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Heightened Security and Intimidation Tactics Surround Bilderberg 2012

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 31, 2012

In comparison to past Bilderberg events, this year’s meeting in Chantilly, Virginia is seeing a vast increase in the level of security surrounding the event site. From large temporary fences and entrance closures to background checks of guests and threats of machine guns and snipers, it is apparent that the world elite are not taking any chances this time around.

This is perhaps due in part to the fact that the attention given to Bilderberg in 2012, although still largely missing from the mainstream media (with the exception of the Washington Times), is exponentially greater than it has been in the past as well.

Alex Thomas, Jason Bermas, and Shepard Ambellas of the Intel Hub made their way to Bilderberg yesterday ahead of the scheduled event and personally encountered the ramped up security procedures. After initially entering the hotel complex (parking lot, etc.), the crew was able to film the large and diverse law enforcement and security presence at the event, which appears to be part of the traditional pre-arrival sweep of the area and removal of guests in anticipation of the Bilderberg attendees.

After circling the parking lot areas for a short time, the Intel Hub crew was forced to stop filming by hotel security and was then told to leave the hotel premises.

The Intel Hub was, however, able to film the temporary chain link security fencing as it was being erected around the entire Westfields Marriott hotel property. Although it is a more toned down security presence (for now) than that of other, more high-profile events, the erection of high fencing around the meeting location might remind one of the security measures taken before the NATO, G-20/G-8 summits, and the DNC/RNC political party conventions.

Alex Jones and the Infowars crew were able to get a little closer to the actual scene of the meeting as Jones had actually booked a room in the Westfields Marriott in the days prior to the event. According to Jones’s sources, there were lines of individuals associated with Bilderberg security conducting background checks on hotel guests in order to determine who would be removed from the hotel first. Jones, of course, was tagged immediately and asked to leave, given the excuse of double-booking then, later, of hotel renovation.

Jones also stated that his crew and other hotel guests were approached by a Bilderberg security agent which he suspects was Northern European due to her accent and physical characteristics who very abruptly “warned” them that there were security agents with machine guns on the premises. There were also suggestions of “sniper nests.” Whether or not her claims are true or are just an intimidation tactic remains to be seen. (See The Alex Jones Show May 30, 2012 for Alex’s account).

We will attempt to keep you informed as best we can as events further unfold. You can also follow the We Are Change Livefeed HERE for the latest developments. 

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Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of three books, Codex Alimentarius -- The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, and Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident. Turbeville has published over one hundred articles dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville is available for podcast, radio, and TV interviews. Please contact us at activistpost (at)

Presumption of Guilt Lays Foundation for U.S. Citizen Tax and Travel Laws

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 30, 2012

In what appears to be a growing movement in the United States Congress, at least two different pieces of legislation have been introduced during the course of this year that would involve the stripping of travel rights and the possession of passports for a variety of reasons.

The more draconian of the two bills, The Moving Ahead For Progress Act (MAP-21) S. 1813, actually allows for the “revocation or denial” of a passport for anyone who has delinquent or unpaid taxes. This is why Eric Blair of Activist Post has labeled it the “Keeping the Slaves on the Plantation Act.”

Section 40304 of the bill states in clear language, “that any individual has a seriously delinquent tax debt in an amount in excess of $50,000, the Secretary shall transmit such certification to the Secretary of State for action with respect to denial, revocation, or limitation of a passport.”

At first, this section appears only to target wealthier citizens yet, as is always the case, the language of the bill can easily be twisted in order to apply to almost everyone else.

This is because the amounts of “delinquent taxes” claimed to be owed by the individual is generated by the IRS and the burden of proof is subsequently placed on the citizen, not the agency making the accusation. Thus, an obviously outrageous claim of back taxes can be made against anyone and the responsibility to demonstrate that the money is owed or not, along with all of the financial and legal inconvenience that accompanies it, now falls squarely on the shoulders of the citizen. Once again, in America, you will be presumed guilty until you prove yourself innocent.

The MAP-21 law, which has actually passed the Senate on March 14 in a 74-22 vote, not only allows for the denial of passport applications but also for the revocation of passports even in the event that the citizens are currently residing abroad.

Indeed, citizens need not commit a crime in order to have their right to travel revoked. They need only to have outstanding debt. CBS acknowledges this much when it writes,

However, there does not appear to be any specific language requiring a taxpayer to be charged with tax evasion or any other crime in order to have their passport revoked or limited – only that a notice of lien or levy has been filed by the IRS.
In other words, if you owe money, you are in danger of having your right to travel revoked. Thus, the concept of this bill dovetails with the recent reappearance of debtor’s prisons inside the United States.

The second law, the Ex-PATRIOT Act (The Expatriation Prevention By Abolishing Tax-Related Incentives for Offshore Tenancy Act ) is similar in scope to MAP-21. Like its counterpart, this bill will have serious consequences for any individual who renounces his American citizenship for that of another country.

In fact, under this new law which has only recently been introduced by Sen. Chuck Schumer D –N.Y. and Sen. Bob Casey D-PA, any individual who renounces his citizenship for “tax avoidance purposes” would be subject to a higher capital gains tax, as well as being banned from ever re-entering the country again.

What’s more, the tax provision of this law could be enacted retroactively.

While the case for raising the capital gains tax on individuals renouncing their citizenship can most definitely be made – especially considering that the amount (30% percent) would only be equal to what other non-resident aliens must currently pay – the idea that these individuals would be banned from ever re-entering the country is absolutely outrageous.

Not only that, much like the MAP-21 bill, the burden of proof regarding whether or not the citizen has renounced citizenship for “tax avoidance purposes” is laid directly on the shoulders of the individual, not the state which has made the accusation. Indeed, this bill forces the citizen to prove that he is not leaving the U.S. for these reasons as the new law creates an environment where it is automatically assumed that he is.

What’s more, the fact that provisions of this law – or any other law – can be enacted retroactively has startling implications for every American citizen. Indeed, it has startling implications for the basic concept of justice.

When a law can be enacted retroactively, it becomes the case that individuals or organizations are then held liable for committing a crime that they had no way of knowing existed at the time it was committed. Unless one is able to see the future, it is impossible to anticipate what further laws may be passed in the same way. Only a psychopath desiring more control, or a complete idiot unaware of the repercussions of his actions, would pursue legislation in this manner.

The fact is that there is a much bigger agenda afoot than mere reactionary politics and attempts to score political points with voters over a Facebook executive skipping out on his tax bill. As Congressman Ron Paul stated on his Texas Straight Talk recording on May 28, 2012,

The characteristic mark of a tyrannical regime is that it eventually finds it necessary to erect walls to keep people from leaving. . . . . We live under a Federal Government that has eviscerated our Fourth Amendment rights, that can detain US citizens indefinitely based solely on the President’s word, and assaults toddlers and grandmothers at airports in the name of security and regulates virtually every aspect of our economic lives. No wonder increasing numbers of Americans feel this government is engaged in outright warfare against its own citizens.
From the U.S./Mexico border fence to the new MAP-21 and EX-PATRIOT Act bills, what is clear is that those in power are becoming increasingly aware of the desire of many Americans to abandon the ship before it finally sinks. What is also clear is that there is a great deal of effort being spent in order to prevent them from doing so.

