Thursday, June 30, 2016

Russia Officially Bans GMOs, Predicts Total Domestic Food By 2020

Russia bans gmosBrandon Turbeville
June 28, 2016

As Monsanto and Big Ag takes a beating around the world (except for the U.S.), Russia has dealt another blow to the multi-national corporation. The Russian State Duma has recently passed a bill banning both the import and production of genetically modified foods. While the United States moves forward with its attempts to pass the authoritarian DARK Act, Russia is moving in the opposite direction.

Ensuring that the entire country is GMO-free, the Russian bill will apply to all crops and animals that are genetically modified except for a small number being researched and studied for scientific purposes.

The Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich announced the intention to ban GMOs in 2015 but no legal penalties were developed until recently. Now, theproduction or importation of GMOs will carry a fine of 10,000 to 50,000 rublesfor individuals and 100,000 to 500,000 rubles for violations committed by “legal entities.”

Russian officials insist that domestic farms are more than able to produce enough food for the entire country and have expressed hopes of stopping all imports of meat, dairy or vegetables by 2020.

We applaud the Russian government for implementing a reasonable solution to a problem that has plagued many in both the Western and Third World. We encourage the rest of the world to move in this direction.

NY Residents Test Off The Charts For Dangerous Drinking Water Toxin

5194962611_b8bca4d2f4_zBrandon Turbeville
June 28, 2016

In early June at least two residents in the small upstate New York village, Hoosick Falls, were tested to have 50 times the national average of the toxic chemical PFOA (perflurooctanoic acid). Harold and Marion Stevens told News 10 ABC TV that their numbers were 159 and 104 mcg per liter respectively. The nationwide average readings for PFOA are 2.08.

While this may seem like a problem more specific to Harold and Marion, the average reading for residents in Hoosick Falls is 23.5. “The average person up there is about 11 times the national average,” said Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin, a village representative.

The reasons why the tests were conducted in the first place is because residents of Hoosick Falls launched their own effort to determine whether or not something toxic was in the water after several of them died of rare cancers. These residents suspected a nearby plastics manufacturing site as being the most likely culprit.

The chemical they found in their water supply and the residents themselves – PFOA – has been linked to both kidney and testicular cancer, thyroid disease and ulcerative colitis as well as many other illnesses. But what is even more concerning than the presence of PFOA in the water supply is that both state and local officials knew about the situation a full year before the federal Environmental Protection Agency warned residents to stop drinking their water November 2015.

All the while, these officials did nothing. In fact, despite the warnings from the EPA and high levels of PFOA found in recent tests, Rensselaer County officials and the state government continued to assure residents their water was safe.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Germany Bans Fracking But There’s A Hitch

15843976929_9c5f5d5f26_z (1)Brandon Turbeville
June 27, 2016

After years of discussion and debate, Germany’s Coalition Government has finally agreed to ban shale gas fracking. While some are hailing the decision and praising the new policy others do not believe the law goes far enough.

The question of fracking has been continuous for years in Germany particularly in regards to the risks posed to drinking water. German industry has opposed the decision arguing that it would lower energy costs.

Still, the ban isn’t as complete as one might think to begin with. Test drilling will still be allowed although it will require the permission of the respective state government. As a matter of compromise, the legislation requires the German Parliament to reassess the decision in 2021.

Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND) has criticized the proposal and stated that the 2021 reevaluation date amounts to a legalization of fracking after five years. Head of BUND Hubert Weiger stated, “The Coalition’s agreement on a fracking permission law is hair-raising. The law must be stopped and replaced with a true fracking ban.”

Germany’s ban on fracking follows a similar ban put in place by France. Before the legislation was passed, fracking was largely unregulated in Germany and a lack of specific rules was an invitation for the fracking industry and companies like Exxon Mobile and Wintersal to go ahead with fracking projects. Thus, the rush by these companies was the impetus for the legislation.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

U.N. Vehicles, Mysterious Troop Movement Spotted In VA, NC, W.VA, Ohio,

united-nations-1184119_960_720Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
June 26, 2016

UPDATE: It appears that many of the sightings of military convoys containing "construction" equipment in the South and Midwest could possibly be related to the National Guard response to deadly flooding in West Virginia. The sightings of the UN vehicles are more questionable but are being explained as being related to the transport of the vehicles which were manufactured in the United States to sea ports for use outside the country. However, nothing regarding the UN vehicles has been confirmed as of yet either way. 

In the midst of reports circulating around an uptick in U.S. military movement inside the United States, a recent sighting of U.N. vehicles being carried on flatbed trucks is now making its rounds on the internet and alternative media networks.

The U.N. vehicles were spotted near I-81 near Lexington, VA and were being carried by flatbed, two to a trailer.

Not much information exists beyond the sighting, except to say that there have been numerous reports of an increase in military movement in the NC, VA, West VA, and Ohio region.

For the past day or so, military convoys have been witnessed traveling both North and South, with lines of equipment ranging from Humvees, troop transport trucks, and tankers to military personnel following the convoy in civilian vehicles. Interestingly enough, many of the soldiers traveling in the convoy were seen wearing helmets, an unusual procedure for a simple convoy. In addition, the convoys were carrying what appeared to be construction equipment.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

U.N. Bows To Saudi Financial Threats, Removes KSA From Child Killers List

saudi-blacklisted-by-un-killing-childrenBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
June 23, 2016

Despite the crowing of Western nations like the United States, Britain, France and other NATO countries, as well as the United Nations, regarding “human rights violations” in countries like Syria (where the main rights violators have been Western-backed terrorists funded by the West itself) and Iran, Saudi Arabia has continued apace with its policy of floggings, imprisonment, torture, and beheadings for offenses such as “insulting Islam,” “establishing liberal websites” and “sorcery” to the tune of little to no criticism by the West.

While Syria was, without a doubt, the most secular and safest place in the Middle East for minorities (ethnic and religious) and women before the 2011 Western-backed destabilization, Saudi Arabia maintained its policy of slavery and gross oppression of women. The righteous and sanctimonious West, however, said not a word about the savage feudal monarchy of the house of Saud.

After numerous reports began surfacing regarding the Saudi cruelty and the oppressive Saudi state and after a massive torrent of coverage coming from the alternative (notably not the mainstream) press, however, the crimes of the Saudi monarchy could no longer be completely ignored, a fact which has highlighted not only the horrors of Saudi leadership but the hypocrisy of the West.

Thus, after a significant expose’ of Saudi war crimes and human rights violations at home and abroad, even the United Nations could no longer remain silent.

As a result, the U.N.’s “Children And Armed Conflict” report for 2015 listed Saudi Arabia and its anti-Houthi coalition in Yemen as “parties that kill or maim children” and “parties that engage in attacks on schools and/or hospitals.” The report’s findings were based on the work of U.N. researchers stationed in Yemen who attributed 60 percent of killed an injured children in that country to the bombs dropped by the Saudi coalition. Yet Saudi Arabia’s name was eventually struck off the list provided in the report less than a week after it was released, a decision that was made by U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.

