by “moderate” rebels, which destroyed the school and killed the children who were gathered there, singing the national anthem in order to start the day. The only thing these children were guilty of was going to school.

All of this means nothing to the Western mainstream media. Many Syrians, many children in fact, have been killed in Aleppo by gangs that are classified by the United States and the West as “moderate rebels.” These groups go by the name of Noureddine al-Zenki, Ahrar al-Sham, and Jaish al-Islam, etc. But not a word from the media about the children who were victims of these groups.

Not only that, but there are children being killed every day in Yemen. They are being killed by Saudi Arabia, a close friend of the United States and the West. Is this not important to the mainstream media? Are these children not worthy of reporting? Why?

Is it true that only two children amongst the tens of thousands are worth talking about?

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - August 22, 2016

Brandon Turbeville
August 23, 2016

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - August 22, 2016

Brandon discusses the plan of action and strategy for 2016, 43 points, the Syrian crisis, Little Omran, the Aleppo boy, propaganda, war, geopolitics, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kratom, natural supplements, and 3 Action Alerts!



As Syria's Fate Hangs In The Balance, YPG Kurds Join The U.S. War Party

ISIS_fake_warAfraa Dagher
Activist Post
August 22, 2016

Let me ask you a question. Do you believe that the United States and its proxy soldiers like the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are defending Syria and Syrians? Do you believe they are defending Iraq? If the answer is “yes” then you must ask yourself a question. “Who destroyed Iraq? Who brought all of this chaos to the region?”

How is it possible for any onlooker to actually believe that the United States is fighting ISIS when the United States has been supporting takfiri terrorists since the very beginning of the movement in Syria, under the name of the Free Syrian Army? Since the very beginning, the United States has been funding and supporting the same people who have been beheading, bombing, and killing our people and justifying it by virtue Wahhabist radical ideology. These same psycopaths kill our people and insert Islam into the middle of this global plot against the entire Middle Eastern region.

Here are more questions:

Is it Saudi Arabia and Qatar and most of the Arab States, the collection known as the GCC, who trained them?

Is it the United States and Israel, on Turkish soil and Jordanian camps, who trained them?

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

U.S. Renews Calls For Attack On Syria Air Force, U.K. Calls For Safe Zones, Military Action

syria safe zoneBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
August 22, 2016

As tension between the West and Russia over the Syrian crisis heats up yet again, a combination effort on the part of elements within the United States and the UK are pushing for direct military confrontation with the Syrian military as well as the Russians. Indeed, after a period of time suggesting a major improvement on the ground, it appears that there is now the possibility of renewed vigor on the part of the imperialist Western powers in their goal to destroy Syria, even at the cost of igniting World War 3.

After having violated international law and Syria’s national sovereignty by not only funding and supporting proxy soldiers for the purpose of destroying the secular government of Bashar al-Assad but also by deploying aircraft and troops in the country despite not being invited in by the legitimate government, the U.S. is now warning Russia and Syria against targeting terrorists and Western proxy fighters within Syria’s own territory.

The new U.S. Commander of American troops in Iraq and Syria stated on August 22 that he will “defend” the Special Operations Forces aggressively deployed by the United States to Northern Syria if Syrian warplanes or Syrian artillery again strike areas where U.S. troops are located.

During an interview with CNN, Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend stated from his headquarters in Baghdad that "We've informed the Russians where we're at ... (they) tell us they've informed the Syrians, and I'd just say that we will defend ourselves if we feel threatened."

Zika And Microcephaly – Someone Got Their Dates Mixed Up

spraying for zikaWendell Forster
August 22, 2016

After reading numerous reports regarding the Zika virus circulating in the mainstream and alternative media, the question must be asked, “Why is everyone clambering to blame Zika for the cases of Microcephaly that have been occurring?” Before making such a knee-jerk reaction, a number of facts must first be considered.