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Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of three books, Codex Alimentarius -- The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, and Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident. Turbeville has published over one hundred articles dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville is available for podcast, radio, and TV interviews. Please contact us at activistpost (at)

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American Commandos On the Ground in North Korea?

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 29, 2012

In yet another effort of the United States to expand its sphere of influence as well as possibly trigger a nuclear war, it has been reported that American Special Forces commandos, alongside South Korean Special Forces have been parachuting into North Korea under the guise of gathering intelligence about the North’s underground military installations.

The commander of US Special Forces in South Korea, Army Brigadier General Neil Tolley, told reporters last week that North Korea had built thousands of underground tunnels since the Korean War that took place years ago.

The Diplomat quotes Tolley as stating, “The entire tunnel infrastructure is hidden from our satellites. So we send (South Korean) soldiers and US soldiers to the North to do special reconnaissance.”

The National Defense Industrial Association’s website also contains a statement where Tolley says, “After 50 years we still don’t know much about the capability and full extent of the underground facilities.”

Reports say that commandos were sent in with only the basic equipment necessary to facilitate movements and prevent detection.

The areas in question revolve around are 20 airfields which are partially hidden underground along with thousands of artillery positions.

The South Korea news agency, Yonhap, is reporting that North Korea has built two new tunnels at a nuclear testing site which the media is claiming is preparation for another test.

Regardless of the true reasons for the deployment of Special Forces troops in North Korea, one must be aware of the track record of the United States involvement in the foreign affairs of other countries. One thing is certain – this new military adventure is not designed to promote the general welfare of the world’s population.

Nevertheless, one must also ask whether or not provoking a nuclear power with a psychotic ruler is the best idea.

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Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of three books, Codex Alimentarius -- The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, and Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident. Turbeville has published over one hundred articles dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville is available for podcast, radio, and TV interviews. Please contact us at activistpost (at)

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Syria Under Attack by Globalist Death Squad Experts

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 27, 2012

As the destabilization effort against Syria continues, the connections between the terrorist “opposition” forces and Anglo-American, pro-NATO governments are becoming more and more obvious, even as the mainstream media refuses to address the issue in any manner other than direct obfuscation.

Thankfully, a sizable portion of the alternative media, along with outspoken Syrians like YouTube blogger Syrian Girl have played a major role in exposing the “rebels” for what they are – foreign terrorists and criminal Syrian elements that are being backed by Anglo-American and pro-NATO governments and intelligence agencies. Many of these individuals are admittedly al-Qaeda, much like the Libyan “rebels” who, after taking power with the help of NATO, immediately began restricting freedoms and slaughtering black Libyans. Indeed, a sizable portion of these terrorists have actually traveled from Libya to Syria, with some working from across the borders of Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon.

As author and historian, Webster Griffin Tarpley, has aptly stated before, it is now widely apparent that al-Qaeda is nothing more than the United States’ Arab legion.

In addition, due the increasing level of brazenness with which the Anglo-American empires are engaging in their operations, the actual players involved in the destabilization efforts are also becoming more visible as well.

One individual who is receiving uncharacteristic levels of press attention is Robert Ford, the U.S. ambassador to Syria.

Of course, all of the reporting by the mainstream media is glowing and supportive, making it seem as if Ford were a bona fide people’s hero fighting for an oppressed population.

Yet the reality is that he is nothing more than a globalist destabilization expert who is merely taking over from his mentor John Negroponte, who became quite refined as a enabler of mass slaughter in Central America and Iraq. Indeed, Negroponte’s Iraq affair is where Ford himself was able to hone his skills in the arming and assistance of ruthless death squads who target innocent people in campaigns of terror and mass murder.

Now, however, questions must arise over possible connections to destabilization agents and potential participation in these efforts by General Robert Mood, the Norwegian general which has recently been appointed head of the United Nations Supervision Mission in Syria (UNSMIS) as well as the ever-present David Petraeus in the background.

First, however, some background might be necessary for those who are not familiar with the connections between the prominent “officials” like Ford and Negroponte and how they are relevant to the situation in Syria.

It should be noted that Prof. Michel Chossudovsky of has provided an excellent historical presentation of the connections of Negroponte, Ford, and Petraeus in relation to death squads and destabilization in his article “The Pentagon’s ‘Salvador Option’: The Deployment of Death Squads in Iraq and Syria.” I encourage everyone to read this excellent piece for context and analysis as a companion to my own article.

John Negroponte was the U.S. ambassador to Honduras from 1981 to 1985. In this role, he was instrumental in supporting and overseeing the Nicaraguan Contra killers who, although based in Honduras, engaged in horrific acts of terrorism inside Nicaragua. Ultimately, this operation claimed the lives of approximately 50,000 innocent civilians. This is the origin of the term “Salvador Option” when speaking of the formation of “death squads” for political purposes, an option that has become a hallmark of Negroponte and the system which he represents.

Negroponte was also responsible for the formation of the Honduran death squads who engaged in a mission of terror against opponents of the US-backed Honduran regime as well as the Sandinistas and civilian populations in Nicaragua.

As Peter Roff and James Chapin write in their article “Face-off: Bush’s Foreign Policy Warriors,”
The Sun described the activities of a secret CIA-trained Honduran army unit, Battalion 316, that used 'shock and suffocation devices in interrogations. Prisoners often were kept naked and, when no longer useful, killed and buried in unmarked graves.'
On August 27, 1997, CIA Inspector General Frederick P. Hitz released a 211-page classified report entitled “Selected Issues Relating to CIA Activities in Honduras in the 1980s.” This report was partly declassified on Oct. 22, 1998, in response to demands by the Honduran human rights ombudsman.
In 2005, Negroponte was appointed as ambassador to Iraq. In this role, he again oversaw the formation of death squads who targeted both the civilian populations and the Iraqi insurgency. The goal here was to foment division within the insurgency and turn it into a fragmented front. A divided opposition is obviously much easier to defeat than a united one. This theory has been proven accurate time and time again.

Indeed, in 2005, a story was leaked to Newsweek where the Pentagon confirmed that it was “considering forming hit squads of Kurdish and Shia fighters to target leaders of the Iraqi insurgency in a strategic shift borrowed from the American struggle against left-wing guerrillas in Central America 20 years ago.”[1]

The Pentagon did more than “consider” this option. Not very long after this information was leaked, Iraq began to see the results of its implementation. As Dahr Jamail of wrote in 2007,
Under the 'Salvador Option,' Negroponte had assistance from his colleague from his days in Central America during the 1980s, Ret. Col James Steele. Steele, whose title in Baghdad was Counselor for Iraqi Security Forces supervised the selection and training of members of the Badr Organization and Mehdi Army, the two largest Shi'ite militias in Iraq, in order to target the leadership and support networks of a primarily Sunni resistance.
Planned or not, these death squads promptly spiraled out of control to become the leading cause of death in Iraq. Intentional or not, the scores of tortured, mutilated bodies which turn up on the streets of Baghdad each day are generated by the death squads whose impetus was John Negroponte. And it is this U.S.-backed sectarian violence which largely led to the hell-disaster that Iraq is today.
Of course, the fact that the death squad option was implemented so quickly after the release of the report suggests that the mercenaries were being organized and applied long before Newsweek was made aware of them.

