Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Victims Of the Ghouta Siege MSM Doesn't Want You To See

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 27, 2018

As the Syrian government continues its operation to liberate East Ghouta from Western-backed terrorists, the Western media is revamping its Aleppo propaganda to fit the new location. Stories of the “brutal” Assad intentionally bombing civilians, dropping “barrel bombs,” using chemical weapons, and hospitals that will surely be the “last hospital in Ghouta” soon enough are legion in the corporate media.

Of course, there has never been a shred of evidence to suggest that the Syrian military has ever intentionally targeted civilians during the course of this war but that hasn’t stopped the Western media as facts and reality rarely do. MSM does not mention the fact that it’s “activist” sources are, in actuality, terrorists and that the “humanitarian workers” known as the White Helmets are nothing more than al-Nusra Front.

MSM also doesn’t mention the daily assault on civilians in Damascus by those same “besieged” terrorists in Ghouta. These victims are undoubtedly civilians who are undoubtedly being intentionally targeted. In the rare instances where they even garner a mention, it is repeatedly mentioned that “state media” “claims” these civilians were killed, implying the “claims” might not be true. Below will be included a number of photographs and videos that back up those claims and demonstrate that some civilians are more equal than others in such Anglo-Western utopias.

Below is a video that shows a young girl walking down the street in Damascus, ahead of her are two other children. A terrorist mortar explodes between them. As one can easily see, there are no military targets anywhere near. Thankfully, all the children escaped unscathed. Many others have not been so lucky.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Vanessa Beeley Exposes Entertainment Industry/NGO Network Pushing White Helmets Propaganda

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 23, 2018

Perception management has long been a facet of the dominant minority (aka “Deep State”) that controls the military, political, financial, and industrial sectors of life in the Western world. Perception management is not only undertaken by political discourse in the political realm but even more so by the media that is supposed to be tasked with presenting the public with factual information but today functions solely as a propaganda arm of the Deep State apparatus. Indeed, the mainstream corporate media frames, shapes, and creates issues for the public to debate and cleverly guides them to the desired conclusions.

In addition to mass “news” media, however, television shows, movies, dramas, sitcoms, and documentaries all play a part in shaping the perceptions of the public in regards to current events as well as to the world around them, both locally and far away.

To control and manage the perception of hundreds of millions of people is quite a task and requires a massive network of corporations, industry, financiers, intelligence, and political coordination, however, and this leads many to believe it is impossible to achieve. That lack of understanding of just how much American media/entertainment is manipulated only serves to make the target population more susceptible to the propaganda.

One small peak into the world of mass perception management can be witnessed when looking into the recent documentary volley fired by the pro-war, anti-Syria Hollywood, National Geographic, BBC machine regarding Syria and the White Helmets. The goal of these documentaries is to paint the White Helmets as selfless, unarmed, non-political heroes rescuing innocent people from the rubble left behind by Assad and Putin’s bombs, the latter being aimed at civilians alone. The reality, of course, is something quite different.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Ohio Gov. Candidate Dennis Kucinich Announces Plan To Legalize Medical, Recreational Marijuana

dennis kucinich legalize marijuanaBrandon Turbeville
Natural Blaze
February 21, 2018

Former Mayor, U.S. Congressman, and famous peace advocate Dennis Kucinich formally announced his run for Governor of the state of Ohio on January 17, 2018. Soon after his announcement, Kucinich followed by hinting at his opposition to the drug war, causing many in Ohio and across the rest of the country to become excited at the possibility of a Governor not waging a war on citizens over plants and personal decisions.

Indeed, Kucinich is decidedly pro medical marijuana and opposed to the disastrous drug war. “Ohio will protect its constitutional right to dispense medical marijuana. We will broaden the conversation towards decriminalization, legalization and licensing to provide hundreds of millions of dollars in increased revenues to the state, to help pay for our expanded health programs. With the help of our congressional delegation we will make necessary changes in federal policy,” Kucinich said.

On February 15, a little over a month after he announced his candidacy, Kucinich announced a more detailed version of his marijuana policy as well as his policy aimed at breaking the prison industrial complex.