The first reported outbreaks of Microcephaly which the WHO appeared to link to Zika occurred on 30th October 2015.

The WHO reported that,

30 October 2015: Brazil reports an unusual increase in the number of cases of microcephaly among newborns since August, numbering 54 by 30 October.”

The first reported potential detection of Zika in Brazil was 2nd March 2015. WHO reported,

2 March 2015: Brazil notifies WHO of reports of an illness characterized by skin rash in northeastern states. From February 2015 to 29 April 2015, nearly 7000 cases of illness with skin rash are reported in these states. All cases are mild, with no reported deaths. Of 425 blood samples taken for differential diagnosis, 13% are positive for dengue. Tests for chikungunya, measles, rubella, parvovirus B19, and enterovirus are negative. Zika was not suspected at this stage, and no tests for Zika were carried out.”

Monday, August 22, 2016

40 Amazing Health Benefits Of Lavender Essential Oil

Brandon Turbeville and Heather Callaghan
Natural Blaze
August 22, 2016

Can anyone really forget the alluring aroma of lavender? There is an oft-told story that highlights just one of the profound healing benefits of lavender essential oil. In 1910 French chemist and scholar René-Maurice Gattefossé burnt his hand during an experiment. He thrust his hand into the nearest vat of liquid in order to cool his burn. In actuality, it was a tub of lavender essential oil which quickly soothed the burn and – miraculously healed the burn in record time. There was also very little scarring from the injury thanks to lavender oil, so he then began using it on WW1 soldiers. (sources)

Whether or not you think lavender essential oil could work miracles like that for you, the oil is best known for its soothing capabilities – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It’s a great addition to your meditation, prayer or spiritual life.

Please enjoy this list of research-backed benefits of lavender essential oil. As always, we do not use anecdotes or mere, unproven Internet re-hashings. You can be assured that the benefits below were tested or proved in a research environment.

40 Amazing Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Anti-Anxiety – A review of scientific literature revealed that lavender produced significant effects in relation to anxiety in rat studies. Another study showed that a different kind of lavender oil administered orally improved effective in the treatment of ‘subsyndromal’ anxiety disorder. Additionally, massage blended essential oils on adults were found to reduce depression and anxiety. Another study, administered orally, found that it is definitely an anxiolytic (anti-panic, antianxietal) and that it inhibits VOCCs in synaptosomes, primary hippocampal neurons and stably overexpressing cell lines.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Footage Of Boy In Aleppo Is Opportunistic, Vile Propaganda From Western Media

160818142212-05-omran-daqneesh-aleppo-syria-super-169Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
August 19, 2016

It’s August, 2016 and the Western mainstream press is parading yet another injured child in front of a population of normally uncompassionate audiences in order to drum up support for some type of NATO military action against the secular government of Bashar al-Assad.

The picture of a little boy, seemingly injured in some type of bombing incident, sitting alone in an orange chair in the back of an ambulance, blood stains on his face and covered in dust from cracked concrete also comes in video form, footage that lasts for about two minutes, showing the boy being carried to a well-equipped ambulance (with English writing on some of the equipment). The boy’s story is also accompanied by “heart wrenching” stories from “activists” in east Aleppo alleging the crimes of the Syrian government and the horrific situation in the area.

The story as presented in the Western press goes as follows:

The video shows a child after he was pulled from rubble in Aleppo, a Syrian city that has been devastated by constant bombardment. 
A man carried the boy away from the rubble after a suspected Russian or Syrian regime airstrike in the neighborhood of rebel-held Qaterji. 
He placed him in an orange seat, and the boy brushed his eye and face after the man walked away. 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Alert: FDA Attempting To Halt Creation Of New Supplements

medical-1573038_960_720Heather Callaghan
August 16, 2016

We need all hands on deck. The Alliance for Natural Health USA just broke out its highest level action alert. This may be the worst attack on natural health supplements since the early 1990s. Time will tell as more information becomes available.