Nevertheless, serving in Iraq at the same time that the death squads were beginning to make their bloody mark on the cohesion of the “insurgency,” was Robert Ford who, at the time, had been appointed political counselor to the U.S. embassy in Baghdad. Ford remained in this post from 2004-2006 where he worked closely with Negroponte. He was also heavily involved in the organization of the death squads. Ford was instrumental in helping make “contacts” with these individuals as well as developing and maintaining relations with them for other purposes such as continued and future terror campaigns.

In fact, Ford was once described by Negroponte as “one of these very tireless people . . . who didn’t mind putting on his flak jacket and helmet and going out of the Green Zone to meet contacts.” In short, Ford acted as a foot soldier in death squad formation.

Attempting to summarize the death squad plan, Michael Hirsh and John Barry of Newsweek wrote in 2005:
[O]ne Pentagon proposal would send Special Forces teams to advise, support and possibly train Iraqi squads, most likely hand-picked Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and Shiite militiamen, to target Sunni insurgents and their sympathizers, even across the border into Syria, according to military insiders familiar with the discussions. It remains unclear, however, whether this would be a policy of assassination or so-called 'snatch' operations, in which the targets are sent to secret facilities for interrogation. The current thinking is that while U.S. Special Forces would lead operations in, say, Syria, activities inside Iraq itself would be carried out by Iraqi paramilitaries. [emphasis added]
Commenting further on the Newsweek article, the Times Online added, “Nor is it clear who would take responsibility for such a programme – the Pentagon or the Central Intelligence Agency. Such covert operations have traditionally been run by the CIA at arm’s length from the administration in power, giving US officials the ability to deny knowledge of it.”[2]

Although the focus of these articles revolve around the question of CIA/Pentagon death squads in Iraq, it is important to notice that, as far back as 2005, it was admitted that there were clear plans to create, fund, and operate death squads in Syria.

Ford and Negroponte are not the only high-profile US officials in the trenches of death squad development however. General David Petraeus , now Director of the CIA, established and subsequently assumed command of the Multi-National Security Transition Command Iraq (MNSTC) under the auspices of training and equipping the Iraqi army, police, and security forces. Petraeus’ personal command of the MNSTC began in 2004, at virtually the same time Negroponte was appointed ambassador.

In reality, MNSTC was not merely about training Iraqi forces, but about establishing death squads. Indeed, it was a true counterinsurgency strategy that was instrumental to the Iraqi “Salvador Option” employed by the Pentagon and, likely, the CIA.

Although Petraeus is now Director of the CIA, his military connections are no doubt intact. Indeed, relationships of this nature do not change with the mere presentation of a new title on one operative or another. Likewise, Robert Ford’s 2009 appointment as ambassador to Syria is merely the insertion of yet another destabilization agent into the Syrian landscape.

Ford’s current action in Syria serves the exact same purpose as his presence in Iraq only a few years previous. This time, however, it seems that Ford is taking on a more central role in the affair. Indeed, many Syrians, if not aware of the more sinister acts of Ford, are at least aware that he has been instrumental in fomenting violent rebellion and negative Western public opinion against the ruling government. This is why Ford’s convoy was attacked by “pro-government” Syrians as he rode through town meeting with his terrorist pets.

Ford’s very presence in Syria has been nothing more than a destabilization tactic. Indeed, he has drawn quite a bit of international attention to himself by traveling across the country at will, “meeting with protestors” and turning terrorists into martyrs in the minds of the gullible Western public.

Logically, by “meeting with protestors” one can read “instigating terrorism.” The mainstream media, however, reports Ford’s terror encouragement tour as a heroic act of solidarity with “the people.”

Eventually, after a succession of terror tours the Assad regime finally slapped restrictions on Ford’s travel, requiring him not to leave the boundaries of Damascus. However, Ford openly disregarded those limitations and brazenly began traveling all over Syria, meeting with his terrorist brethren.

Of course, one should not forget that Petraeus, as CIA Director and a direct connection and common denominator between U.S. military and NATO contacts, is also a major player in the Syrian “Salvador Option” which is now taking shape. The death squad strategy is largely useless without at least of one these institutions, a relatively easy accomplish since, at the top of both, the establishment merges to form the same shadow government.

Nevertheless, there is one more major player in the Syrian destabilization that should be drawing some more attention for his potential role in the early development of the Syrian death squads. General Robert Mood, the Norwegian general who is now the head of the United Nations Supervision Mission In Syria (UNSMIS), is not without his own potential for connections to destabilization efforts in Syria.

Ironically, Mood has extensive connections with NATO, the organization (by virtue of its member nations) which is responsible for the Syrian destabilization to begin with. So, as it stands, we now have NATO being sent in to Syria to observe and report on the actions of NATO (the death squads). One can already assume what observations will be made to the general public in the coming days (or weeks).

It is worth noting that General Mood holds a Master’s Degree in Military Studies from the U.S. Marine Corps. University as well as attending his own countries Norwegian Army Staff College and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Defense College located in Rome – truly a citizen of the world.

From 2008 to 2011, Mood was the Commander in Chief of the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO), an organization whose stated purpose is to provide a military command structure for UN peacekeeping functions in the Middle East. Mood was also Operations Officer for the Norwegian Battalion of UNIFL (United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon) during the 1980s.

However, interestingly enough, Mood, in his position as Commander in Chief of UNTSO, oversaw the various established groups of UN “observers,” some of which were (and still are) located in Syria. One of those groups OGG (Observer Group Golan) is split into two different substations with one of those stations headquartered in Damascus (OGG – Damascus). Other outposts of UNTSO are based in Israel, Lebanon (which borders Syria), and Egypt.

Mood’s position then, would put him squarely involved in Syria at the same time as Robert Ford and presumably, David Petraeus via his personally delegated presence. With that in mind, one must wonder what role Mood might have had in the formation of the death squads being developed at the time. Webster Tarpley alluded to this possibility in an interview conducted with PressTV when he said:
Any analysis that doesn’t start with the death squads and the role of [American diplomat John Dimitri]Negroponte in Baghdad and then Robert Ford in Damascus I would actually ask [Head of United Nations Supervision Mission in Syria, Major] General Robert Mood if you were there from 2009 to 2011 in Damascus what did you know about the formation of these death squads. That would be a really interesting question.
The fact that the “rebellion” in Syria is actually a NATO/Anglo-American/Arab puppet state fostered destabilization effort is not debatable to anyone who has even a basic grasp of the events now transpiring in the region. Although it is taking much longer to do to Syria what these same forces accomplished in Libya, the game plan remains exactly the same.