Kucinich stated:

We must break the prison-industrial complex. 
We must stop the waste – and the inhumanity -- of spending hundreds of millions of tax dollars to warehouse low-level, non-violent offenders in public prisons and private for-profit prisons. We should be filling up our schools and employment centers, not our jails. 

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Monsanto Sues Avaaz For Identity Of 2 Million Anti-GM Activists, But Whose Side Is Avaaz On?

monsanto avaazBrandon Turbeville
February 20, 2018

SPECIAL REPORT By Brandon Turbeville, Natural Blaze

George Soros and Monsanto are battling it out.

And the only people who are going to lose are activists and consumers.

This is because Avaaz, often labeled the worlds most “biggest and powerful activist network” in existence online, is being dragged into court by Monsanto. The organization has received a 168-page court subpoena in which Monsanto is demanding Avaaz “hand over every private email, note, or record it has regarding Monsanto, including the names and email addresses of all of those who have signed Monsanto campaigns. These include Avaaz’s petition calling for a moratorium on glyphosate, which has attracted over 2 million signatures,” according to GM Watch.

Now Avaaz is fundraising allegedly in order to fight the subpoena.

Avaaz points out that Monsanto has “unlimited resources” and states that,

If they get their hands on all our private information, there’s no telling what they’ll use it for. So we’re going to fight this. Because Monsanto may have unlimited resources to intimidate, but Avaaz has unlimited people power, and our members just aren’t afraid.

The subpoena actually came about as a result of a class-action lawsuit on the part of people suing Monsanto claiming that Roundup, the company’s famous herbicide, caused non-hodgkin’s lymphoma in themselves or their family.

MSM Screams About East Ghouta But Ignores Victims of "Rebels" In Damascus

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 21, 2018

As the Syrian government launches its operation to retake and liberate the area outside of Damascus known as the East Ghouta, Western corporate media outlets are on fire with hysterical accusations of “Assad and Russia’s war crimes” and “barrel bombs.” Indeed, if you listen to the corporate press, you will believe that Russia and Syria are doing nothing but intentionally dropping bombs on civilians with a goal of killing all children in East Ghouta.

Of course, you won’t be given a motive for such wanton destruction and murder because there isn’t one. No one has ever offered an explanation as to why Bashar al-Assad would target innocent civilians, the overwhelming majority of whom support the Syrian government. It’s just one of those little pieces of information left out by the corporate press determined to hide the fact that the Western-backed terrorists and thus the West itself is ultimately responsible for all the civilian deaths in Syria and that those deaths are still ongoing as a result of the terrorist acts and terrorist presence in the country today. These deaths never would have occurred had the United States not created and deployed a proxy army to destroy the Syrian government.

The United States is predictably trying to capitalize on the battle for East Ghouta and lay blame for all civilian deaths at the feet of Syrian President Assad. State Department Spokeswoman Heather Nauert has already expressed “deep concern” over the conditions of East Ghouta, meaning the U.S. is carefully looking for any opportunity to support or rescue its terrorist pets.

"The United States is deeply concerned by the escalating violence in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta," Nauert told reporters. "The escalation is exacerbating the already grave human suffering of nearly 400,000 people.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Is The US Intentionally Killing Russians In Syria?

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 20, 2018

After an attack on February 7 by the United States military against Syrian “pro-regime forces,” reports quickly emerged that the U.S. had killed a number of Russians embedded with the Syrian forces. While the Russian government remained silent, the U.S. soon announced that it had indeed killed “scores” of Russians in that air raid. Later, Russia confirmed that Russian “civilians” had been killed but that no Russian soldiers died. Russia put those numbers at around five while the United States stated a few dozen. Western mainstream media reports put the number at over a hundred.

Then, on February 15, another incident took place where 15 Russians died in an apparent explosion outside a weapons depot run by a Russian contracting company. The explosion itself is suspicious, particularly when taken in the context of the previous killing of Russians in Syria by the U.S. military.

There is no doubt that the U.S. killed the Russians on February 7. However, there are a number of questions that arise out of both incidents, especially the first.

Who Are The Russians?