Brandon Turbeville Interview With Khorasan News - Mateen was actually a patsy of the FBI

terror alertAli Khayami
June 22, 2016

"The FBI has a long history of not only allowing terrorist attacks to go live but actually initializing, creating, funding, and facilitating them", said Brandon Turbeville in an exclusive interview with Khorasan Newspaper. Turbeville, who is an author and a journalist dealing with Middle East, Syria, and geopolitics based in South Carolina, discussed the shooting in an Orlando night club in the U.S. with us. He asserts that this attack was actually engineered by U.S. intelligence and U.S. law enforcement agencies.

He claims that if we want to stop terrorist attacks inside the U.S, we should stop funding Daesh! Stop funding al-Qaeda! Stop funding “moderate” rebels!

1. First I would like to ask you some questionable facts about the Orlando terrorist attack. While FBI was aware of the danger, why they didn’t arrest him? Could you please explain your idea about the connection between Omar Mateen and FBI? (Like what you explained in “5 Reasons To Question The Official Story Of The Orlando Shooting” and also in “Was Orlando Shooting A False Flag? Shooter Has Ties To FBI, Regular At Club, Did Not Act Alone?”)

As I point out in the series of articles I did on the questionable aspects of the Orlando shooting, I would argue that the FBI didn’t arrest Mateen because the FBI wanted him to go forward with the attack. The FBI has a long history of not only allowing terrorist attacks to go live but actually initializing, creating, funding, and facilitating them. In many instances, the FBI will organize a plot and then step in to “foil” it at the very last minute. They will then take credit for stopping a terrorist attack from taking place. But, of course, they stopped an attack that they created! In some instances, we see those attacks go live – by that I mean we see that the attack is organized and facilitated by the FBI but it is not foiled and allowed to take place. At that point, there is a massive propaganda blitz by the U.S. media and the U.S. government suggesting various “solutions” to the general public such as greater surveillance, surrendering more civil liberties or justifying more foreign intervention.

براندون توربوویل، نویسنده و تحلیل گرمنتقد آمریکایی در گفت و گوی اختصاصی با خراسان انگلیسی مطرح کرد:

Ali Khayami
Khorasan NewsJune 22, 2016

Persian Translation of Brandon Turbeville's Interview with Khorasan News (with Ali Khayami) English Version Found Here and here

براندون توربوویل، نویسنده و تحلیل گرمنتقد آمریکایی در گفت و گوی اختصاصی با خراسان انگلیسی مطرح کرد:

اف بی آی پشت پرده حمله اورلاندو

علی خیامی- حمله تروریستی به یک باشگاه شبانه در اورلاندوی آمریکا که به کشته و زخمی شدن حدود۷۰ نفر منجر شد، آمریکا را در شوک قرار داد. این اتفاق اگرچه نخستین نمونه از این قبیل نیست اما پرسش های بسیاری را برانگیخت. گروه تروریستی داعش در نخستین ساعات پس از این حمله،‌ مسئولیت آن را پذیرفت. به گونه ای که بسیاری از رسانه های آمریکا، ترور در اورلاندو را دومین عملیات تروریستی بزرگ تاریخ آمریکا پس از حملات القاعده در ۱۱ سپتامبر توصیف کردند. با این حال برخلاف انتظار، مباحث داخلی در آمریکا بدون توجه به بعد تروریستی این حادثه و نقش داعش در آن، از یک سو متوجه موضوع حمل  سلاح و از سوی دیگر متوجه موضوع جامعه مسلمانان آمریکایی شد. دومین نکته تامل برانگیز اطلاعات رسمی منتشر شده درباره اطلاع قبلی اف.بی.آی از هویت فرد تروریست بود. «براندون توربوویل»‌ نویسنده، تحلیل گرِ منتقد آمریکایی است که روایت کاملا متفاوتی را درباره حادثه اورلاندو مطرح کرده است. وی به خراسان انگلیسی گفت: معتقد است که این حمله تروریستی احتمالا با برنامه ریزی سرویس اطلاعاتی ایالات متحده طراحی شده بود، اما نهایتا از اختیار خود آن ها نیز خارج شد. متن زیر برگردان فارسی این گفت و گو است که نخست به زبان انگلیسی در سایت منتشر شده است.
* آقای توربوویل،‌ به نظر می رسد برخی از اطلاعات درباره حمله تروریستی اورلاندو متناقض است. در حالی که اف بی آی از خطر آگاه بود، اما تیر انداز را دستگیر نکرد. ما مطلع شده ایم که شما روایت متفاوتی از این اتفاق را در رسانه های آمریکایی مطرح کرده اید.
همان گونه که در برخی از مقالات اخیر به جنبه های سؤال برانگیزی از تیراندازی اورلاندو اشاره کردم، اف بی آی نمی خواست در ابتدا عمر متین را دستگیر کند هرچند قصدی هم نداشت که این حمله انجام شود. اف بی آی سابقه بسیار طولانی در طراحی، تأمین هزینه و تسهیل حملات تروریستی در خاک آمریکا دارد. در بسیاری از موارد اف بی آی طرحی را سازماندهی کرده و سپس در آخرین دقایق وارد عمل می شود و آن را خنثی می کند. بعد برای این که از یک حمله تروریستی جلوگیری کرده است مورد تشویق قرار می گیرد و در واقع حمله ای که خود طراحی کرده است را خنثی می کند. اما در برخی موارد همانند تیراندازی در اورلاندو می بینیم که این حملات اتفاق می افتد. بدین معنی که این حملات توسط اف بی آی طراحی و سازماندهی می شوند، اما این بار اجازه حمله صادر می شود. در این لحظه، تبلیغات گسترده ای توسط رسانه های آمریکا آغاز می شود و دولت ایالت متحده راه حل های متفاوتی را ارائه می دهد، همانند نظارت بیشتر و گرفتن آزادی های مدنی مردم و یا آن را دستاویزی بر مداخله های نظامی می کند. درباره تیر اندازی اورلاندو هم می دانیم که اف بی آی چیزی بیش از "بازجویی" متین انجام داد. آن ها متین را به "خبرچین های" خودشان معرفی کردند. این اتفاق درست در زمانی رخ داد که متین با "مارکوس دواین رابرتسون" یک مأمور فاسد اف بی آی و سازمان سیا که در دیگر حملات تروریستی نظیر بمب گذاری برجهای تجارت جهانی در سال 1993 نقش داشت، رابطه پیدا کرده بود. همه این اطلاعات، مخصوصا همگام با دیگر تیر اندازی ها و همدستانش، منجر به این باور شد که متین به واقع یک شخص فریب خورده بود  واین اف بی آی بود که با تهدید و سوء استفاده مرتکب تیر اندازی اورلاندو شد.
* علیرغم این که داعش مسئولیت حمله تروریستی را پذیرفته است، بسیاری ازرسانه هاقوانین مربوط به حمل سلاح را مسئول این کشتار می دانند. چرا هیچ کسی در مورد پیامدهای کمک های مستقیم و غیر مستقیم دولت اوباما و دیگر کشورهای غربی  به داعش سخنی نمی گوید؟
این حمله از قبل دستورش صادر شده بود. شواهد حاکی از آن است که این حمله توسط سازمان ها و آژانس های امنیتی آمریکا مهندسی شده بود. بنابراین به طور طبیعی هنگامی که چنین حادثه ای روی می دهد واکنش مورد نظر و مطلوب انجام می پذیرد. در این جا به چند نکته باید توجه شود. ابتدا این که اگر داعش مسئولیت حمله را می پذیرد، معنایش چیست؟ داعش یا همان ISIS ، همان گونه که در بسیاری از نوشته هایم بدان ها پرداخته ام، به طور کامل ساخته و پرداخته غرب و عربستان سعودی است. بنابراین اگر داعش حمله تروریستی را در خاک آمریکا انجام می دهد، باید به دفاتر و مراکز سازمان سیا نگاهی بیندازیم، جایی که این گروه تروریستی در واقع به وجود آمده و شکل گرفته است. البته در ایالات متحده، رسانه ها این مسئله که داعش توسط آمریکا، عربستان و ناتو به وجود آمده را سانسور می کنند. بنابراین این گروه تروریستی همیشه نقش یک "هیولا" را بازی می کند که دولت آمریکا توسط آن مردم خود را متقاعد به پذیرفتن برنامه هایش می کند. به عبارت ساده تر، رسانه ها نمی خواهند درباره عواقب ناشی از کمک به داعش صحبتی کنند، زیرا حتی نمی خواهند اعتراف کنند که ایالات متحده به داعش کمک می کند.    