In fact, many of the players that took part in the dismantling the Gaddafi regime are now involved in the destruction of Assad’s government. The same al-Qaeda terrorists that emerged in Libya have now traveled to Syria for round two of imperial moves to establish puppet governments and reduce the living standards of an entire nation. The infamous Libyan “rebel” leader Belhaj is now reportedly conducting operations in Syria as well.

Of course, all of these forces work with the direct aid of the Anglo-Americans and the de facto world army known as NATO. It has even been reported by Thierry Meyssan of the Voltaire Network that French agents acting as mercenaries/death squad participants were captured by the Syrian government early on in the “rebellion.” All the while, the mainstream Western media reported the events as “peaceful protest” and a grass-roots level organic Syrian uprising against an oppressive regime.

In examining the behavior and writings of the world elite, it is abundantly clear that Syria exists as the last stepping stone before war is launched against Iran. It seems almost certain that the Assad regime must be replaced by a puppet government more favorable to the Anglo-American imperial powers or, at the very least, one that is incapable of resisting them. While Syria has lasted much longer than its counterparts Libya and Egypt, it is unlikely that it will be able to hold out much longer, particularly with the acceptance of the UN “observer” forces inside its borders and an ever-growing pro-war sentiment expressed by Western governments.

If war is launched on Iran, whether by the Western powers or by Israel, World War Three is likely to follow. While the United States and hence the rest of NATO will undoubtedly follow the footsteps of the mad dog of the Middle East, Russia will likely take the opposing side. China and India are likely to follow Russia. A direct clash of these world powers has the potential to produce more destruction than the previous two world wars put together.

Although not the architects of the war, it is important that the names of Negroponte, Ford, Petraeus, and Mood be remembered for posterity as the worker bees who facilitated it.

[1] “El Salvador-style ‘death squads’ to be deployed by US against Iraq militants.” Times Online. January 10, 2005. As quoted and sourced by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky of in his article, “ The Pentagon’s ‘Salvador Option’: The Deployment of Death Squads in Iraq and Syria.”
[2] Ibid.

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Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of three books, Codex Alimentarius -- The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, and Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident. Turbeville has published over one hundred articles dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville is available for podcast, radio, and TV interviews. Please contact us at activistpost (at)

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Engineered Austerity Coming to America Starting with the Post Office

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 19, 2012

Over the past few months, the dismal financial state of the United States Postal Service has been the subject of much derision and contempt in the mainstream media. The massive debt held by the USPS has been the bloody sheet waived by both reactionary Republicans and Wall Street Democrats in order to justify the privatization or even the elimination of such an important service from oversight and administration by the Federal government.

The large debt held by USPS, coupled with exaggerations of wait times and other aspects involved in shipping services, are constantly highlighted as the latest example of how “government is incapable of running anything effectively.” The general public is then subjected to a barrage of “free market” solutions which are, as is almost always the case, nothing more than the fleecing of the taxpayer who will inevitably end up paying more and receiving less while benefiting crony corporations.

The most immediate solutions proposed by the reactionaries are, of course, austerity measures which take the form of closing thousands of rural post office branches, ending Saturday delivery, increasing prices, and downsizing staff.

Initially the plan proposed by the more savvy austerity ghouls, as well as the Postmaster General himself, would have resulted in the closing of more than 3,700 post office locations all across the country, with the vast majority of those offices in rural areas. Thankfully, there was enough community opposition to derail these disastrous plans. That is, at least for the moment.

The new plan, however, now involves the reduction of staff at over 13,000 rural post office locations as well as a reduction in hours of operation down to as little as two hours in some offices. Estimates of potential job losses run over 100,000.

But because the Post Office intends to seek approval for its plans from the public and the relevant regulatory agencies before moving forward on any “cost-cutting” plans, the process may take several months.

Nevertheless, the Post Office is not only facing a battle from without. Many within the administrative and directional wing are lobbying for programs such as the one mentioned above that will result in the closing of offices and an end to Saturday mail delivery. In fact, it has been the Post Office itself that has pushed Congress to pass legislation allowing these cuts to take place.

Yet to lay all the blame, even on the feet of the Postmaster General is not entirely fair. After all, the Post Office has been dealt a bad hand in terms of its financial solvency due to the psychosis of austerity and hatred of public services pushed by reactionary politicians and corporate competitors. It has essentially been given an impossible task in terms of its own continued existence as an institution.

The real financial problems come not from decreased traffic or even mismanagement, but from the reactionaries themselves. Due to the constant barrage of criticism and mockery hurled at USPS from the mainstream media, as well as the gullibility of the average American, little is known about the 2006 mandate which has done more to bankrupt the Post Office than any other factor.

This mandate, a provision of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006, requires the Post Office to fund the health care benefits of future retirees as far out as 75 years into the future – all within a 10-year window. Previously, as in every other business (and the United States Government), the health care of retirees was a pay-as-you-go system. Thanks to the reactionaries and Wall Street tools like Dennis Hastert, this is no longer the case for the Post Office.

Indeed, the ridiculous mandate now costs the Post Office over $5.5 billion per year (about 2 weeks of Afghan war costs), with the federal government actually holding billions of dollars of overpayments made to the pension accounts by USPS. According to FireDogLake, all of the Post Office’s losses over the past four years have come from this mandate.

Even the Washington Post has reported that, without the 2006 mandate, the Post Office would have actually realized a profit, not a loss, since 2007. Joe Davidson writes,
"The last four years’ reported losses can all be attributed to this prefunding and then some,’"Fredric V. Rolando, president of the National Association of Letter Carriers, said in an interview.
He is correct.

According to the USPS white papers, from 2007 to 2010, mail volume declined 20 percent while postage remained capped at the rate of inflation, "resulting in net losses over the period of just over $21 billion, including a loss in FY2010 of $8,5 billion."

During that period, the prefunding of retiree health benefits cost $21 billion. Without that congressional mandate, the USPS would have cleared $611 million.

This is quite interesting considering the fact that the overwhelming majority of the mainstream media never mentions the mandate. We do, however, continually hear the repetition of the debt owed by the Post Office which is almost always used to shore up the claim of incompetence and waste and to promote the cause of privatization.

In addition, the administrators of the Post Office, especially the Postmaster General, have been showing their true colors for some time refusing to acknowledge the root cause of the problem (the mandate). Instead, the agency is claiming that, in the case of rural offices, 80% of its costs are labor-related. It also suggests that the Internet and a decline in first-class mail volume is the reason for its financial straits.

However, this is a misleading and, I would venture, an intentionally misleading position. Labor costs are a factor in any business, particularly in harsh economic times. Yet hiring labor and/or paying them living wages does not outweigh a mandate such as the one discussed above. It is a stated plan by the Post Office administration to begin replacing full-time workers with part-time workers, in an effort to reduce wages and eliminate benefits and this mandate, along with the deleterious effects it is having on the institution as a whole, merely provides the excuse to initiate a downsizing of the workforce.

Indeed, those who have labor contracts are inevitably going to see those contracts attacked in the very near future. Undoubtedly, in another example of the American people’s often misplaced anger, when the time comes for USPS labor to be dismantled, it almost certainly will be done to the cheers of an ignorant public.  That is what the media campaign is for.