The Russians who were killed in both incidents in Syria are allegedly part of Wagner Group, a Russian contracting firm based in Hong Kong. Although readers should exercise caution when analyzing information produced by CNN, the news agency claims that Wagner has no public offices in Russia. Both CNN and FOX report that Wagner has anywhere from hundreds to thousands of contractors operating in Syria at this moment. The firm is also believed to have been active in eastern Ukraine, supporting separatists who have been fighting Western-backed Nazi forces.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Rules Is Rules – UK Govt Forces 6-Year-Old To Suffer 30 Seizures A Day, No Weed For You

uk denies cannabisBrandon Turbeville
February 20, 2018

Great Britain is proving just how great it is, and it is using a six-year-old-boy to do it. Proving that the Western world is a symbol of oppression, not freedom, the UK Home Office has rejected a plea from Alfie Dingley’s family and even MPs to allow Alfie access to cannabis to treat a rare form of childhood epilepsy that can cause up to 30 seizures a day and numerous hospital visits.

Of course, one could ask the obvious question: Why does anyone have to plea to use a plant in a country that never shuts up about how free it is?

SEE: UK About to Legalize Cannabis? Parliament Decides This Week

For the Dingleys, there simply isn’t 200 years worth of waiting while the dying British Empire is dragged, kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, or any century for that matter. That is why the Dingleys did the only thing they could do for their child – leave the UK and travel to the Netherlands where they could access medical cannabis.

The results aren’t that surprising – Alfie’s seizures were dramatically reduced even at times going more than three weeks without having a seizure.

Unfortunately for them, without medical insurance, the treatments were too expensive so they were forced to return to the UK where harmless plants result in jail.

Performance of "The Sun Is Going Down In The City" in Berlin, Germany - February 17, 2018 by Hanin Elias

Brandon Turbeville
February 17, 2018

Performance of Brandon's poem in Berlin, Germany - February 17, 2018.

"The Sun Is Going Down On The City" by Brandon Turbeville, performed by Hanin Elias set to music by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt and cello by Ulrike Brand performed at Art Geyger in Berlin.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Ultra-Processed Food Linked To Cancer

processed food cancerBrandon Turbeville
February 16, 2018

A new study by French researchers is drawing attention to the possible links between processed foods and cancer.

The study, which classified foods such as mass produced bread, chicken nuggets, and cakes as “ultra processed,” looked at 105,000 people, showed results which suggest that the more “ultra-processed” foods people eat, the greater their risk of cancer.

Diet, of course, is already known to affect the risk of cancer, with obesity being heavily linked to cancer rates. Processed meat has also shown an increase in rates of cancer.

Foods considered ultra processed include:
  • Mass-produced packaged breads and buns
  • Sweet or savory packaged snacks including crisps [chips]
  • Chocolate bars and sweets
  • Sodas and sweetened drinks
  • Meatballs, poultry and fish nuggets
  • Instant noodles and soups
  • Frozen or shelf-life ready meals
  • Foods made mostly or entirely from sugar, oils and fats

15 More Russians Allegedly Killed In Syria According To SOHR Report

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 15, 2018

Only a week after the United States killed “scores” of Russian contractors in Syria, 15 more Russians have been killed in country as a result of an alleged explosion at a weapons depot run by the private contracting company.

The reports, coming from mainstream western press and the one man band known as The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights (staffed by Rami Abdul Rahman in Coventry) say that the incident took place at Tabiya Jazira in southern Deir Ezzor province. SOHR claims the company was tasked with “protecting the oil and gas fields controlled by the regime.” However, SOHR is a notoriously biased anti-Syrian propaganda wing that has long invented stories to demonize the Syrian government and promote terrorists.

According to SOHR, the Russians were accompanying government forces as they moved toward the oil and gas field situated on the eastern banks of the Euphrates which are now under the control of Kurdish and Muslim terrorists backed by the United States, going under the name of the SDF.

The Guardian reports that, “The Observatory’s website suggested the regime fighters had been trying to access weapons at the depot but set off a booby-trap explosion. It said a total of 23 people were killed, including the 15 Russians. The other casualties were believed to be regime fighters of the al-Baqir brigade.”

This Man Holding A Syrian Flag In Front Of The White House And Terrorist Supporters Wins The Internet Today

Brandon Turbeville
February 16, 2018

If pictures are worth a thousand words, this guy said a million.

With Washington D.C. routinely being the site of protests and demonstrations, the man in this photograph approached a bit of street theatre taking place in front of the White House.