In 2011, the FDA created a troublesome revision of how the supplement industry could comply with the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA). DSHEA had successfully replaced an Act that would have blocked consumer rights in a major way and tightly restrict natural supplements. Essentially, DSHEA is why we currently enjoy consumer access to natural health products of all kinds.

According to natural health advocacy groups, the FDA’s 2011 revisions were a thinly veiled reversal of the consumer rights that were so hard to keep to begin with. In other words, it was an attempt to block the natural health industry and clamp down on consumer access once again. After some outcry, the FDA went back to revise, and now, this is the draft the ANH-USA has been waiting for.

Unfortunately, aside from a couple “crumbs” of improvement, the draft appears to reverse the relative freedom of consumer and industry under DSHEA. Furthermore, it already appears to be incredibly confusing.

ANH-USA explains:

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

KSA Responds To Houthi Invasion By Bombing Saudi Citizens

saudi-heli1-777Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
August 17, 2016

In its agitation and panic over the recent Houthi invasion of Saudi territory and overtaking of Saudi military installations on the Yemeni border, KSA is now attempting to take back control of its Jizan region.

Fully engrossed in its illegal war on the Yemeni people, the Saudis responded rather slowly to an invasion of their own territory, demonstrating even further that Saudi military forces are nothing but a paper tiger incapable of even defending their own territory much less invading and defeating another country.

On August 17, Saudi forces attempted to break the Houthi forces control over their positions in the Jizan Region. The Saudi air raids took place after three Houthi ballistic missiles struck their positions in Jizan.

Interestingly enough, the air raids took place primarily in the village of Al-Qamr. The Saudi bombings were indiscriminate and civilians were largely the target of the helicopter based attack, according to reports by al-Masirah News Agency and al-Masdar.

KSA is now not only losing its war in Yemen but it is losing territory within its own borders as the Houthis penetrate at least 10kms into the country.

In a story that went virtually unreported in the West, the Houthis managed to wrest control of three Saudi military bases in Saudi Arabia’s Jizan province, located near the Saudi-Yemen border in January of this year. The bases Jabal al-Doud, al-Aril, and Madba were all seized by Houthi forces and fighters with “allied Popular Committees.”

Open Letter Of Aleppo Doctors Is Easily Torn Apart – Bottom Of The Barrel Propaganda

propagandaBrandon Turbeville
August 16, 2016

In 2016, we have become accustomed to relatively childish and easily deconstructed propaganda narratives that are circulated by the U.S. State Department and its mainstream media mouthpiecesin order to discredit the Syrian government and drum up support for a NATO-led war on the secular government of Bashar al-Assad.

From scares related to chemical weapons (later demonstrated to be the work of NATO’s terrorists), unproven and largely discredited claims that Assad is “killing his own people” or even that Assad is “supporting ISIS” has become the order of the day in American media. Recently, however, the State Department, office of origin of the “Ghaddafi is handing out Viagra to rapists” propaganda line, has issued yet another pathetic propaganda ploy against the Syrian government – an alleged letter written by alleged doctors alleging that the Syrian military is encircling Aleppo in order to allegedly kill civilians.

Are you sick of the word allegedly yet? Imagine how Syrians must feel. The only truth in the propaganda narrative of the West is that the Syrian military is encircling Aleppo. Beyond that, it has been demonstrated over and over again that Assad’s forces are not targeting innocent civilians. Neither have the doctors in question been confirmed as actually being doctors or even that the letter was written by whoever these individuals might turn out to be. In other words, the whole story of the letter is merely a . . . well, allegation.

Still, the letter has been reported by the Guardian and a host of other Western mainstream media outlets as fact that conveniently tugs at the heartstrings. The letter is being referred to as the Open Letter Of Aleppo Doctors.

11 Amazing Health Benefits Of Bergamot Essential Oil

bergamotBrandon Turbeville and Heather Callaghan
Natural Blaze
August 16, 2016

You may know bergamot best from the tea flavor Earl Grey; but bergamot essential oil offers so much more!