It should also be pointed out that, while the Internet may be a factor in reduced first-class mail, the world economic depression is another. Naturally, mail delivery and all other services will decrease as the vast majority of Americans are financially strained and as less and less businesses continue to exist inside the United States.

With all this in mind, it is worth noting that there is rarely, if ever, a comment made by the office of the Postmaster General regarding the 2006 mandate, even though his agency is being crushed by the burden Congress has created.

For all of the heated rhetoric spouted off by politicians and talking heads about the privatization of postal services, it should be pointed out that no other private company bears the burden of having to fund all of its retirees benefits – some of whom do not even work at the Post Office yet, others have not even been born – for a period of 75 years or anything close to that number. Certainly no private company is being forced to do so by the Federal Government.

In all fairness, shouldn’t UPS and FedEx be forced to fund retiree pension funds if there was to be fair competition? The reactionaries would say no, of course, because that is a violation of the “free market.” Only when these theories are applied to government services that actually benefit people are they acceptable.

Even the Federal Government itself, which actually did make a commitment to future generations with the Social Security program, released itself from future liabilities (in terms of trust funds) and converted to pay-as-you-go, a truly unfortunate policy in this instance. Of course, with massive police states to build, giant bureaucracies to maintain, and numerous illegal foreign wars to fight, one can clearly see the logic behind the decision.

Nevertheless, the situation is dire because the Post Office is already $13 billion in debt, largely due to the congressional mandate. Somewhere between August and September, USPS will be required to pay more than $11 billion to the U.S. Treasury yet again for the prefunding of health benefits, potentially (and almost inevitably) causing the agency to reach its $15 billion debt ceiling.

But, while the members of the general public may envision a utopia of companies competing to deliver their mail, the reality will undoubtedly be much different. For all their rhetoric about competition and lower prices, the amount of price increases for the base level of hard copy correspondence will skyrocket as soon as the Post Office ceases to exist. Just take a look at the private competition in the market now and you will easily see how much your mail delivery costs will rise if the Post Office option is no longer available. With USPS out of the picture, it is just as likely that the private companies will not only continue to gouge customers, but that prices will increase dramatically using fuel costs and anti-union sentiment as justification.

Currently, the United States Postal Service stands as a model for the rest of the world in terms of logistical capabilities, infrastructure, and especially pricing. It is, in fact, the cheapest mail shipping method available amongst Western nations and most of the rest of the world.

It is also one of the only services that reaches virtually every American and does so on a daily basis.  Besides the manufactured debt of the USPS, for all intents and purposes, it accomplishes its goals of getting the mail to you in a timely fashion.

It might be hard for many to comprehend the ramifications of the privatization of mail and shipping services currently administered by the USPS. However, one need only look to Europe to see that, invariably, prices will rise. Indeed, one need not look across the ocean when a glance at the domestic landscape would prove the same point. A glimpse of UPS and FedEx should be self-explanatory.

With this in mind, it is also worth noting that price increases will be especially true (and especially harmful) for rural areas where no competition exists.

Rising prices in shipping have long been a problem for businesses, particularly small ones. The removal of the USPS option might even be the death knell for many of them. As it stands, it is possible to put a business virtually anywhere in the country because of the availability of the USPS. However, removing those services will force a great many to move further into cities. Those unable to do so may be driven into extinction.

This plan for reduction of services to rural areas may also dovetail with the intentional increase in urbanization called for by UN plans such as Agenda 21. Removing Post Office services from rural areas would be just one more step in the designed inaccessibility of rural living.

Yet there might be one more aspect to the 2006 mandate that bears mentioning. The fact is, the USPS has many enemies who would like to see the agency destroyed and privatized whether it is indebted or not. Even if the USPS meets its commitments over the next ten years, the attacks are not likely to cease. Corporate predators and other agents of Wall Street have a vested interest in seeing the USPS dissolved due to their own interests. So, unless there is an unlikely return to reason by Congress, the fate of USPS might very well be sealed.

Thus, the 2006 mandate, seems to be a two-pronged attack: First, it is designed to handicap and precipitate the destruction of the USPS through unreasonable demands, debt and then austerity measures.

Second, it serves as a fattening of the prey for the Wall Street jackals who are now surrounding it. Let there be no doubt that a “pre-fund” stacked to the tune of billions of dollars will not be ignored at feeding time. Simply put, Wall Street agents appear to be loading the institution with debt as well as assets, waiting on the moment when large-scale asset stripping can commence.

Thus, one might assume it to be very likely that the attacks against the Post Office will soon resume and the asset stripping of the agency and its employee healthcare fund will not be far behind once the final blow has been struck.

Americans have become complacent on such a wide variety of issues that Post Office service might seem as of little consequence when faced with a worsening economic depression, foreign wars, and the prevalence of a domestic police state. Yet losing the USPS would be yet another nail in the coffin of what was once the envy of the world.

It has often been said that you never know what you have until you lose it. Austerity is coming to America starting with one of the only services that delivers.  If Americans do not soon wise up to the game, we might once again prove just how true that statement really is.

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Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of three books, Codex Alimentarius -- The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, and Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident. Turbeville has published over one hundred articles dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville is available for podcast, radio, and TV interviews. Please contact us at activistpost (at)

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DNA Goes Digital with New Biometric Tracking App

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 16, 2012

If you needed one more example of how DNA will soon cease to exist as a private piece of information, you need look no further than the latest product launch by Applied DNA Sciences.

On May 10, the company announced that it is releasing a new QR (Quick Read) Code secured by nothing other than DNA. Without a doubt, this new product launch is yet another step toward the ultimate collection, databasing, and use of DNA by governments and corporations on a universal basis.

One quick note for those who are unaware of what a QR code is. QR codes are inked, coded diagrams that are recognizable by electronic scanners, often serving the same purpose as a barcode. These codes can be found on a wide variety of product packaging including the shipping labels used by companies like UPS. In addition, QR Codes are sometimes used as a part of smartphone apps which require the user to scan a barcode.

If Applied DNA Sciences has anything to say about it, however, QR Codes will become much more than mere ink blots on paper. Indeed, instead of containing basic inventory or app-related information as they have in the past, QR Codes will also contain strands of botanical DNA, a possible precursor to a more invasive and “secure” method of identification, tracking, and tracing in the not so distant future.

The new product is called digitalDNA and it is described by Government Security News as being “a new security tool that utilizes the flexibility of mobile communications, the instant accessibility of secure, cloud-based data, and the absolute certainty of DNA to make item tracking and authentification fast, easy and definitive, while providing the opportunity to create a new and exciting customer interface.”

Apart from that glowing description however, digitalDNA is actually a forensic authentication technology or, one could also say, a biometric encoding/reading program. At the heart of the system is the physical “sequence encryption” of “botanical DNA markers” into the ink used to print the QR Code. The pattern that results from the process, called a “rune,” can then be scanned using an Apple-approved app and an iPhone at any point during the shipping process.