As it turns out, the demonstrators were supporters of the Free Syrian Army, demanding that Washington continue and increase its support for terrorists in Syria for the purpose of destroying the Syrian government.

Although it is hard to see them in the background, there are around twenty FSA supporters chanting “Assad out of Syria now!” close behind him.  

In the foreground, the man is holding a Syrian flag with Bashar al-Assad's face in the middle.

U.S. Kills "Scores" Of Russians In Syria

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 14, 2018

On February 7, 2018 the United States launched an air attack against the Syrian military. This brazen aggression against the sovereign government of Syria resulted in the death of at least one hundred “forces aligned with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad” according to U.S. military officials.

The U.S. military claimed the strikes were “defensive” and that they were in retaliation for a “threatening” “Syrian Army-led attack consisting of five hundred troops – backed by artillery and tanks – during the night of Wednesday to Thursday against positions of Arab and Kurdish partner militias at oilfields near the town of Khasham on the eastern shore of the Euphrates River,” according to al-Masdar News.

By “Arab and Kurdish partner militias,” the U.S. is referring to the terrorist Marxists and jihadists of the YPG and SDF respectively.

By “forces aligned with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad” the U.S. could be referring to any number of participants – i.e. the Syrian military, local militias, Hezbollah, Iranian, or even Russian forces, however, in this instance, it appears that the forces were majority “allied militias” as well as a number of Syrian soldiers. However, a week later on February 14, the United States announced that “scores” of Russians were killed in the attack, marking a dramatic escalation in the conflict that sees the United States and Russia on opposite sides.

Mattis Admits No Evidence Of Assad Sarin Use, No Surprise To Alt Media

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 14, 2018

As the banana republic of Europe known as France threatens to “strike” Syria if its “red line” of chemical weapons use is crossed and the United States threatens the same action if Assad uses the alleged “new kind of weapons” to conduct another alleged chemical weapons attack, one thing is being lost in the news media shuffle and no doubt intentionally so. This missing element is the fact that Secretary of Defense James Mattis has admitted that the United States has no evidence Syria has used sarin gas on the battlefield.

As the Washington Post reported on February 2 in an article entitled “US Has No Evidence Of Use Of Sarin Gas, Mattis Says,” only a day after threatening yet more military action against Syria on the basis of “chemical weapons use,” Mattis admitted that there was no evidence to show that the Syrian government used Sarin.

As quoted by Reuters, Mattis stated “We are even more concerned about the possibility of sarin use, (but) I don’t have the evidence. What I am saying is that other groups on the ground - NGOs, fighters on the ground - have said that sarin has been used, so we are looking for evidence.”

So no evidence that Assad gassed the “beautiful babies” the U.S. used to justify bombing al – Sha’aryat airbase and killing more “beautiful babies” in the surrounding area. That's good to know  but bombing nevertheless took place despite the lack of evidence. Perhaps Mattis should have announced that the Trump administration's official policy was to “Kill them. God will know his own.” This phrase, of course, would imply that the U.S. is not actively supporting the terrorists who did, in fact, use chemical weapons and who have been torturing and massacring the Syrian people since 2011 so it probably shouldn't be used either.

Russia Claims It Has Evidence White Helmets, Nusra Planning Fake Chem Attack

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 13, 2018

As tensions heat up in Syria between a growing number of heavily involved participants, the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria has stated it has been warned by sources that Jobhat al-Nusra is planning to coordinate a staged chemical weapons attack with the White Helmets for the purpose of blaming the attack on the Syrian government.

The center stated that, on Monday, it received a phone call from a resident in Serakab in Idlib province describing the incident allegedly being planned.

According to the source as reported by the RCFRIS, terrorists from Jobhat al-Nusra brought three cars packed with over 20 cylinders of chlorine as well as “personal protective equipment” to Serakab on the afternoon of February 12.

The source also revealed that the local branch of the White Helmets, “wearing individual means of protection” rehearsed “giving first aid” to “local residents” who were supposed to have been suffering from poisoning.