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

3 Arrested With Weapons In NY Holland Tunnel - Terrorism, Ex Nihilo

terror_alertBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
June 21, 2016

Part two in a propaganda blitz or slow news day? That is the real question when it comes to the flurry of mainstream media reports regarding three people arrested in New Jersey over the possession of firearms and firearms-related material.

If you were to pay attention to the mainstream press (which, by now you really shouldn’t be doing) you would believe that ISIS has triggered another one of its many sleeper cells and was only narrowly stopped before committing a massive terror attack in the New York-New Jersey Holland tunnel.

The reality? Three people were driving through the area with weapons in their vehicle, drugs, and a cracked windshield.

Consider the report by Phillip Messing of the New York Post who reported the story without the hype of many other news agencies. He writes,

Three people were busted Tuesday with a cache of firearms, ammunition and body armor at the Holland Tunnel, law enforcement sources said. 
Cops at the New Jersey entrance of the tunnel stopped a pickup truck — with three Pennsylvania residents in it — for a cracked windshield, Port Authority sources told The Post. 
After spotting a gun, cops searched the vehicle and uncovered loaded weapons, about 2,000 rounds of ammo and ballistic vests, sources said. 

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - June 20, 2016

Brandon Turbeville
June 21, 2016

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - June 20, 2016

Brandon discusses the details of the Orlando shooting, the Syrian crisis, and marijuana in New Jersey.



Russia, U.S. "Losing Patience" With One Another Over Syria

United States of America and RussiaBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
June 20, 2016

As the recent standoff between Russian and American jet fighters over Syria still simmers in the headlines, both sides are claiming a loss of patience with the other regarding the support and opposition for Western-backed terrorist forces and the government of Bashar al-Assad.

Not even a week before the standoff, the United States via war criminal and Skull and Bones member John Kerry warned the Russians, Iranians, and the Syrians that U.S. patience is “not infinite.” Notably, Kerry’s comments were more heavily directed at Russia than any other power.

"Russia needs to understand that our patience is not infinite. In fact it is very limited with whether or not [Bashar] al-Assad is going to be held accountable," Kerry said.

But while the United States claims that its patience is “not infinite,” an interesting point to make since the entire crisis in Syria was the handiwork of the U.S. (perhaps Kerry means “patience with obstructing the U.S. plans for the destruction of Syria?”), Russia is now warning the U.S. that it too is running out of patience.

"It is us, not Americans who are losing patience concerning the situation in Syria. We are fully meeting our commitments and agreements on securing the ceasefire and national reconciliation in Syria," Head of the Russian General Staff Valery Gerasimov told reporters on Monday.

Gerasimov claims that Russia has been sending coordinates of Russian bombing targets but said that the United States has yet to determine which groups are “moderate” terrorists (aka Syrian “opposition”) and which are extremist terrorists.

Russian And American Jets Dangerously Close To Combat As Destabilization Of Syria Continues

russia natoBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
June 21, 2016

Every day the U.S. and NATO insist on continuing the destabilization of Syria is a day closer to the potential for a cataclysmic confrontation between the Western powers and Russia. While Russia has shown considerable restraint and NATO has attempted to push Russia as far as possible without going over the line, the world is rapidly approaching a situation where one misstep could result in not only regional but worldwide conflict.

Such a potentially disastrous occurrence almost took place yesterday when Russian and American jets came dangerously close to combat over the skies of Syria during the course of a Russian bombing campaign against terrorists in al-Tanf near the Jordanian border.

“The mid-air confrontation occurred between F/A-18 fighters scrambled by the Pentagon and several SU-34s, Moscow's most advanced bombers,” Ted Thornhill writes for the Daily Mail. “The Russian jets had struck a 200-strong garrison of Syrian rebels fighting the Islamic State in At-Tanf, near the Jordanian border.”

The Russian military is not denying the bombing raid but it is denying that it targeted Western-backed terrorists (i.e. terrorists publicly claimed by the United States), making the argument that the United States did not make the positions of its proxy terrorists known to the Russian Air Force. Russian Major General Igor Konashenkov, Spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, claimed the air strike was more than 300 kilometers (186 miles) away from the areas the U.S. had designated as being “controlled by legitimate opposition forces.”

The Daily Beast, one of the first mainstream outlets to report the incident, recounts the standoff as follows:

Monday, June 20, 2016

New Chem Weapons Attack In Ghouta, Syria - 'Rebels' Gas Syrian Soldiers: Report

A Syrian soldier aims a 7.62mm PKM light machine gun from his position in a foxhole during a firepower demonstration, part of Operation Desert Shield. The soldier is wearing a nuclear-biological-chemical warfare maskBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
June 16, 2016

Three years after the infamous Ghouta chemical weapons attack launched by Western-backed terrorists but blamed on the Syrian government by Western mainstream media outlets, Ghouta, once again, is the scene of another possible chemical weapons attack.

According to a Syrian military source cited by Al-Masdar, “rebels” in Damascus used crudely assembled chemical bombs to attack Syrian soldiers with nerve gas in Ghouta.

“Several soldiers suffered breathing difficulties after the attack and were immediately taken to a military hospital. Thankfully, all of them are now in stable conditions,” the source stated.

Video evidence has been produced which reportedly shows Syrian soldiers suffering the effects of the gas and undergoing treatment.

The attack took place on Wednesday after four days of intense fighting between “rebels” and the Syrian military where the SAA managed to reclaim territory from the Western-backed Islamists.