The iPhone scan works by logging in to a “private, secure cloud” where it checks the DNA-based code it has just scanned with the one kept on file online in the Cloud. As GSN writes, “The tracking information is fed into ‘tunable algorithms’ that use pattern recognition to automatically identify supply chain risks, for counterfeits or product diversion.”

“Rapid-reading reporters,” which are closely linked with DNA markers, are physically present within the QR Code ink as well, and function as a means by which to prevent digital copying and phishing. As JGoodwin of GSN writes, “The un-copyable, botanically-derived DNA markers included in all digitalDNA codes serve as a forensic backstop in legal cases where absolute proof of originality is required. Forensic authentication of the DNA in the ink must match the sequences and length polymorphism found in the decrypted digitalDNA code.”

GSN continues, “The ubiquity of the iPhone platform allows the consumer to participate in the authentication scheme, quickly and easily. In addition, end-users could confirm freshness and expiration, connect to real-time or video technical support, identify local resources, easily place re-orders, and participate in peer-to-peer selling.”

This recently introduced technology allegedly developed out of a partnership that was established on January 25 between Applied DNA Sciences and DivineRune Inc., a company that specializes in cloud computing. However, with the announcement of the digitalDNA program made on May 10, after only four months of partnership, one might be justified in wondering whether or not this system was developed long before the financial agreement made between the two companies was divulged to the public. Indeed, four months is a very short time to forge corporate partnerships as well as envision, develop, and release a product like digitalDNA. Particularly, one that potentially has such fundamental implications for privacy if it is expanded to include human DNA in the future.

Both companies, in a joint statement, described the partnership as “taking APDN’s best-in-class anti-counterfeiting and authentication systems and marrying them to the best in secure mobile applications and advanced cloud computing.”

A similar product, Our Signature DNA, is in the pilot stages of military usage in compliance with Section 818 of the National Defense Authorization Act which mandates that defense manufacturers and suppliers take further steps to end counterfeiting within the supply chain.

However, digitalDNA is not necessarily for military use but for civilian purposes. Although the companies are much more vague about just what avenues they expect their new product to take, the fact is that they have a market in the waiting in many different areas; most notably in California where the E-Pedigree Law, which requires an electronic record of all sales of prescription drugs in the state, would fit perfectly with such a system.

While the digitalDNA program will be using botanical (plant) DNA for now, one must question whether or not this is merely a precursor to the use of actual human DNA for purposes of identification and verification.

Such a system is by no means outside the realm of possibility as iris, palm, and even vein scanners have been proposed in the past as reliable methods of identification and authentication.

Voice and facial recognition have also been introduced at the commercial level for the same purpose. So it is quite logical to assume that very soon individual DNA might be accepted as verification for payment or other functions.

Going one step further, one might also be justifiably concerned about whether or not this “new and improved” method of payment would then, like all the others, eventually become mandatory.

Much like the situation currently unfolding in India where all 1.2 billion residents are having their faces photographed, fingerprints taken, and iris’ scanned under the name of more secure and efficient distribution of services, we can easily see how such a justification might be used in the United States for a national database of private information, even including DNA, on every American citizen. After all, the Secure Communities program, along with IDENT and NGI were first rolled out under the guise of reducing illegal immigration, but are now slowly being applied to American citizens.

Admittedly, such a scenario is moving much further ahead than anything the digitalDNA program currently entails. However, given how technologies, particularly those that can eventually be used to reduce personal freedom and anonymity, are often introduced in individual increments, it would be wise not to lose sight of the direction in which this new system is moving.

Dr. James Hayward, President and CEO of APDN has stated that “digitalDNA could revolutionize supply chain security.” This much is not really debatable. However, the question is just how far this revolution will go and what the ramifications of it will be in regards to the privacy of the average person if it progresses to the logical next stage of including human DNA.

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Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of three books, Codex Alimentarius -- The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches from a Dissident. Turbeville has published over one hundred articles dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville is available for podcast, radio, and TV interviews. Please contact us at activistpost (at)

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Dispatches From a Dissident -- Articles From the Infowar

Activist Post

Activist Post writer, Brandon Turbeville, has just released his fourth book: Dispatches From a Dissident: Articles From the Infowar, Vol. 1.
Brandon is known for his detailed research in the area of Codex Alimentarius, which was the subject of his first book. His second book, 7 Real Conspiracies presented the documented facts about the overall global agenda of control. In Five Sense Solutions he outlined practical, real-world strategies for maintaining personal freedom and for restoring the Republic.
Now Brandon has issued a collection of more than 50 articles spanning from 2002 to mid-2011, which offers a key insight into the evolution of both a writer and an activist. 
The collection begins with Turbeville's very first published article speaking out against the USA PATRIOT Act, and continues to his more recent work published with alternative media outlets such Infowars and Activist Post
This collection contains a wide range of concepts dealing with the financial collapse, healthcare, war, natural health, world government, civil liberties, and many other topics. Turbeville's work is supported by his trademark heavy research and citation while always keeping the big picture in clear view.

It has been said before that the majority of modern warfare is fought with information. This new book is a collection of dispatches from that war. Articles From the Infowar contains 395 pages of concise documentation and analysis, which makes it the perfect tool to help wake-up friends and family, as well as your local leaders and politicians.  It also serves as a reminder to those who are "awake" of how fast the full-spectrum control grid has advanced, and how important it is that we work even harder to oppose all that it represents.  
It has never been truer that all it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing. We are convinced that those with good intentions will be moved to action by Dispatches From a Dissident.

Shadow Government Would Thrive With Romney as President

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 11, 2012

Anyone who has watched even a single 2012 Republican Primary debate should be aware by now that there is has been an unshakeable commitment by virtually every candidate to the colonial “state” of Israel. Although Ron Paul’s position on Israel is somewhat more tempered than that of his Republican counterparts, not one of the other candidates is capable of even remotely criticizing Israel or its acts of aggression and oppression throughout the region.

The same situation exists for the Democrats as their incumbent candidate, Barack Obama, has already proven himself to be one of the most ardent and willing supporters of whatever decision is made by the Israeli government and the hidden hand behind it.

Yet it is the Republican field, partly because of the primary races and partly because of the demographic makeup of its supporters, that inspires such an “I support Israel more than you do,” contest at every debate. Indeed, it has been hard to tell which candidate (when all were still in the race) was the loudest supporter of Israel at any given time. However, during the course of the circus known as American political debates, when platform policies did not seem convincing enough to some members of the audience, there were at least two candidates who began to play the “established friendship” card as a method to demonstrate their already-developed sense of Israeli-American relations.

One of these instances was at a Republican debate on December 12, 2011 where Newt Gingrich, in a testy exchange with Mitt Romney after his claim that the Palestinians were an “invented people,” stated that he had known Benjamin Netanyahu since 1984. Romney countered that statement with the fact that he also knew Netanyahu, after having worked together many years ago at a “consulting firm.”

Romney actually went much further than Gingrich and stated that, before he made any comments about the Israeli/Palestinian situation, he would contact his friend “Bibi” and essentially ask Netanyahu for permission to make his statement. “Before I made a statement of that nature [Gingrich’s “invented people” comment],” Romney said, “I’d get on the phone to my friend Bibi Netanyahu and say ‘Would it help if I say this? What would you like me to do?’” As many commentators have pointed out, Romney’s position is nothing more than the outsourcing of American foreign policy to Israel.

