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Brandon Turbeville Interview With Kayhan Institute, Iran - September 21, 2017

Brandon Turbeville
Kayhan Institute Newspaper, Iran
September 21, 2017

Full English text of Brandon's interview with the Kayhan Institute of Iran.

Now only after eight months from administration of Trump , we have witnessed resignation and dismissal of 15 high ranked people from white house . according to this situation Do you believe he gonna be able to finish his 4 years period of presidency? As many analysis hearing from America suggest that. How the unstable political situation is serious in United States?
This is a very complicated issue. Trump was never a man of the people. He was always part of the 1%, he was friends with many unsavory characters, and was utterly ruthless with his businesses. He’s also shown that he is willing to further many of the goals of the Deep State. That being said, he and his administration have been under attack since day one. In fact, even before he took office, maniacal political commentators, activists, and politicians were calling for his impeachment. Almost anything the man says is turned into a hysterical insane scandal by the so-called “left” in America. Trump almost seems like he was put in place to be a lightning rod, to galvanize the left into complete insanity and thus to galvanize the right in response to the left. The strategy of divide and conquer, in other words. That strategy is working to a tee here in the U.S.

Regardless, any attempt of Trump to be independent of the Deep State agenda results in scandal, political pressure, extreme pressure from the corporate media. Only when he bombed Syria did he receive anything resembling positive coverage. There is clearly an element in the U.S. government, the Deep State,that is working to control Trump and to constantly keep him under pressure in order to exercise that control.

So to answer your question – I think it’s plausible to question whether or not he will make it the whole four years. There is an effort underway to impeach him. Others believe he may resign and there is evidence to show this as a possibility as well. It will depend on Trump’s willingness to go full steam ahead with the Deep State agenda. I would draw a parallel between Trump and Richard Nixon. Neither were great people and both were overcome with personality and mental issues. Both were kept under intense political pressure behind the scenes as well as in the public eye in order for the Deep State apparatus to continue to be able to control them. Ultimately, Nixon was burned by the Deep State and there is little doubt that they are willing to do the same to Trump.

As to the second part of your question, the political situation in America is extremely serious. In fact, I would say the United States is in the midst of a political crisis. We are perhaps even in an existential crisis as we see the last vestiges of anything resembling personal freedom, economic improvement, and peace gasping its last breath. There have been talks of a military coup. There is a move to undermine the President from the intelligence community, the military, Congress, and the media. And it’s open too. That means we have crossed a point of immediate danger and have entered a crisis. It’s incredibly dangerous for Americans right now and most of them have no idea. It’s also dangerous for you and your readers. After all, empires tend to lash out as they are dying.

"New Yorker" has recently published an article in which he has said fascists and racists have re-birthed after election of Trump . Like what just happened in Charllotesville. According to your view what is percentage of a war happening between lefties and right- wings in America?
There will be a war if the Deep State and the American oligarchy want a war. If not, we will just continue to see the strategy of tension played out domestically. These movements are not organic. Both sides are controlled from the intelligence community and/or from George Soros’ foundations. The right or alt right, especially the white nationalist and white supremacist crowd probably has a majority FBI membership and the left can’t seem to hold a group together longer than two weeks without a paycheck from Soros. It’s all planned. Unfortunately, Americans are so glued to television and social media, both of which are constantly lying to them and provoking them that these types of things do take on a life of their own within the general population. That’s what is happening now.

I’d also point out that Trump has never said anything racist in his campaign or his Presidency. This obsession of the left with “racism,” a term that is literally applied to everything, even celestial events now, is incredible. The term “racism” virtually has no meaning anymore. There was no “resurgence” of fascists and racists. They were here before Trump and they will be here after. They are a minority for sure. But keep in mind, while the corporate American press promote fear over white nationalists, it has been leftist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter who have initiated the overwhelming majority of violence in the streets. BLM has burned parts of at least two cities. Antifa causes riots and violence wherever they go. But both of these groups are praised in the press. Keep in mind that BLM has repeatedly issued anti-white statements equal to and in some cases worse than anything the racist white groups have said. They have actually attacked whites on several occasions. There is no "good guy" in this fight. Just the rest of America caught in the middle.

So it’s easy to see how a situation like a civil war could take shape here but it’s completely up to the powers that be. That’s the sad state of institutionalized propaganda and culture creation that exists in the United States now. Americans get upset about what they are told to get upset about. They keep silent otherwise. It’s an incredible example of the mind control held by a small dominant minority over 300 million people.

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