UAE Military Campaign "Practically Over" In Yemen After Series Of Crushing Defeats

tv-show-gives-uae-youths-a-lookBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
June 16, 2016

After spending more than 14 months in Yemen as part of the “Saudi-led coalition” to re-impose the rule of corrupt Western-friendly Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi and destroy the Houthi revolution, the United Arab Emirates are announcing their plans to withdraw from the country.

While the Saudis and their coalition laughably claim that their campaign is based upon human rights, the reality is that it is based upon the desire to prevent further Iranian influence in the region and the expansion of Shi’ite power.

Nevertheless, after over a year of military presence in Yemen and repeatedly crushing defeats, the UAE is stating that its campaign is “practically over.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed's official twitter account quoted the Minister of State For Foreign Affairs as saying "Our position today is clear: the war is practically over for our troops.”

"We are looking at political arrangements and our political role now is to empower the Yemenis in the liberated areas,” he said.

The statement was left somewhat open-ended thus suggesting the possibility that the UAE troops could remain in Yemen under the guise of providing protection for sensitive locations or “counterterrorism” operations.”

Emirati media is now attempting to cover up for the massive failure of UAE operations claiming that the military phase has ended and that it is now merely time for a political phase.

It is unclear whether or not the UAE pullout of Yemen has resulted in any disagreement between the Emiratis and the Saudis. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

"Beyaz Miğferler" (White Helmets) STK’sı: İnsan hakları kisvesi altında “yardım ve kurtarma” operasyonu

Brandon Turbeville
Turkish Translation of article "White Helmets NGO: A 'Rescue And Assist' Operation Under Guise Of Human Rights"

Beyaz Miğferler, eski bir İngiliz subayı officer ve şimdi Blackwater-Academi ile birleşerek Constellis Holdings’e dönüşmüş bir özel yüklenici kuruluş olan Olive Group içindeki bir paralı asker olduğu kabul edilen James Le Mesurier tarafından kuruldu. Kuruluş, Esad’a karşı Batı müdahalesini savunan savaş yanlısı bir PR firması olan Purpose Inc. üzerinden George Soros’la bağlantılıdır.

Brandon Turbeville
Global Research

Halep'teki (gerçek ve hayali) hastane bombalaması etrafındaki son olaylar ile birlikte dikkatler, Beyaz Miğferler (White Helmets) diye bilinen ve Suriye'deki yaralı sivilleri kurtarmaya ve onlara tıbbi hizmet sunmaya odaklandığı varsayılan “insan hakları STK'sına” yöneliyor. Batı medyasına göre Beyaz Miğferler, masum insanları şeytan Esad'ın azı dişlerinden kurtarmak için hayatlarını ve uzuvlarını riske etmek isteyen, parlak zırhlı şövalyelerden oluşuyor.

Ancak Beyaz Miğferler'in daha gerçekçi bir şekilde incelenmesi bize, bu kuruluş hakkında çok daha farklı bir görüntü sunuyor.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

France Building Military Bases In Syria: Report

syria-france-20130831Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
June 15, 2016

The use of proxy forces to destroy the secular government of Syria is now started to give way to stealth methods of direct ground deployment of Western Special Forces and ground troops under the guise of assistance and coordination with “moderate” terrorists.

With a wide variety of Western-backed terrorist groups ranging from “extremist” terrorists like ISIS, al-Qaeda, and al-Nusra to the “moderate” terrorists of the FSA and the loose collection of terrorists, Kurds, and Arabs like the SDF, the West has kaleidoscope of proxy forces on the ground already. This is, of course, in addition to the SAA, NDF, Iraqi paramilitary forces/militias, Iranian military forces, and Hezbollah fighters working with the Syrian government.

Yet, even as Syria’s military clashes with the Wests’ proxies, the United States, Britain, and France have begun moving in Special Forces soldiers to assist in the mission of destroying the Syrian government, a mission that Israeli, Jordanian, and Turkish officers have joined in as well. That is, of course, despite the fact that Russian Special Forces are on the ground fighting on the side of the Syrian military.

Likewise, both the United States and Russia are busy building military bases in the northern regions of Syria to use as staging grounds for new operations.

Into this context come recent reports from Russian media citing Kurdish sources that the French are now attempting to establish military bases in Aleppo province.

According to the source, cited by Sputnik, French forces stationed in northern Syria have already begun construction on a military base near Ayn al-Arab (Kobane) in Aleppo province.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Was Orlando Shooting A False Flag? Shooter Has Ties To FBI, Regular At Club, Did Not Act Alone?

terror alertBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
June 14, 2016

As mainstream media organizations continue to be afire with reports regarding the recent Orlando shooting, a number of details are escaping the public consciousness that might point to an even more sinister motivation for the killing of 50 innocent people at the Pulse nightclub. Most notably, that the attack could very well have been orchestrated by the FBI and other relevant U.S. intelligence agencies in order to guide public opinion, galvanize the American people, and for other “political” purposes.

Indeed, in my article “5 Reasons To Question The Official Story Of The Orlando Shooting,” I listed a number of questionable aspects regarding the shooting such as the fact that the FBI was well aware of Omar Mateen, his ideology, and his potential violence years before the attack yet did nothing as well as the fact that this father is a Taliban-supporting TV host from Afghanistan. I also pointed out that Mateen himself had connections to a known ISIS recruiter and suicide bomber. In addition, I discussed the FBI’s history in relation to creating terrorist attacks in order to “bust” them and subsequently take the credit for stopping terrorist attacks.

FBI Foreknowledge, ISIS Sympathies, Taliban Ties

What may at first sound like an instance of senseless violence brings with it a number of other questions. For instance, the FBI was already well aware of Mateen and his connections to radical jihad and terrorism. According to CNN’s article, “50 Killed in Florida Nightclub, Shooter Pledged ISIS Allegiance,” two officials tell CNN that the FBI had investigated Mateen at some point for possibly having ties to or sympathizing with Islamic extremism. A law enforcement official said there were two cases opened involving Mateen but the probes didn’t result in enough evidence to charge him with anything.

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - June 13, 2016

Brandon Turbeville
June 14, 2016

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - June 13, 2016

Brandon discusses the Syrian crisis, the California Primary election results, artivism, and marijuana.



NJ Bill Would Add PTSD To Med Marijuana Program, Christie Fears Legalization

Chris_Christie_at_the_2015_CPAC_by_Gage_SkidmoreBrandon Turbeville
June 13, 2016

As the fight for an end to the ridiculous drug war continues, legislation has been advanced by a New Jersey assembly committee that would allow those suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to participate in the state’s medical marijuana program.

Essentially, the bill would add PTSD to the list of illnesses that can be legally treated in New Jersey using medical marijuana. The Oversight Committee voted 3-0 to forward the bill to the full assembly.

Assemblyman Ronald Dancer abstained from the vote. In March 2015, the assembly actually approved a similar bill but it died in the Senate Committee. Chairman of the Oversight Committee and co-sponsor of the bill, assemblyman Gusciora, is more optimistic about the bill’s chances of passing in both houses in 2016, however.