Nevertheless, both of these statements were made as a matter of fact. Yet, most likely due to the context in which the comments were made, as well as the nature of the mainstream media, for several months there was no attempt to uncover just how close these three individuals actually are.

Gingrich holds connections to Netanyahu through relatively obvious means as both were political leaders in their respective countries at the same time. Not only that, but Gingrich and Netanyahu share a common fundraiser, Sheldon Adelson, who is often considered one of the richest men in the world by mainstream sources.

Mitt Romney’s connection goes back a bit further, however, and the friendship between the two men seems to be much more personal. In fact, the relationship is so “coincidental” that one might be justified in wondering whether or not this friendship actually began as some kind of intelligence/shadow government operation where both men were being groomed for their respective posts as they exist currently and may develop in the future. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time a President has been groomed by the intelligence community for his future position. Of course, at this point, the evidence is only circumstantial. Still, considering what we know about the operations of the Shadow Government, it would be wise to remain aware of these connections.
With that in mind, it is reported by Michael Barbaro of the New York Times that Romney and Netanyahu first met in 1976 after both men had been hired as “corporate advisers” to Boston Consulting Group (BCG). In one of the “coincidences” revealed by the report, it is noted that both men attended business school in Boston with Romney attending Harvard and Netanyahu attending MIT, two institutions that have clear links and history with intelligence agencies, elitist think tanks, secret societies, and other related affairs.

Upon arriving at BCG, the two men had already developed quite a reputation for themselves, as Romney was the son of a Michigan Governor and former Presidential candidate; and Netanyahu had recently completed a tenure with the elite special forces unit of the Israeli military.

Both Romney and Netanyahu have publicly recalled the days when they were coworkers at BCG. As Barbaro writes:
Mr. Romney, never known for his lack of self-confidence, still recalls the sense of envy he felt watching Mr. Netanyahu effortlessly hold court during the firm’s Monday morning meetings, when consultants presented their work and fielded questions from their colleagues. The sessions were renowned for their sometimes grueling interrogations. 
‘He was a strong personality with a distinct point of view,’ Mr. Romney said. ‘I aspired to the same kind of perspective.’
Quoting Netanyahu in reference to the same period, the article reads, “’His star, the prime minister said of Mr. Romney’s time at Boston Consulting, ‘had already risen.’”

Both men spent two years at BCG with Romney’s tenure lasting from 1975-1977 and Netanyahu’s affiliation with the company running from 1976-1978. While still attached to BCG, Netanyahu returned to Israel to create an “anti-terrorism foundation," while Romney famously switched companies to notorious asset stripper Bain & Company where he helped destroy the businesses and lives of thousands of people.

In yet another interesting “coincidence,” during his time at Bain, Romney worked closely with Netanyahu’s second wife, Fleur Cates. Although Bibi and Fleur later divorced, the New York Times reports that she and Romney are still in contact with one another.

The connections between Romney and Netanyahu have persisted, evolving into what Barbaro describes in his article as a “network of friends.” Network is an definitely an interesting term in this context and it may be more accurate than Barbaro intended it to be.

Nevertheless, after Romney’s election as the Governor of Massachusetts, Netanyahu paid him a visit where the two men allegedly discussed various aspects of government life, specifically the hallmarks of union-busting, asset stripping, and privatization, policies both men have such a fondness for.

A few years later, Romney himself traveled to Israel where the two men met in the Old City in Jerusalem and allegedly discussed economics. At this discussion, Netanyahu told Romney that he was engaging in a campaign to discourage American pension funds from investing in companies connected to Iran. At this statement, Romney “immediately saw the wisdom of his action” and organized meetings between Netanyahu and American government officials.

Romney then embarked on his own campaign of politically motivated investment strategies by sending out letters to legislators suggesting they sell off all assets of corporations doing business with Iran held by any pension funds under their control.

Unfortunately, America’s irrational support of Israel will not change regardless of who is elected in November. Obama, with the exception of some very mild rhetoric, could scarcely be more cooperative with Israeli Government interests; and Romney is quite open about his willingness to be drawn into WWIII. This is to be expected since both men are public representatives for the same agenda, just like their predecessors.

Because of this fact, it would be very interesting to investigate just what Romney’s ties to the intelligence community may be. After all, he has openly professed his parallel vision with the mad dog of the Middle East, Bibi Netanyahu. As Romney has stated, “We can almost speak in shorthand. We share common experiences and have a perspective and underpinning which is similar.”

Of course, it should also be pointed out that Romney and Obama’s loyalty to Israeli interests does not equal loyalty to the Israeli people, who are only being used as the battering rams and triggers of destabilization and world war. Nor do the American people factor into this equation as anything but financiers and warm bodies for future military adventures.

With the obvious oppression of the Palestinian people, we see a clear recipe for a lose-lose-lose situation all the way around, except for the very small cliques at the top who will laugh, as they always do, all the way to the bank.

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Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of three books, Codex Alimentarius -- The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, and Five Sense Solutions. Turbeville has published over one hundred articles dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville is available for podcast, radio, and TV interviews. Please contact us at activistpost (at)

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Utah Woman Has Son Stolen by DCFS Agent Despite Declaration of Innocence by Court and Social Services

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 10, 2012

The sinister nature of government “child protection” agencies has been known to many since their inception. The fact that DSS (Department of Social Services), CPS (Child Protective Services), and other variants of the same child kidnapping system routinely engage in removing children from perfectly healthy families based on accusations alone is no secret. Indeed, it appears that the United States and England have initiated a race to see which nation can abduct the most children for the most ridiculous reasons.

But what happens when an individual within the system sets their sights on a child, and even their fellow state agents refuse to go along with the game? If a recent case in Utah is anything to go by, it apparently doesn’t matter. You still end up having your child forcibly removed from you and you still have little hope of seeing him again after he is taken. If the case officers declare you have done nothing wrong – you still find yourself childless.

Remarkably, even if the judge himself orders your son returned to you – he still remains under the watchful eye of the state so long as one of its bureaucrats deems it the appropriate decision.

While a case such as this should make the headlines if for no other reason than the brazenness of certain “officials,” not a word has been spoken in the media, with the notable exception of Alan Watt of, who reported on the case several days ago and posted a summary of the events (a letter for public viewing) to his website on April 30, 2012.

It appears that, during the course of a nasty divorce proceeding, Katerina Jeleva was accused of sexually abusing her son (who will remain unnamed for obvious reasons) by her ex-husband. According to Jeleva, the motivation behind this accusation was her ex-husband’s desire to avoid child support payment in light of a recent bankruptcy. Regardless of the reason behind the accusation, however, Jeleva was served with a Protective Order.
Protective Orders are yet another example of how Family Court proceedings and DSS-style child removal agencies are unconstitutional. Protective Orders, almost always rubber-stamped by Family Courts, level an accusation against an individual who is then required to appear in court (with no jury) and prove that he/she is innocent. Traditionally, the idea of justice rests upon the presumption of innocence until proven guilt. However, in the case of Family Court and Protective Orders, the defendant is assumed guilty until he/she proves his/herself innocent. The burden of proof, in effect, is placed on the back of the accused not the accuser.