The Monsanto Cover-Up – “Decades Of Deceptive Tactics To Make Billions Of Dollars”

monsanto cancer cover-upBrandon Turbeville
February 13, 2018

Monsanto and human health have never had a good relationship. Despite having been involved in the creation and application of Agent Orange resulting in the deaths and lifelong crippling effects to many American and Vietnamese people and the environment, the corporation did not hang its head in shame but instead rose to become dominant over America’s food supply.

Aside from GMOs themselves, perhaps the biggest danger of human help has been the introduction of glyphosate as a pesticide. Now ubiquitous in the United States, it has been known since the 1980s that the weedkiller can also cause cancer in humans and was even determined a carcinogen by the EPA in 1995. But in 2001, the EPA changed its mind, no longer designated it as a carcinogen and even hid the study data that contradicted the EPA’s new position. This is because Monsanto argued for protection under the trade secret rule.

Virtually a no-go topic in the Western mainstream media, RT (labeled by corporatists and warmongers as “scary Russian propaganda”) sat down to interview Carey Gillam, author of White Wash: The Story of a Weedkiller, Cancer and the Corruption of Science.

Video Shows White Helmets Members Working Under al-Qaeda Flag In Syria - Confirms Previous Activist Post Reporting

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 12, 2018

After being given an Oscar in 2017 for the film The White Helmets, a nauseating worship fest of the terrorists masquerading as rescue workers and civil defense in Syria, the mainstream media and the entertainment industrial complex is at it again. This time, a new film entitled, “Last Men In Aleppo,” has received yet another Oscar nomination for the White Helmets. The new version of cinematic White Helmets worship, also thoroughly deconstructed by Syria researchers like Vanessa Beeley, is once again jerking at heart strings and tears and preying on the gullibility of Western audiences. It is an attempt at damage control after the White Helmets brand was so thoroughly discredited.

But Oscar nominations aside, the White Helmets have been covered on numerous occasions by other media outlets. One such example of coverage from al-Jazeera English[1] contains some of the most blaringly obvious revelations heretofore unseen even by many of those who follow the work of the White Helmets terrorists in that the film itself shows the connections between the supposed humanitarian rescue group and al-Qaeda.

For instance, in one clip surprisingly not edited out of the film, one can see White Helmets “volunteers” operating in one of their stations in al-Sakhour, Syria, East Aleppo. However, as the camera shows several men huddled in the cold, praising their “brothers” on the front lines whom one can only assume are fighters, not rescue units, one can clearly see an al-Qaeda flag on the wall behind them.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Glyphosate In L.A. River Causes Controversy, Lawmaker Responds

Brandon Turbeville
February 9, 2018

Glyphosate poisoning of the L.A. river has become so bad and such a contentious issue that a congressman from the area has urged the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to stop using the weedkiller.

Over the last few years, the use of glyphosate to control weeds and other vegetation around the L.A. river has become controversial, with many concerned over the links to cancer, birth defects and reproductive issues.

The EPA claims that glyphosate is not carcinogenic but pretty much everyone else disagrees and it is likely that the EPA would approve agent orange for use as a fertilizer if Monsanto ramped up its lobbying efforts just a little more.

Representative Adam Schiff of Burbank wrote a letter to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers urging the agency to stop using glyphosate and look toward using safer alternatives.

He wrote:
Over the past year I have heard from numerous constituents and community organizations with concerns over public safety given the USACE’s use of glyphosate in the Los Angeles River. 
Local and state agencies have also seen the potential risks from human exposure to this chemical and have limited or banned its use. I once again urge the USACE to end its use of products containing glyphosate as part of the LAR vegetation management plan in favor of safe alternatives. Should the USACE not do so, I intend to consider legislative remedies to protect the health of our Los Angeles community.

Local Australian Government Murders 50,000 Bees Over One Complaint

Brandon Turbeville
February 9, 2018

Has there ever been a situation in which calling government authorities has worked out well for innocent people or animals?

Paddington residents may be asking themselves that question today after officials from the Sydney suburb murdered 50,000 European honey bees because a resident complained.

Locals who had become accustomed to seeing the massive bee hive were horrified to find thousands of dead bees beneath the hive and across the road. Residents say that the hive was no threat to anyone and that most residents enjoyed its presence and liked to watch the hive grown. Residents say that there was no need to kill the bees when they could have been relocated which is common practice in Australia.

