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The 2016 Winner Of The Award For Reverse Excellence

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
September 17, 2017

Toward the end of every year, it has become a Western tradition to initiate the proceedings of a “round up” or “best of” of the people, events, and products of the year and attempt to crown a number of individuals with awards for the most accomplished, best dressed, most influential, or most creative of that year. The world of politics and government is no different. Since Wall Street and the Corporate world essentially function as government as well, it is natural that anyone in banking, finance, or the business of exploitation and the military industrial complex be eligble for recognition as well.

However, while politicians, government officials, corporate overlords, and financiers are awash with awards and backslapping trophies, there was still no official award provided to them at the end of the year for their life’s accomplishments and those made over the past 12 months. We decided in 2015, it was time to change this.

Please note: We apologize for being so late in announcing our winner for 2016. Last year contained a number of events that nearly resulted in the complete destruction of the United States and our staff was focused on survival and neurosis for most of the year. We promise to be more prompt in the future.

A Little About The Award For Reverse Excellence

In our attempt to devise the perfect, comprehensive award, we asked ourselves what such an award would look like? We already have the Nobel Peace Prize, a perfect Orwellian award whose name says “peace” but is generally awarded to mass murderers, warmongers, and proponents of genocidal austerity. Unfortunately, we find the Nobel Prize is no longer able to provide us with the pride and confidence in the world’s leaders who are responsible for the killing of innocent people and the destruction of their livelihoods in the way that we desire. Unable to understand the concept of doublethink, the general public is confused by the use of the word “peace” in the title of the prize and thus they believe that the “peace” prize is actually a prize for peace. For that reason, they often see the recipients as weak and ineffectual despite their accomplishments.

So the award we wanted to create needed to have a title that sums up the true genuine accomplishments of the recipient while, at the same time, appealing to the sense of admiration we have for anyone in a position of authority and the abject fear we feel at the possibility of angering them.

We considered naming the honor “The Excellence Award,” but it was brought to our attention that a distinct minority of people do not view genocide, war, foreign invasions, austerity, violence, environmental degradation, and police states as excellent. Thus, due to our desire to be politically correct and to decry white supremacy at every turn, we decided that no minorities should be excluded and we opted to change the name to “The Reverse Excellence Award” in order to placate the minority who opposes war, resting fairly assured that the term “reverse” will be completely above the heads of the majority that supports it. We also very much liked the Orwellian nature of it.

Our biggest challenge was who should receive the award, since there truly are so many qualified candidates.

Our Selection Process

The old standards such as Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski were obvious choices since both have been responsible for the deaths of millions of people yet still remain[ed] free to walk in the halls of power, a true testament to their psychopathy and the corruption of the entire American system. Unfortunately for those who love death, Mr. Brzezinski passed over the same river as the millions he sent across early and Henry Kissinger has already received the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to exterminate the “useless eaters” As a result, we have determined that both Kissinger and Brzezinski have “been there. Done that.”

John McCain was considered due to his role in the drumming up of support for each and every maniacal military adventure presented to the American people as an option (and many that have yet to be presented) and his concurrent affiliation with terrorist leaders while claiming that the maniacal military adventures he supports would be used to destroy the terrorist organizations he also supports. Truly, any man that cavorts with kidnappers, Caliphs, and cannibals deserves an award. Having repeatedly demonstrated his senility, fighting a battle with cancer, and still managing to exist as a cancer himself is indeed impressive. However, it was determined there was no point in bestowing an award on someone who would not remember it.

The obvious choice – Barack Obama – was of course floated before the committee. Obama has presided over a number of wars, color revolutions, and near thermonuclear confrontations. He has driven every possible nail into the coffin of the American economy and has set out on a personal crusade against the Constitution and civil liberties. His radical jihad against gun rights and privacy protections, his selfless push to increase the proliferation of GM foods as well as his implementation of Obamacare certainly give him a chance at the Reverse Excellence Award. Obama’s star, however, is fading and we do not wish to bestow an award for a fading star.

Donald Trump edged in as a potential candidate due to his inflammatory suggestions that religious tests be used to determine entry into the country, walls be built on the borders, Muslims be “banned,” mosques be “monitored,” the internet be “shut down,” protesters be beaten, cops be given more authority to beat and maim, and that internment camps are viable options. While inflammatory statements alone are not enough to receive the award for “Reverse Excellence,” the fact that Trump was able to bring along much of the more conservative alternative media – previously opposed to all of the above – is quite the achievement. In addition, he managed to turn more leftist alternative media outlets into blank-staring Democrats. Well done, Donald. Unfortunately for Trump, however, he simply had not been around long enough on the political scene to receive an award for his worthy efforts and, since his Presidency began in 2017, he will not be legitimately eligible until next year.