After the judge’s signing of the Protective Order, Jeleva and her son were then dragged into the government system requiring an investigation by Family Court appointed case officers. After interviewing both Jeleva and her son, however, the clinical psychologist who conducted an interview determined that evidence for sexual abuse was nonexistent. In addition, she stated that it was possible the child had been “coached” to implicate his mother in abuse and that the child “did not display any signs of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse during my contact with him or while he was observed in my waiting room.”

Dr. Stringham, the psychologist who conducted the aforementioned interview, then recommended that the Protective Order be dropped and that Jeleva should resume maintaining physical custody of her son.

Jeleva claims that, when it came time for the Protective Order hearing, her ex-husband did not show up, thus causing his case to be thrown out and the Protective Order dropped.

This is where the state-appointed Guardian Ad Litem (GAL), Amber Ruder, enters the picture. As GAL, Ruder is tasked with the representation of a minor child in cases such as these. Essentially, Ruder was appointed as legal Guardian of Jeleva’s son during the Protective Order investigation process.

This is because, only one day after her son was returned to her, Jeleva’s ex-husband filed yet another Protective Order against her. This, Jeleva claims, was done at the behest of and with the aid of Ruder. The new PO is set to last a period of five months. With the PO signed by a judge, the police immediately came to Jeleva’s house and removed her son from his home yet again. Jeleva states that she and her son were at the dinner table when the police came and that the brave officers, upholding their oath to serve and protect, literally took him from her arms.

Thus, the process of investigation began anew with more case officers and detectives interviewing Jeleva and her son. Like in the first round of investigations, all of those involved (with the notable exception of Ruder) determined that there was no evidence of child abuse. In fact, the DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services) investigator of the special sex abuse unit, Carly Echols, even wrote a report exonerating Jeleva. Echols closed the case due to the fact that the accusations were unsupported.

Yet, according to Jeleva, although the reports of the detectives and investigator Echols are in the public record, they were dismissed as hearsay at the first hearing because the individuals themselves were not there to testify. This was an oversight made by Jeleva who is representing herself with very limited resources and knowledge of the law, as opposed to the state which responds to a prosecution as if there is no bottom to its pit of finances.

Jeleva claims that Amber Ruder then went on to testify to the judge that Jeleva did, in fact, abuse her son, even though Ruder’s qualifications are that of an attorney as opposed to the sexual abuse investigators, psychologists, and other relevant personnel who determined otherwise.

Ruder’s presentation was evidently convincing to the judge as Jeleva was forced to appeal the decision in order to have the detectives and Echols testify in her defense so as to remove the claim of hearsay from the reports exonerating her. Ruder, however, again testified that Jeleva had abused her son.

Jeleva states that, although the second judge at the second hearing upheld that she cannot directly contact her son, he at least ruled that Amber Ruder must make a recommendation as to when, where, how long, and how often Jeleva can resume meeting her son, along with a therapist. According to Jeleva, the judge stated, “We must put this family back together.” I might add that it never should have been broken apart to begin with. After having been cleared twice, the judge should have ruled that the child be returned to his mother immediately instead of the silly idea that she can only meet with her son in the presence of a therapist at the pleasure of the State and the parasites that make a career of destroying the lives of others.

Nevertheless, even though Ruder was tasked with making a recommendation for visitation scheduling, it is apparent that she has not met these requirements. Once the court has ordered the Guardian ad Litem to make such recommendations, it is the responsibility of the GAL to organize and arrange the meetings between the parent, child, and therapist. In fact, the judge unequivocally ordered that the GAL take “whatever steps are necessary to facilitate” Jeleva’s appointed time with her son. However, Ruder evidently has a much different interpretation of the judge’s order, as she has yet to facilitate anything beyond expressing her opinion that it is the parent’s responsibility to arrange all aspects.

This presents a major problem for Jeleva who claims she has repeatedly tried to do just that but has yet to receive a call back from the therapists she has contacted. There is no reason to doubt Jeleva’s claim as Ruder, in an email to Jeleva, confirms that not returning phone calls seems to be a trend at the requested mental health agency. In addition, Ruder states in no uncertain terms within the same email that “I cannot and will not do this for you.”

Furthermore, Ruder hints that the court-ordered therapy might not even occur at all, stating that it will only happen if the child’s individual therapist feels that it will not “traumatize” him to see his mother.

Presumably, she means that, because the child has been away from his mother for so long and has been subjected to constant disruption, it could be traumatizing to return him to Jeleva and possibly put him in the same position again.

However, it is not Jeleva that has caused trauma for her son. It is the state; it is the Social Services system and individuals like Amber Ruder that are responsible for subjecting this child to the harassment and mental anguish he has been put through for years.

From point A to point B, it is the State that has been responsible for this unfortunate situation. Furthermore, Jeleva claims that a move is now being made to terminate her parental rights.

Unfortunately, Katerina Jeleva’s case is different from so many thousands of others all across the country only in that the court and social-services system are largely in agreement that she is innocent and that her child should be returned to her. The culprit in the dismantling of her relationship with her son is mostly one person – Amber Ruder. For most parents, every agent encountered at every step of the way is determined to remove the child and place them far away from their home.

Katerina Jeleva’s case is indicative of what happens when a population allows the power of the State to run wild. We are now able to see clearly the results of allowing “services” to become “authorities” and allowing the Government to involve itself in the private affairs of families and individuals.

As Mother’s Day approaches, which Jeleva will likely spend without her son, we are given a choice. We can sit back while Katerina and her son are robbed of the only childhood he will ever have -- traded for the personal agenda of power-tripping parasites like Amber Ruder -- or we can take action. We can take a stand in this case and use it as the first shot fired in the resistance to a State that clearly believes it has the right to remove a child from a loving home with absolutely no evidence of abuse.

As Jeleva states, “I can’t win in this rigged system. There is no logic here. How would it be too traumatic for my son to come home to the only home he’s ever known and to his pets that keep crying by his empty room?”

I have included the contact information for Amber Ruder in case any readers would like to explain the moral implications of her actions and how she might address this situation better.

I have also included the information of Judge Mary T. Noonan so that she might be contacted and encouraged to return Katerina Jeleva’s son to her as well as take immediate action against Ruder’s open contempt of her orders.

Amber M. Ruder
Guardian ad Litem, Attorney
Fourth District
32 West Center Street, Suite 205
Provo, Utah 84601
(w) 801-344-8516
(fax) 801-344-8597

Clerical Department for Judge Mary T. Noonan
4th District Juvenile Court – Orem
99 E Center Street
Orem, UT 84057
Wendy Matheney – 801-724-3820
Crystal Tua’One – 801-724-3802
Sandra Willard – 801-724-3811
Christine Wilcox – 801-724-3810

If you would like to offer support to Katerina Jeleva, you can contact her directly at or call her at 1-801-489-7446.

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