One major turning point was the testimony of a U.S. Army soldier returning from three tours of duty from Iraq and Afghanistan. Phillip Dume who pointed out the extraordinary high rates of suicide with people suffering from PTSD. Dume said “It helps me out. It’s one reason I’m able to speak to you guys. It helps me focus. It helps me calm down. It helps me sleep.”

Dr. Alexander Neumeister, a Brooklyn psychologist who has conducted research into PTSD and the brain also testified before the committee and stated that, “People who use it report it as safe and highly effective.”

Not surprisingly, the Garden State Goering, Governor Chris Christie, is resisting the expansion of the medical marijuana program labeling it, “A front for legalization,” in 2014. Christie’s statement on the matter while not at all unexpected, simply reiterates the vast disconnect between the positions of the American people and those who hold elected office.

Tensions Rising Between Russia, U.S. - Do Drills And Bases Signal Troop Placement?

United States of America and RussiaBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
June 14, 2016

With the rising tensions in Syria between the United States, NATO, Europe, and Russia, there are, once again, signs that both sides are preparing for the potential of some type of direct military confrontation between the world’s two superpowers.

While most individuals assume that both historical and future events arise as a result of a series of massive and seismic actions, the truth is often that a whimper precedes the bang. While many events are indeed sparked by a single definitive act, it is also true that, in the events leading up to the defining moment, rarely does the general public realize that they are walking along the path to such an event. Even rarer is the individual who realizes that this path was already carved out by high-level players in the halls of banks, corporations, governments, and secret societies long before the destination is ever reached.

For instance, most scholars present the events leading up to World War I as an immediate reaction to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand by a shadowy semi-secret society that was not fundamentally connected to any other secret establishment. The truth, however, is that not only was the Black Hand a part of a Revolutionary Freemasonic structure and the war itself a carefully orchestrated plot that involved the personal attention and assembly of King Edward VII as well as British and French Freemasonic Lodges, but it was not solely a reaction to the assassination of Ferdinand.

More importantly for the context of this article is the fact that, for thirty days after the assassination, life, for the most part, continued on without any apparent changes in the lives of the general public. Indeed, in the month after the assassination of Ferdinand, the majority of the world’s population had returned to what has been described as a “dreamlike trance” of ignorance even as the declarations of war were being prepared behind the scenes.

FL Attorney Says Growing Vegetables Not A Fundamental Right

vegetables-905382_960_720Brandon Turbeville
June 13, 2016

A new local controversy is brewing in South Florida surrounding yet another instance of local governments imposing fines on residents and persecuting them over maintaining gardens on their property.

After living in Miami Shores for 17 years, and growing vegetables in their front yard for the same amount of time, Tom Carroll and Hermine Ricketts were forced to dig up the garden in front of their home in 2014 when they were threatened by town officials with $50 a day fines if they did not. The threat of fines came only a few months after the Miami Shores Village Council passed a new zoning plan meaning that low-level bureaucrats wasted no time in fanning out amongst residential areas to uproot violators.

The couple is now suing on grounds that the ban on front yard gardens violates the Florida Constitution by imposing improper limits on private property rights as well as violating the equal protection clause. The couple is being represented by lawyers with Institute for Justice, a Libertarian non-profit organization that focuses on free speech and property rights among other issues.

See: City Forces Family To Destroy Their Vegetable Garden

Attorney Ari Bargil told circuit judge Monica Gordo, “we're not saying you can do anything you want on your property, we are simply saying you can grow vegetables on your property and that is protected by the constitution.”

Monday, June 13, 2016

5 Reasons To Question The Official Story Of The Orlando Shooting

police-850054_960_720Brandon Turbeville
June 12, 2016

As more and more evidence emerges regarding the mass shooting in an Orlando gay club that resulted in the death of at least 52 people and many more injured, signs are increasingly pointing toward the possibility of a false flag operation.

Already, a number of points lend credence to those who might suggest that intelligence agencies more so than desert-dwelling terrorist organizations are responsible for organizing and directing the attacks. A number of questionable aspects regarding this shooting include:

1.) The FBI knew about the shooter and investigated him prior to the attack.
2.) The shooter had a connection to a known ISIS recruiter.
3.) The shooter’s father was a former “Afghan presidential candidate” who supported the Taliban.
4.) The FBI’s history in creating terrorism.

Omar Mir Seddique Mateen has now been revealed as the gunman in the Orlando club attack. According to mainstream reports, Mateen carried an AR-15 rifle and a handgun into the Pulse club around 2 a.m. and started shooting, killing 50 people and wounding 53. A stand-off ensued which lasted for about 3 hours before a SWAT team crashed into the building with an armored vehicle and killed Mateen.

Mateen had allegedly pledged allegiance to ISIS before the shooting by calling 911 and stating allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi as well as mentioning the Tsarnaev brothers. Mateen was an American citizen born to Afghan parents from Port St. Lucie, Florida, about a 125 miles away from Orlando, a distance which he allegedly drove to commit the attack.

FBI Foreknowledge, ISIS Sympathies, Taliban Ties

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Brandon Turbeville On The Power Hour - June 10, 2016

Brandon Turbeville
The Power Hour
June 12, 2016

Author BRANDON TURBEVILLE joins The Power Hour to discuss the turmoil in Syria and other areas around the globe. Brandon is the author of seven books and has published over 800 hundred articles dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, war, government corruption, and civil liberties.Website:

Friday, June 10, 2016

France Admits Special Forces Active In Syria

Image Source: Anthony Freda
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
June 9, 2016

Yet another confirmation has arrived regarding what informed observers have known since the very beginning of the Syrian crisis but what, up until this point, authorities have tried to deny – that French Special Forces are active on the ground in Syria.

According to reports by French news agency, AFP, the Special Forces troops are working alongside terrorists in northern Syria in an effort to guide the operation to retake Manbij. The French soldiers are also working alongside the SDF, a loose coalition of terrorists, YPG, Kurds, Arabs, and other groups, supported by the U.S. and NATO.

A French Defense Ministry official told AFP that “The offensive at Manbij is clearly being backed by a certain number of states including France. It's the usual support - it’s advisory.” Up until this point, France has only publicly acknowledged the presence of 150 Special Forces fighters operating in Iraq’s Kurdistan region.

Jean-Yves Le Drian, French Defense Minister, told a French television channel on Friday that France was not only providing air support and arms to “rebels” but also offering tactical advice. However, at the time, he did not mention the deployment of the Special Forces.

“We never go into details about anything to do with special forces, which are by their nature special. You won’t get any details to protect these men’s activities,” French Army Spokesman Col. Gilles Jaron stated.

This is not the first time French the presence of French military soldiers in Syria was revealed. It was reported early on in the Syrian destabilization effort that 13 French military officers acting as mercenaries/death squad participants were captured by the Syrian government, all the while the mainstream Western media reported the events as “peaceful protest” and a grassroots level organic Syrian uprising against an oppressive regime.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Brandon Turbeville on Al-Masdar News Podcast With Brad Blankenship - Video

U.S. Demands Russia Stop Bombing Al-Qaeda … Is War On Terror Over? Can We Have Our Rights Back?