Thus, the winner was the only logical choice for 2016. Due to her commitment to Constitution shredding legislation, war, genocide, tainted food, austerity, chemical poisoning, murder, compulsive lying and unmitigated psychopathy amongst many other qualities and commitments, our 2016 winner of the Reverse Excellence award goes to none other than Hillary Clinton. This will make Hillary our two-time winner of the Award for Reverse Excellence.

Below are only a few of the reasons why Hillary Clinton is the winner of our first annual award:

1.) The Clinton Cackle: We Came. We Saw. He Died.

2.) The Killing Of Ghaddafi And The Destruction of Libya.

3.) Benghazi

4.) The Funding Of Al-Qaeda Terrorists In Libya And Syria

5.) Rabid Anti-Gun Obsession

6.) Pro-Vaccine Propaganda

7.) Clinton’s Pro-War Record

8.) Clinton’s Attack On Bashar Al-Assad

9.) The Fake Bin Laden Killing And The Fake Photos That Accompanied It

10.) Generally speaking, being as fake as a wedding cake in all aspects of her life

11.) Getting A Pedophile Off The Hook And Then Bragging About It

12.) Working For Wall Street!

13.) The Clinton Foundation

14.) Support For GMOs

15.) Connections To Bill Gates

16.) Getting Her Marching Orders From The CFR

17.) Supporting the TARP and the Banker Bailout

18.) Changings Positions At Every Election

19.) Receiving Praise From Neocons

20.) Her Infamous Christmas Tree Decorations

21.) Pimping Obamacare Before Obama And The Republicans

22.) Connections To George Soros

23.) Supporting War With Iran

24.) Her Own War On Women

25.) Fracking

26.) Her War On Civil Liberties

27.) The Family and The Fellowship

28.) Supporting NAFTA and the TPP

29.) Emailgate

30.) The Clinton Body Count

31.) Hillary’s Support For Israel

32.) Supported By Major Oil and Gas Giants

33.) Wal-Mart Connections

34.) Hillary Is Anti-Labor and Anti-Working Class

35.) The Climate Obsession

36.) The Immigration Issue

37.) Pro-Drug War

38.) Pro-Police State

Keep in mind, this was all achieved before her failed political campaign for President. Had this been her only accomplishment during the year 2016, she would not have won a second time. However, Hillary has proven that she is not a woman that will be kept down by limitations, opposition, facts, morality, ethics, a soul, or the overwhelming hatred half the population has for her. Hillary smashed the “glass ceiling” once before and now, in her seventies, she is trying to destroy the whole house and everyone in it.

Congratulations to Hillary Clinton, the original Wicked Witch Of The West (Ok, Margaret Thatcher qualifies for that title too), on her award for Reverse Excellence. Clinton has managed to not only commit these immoral, illegal, and embarassing acts but she has managed to survive every well-earned scandal that has come as a result of it and still having so little shame that she managed to “win” the nomination for President. She Came. She Saw. She Won. Sure, she had to run against an aging socialist who refused to stand up to her, cut himself off at the knees everyday, and campaigned for her but she also was forced to rig the entire process in 50 states! That’s no small feat, even for a Clinton.

Indeed, it was her actions after her loss to Donald Trump (yes, Donald Trump) that really showed us all who Hillary Clinton is as a person. Yes, she was the first lady. Yes, she worked for Walmart and tried to break unions. Yes, she repeatedly attacked rape victims and helped rapists walk free. Yes, she was Senator. Yes, she supported the PATRIOT Act, the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Iran, and North Korea. Yes, she supported Free Trade like NAFTA and the Chinese trade agreements! Yes, she was a psychopathic murderer. Yes, she bounced back after losing miserably to Barack Obama in 2008. BUT! She bounced right back and lost to Donald Trump in 2016!

And what did she do after she lost? Did she cry and go home in humiliation? Of course not! Hillary Clinton brushed the dust off her shoulder, went on a rampage of insults against the incoming President, labeled herself as the leader of the “resistance,” and wrote a book of excuses as to why she lost to Trump that are too numerous to list in this article. In addition, she concocted one of the most ridiculous conspiracy theories of our time – the Russians did it [everything] – which went on to nearly cripple the country until “Nazis” and “North Koreans” came along.

It is for this reason that Hillary has truly earned her place as a two-time winner of the Award For Reverse Excellence.

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For an in-depth discussion regarding the reasons listed above and a number of others [written before the election], please read The Difference It Makes: 36 Reasons Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President, available on Amazon in hard copy or Kindle edition or read the free PDF at

Brandon Turbeville – article archive here – is the author of seven books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 andvolume 2, The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President, and Resisting The Empire: The Plan To Destroy Syria And How The Future Of The World Depends On The Outcome. Turbeville has published over 1000 articles on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s radio show Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST atUCYTV. His website is He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at)

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