Bergamot fruit is a time-honored, exquisitely fragranced orange that now comes mainly from Italy and the Ivory Coast of Africa. The word bergamot may have meant “the prince of pears,” or the “prince’s pear,” a label originating from the Turkish labels beg-armudi or beg armut.

The small fruit growing from small trees resembles either a round lime or small orange and it is sour and very bitter. It is the fragrance and flavor that have been used extensively throughout history in trade.

You may know the familiar flavor of bergamot from drinking Earl Grey tea. It is rumored that Britain allowed the use of bergamot as a way to mask cheap tea in order to imitate high quality Chinese teas. What a shame bergamot wasn’t instead embraced for all its real power.

China To Begin Aid And “Assistance,” Cooperation With Syrian Government

Brandon Turbeville
August 16, 2016

According to the South China Morning Post, the Chinese military will soon begin providing assistance and aid to the Syrian government, an agreement which was made on August 14.

The decision was made after a rare visit by special envoy Xie Xiaoyan, the former Chinese Ambassador to Iran, in March. In addition, the Chinese military delegation to Syria, which was headed by Chinese rear admiral Guan Youfei, the Director of International Cooperation at the Central Military Commission, met with the Syrian Vice Prime Minister, Fahd Jassem al-Freij, and the Syrian Minister of Defense.

“They reached consensus on enhancing personnel training, and Chinese military offering humanitarian aid to Syria,” said a report by Xinhua news agency.

Al-Freij thanked the Chinese government as well as the Chinese military which stated, via Guan, that the Chinese PLA is willing to continue cooperation with the Syrian military.

According to the South China Post, “Guan also met Lieutenant General Sergei Chvarkov, chief of the Russian centre for reconciliation of opposing sides in Syria on Monday.”

China sets to benefit by an end to the Syrian crisis or at least the ability of the Syrian government to continue to attrite terrorists fighting on its territory due to its concerns over the Uighur element fighting not only in Syria but also in Chinese territory.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

George Soros Hacked, MSM Blames Russia; Many “Dissident” Orgs Revealed In Leaks

soros-hackedBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
August 15, 2016

George Soros has been hacked and, according to the Western mainstream press, the Russians did it! In fact, that is the entirety of the story for most of the mainstream outlets – that the Russians hacked such an important American figure and therefore made their power play over American elections yet again. This Russian hack comes after Russians hacked the DNC, Hillary Clinton, hired Donald Trump to destroy the country and invented a time machine enabling them to go back in time and prevent the election of Barack Obama. It doesn’t matter that there is as much evidence for the latter as there is for the former, the mainstream outlets are wild with speculation and neo-McCarthyism.

It also doesn’t seem to matter that the hackers are apparently DC Leaks, an American-based hacking group that state as much openly in their own releases. In fact, the hacks themselves are not even garnering as much attention as the alleged and speculative identity of the hackers, another example of how the Western press is doing nothing but implementing damage control policies for their benefactor and co-conspirator.

In what will likely be a historic leak, not only George Soros but his Open Society Foundations and a number of groups supported by Soros were hacked to the tune of 2,576 files which have already been released by DCLeaks. The files come from institutes and Soros-operated/funded organizations all across the world – USA, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, the “President’s Office,” and the “World Bank.” The documents span from 2008-2016.

Top 18 Things Amazingly Treated By Acidophilus

yogurt-1039309_960_720Brandon Turbeville
Natural Blaze
August 15, 2016

By now you are probably familiar with acidophilus, if nothing else, then from celebrity endorsed probiotic yogurt commercials. That’s because this friendly strain of bacteria has made it into the big leagues of scientific and media acceptance, stemming perhaps, from the original frozen yogurt trends and public awareness about the overuse of antibiotics. Speaking of which, did you know acidophilus has been successfully used to kill MRSA?