Image Source: The Free Thought Project
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
June 9, 2016

Demonstrating once again its longstanding support for al-Qaeda and other related terror groups in Syria, the United States has now, according to the Russian Defense Ministry, requested that the Russian military refrain from bombing al-Nusra targets.

The United States, however, is publicly claiming that it simply wants Russia to be more careful when it comes to selecting targets so that it does not hit “moderate rebels.” Russia’s argument is that, if “moderate rebels” want to avoid being bombed, they should cease “intermingling” and working with terrorist forces who are considered “extreme” and are not part of the ceasefire.

"They are telling us not to hit it (Nusra), because there is 'normal' opposition next .. to it," Lavrov said. "But that opposition must leave terrorists' positions, we long have agreed on that."

Sounds reasonable enough. Of course, it’s all predicated on the idea that there is such a thing as a “moderate rebel” in Syria which there isn’t, but that issue has been covered ad nauseum in my previous articles and has been demonstrated beyond reasonable debate to be a lie of propaganda coming from the West and the Western media outlets.

U.S. State Department Spokesman Mark Toner told reporters at a press conference in Washington that “This is a common refrain, common theme that we've been conveying to the Russians over the past weeks. We obviously all agree that ISIL and the Nusra Front pose a real threat to the security on the ground in Syria." He added that airstrikes against the non-existent “moderate rebels” and non-existent intentional airstrikes on civilians make people “more supportive of these terrorist groups and that is a dynamic we've seen play out in Syria for years now because of the regime's actions."

Assad: "Aleppo Is The Grave Of Butcher Erdogan's Dreams"

Add caption
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
June 8, 2016

In a recent address to the Syrian Parliament, Bashar al-Assad delivered one of his most powerful speeches to date. Tackling the issues of elections, democracy, Turkish ambitions, and the battle against the Western-backed jihadist invasion, Assad’s words have garnered attention from Syrians and, of course, Western governments and their propaganda outlets (more commonly called “news organizations” in the West).

This is because, five years on into a Western-backed invasion of jihadists and terrorists, Assad is standing defiantly in the face of the world’s greatest military power and refusing to back down to imperialist demands and the Anglo-American agenda for his country.

In the speech, Assad touted Syrian democracy by pointing out that an unprecedented number of voters turned out to vote despite the widespread warfare and the dangers of participation due to targeting of voters and polling stations by Western-backed terrorists.

Addressing the Syrian military’s push toward Raqqa, Assad stated that “Just like we liberated Palmyra and many other areas before it, we are going to liberate each and every inch of Syria from their hands because we have no other choice but to win.”

The Syrian president paid tribute to the many Syrian military soldiers who have fought bravely and those who have lost their lives in the battle against the Western proxy invasion. Assad also gave praise to Syria’s allies in the war – Iran, Russia, Hezbollah, and China – for their sacrifices.

Yet Assad’s statement was not all praise. He saved particularly harsh words for those powers that have funded the terrorists currently doing their best to destroy his country. For Recep Erdogan, whose government Assad labeled a “fascist regime,” the Syrian President issued a warning: “Aleppo will be the grave where all the dreams and hopes of that butcher will be buried,” he said.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Race For Raqqa - Could Two World Powers Meet In Battle Over ISIS HQ?

russiaamericaBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
June 8, 2016

The Syrian military is quickly closing in on Raqqa, one of the last ISIS strongholds in the country, and is expected to reach the city within a matter of weeks or even days where a major battle between government and terrorist forces is inevitable. Recently, the Syrian military liberated a number of areas in eastern Syria near the Taqba airbase, another site that is expecting liberation in the next few days.

The Syrian military has already reached the edge of Raqqa province.

Raqqa has acted as the ISIS capital since the mysterious appearance of the group two years ago and has gone virtually untouched as the Syrian military has been bogged down in major cities and western/central areas of the country in their fight against the Western-backed terrorists. Notably, despite its rhetoric of fighting to “degrade and destroy” ISIS, the U.S.-led coalition has yet to bomb Raqqa.

Fresh on the heels of a major public relations victory in Palmyra, however, the Syrian military is now marching toward Raqqa and, if successful, it will score one of the biggest victories in the five year war. This is not only because the de facto ISIS capital will be eliminated or because the SAA will gain more territory, it is because the liberation of Raqqa will be yet another example of how the Syrian military will have accomplished in weeks what the United States and coalition members have claimed may take a decade to do. It will be another instance where the lack of will on the part of the United States to actually destroy Daesh is put on display for the rest of the world, either causing the U.S. to look weak in the eyes of the world or exposing it for actually supporting the terrorist organization to begin with. Regardless, the victory for the Syrian government will be twofold.

That is, unless the U.S. gets there first . . . .

Artivist Jil Love Tackles Chemtrails, Vaccines And Animal Rights

Jil_Coke-2Brandon Turbeville
June 7, 2016

Jil Love did not invent the concept of artivism but she is re-inventing it in a number of ways. For those who may be unaware, artivism is a unique brand of art that combines activism and art (art + activism equals artivism).

Many artists have used graffiti, stencils, street art, spoken word and other more traditional forms of combining the two. However, Love is not only combining aesthetics and protest, she’s adding an element of performance that brings the art to the audience rather than requiring the audience to find the art.

Tackling such issues as the genocide of Palestinians, animal rights, bull fighting, vaccines and even chemtrails, Love’s work is thought-provoking and often controversial to say the least.

Over the last three years, Love has strived to create a social movement and out of that desire she launched her project Jil Love Revolution which has garnered attention worldwide.

Having caught the attention of the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Nation of Change and True Activist, Love has brought her perspective and her method of artistic passive resistance to thousands across the world.

Love has been outspoken against animal cruelty and for animal rights in general. A native of Spain, Love has also used her art to speak out against bullfighting; a shameful Spanish practice of enraging, torturing and subsequently killing a bull for the entertainment of spectators.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - June 7, 2016

Brandon Turbeville
June 7, 2016

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - June 7, 2016

Brandon discusses the California elections, James Hinton, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Blackwater, the Syrian crisis and continues his discussion of the Assad presidency.



Monday, June 6, 2016

Brandon Turbeville On Al Masdar Podcast 13 - Western Media

Brandon Turbeville
June 6, 2016

Brandon Turbeville discusses the Western media and the Syrian ceasefire with Brad Blankenship.

Brandon Turbeville is a writer out of Florence, South Carolina. He is the author of seven books, The Road To Damascus- The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, Codex Alimentarius- The End of Health Freedom, Seven Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions, The Difference It Makes: 36 Reasons Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President, and Dispatches From A Dissident Vol. 1 and 2. He is a staff writer for Activist Post and has published over 700 hundred articles dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, war, government corruption, and civil liberties. He has been a guest on numerous alternative media broadcasts as well as mainstream outlets. Turbeville is also an occasional contributor to other media outlets such as Natural Blaze, The Anti Media, and Progressive Gazette, Era Of Wisdom, and Off Rail Alliance. His books can be found in the bookstore at,,, and

Turbeville is also a the host of Truth on the Tracks, a weekly news round up that serves as a hub for activists, information, and solutions. Truth on the Tracks airs every Monday and Friday night at 9pm EST on UCY.TV/TT.