A spokesperson for the Woollahara Municipal Council stated that the Council had attempted to call a beekeeper and did not immediately hear back. Thus, apparently deeming a hive that had grown from nothing to 50,000 bees with no complaints from residents, a dire emergency, the council called Pest Control. All this on the alleged complaint of one alleged resident.

While it may be true enough that a resident complained about the hive (there’s always one in every group), it is interesting that every time an “officer” or “official” wants to harass, search or kill something they do so on the basis on resident responses that are always anonymous and often come from communities in which residents don’t seem to have complaints.

FDA Tries To Kill FOIA On Alter Of GMOs

FDA FOIA GE SalmonBrandon Turbeville
February 8, 2018

In a surprising turn of events, a U.S. federal court has ruled in favor of the public interest. Even more surprising, the court ruled against the FDA which has been pushing the approval of GE salmon for human consumption.

The approval of the GE salmon, which is made from the DNA of Pacific Chinook Salmon, Atlantic Salmon and Deepwater Ocean Eel Pout, took place in 2015. However, the battle has been raging long before and after that date. The FDA, while launching a jihad against natural supplements and kratom, became the first government agency in the world to approve a GM animal for commercial sale and consumption.

Apparently the “every possible danger must be hyped, examined and exploited for a ban” methodology only applies to harmless substances and those that improve the health and livelihoods of the average American. When it comes to those substances which could potentially harm large amounts of people, or eradicate entire species of animals, the FDA takes a hands-off approach.

This time around, many experts have expressed concern with GE salmon, including biologists at U.S. Wildlife agencies who work with fish and wildlife, criticizing the FDA for not properly investigating the potential impacts. The FDA while jumping on the bandwagon of every distorted story in regards to kratom and natural supplements, ignored these professionals with real concerns. As a result, on March 2016, Earth Justice filed a lawsuit against the FDA. The lawsuit required the FDA to compile a record of research and documents that led up the FDA decision to approve GE salmon. The lawsuit requires a complete record.

At the time of the writing of this article, the FDA has refused to release most of the documents related to its decision despite a number of clients requesting those documents under FOIA. As Earth Justice states,

U.S. Murders 100 Syrian Soldiers, Claims "Self-Defense" In Country America Invaded And Occupies

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 8, 2018

In the latest instance of American war criminality, the United States launched an air attack against the Syrian military on Wednesday, February 7, 2018. This brazen aggression against the sovereign government of Syria has resulted in the death of at least one hundred “forces aligned with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad” according to U.S. military officials.

The U.S. military claims the strikes were “defensive” and that they were in retaliation for a “threatening” “Syrian Army-led attack consisting of five hundred troops – backed by artillery and tanks – during the night of Wednesday to Thursday against positions of Arab and Kurdish partner militias at oilfields near the town of Khasham on the eastern shore of the Euphrates River,” according to al-Masdar News.

By “Arab and Kurdish partner militias,” the U.S. is referring to the terrorist Marxists and jihadists of the YPG and SDF respectively.

By “forces aligned with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad” the U.S. could be referring to any number of participants – i.e. the Syrian military, local militias, Hezbollah, Iranian, or even Russian forces. Neither the Syrian nor American governments have released details as to the identity of which forces were attacked by the American military though Lebanese news outlet, Al-Masdar News, suggests that the victims belonged to the Syrian military itself. Reports and on the ground evidence in Syria seems to corroborate al-Masdar’s claims.

The U.S. attack represents yet another brazen act of Hubris and arrogance that goes hand in hand with the Western imperialism which has seen the United States and NATO march across the world, leaving nothing but their bloody footprints behind them. To claim “self-defense” in a country that you have destabilized, invaded, and occupied is hypocrisy to say the least. It is also a violation of national sovereignty and international law.

Ohio Gov. Candidate, Dennis Kucinich Calls Out The Deep State, MSM Can't Handle It

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 7, 2018

Dennis Kucinich, who recently launched his campaign for Governor of Ohio, has never been afraid to go against the grain and speak out with an unpopular opinion and an unpopular time. This was the case when he was mayor of Cleveland and throughout his tenure as a Congressman. It was also the case when, after the election of Donald Trump, Kucinich spoke out against an obvious attempt by the Deep State to control and steer the new Trump administration in a direction of their own using internal leaks, scandals, and other forms of pressure against the President.