Lactobacillus acidophilus is a probiotic, i.e., “friendly bacteria” that naturally occurs inside the human body – especially in the intestines, female reproductive system and mouth. It serves a very important purpose in keeping gut microbes in check and when you lack the bacteria, you may have uncomfortable digestive and infectious symptoms that wind you in the doctor’s office.

Fortunately, outside sources of acidophilus are readily available from food and supplements to help restore a gut balance, especially from the likes of Candida albicans overgrowth – a yeast that grows out of control when antibiotics and other substances disrupt or wipe out the balance of the microbes like acidophilus that keep Candida safe within the gut.

Once again, we are providing only those claims of acidophilus backed by research, not anecdotal or internet rehashings.

Top 18 Things Amazingly Treated By Acidophilus (give or take!)

CDC Launches War On Kratom; Evidence Who Needs It?

1024px-Kratom_leafBrandon Turbeville
August 15, 2016

As kratom, a natural pain reliever that has also been known to assist in breaking addiction becomes more and more popular, the Police State and the Nanny State are doing their best to tag-team yet another plant and the concept of individual rights.

Demonstrating how so much “science” in modern America isn’t scientific at all, theCDC has now released a report claiming that kratom is “an emerging public health threat.”

Released on July 29th, the CDC’s report cites the National Institute of Drug Abuseand a hodgepodge of stories alleging side effects from the herb in order to make its declaration. The CDC also cites one of the biggest blights of American society and notoriously corrupt panic-driven organizations known as the Drug Enforcement Administration in its own report regarding the safety of kratom.

The CDC cites a number of alleged kratom-related deaths in the United States as well as DEA hysteria to show that kratom is a becoming potentially dangerous health issue and to justify the flurry of laws dedicated to banning the substance in various states.

The NIDA alleges that kratom can cause psychosis, seizures and death.

Despite the panic of the CDC, NIDA and the DEA, the death allegedly associated with kratom is murky to say the least. Much of the reports are based upon calls to poison control centers which do not indicate side effects, dangers, safety or anything other than the fact that individuals consume the substance and became concerned enough to call the hotline.

For instance, poison control centers are often contacted by individuals who consume marijuana, a substance for which no one has ever died. In fact, a video of a police officer who had confiscated marijuana from a suspect and consumed it at home with his wife went viral after the officer called 911 for medical assistance believing that he and his wife were dead. Does this mean that marijuana now officially causes death? Does a phone call make a substance dangerous or is it the nature of the substance itself?

Truth on the Tracks August 15, 2016

Brandon Turbeville
August 16, 2016

Unfortunately, due to a technical error, Truth on the Tracks was unable to air during it's normal time (Monday 9pm EST on UCY.TV). Truth on the Tracks will return next week with an all new program.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Atrazine: EPA Report Confirms Common Herbicide Dangers To Environment, Animals

atrazineBrandon Turbeville
August 15, 2016

EPA atrazine Report Confirms Dangers To Environment, Animals; Doesn’t Address Side Effects To Humans

While much attention is placed on the toxic herbicide glyphosate, a recent 500-page draft report released by the EPA reveals just how toxic of a landscape the American agricultural system is.

As part of their requirement to review pesticides and herbicides being used in the United States every 15 years, the EPA recently updated their Environmental Impact Assessment for Atrazine. after glyphosate, atrazine is the 2nd most widely used herbicide in the country. A chlorine-based chemical, atrazine can persist in the soil for 22 years and an estimated 70 million pounds is sprayed on crops every year.

The EPA’s report confirms that atrazine, produced by multinational Big Ag companySyngenta, is harmful to animals including fish, and that it leaves behind a rather alarming amount of residue. According to the EPA’s report, atrazine is 62 times higher than what the agency considers a concern for risks to fish. Atrazine exceeds the levels of concern for chronic risks to animals by 198 times.