Contact Brandon at


Main website:

Russian Backup Blog:

Truth on The Tracks - Radio Show website: www.UCY.TV/TT (staff writer) (Contributing Writer) (Contributing Writer) (Contributing Writer)

There Are Major Side Effects To Marijuana But It’s Not What You Think

foliage-1157792_960_720Brandon Turbeville
June 5, 2016

According to reports, a new study has confirmed what millions of marijuana smokers have known all along – that the worst side effect from marijuana is getting arrested.

Well, that and periodontal disease.

According to researchers at Duke University, and senior author of the study, Terrie Moffitt, “the only measures that seem to indicate any real serious health problem was periodontal disease.”

“Anything you smoke, heats up your gums and causes inflammation and inflammation is bad for your teeth,” she said.

Notably, however, the researchers were unable to find a link between adult use of marijuana and poor lung function, systemic inflammation, body mass index, blood pressure and metabolic health. Essentially, the study has shown that people who smoked marijuana for up to 20 years, were as healthy as people who didn’t smoke marijuana at all.

The same research team found in a previous study, however, that marijuana users were at a “higher risk of cognitive decline and decent into lower social and economic strata,” but the side effects end there since there doesn’t seem to be physical health issues related to marijuana use.

While it is common knowledge that cognitive decline can occur in some chronic users, the question of lower social and economic status undoubtedly needs to be addressed. This is because such classifications may result from decades of a police state drug war that confines even the most peaceful, unoffensive marijuana users to cages and a life of second-class citizenship, particularly when it comes to employment.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Yes, The Minimum Wage Was Always Supposed To Be A Living Wage

Image Source: The Socialist 
Brandon Turbeville
June 5, 2016

Ever since the minimum wage was enacted in 1938, powerful industry and banking interests have lobbied against it and, logically, against the prospect of ever raising it. The reasoning behind such large corporations and banks’ opposition to the federal minimum wage statutes and the subsequent increase in wage payments is simple enough to understand. However, much of their public crowing over the issue has hidden the greed behind their arguments into carefully crafted propaganda that has unfortunately been eaten up by many members of the general public, themselves suffering under wage stagnation and the prospect of poverty.

Fear over loss of jobs, automation, and reduced profits have all been trotted out as a defense against the raising of the minimum wage and, in some more extreme elements, even against the concept of the minimum wage itself.

One of the more common rebuttals one might be accustomed to hearing from opponents in regards to the minimum wage is that “The minimum wage was never meant to be a living wage. It was originally meant to simply be an entry-level wage.”

In other words, according to these critics, the minimum wage was merely set to establish an entry-level wage so that a worker could gain some experience in a trade, but it was never meant to provide that worker with a livable wage by which he could support himself or a family. Such is the response repeated by many free market proponents and often generally well-meaning people who have been woefully mislead by Wall Street and corporate interests.

The argument, however, no doubt promoted by Wall Street and free-market fetishists, simply does not have any basis in reality. Whatever one may think about the minimum wage, there can be little doubt that the minimum wage was indeed meant to be a living wage. One need only look at the statements of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the father of the American minimum wage, to see such is the case.

The U.S. Operation In Raqqa The "ISIS" Capital Why Now?

us isisAfraa Dagher
Activist Post
June 3, 2016

No reasonable person would deny the de facto role of the US in supporting the terrorists gangs in Syria. Since the very beginning of this proxy war against Syria, they were the crystallization of the West’s plan to achieve the destruction of Syria and its army, which, in turn, also helps the Zionist-Israeli plan regarding a new middle east and a greater "Israel".

The US, depended on its regional allies like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey to destroy Syria by funding, training, smuggling of every kind of armed terrorist to the country.

The opposition recently revealed that a secret document has been signed between themselves and Qatar. In 2012, to get support, in exchange of overthrow president Assad, the Saudi kingdom funded the extremist Islamist terrorists in order to turn over power in Syria to those extremists!

Why doesn’t the US and Israel want Assad in as head of the Syrian government? Why do they prefer a caliphate and "moderate rebels"?

First, it should remembered that these “rebels” those vowed to destroy Syria and reduce the number of Syrian Soldiers.

Second, they never made any demands regarding the Israeli-occupied territories.

These terrorists would give more territory to Turkey

They would allow the Qatari gas line to cross the Syrian lands!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Looking for the headquarters of ISIS? look at Western capitals instead of the Syrian desert

Brandon Turbeville
Looking for the headquarters of ISIS? look at Western capitals instead of the Syrian desert
Image Source: Muslim Press
June 1, 2016

"If analysts want to look for the headquarters of ISIS they would look at Western capitals instead of the Syrian desert."

Are Western countries responsible for what’s happening in Syria? What has led to the rise of ISIS in the country?

Absolutely, Western countries are responsible for the Syrian crisis. In fact, you can’t view ISIS as something separate from the so-called “Syrian rebels” or Western involvement itself. The West is directly responsible for ISIS. It has created the organization, funded, armed, and directed it at virtually every turn. Of course, Western media and Western governments claim that the terrorist organization just appeared organically out of nowhere, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Are we really to believe that ISIS developed under the nose of Western intelligence, organized itself, and then marched through the middle of the desert in massive convoys without anyone noticing until it was too late? You ask what led to the rise of ISIS. It was the United States! It was NATO! This is where the roots of ISIS lie. Remember, ISIS is nothing but one name in a series of name changes for the same terrorist organization. What began as al-Qaeda in Iraq, an organization that was admittedly created by Western intelligence in the late 1970s, and al-Nusra in Syria, resulted in a merger that then went by the name of the Islamic Emirate of Iraq and the Levant. From IEIL, it morphed into ISIL and shortly thereafter into ISIS. If analysts want to look for the headquarters of ISIS they would look at Western capitals instead of the Syrian desert.

Western countries have helped Assad’s enemies since the beginning of Syrian civil war in 2011. How did this affect Syria and the Middle East?

Western countries not only helped Assad’s enemies but they engineered the crisis to begin with. As far back as 2007 and even 2005, mainstream Western press carried reports exposing a plan by White House to fund death squads, terrorists, and color revolutions in Syria. Even earlier, the U.S. State Department was funding “revolutionary” and anti-Syrian government television stations in Syria. They were organizing the elements of color revolutions at the time as well. All of this was actually reported on in the Western mainstream press. The crisis in Syria is a proxy war being waged by the West against the Syrian government. It is not nor has it ever been a legitimate organic revolution by Syrians. It has always been a foreign-backed and largely foreign-populated invasion.

North Carolina Files Bill To Place Kratom On Controlled Substances List

Brandon Turbeville
June 1, 2016

Wherever there is a good thing, the police state is never far behind. Generally, that police state is made up of uniformed agents throwing peaceful people into cages but also of bureaucrats and parasites working together with corporate hawks to ensure profit, panic and punishment for all.