Unfortunately for Kucinich, in Democratic party circles as well as in the mainstream media, it’s become a law that, before you can speak a word, you must first condemn Donald Trump. Anything short of disagreement on every aspect of Trump’s administration and raving attacks on his every move is considered treason.

Still, as the CIA leak controversy was at its height, Kucinich appeared on FOX News and stated:

You have to look at the institution of the Presidency. This isn’t just about one President. It’s about the Presidency which belongs to the American people. And when you look at the leaks, the anonymous sources, coming from intelligence agencies like the CIA and the FBI, they’re aimed at upending the Presidency, not just the President, and it’s a form of a coup. This is very dangerous for our country. We’re all Americans. We have to stand for our country. We cannot let faceless, anonymous people try to upend our government, it’s a totally un-American approach that is occurring.

Terrorists In Syria Have MANPADs But How Did They Get Them From?

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 6, 2018

A Russian jet fighter pilot was killed on Friday while operating over the town of Massran in Idlib province in Syria. The Sukhoi-25 plane had apparently lowered its altitude while on its mission and was struck by fighters belonging to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). The pilot ejected but, once on the ground, was killed with HTS taking credit for his death. However, the Russian Defense Ministry released a statement claiming that the soldier had detonated a grenade in order to avoid being captured by the notoriously cruel and savage “rebels” supported by the United States.

The pilot, Roman Filipov, was posthumously awarded the Hero of Russia medal.

According to the Russian MOD, his last words were “Here’s for the guys.”

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Europe Cries 'Never Again' As It Repeats History of Censorship And Euthanasia

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 2, 2018

After Europe’s tragic experience during the second world war at the hands of Nazis, many Europeans have prided themselves as being the tip of the spear of “tolerance,” “anti-racism,” and “liberal” policies. Though the horrors of the Soviets and Communism are rarely mentioned, the horrors of Hitler are repeatedly bashed upon the heads of Europeans with the requisite collective guilt and trained need to atone for the crimes their grandparents and great grandparents were allegedly responsible for. Of course, the older generation was simply cannon fodder for the great powers of their time and it was the same power structures and elitists maintaining their positions today that were responsible for the horrors on all three sides but still the general public is viewed as responsible for the atrocities committed in their name, despite risking their lives for even speaking out in dissent at the time.

For years, the European, particularly German, chant, has been “Never Again!” Unfortunately, as Europeans rehash the horrors of Nazi Germany and scream “Never Again!” they are unaware that what they have pledged never to do again is indeed happening again. This time, the old veneer of nationalism is gone, however, and the “global community,” “tolerance,” and “anti-racism,” has taken its place.

But while nationalism may have died in Europe long ago, totalitarianism is alive and well and the march to the concentration camps and mass slaughter is ramping up yet again, following the same path as it did in the first quarter of the last century.

The familiar progression of disarmament, banning free speech and dissent, and the eugenic-based “euthanasia” of the mentally ill, disabled, and other “undesirables” has reappeared once again on European soil, this time under the guise of “liberalism” and “tolerance.”

Friday, February 2, 2018

Yes, Appalachia Is Part Of America Too

Response to NPR Appalachia part america tooBrandon Turbeville
Natural Blaze
January 2, 2018

While America’s military continues to march across the world, destroying nation after nation and the U.S. State Department funds color revolutions in others, the CIA also continues it’s own campaign of control and manipulation in virtually all the rest. But, moral questions aside, Americans back home aren’t even reaping the benefits of empire abroad. With an economy continuing to mire in depression, crumbling infrastructure, more difficult access to healthcare, tainted food supplies, and a police state that is deepening by the day, the American people are becoming accustomed to lower living standards and all the hurdles associated with it. Indeed, there are parts of the United States – Detroit, Flint, and much of the rural south, for instance, - that resemble a third world country more than anything one might expect to see in “the greatest country in the world.”