This report confirms the research of Dr. Tyrone Hayes who claimed that the herbicide was chemically castrating male frogs. Hayes worked for Novartis – a company that is now owned by Syngenta – at the time of his research which, unsurprisingly, Novartis refused to publish.

Hayes resigned, obtained independent funding for his research, which he then subsequently published. As a result, he was subjected to a smear campaign by Syngenta. Although atrazine doesn’t typically kill animals directly, it clearly affects their reproductive, hormonal and developmental systems. Indeed, the EPA’s report admits that adverse effects can occur at relatively low levels and even in lower levels than what were previously known.

Monsanto Backs Out Of Seed Plant In Argentina After Protests

malvinas-2-642x363Brandon Turbeville
August 12, 2016

In yet another victory against the multinational corporation Monsanto in Argentina, the company has now announced that it will dismantle its multi-million dollar GMO seed plant in Malvinas.

Monsanto made the decision to give up on its seed plant after three years worth of protests from local citizens and GMO-free campaigners from all over Argentina. In 2014, activists forced to Monsanto to stop the construction of the plant by using coordinated protest techniques at the construction site.

A spokesman for Monsanto told Argentinian media organizations that Monsanto was dismantling the plant and that “the plant was designed to treat 3.5 million hectares of maize; however, last year, only 2.5 million hectares were sown.”

“An investment of almost 1500 million makes no sense.”

The spokesman was also forced to admit that the protests, local pressure, and resistance by environmentalists, anti-GMO activists and local residents was indeed part of the reason the company decided to dismantle the plant. In addition, a number of lawsuits have been filed against Monsanto over the legality of the construction permit as well as environmental impacts.
READ: Argentina Has A “City Of Death” Thanks To Monsanto

Sofia Gatica, one of the main activists and leaders of the protest blockade in Malvinas told InfOGM,

It’s been almost three years that Monsanto has not been able to put a brick or a wire at the construction site… The company is leaving the field but does not yet recognize its defeat in this battle. We talked with those who have to dismantle what remains. We remain on alert and continue blocking, waiting to see what will happen. We want the site to now be devoted to organic and sustainable agriculture.

This Italian Politician Wants Government To Force Citizens To Eat Meat

italian mp veganBrandon Turbeville
August 12, 2016

In an example of just how far governments and politicians will take the war on individual freedom and parental choice, Forza Italia MP, Elvira Savino, has put forward a proposal that would imprison parents who forced their children to eat a vegan diet.

Savino argues that veganism “lack[s], essential elements for a healthy growth” and that parents who implement a diet plan of this type for children under 16 should spend up to two years in prison.

Savino, who is considered center-right, said she put forward the proposal in order to protect children from “radicalized” parents, a need she sees because of the increase of adults in adopting vegetarian and vegan diets.

Savino believes vegan diets lack sufficient qualities of iron, zinc and B12. The law would have parents facing one year in jail and two and half years if the child gets “permanently sick or hurt” as a result of the diet. If the child dies, the parents face six years.

Although it is estimated that only 8% of Italians are vegetarian or vegan, a number of stories circulating in the European press, have reported what is being framed as cases of malnutrition as a result of a vegan diet. The recent attention has given Savino the opportunity to put forward the proposal.

It is unclear whether or not Savino’s proposed law will ever actually pass. Hopefully, even in Europe, there is still enough a sense of individual, parental and human rights from doing so. But what it does highlight is the increasing march toward the control of children and the infiltration and disruption of the family unit by the state and its forces.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

U.S. Backed Opposition In Venezuela Attempts To Usher In Monsanto

monsanto-hero-1024x633Brandon Turbeville
August 13, 2016

As the U.S. empire exhausts itself on wars in the Middle East and provocations in Asia and Eastern Europe, the “democracy” and “free market reforms” that are a hallmark of the Anglo-American system are becoming more and more apparent to the rest of the world.