Such is the case now in North Carolina in regards to the popular plant known as Kratom. For those who may be unaware, mitragyna speciosa (aka Kratom) is a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family which is native to Southeast Asia.

Although not an opiate itself, Kratom can be used to manage pain and anxiety as well as alcohol dependence. It is possible to use Kratom recreationally, but the effects are generally too mild to classify it as anything resembling a drug.

But that’s not stopping Senator Tom Mcinnis and other members of the North Carolina senate from attempting to make sure that no one is able to alleviate pain, addiction or stress or even (gasp!!!!!) entertain themselves through natural means without permission from government agencies, drug persecutors and drug pushers (with degrees, of course).

Senator McInnis’ bill SB 830 was filed in the Senate by McInnis on May 10, 2016. The bill will add Kratom to the list of controlled substances and appropriate funds for the State Bureau of Investigation so that the SBI will be able to open another front in the costly, tragic and counter-productive War on Drugs.

The Doctors Star Rachel Ross MD Feels Like An Ass For Misunderstanding Vaccines

dr rossBrandon Turbeville
June 1, 2016

Dr. Rachael Ross of the popular TV show The Doctors caused quite a stir at the Vaxxedmovie premiere when she opened up about her own wake-up call on vaccines when she was asked the question by an audience member about how much information she had received in medical school regarding vaccines.

Dr. Ross responded that medical doctors do not receive as much training as the general public might think. She went on to say that she feels like an “ass” for having followed the vaccine dogma for so long. The audience member asked,

"What were you taught specifically about vaccines, how much information did you get on ingredients; on studies of them all given together? And how much information did you actually receive that prepared you for that?" the audience member asked.

Dr. Ross responded:

They don’t teach us about the ingredients, they don’t teach us about the studies behind it. I think what they teach us is that they’ve always been given and that they cure diseases and that you just do it. And honestly, you know, from the outside looking in now and as I’m saying this to all you people I almost feel like an ass. 

New “Flesh-Eating” Disease Spreading Across Syria And The Middle East

flesh eating diseaseBrandon Turbeville
Natural Blaze
June 1, 2016

As if the people of Syria were not troubled enough with five years of Western-engineered destruction, warfare, and economic oppression, a new disease is working its way across the country. Cutaneous Leishmaniasis is a parasitic disease allegedly being spread by infected sand flies although the disease is also described as tropical in nature.

The disease causes open wounds and purplish scarring, a gross disfigurement of its victims.


As The Daily Mail reports,

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Hinton Is A Fighter On Important Issues

Brandon Turbeville
May 31, 2016

With Napa County’s Board of Supervisor’s election drawing near, Napa County residents would do well to examine not only the stated positions of the various candidates, notably in District 2, but their track record as well. On both of these points, there is clearly one candidate that stands out among the rest - James Hinton.

Amidst the debate surrounding the position of Board Supervisor for District 2, Hinton is the only candidate who has consistently spoken out about the dangers of genetically modified food and the necessity of labeling GMOs at both the state and county level. Hinton has never been afraid to raise the issue publicly at debates, forums, and campaign events.

Just as important, Hinton has been a tireless fighter for clean food long before he was a candidate in the race for County Board of Supervisors. Hinton has been raising the issue of GMOs in prior political action for years and he has done so out of his own commitment and belief that all people should have access to healthy food. His track record is one that is clear in regards to this issue. Thus, one can easily see that Hinton’s position is longstanding and was not made for political points.

Hinton has also taken a stand on the controversial S.B. 277 “vaccine bill” in California, another issue that is most certainly not one that politicians are clamoring to comment on. On S.B.277, Hinton could have remained silent and pushed on, but he chose to take a public stand on principle and oppose the bill.

Likewise, Hinton has advocated for the adoption of an organic, local school food program in Napa County schools similar to the “Conscious Kitchen” approach of the Sausalito Marin City School District.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

U.S. Special Forces Seen Wearing YPG Badges In Syria

special_forces_ypgBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 31, 2016

If there was any doubt that American military personnel were doing much more than providing “training” to “anti-ISIS” fighters in Syria, recent pictures have emerged out of the embattled country showing U.S. Special Forces soldiers alongside YPG fighters. The U.S. soldiers are seen wearing emblems of the YPG on their shoulders. The picture seems to indicate that these soldiers are indeed acting under their “support” combat roles, a possibility indicated by President Barack Obama when he announced the additional number of U.S. Special Forces troops being deployed to Syria. The total number of publicly announced Special Forces fighters has risen to 300.

Although State Department Spokesman Mark Toner declined to specify where the Special Forces soldiers were operating, Al-Masdar News reports that the soldiers are operating near Raqqa and that they were operating with both the YPG Kurdish forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), an organization made up of both Kurds and Arabs.

The West has been backing the SDF for quite some time, a loose coalition of terrorist and Kurdish forces. Both the SDF and the YPG have committed atrocities against Christians, Assyrians, and other minorities in Syria over the last five years.

The display of YPG emblems and the subsequent revelation of it was a source of international tensions after Turkey registered major complaints with the United States. After Turkey publicly condemned the use of the YPG emblems, the U.S. military admitted that the soldiers were indeed working with the YPG and SDF since it stated that the troops would be ordered to remove them. Remarkably, Turkey seemed more upset that the emblems were being used than the actual association of U.S. forces with the YPG, an organization which Turkey sees as an offshoot of the PKK.

Blackwater/Academi Mercenaries Procured By United Arab Emirates Are Now Fighting In Yemen

blackwater_xe_academiBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 31, 2016

Receiving scant attention from Western mainstream media outlets except for a few notable exceptions, Americans and many alternative media outlets have remained ignorant to the fact that private mercenaries from Blackwater (aka Academi) appear to have been contracted by the GCC Gulf state feudal monarchies to assist in the military war of terror in Yemen against the Houthi rebels and the embattled Yemeni people.

Still, on December 9, a flurry of reports from media outlets such as Press TV, TeleSur TV, Al-Manar,Al –Bawaba, and Colombia Reports have revealed that around 15 Blackwater mercenaries have been killed in a fierce battles with the Houthi forces.

Al-Masirah, Yemen’s Arabic language website reported that the Commander-In-Chief of the firm’s operation in Yemen, a Mexican national, was killed in the al-Omari district of Ta’izz Province.

Press TV reports that a number of British, French, and Australian advisers and commanders as well as six Colombian soldiers were killed.

In late November of 2015, it was reported that around 1,800 former Latin American soldiers who had been recruited by a program once managed Blackwater founder Erik Prince were being trained in the desert of the United Arab Emirates to be used against the Houthis at some point.

It was estimated that about 450 of the soldiers were from Colombia.

The New York Times wrote that “The United Arab Emirates has secretly dispatched hundreds of Colombian mercenaries to Yemen to fight in that country’s raging conflict, adding a volatile new element in a complex proxy war that has drawn in the United States and Iran.”