Nowhere are the crumbling standards of America more evident than in Appalachia, an area that is often forgotten whenever any political discussion is held. That is, until politicians breeze through the region and attempt to soak up some disgruntled white, formerly working class votes. After election time, however, the candidates put Appalachia and its residents out of their minds and continue business as usual. Economic depression, drug addiction, crime, poverty, and environmental degradation are all part of Appalachia now. They are not the only part, of course, but they have unfortunately become the main backdrop to a region that has suffered the setbacks of every bad decision coming out of Washington and its respective state governments.

Not having the benefit of being made up of mostly protected or chosen minorities, Appalachia is merely forgotten by most Americans or used as a backdrop of mockery and derision by Hollywood producers and academics. When it is remembered, the residents are painted as dirt poor rednecks, racist, misogynistic, dumb hillbillies. One need only listen to a recent broadcast on NPR where Appalachia was being discussed as if it were a foreign country to see how distant certain demographics are from other elements of society.

California’s War On Off-Grid Independent Homes – Residents Made Homeless By Rogue Govt

californial off-gridBrandon Turbeville
Natural Blaze
February 1, 2018

California has been at it again, proving to everyone in the country that the state most loudly proclaiming to be the leader against CO2, the disproven boogeyman of “Climate Change,” is really not interested in the environment at all, but the element of control Climate Change policies provide. There really isn’t any other explanation for what is happening in the Antelope Valley where local government has been taking individuals who live off the grid in the middle of nowhere off of their land by force of law.

In a video shot by Reason TV, several stories are told by the residents of Antelope Valley, most of them living in unique style homes built by their own hands, others living off the electric and water grids doing nothing but living their lives and minding their own business. Many of these residents have received a knock on their doors only to find armed men with guns drawn over municipal and county codes.

That’s right, a virtual armed raid over codes that most people, if viewed objectively, would find onerous and ridiculous to begin with. Nevertheless, residents have found themselves charged with numerous misdemeanors, excessive fines, extortion, and jail over “code enforcement” that is allegedly designed to “protect the public.” These people are then forced off their land in an area that has admitted “homeless problem.”

The issue in Antelope Valley is not new. In fact, it goes all the way back to 2011 whenMars Melincoff wrote an article about the situation for LA Weekly entitled, “LA County’s Private Property War,” where she wrote,

US General Admits SDF Is YPG - US Simply Changed Names Of The Org For Political Reasons

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 1, 2018

Researchers and analysts who are familiar with the Syria Democratic Forces operating with American backing in Northern and Eastern Syria have long noted that the SDF is nothing more than the YPG along with a heavy peppering of Arab jihadists. Yet the corporate press in the United States continues to claim that the SDF are merely moderates (vetted, of course, for their moderation) who have no other interest than democracy in Syria.

However, while attempting to denigrate any independent research into the SDF by alt media researchers, the MSM has missed a glaring admission by the Special Operations Command, General Raymond Thomas, made on July 21, 2017 at the Aspen Institute Security Forum.

When asked by the interviewer about an example of how SOCOM “identifies enablers on the ground,” General Thomas replied,

As you know, sometimes it’s of necessity. [You know,] who’s available? The one that I think is most discussed and most misunderstood is the evolution with our counterpart in Syria, the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces. Now, interestingly, they came about that name because they wanted, and I dealt with them directly, I was in on the formative stage of the relationship with these guys. They formerly called themselves the YPG which the Turks would say equated to the PKK and say “You’re dealing with a terrorist enemy of mine. How could you do that, ally?” So we literally played back to them, you know, you’ve got to change your brand. You know, what do you want to call yourself besides the YPG. And, with about a day’s notice, they declared that they were the Syrian Democratic Forces. I thought it was a stroke of brilliance to put “democracy” in there somewhere but it gave them a little bit of credibility. And the interesting part, and I was lucky to have a great partner in Brett McGurk out there with me about the same time because they were asking for things that I couldn’t give them and it literally was an acknowledgement that they were the demographic dominant force in Northern Syria. They wanted a seat at the table whether it’s at Geneva, or Astana, or wherever talks are happening about the future of Syria and, because they had been branded as PKK, they could never get to the table. So while we paired with them militarily, Brett McGurk was able to keep them in the conversation and allow them the necessary legitimacy to be good partners for us so it was literally something “I need you militarily, the diplomat here will deliver an entrée if nothing else for you to be legitimate, you know, from a state standpoint or at least from a government standpoint later on.