One hallmark of Western imperialism has been the spread and even the mandate of Big Ag GMO seeds where the Anglo-American empire cannot spread itself by corruption, bribes and covert means, militarily conquered nations are often forced to abandon traditional agriculture in favor of “biotechnology” particularly products that belong to multinational corporations like Monsanto. As a result, those nations who have some concept of the Anglo-American game plan, have moved to claw back agricultural rights and practices while others have wisely banned GMOs from within their borders completely.

Those nations, of course, have found themselves under complete attack. While Syria is perhaps the most well-known victim in 2016, Russia, also painted as a villain by the U.S. media, has been increasingly resistant to “free market reforms” and the promotion of GMOs having banned the production, and importation of GMOs earlier this year.

Much less publicized, however, is Venezuela, a country that has long been a thorn in the side to a trans-continental empire that desires world hegemony. From Chavez to Maduro, Venezuela has refused to comply with the dictates of the United States, both in terms of foreign and domestic policy. As a result of Venezuela’s determination not to be controlled by the United States, the country has paid a heavy price. Economic attacks, sanctions, subversion and color revolutions – even attempted assassinations have plagued the country even while it is in the throes of a horrific financial collapse.

Friday, August 12, 2016

In Wake Of Failed Coup, Turkey Moves Closer To Russia, Discusses Pipeline, Syria, Better Relations

russia_turkey-777Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
August 11, 2016

The Turkish coup currently stands as one of the most initially confounding and confusing acts of political turmoil since the turn of the 21st century. Weeks after the coup was first attempted and eventually failed, many observers are still as ignorant of who was behind it as they were when the coup was actually happening in real time.

Regardless of who initiated the coup, it is now clear that Erdogan as a national political figure is stronger than he was immediately beforehand as he has used the coup as justification for a massive purge of political opposition, critics, dissidents, journalists, and military figures. Indeed, whether or not the U.S. or Erdogan himself was responsible for the coup, Erdogan is now stronger as a result of it.

Yet Erdogan’s position is not necessarily evidence of who was behind the coup. What will likely tell us the most regarding the guilty party is Erdogan’s reaction, despite there being a residual amount of anomalies surrounding the incident.

Having traveled to St. Petersburg, Russia, the first face to face meeting between Erdogan and Putin since the shoot down of the Russian jet, it is now becoming increasingly clear that Erdogan is attempting to move closer to Russia, even as he holds the line with NATO and maintains his opposition to the secular government of Bashar al-Assad.

Despite the obvious disagreements between Russia and Turkey, the two have expressed a “renewed” interest in mending political and diplomatic fences in the wake of the failed coup. In addition, in the midst of the turmoil in Turkey, Russia expressed support for the “legitimate” government and refused to waver at any point.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Photos Confirm U.K. Special Forces Protecting Terrorists In Syria,

bbc british special forcesBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
August 10, 2016

On August 8, 2016 the BBC published photographs and reported on yet another illegal incursion into Syria by Western NATO forces and yet another violation of Syrian national sovereignty by the U.K. This time, the photographs show British Special Forces operating on the ground inside Syria in al-Tanf, near the Syrian-Iraq border, an area that is also near the Jordanian border.

The pictures themselves date back to June of this year and appear to have been taken shortly after a battle at al-Tanf between the New Syrian Army and ISIS, both Western-backed terrorist organizations. The British soldiers are photographed allegedly setting up a perimeter in order to guard the NSA base from further incursion by ISIS.

As the BBC reports,

According to eyewitnesses, they were there in a defensive role. But they are carrying an arsenal of equipment including sniper rifles, heavy machine guns and anti-tank missiles.
If IS attacked again they would have been able to put up a considerable fight. 
A New Syrian Army's spokesman refused to comment on the pictures of the special forces, but acknowledged their help. 
He said: "We are receiving special forces training from our British and American partners. We're also getting weapons and equipment from the Pentagon as well as complete air support."