Friday, April 29, 2016

Monsanto Set To Fight Argentina Over “Royalties” Owed By Farmers

Brandon Turbeville
April 28, 2016

While the Argentine government has recently shown signs that it may take the side of farmers over Monsanto, the international agricultural corporation is not willing to simply accept defeat. Nor is it even willing to accept a minor obstacle in its attempt to dominate the food supply.

Shortly after the government of President Mauricio Macri passed a resolution officially giving control of the analysis of seeds, Monsanto is now set to challengethe Argentine government’s decision.

While the Argentine government has agreed to collect monies owed by small farmers in royalties on genetically modified soybean seeds, the government requested additional time to do so. Even this, however, was unacceptable to Monsanto as the corporation rejected the government’s request according to two unnamed Monsanto staff members cited by Bloomberg News.

As a result, Ricardo Buryaile, the Agricultural Minister and members of his staff have met with representatives of Monsanto and Chief Operation Officer Brett Begemann to request a waiver on the owed royalties.

Monsanto rejected that waiver request but did agree to slash the royalties being demanded from fifteen dollars per hectare to nine dollars per hectare for growers who use Monsanto technology but who do not actually purchase the seeds directly from Monsanto itself.

Both Monsanto and the government did agree that large soybean producers must pay royalites. Interestingly enough, Monsanto’s stock rose three percent on the heels of this announcement. The stock had declined seven percent this year.

New Book By Chris Veritas - Wisdom Trilogy And Other Poems

Brandon Turbeville
April 28, 2016

Wisdom Trilogy And New Poems is a compendium of the works of Chris Veritas, comprised of three of Solomon's Wisdom Books turned into verse, Veritas' new poems and neologisms. Trilogy spans the ages, celebrating the Wisdom of God and the genius of Solomon, with the addition of 33 new imagistic poems.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

What’s Behind Saudi Arabia’s Claim To Have Killed 800 Terrorists In Yemen?

saudi_arabia_militaryBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
April 28, 2016

As Saudi war crimes and crimes against humanity continue apace in Yemen, Saudi Arabia is now apparently attempting to gain public support and better reception from the viewing audience by painting itself as an enemy of al-Qaeda and ISIS, despite the fact that the feudal monarchy’s reputation for supporting these very same terror organizations has been documented time and again. From Syria and Libya to Yemen, Saudi Arabia has proven itself repeatedly as a funder, organizer, and supporter of ISIS and al-Qaeda while, at home, it has demonstrated that its own government and ISIS are more alike than they are different.

Still, Saudi Arabia is attempting to show that it is, in fact, the enemy of al-Qaeda by issuing claims that the Saudi “coalition” in Yemen has recently fought a large scale battle against the terror organization and that it was able to capture the city of Mukalla after killing around 800 terrorists.

As AFP reports,

Yemeni troops backed by Arab coalition air strikes killed more than 800 members of al-Qaida in an attack on a southeastern provincial capital held by the group for the past year, the coalition said Monday.

Pro-government forces recaptured an oil terminal as well as the city of Mukalla, which was considered a jihadist stronghold, military sources said.

“The operation resulted… in the death of more than 800 al-Qaida members and some of their leaders, while some others fled,” Arab coalition commanders said in a statement published by SPA, the official Saudi news agency.

Argentina: Government Shows Signs Of Siding With Farmers In Dispute With Monsanto

Monsanto-Is-Killing-People-in-Argentina-Brandon Turbeville
Natural Blaze
April 26, 2016

The world’s third largest soy exporter may have just dealt another blow to the multi-national agricultural company Monsanto.

A simple decree by the Argentine government regarding food inspection may signal an even bigger step in the right direction for the South American country in the future.

The issue surrounds the fact that Monsanto has been demanding that exporters inspect cargo to determine whether or not farmers had paid the requisite royalties to produce the company’s genetically modified soybeans. Monsanto is claiming that Argentine farmers have benefited immensely from the Intacta technology and is demanding that everyone pay to use it.

For about a year, Monsanto has been pressuring shipping companies and demanding that the companies notify it when crops produced with Intacta technology are scheduled to be exported without corresponding documentation proving that royalties had been paid to Monsanto.

The Intacta soybeans in question are genetically engineered to have a gene that protects them against worms that target the plant. Monsanto is demanding royalties for grains produced even by second generation seeds. Farmers, however, argue that Argentinian law does not require that they pay for second generation production and are asking the government to stop private companies from acting as food inspectors.

The Argentine Rural Society (SRA) an organization that represents medium and large scale producers said the inspections were unwarranted. “These methods were not only not authorized, but furthermore, we saw them as an abusive power for a company to be acting like the police,” SRA president Luis Etchevehere said.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Truth on the Track With Brandon Turbeville - April 25, 2016

Brandon Turbeville
April 26, 2016

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - April 25, 2016

Brandon discusses the Syrian crisis in the first half of the show. In the second, he interviews candidate for Napa County Board of Supervisors District 2 (California), James Hinton.



CA County Board Candidate Endorsed By Label GMOs Group

james-hintonBrandon Turbeville
April 25, 2016

James Hinton’s staunch opposition to GMOs has earned him quite a bit of notoriety in Napa Valley. He is currently running for Napa County Board of Supervisors, District 2 where he has made his pro-labeling and his anti-GMO policy a major platform point.

For some who support GMOs and corporate domination of food, Hinton is a gadfly. For those who support clean food and consumer choice, Hinton is a hero. For that reason, when Label GMOs Napa County issued its set of endorsements for this election cycle, Hinton was naturally their man.

In a press release announcing their endorsement of Hinton, Label GMOs pointed out one instance that helped Hinton earn their endorsement when the organization wrote:

As was reported in the newspaper, Label GMOs Napa County spent two years, from 2013 to 2015, working with our county officials on a nonbinding resolution through which they could express support for mandatory labeling of GE foods at the state and federal levels, using their influence to impact higher levels of government. However, Supervisor Luce went from having no issue with the resolution as it was written to only supporting federal labeling, not state labeling, as a result of a phone call from a Napa Valley Vintners representative. 
Even worse, he ignored our request to at least put the amended resolution on the agenda, so it could be discussed openly, with the entire board having an opportunity to weigh in. Supervisor Pedroza also had an opportunity to ask for this item to be put on the agenda, and he did not. In contrast, at the Sept. 22, 2015, meeting, James Hinton and Chris Malan both went before the board and spoke, asking them to put the resolution on the agenda. 

Obama Announces More Special Forces Troops To Syria, Escalates Existing Policy

obama syriaBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
April 25, 2016

In yet another sign of obvious Western escalation in the war against Syria, U.S. President Barack Obama announced on Monday that an additional 250 American military personnel will be deployed to Syria under the guise of defeating ISIS.

In his speech at Hannover, Germany, Obama stated

Just as I approved additional support for Iraqi forces against ISIL, I've decided to increase U.S. support for local forces fighting ISIL in Syria, a small number of special operations forces are already on the ground in Syria and their expertise has been critical as local forces have driven ISIL out of key areas. 
So given their success I've approved the deployment of up to 250 additional U.S. personnel in Syria including special forces to keep up this momentum. 
Obama made a point to state that the troops will not be “leading the fight on the ground” but will be engaged in “training” and providing “assistance” to local forces.

Obama also restated the U.S. position that “Assad must go” when he said, “Just as we remain relentless on the military front we're not going to give up on diplomacy to end the civil war in Syria because the suffering of the people in Syria has to end and that requires an effective political transition."

CNN reports that

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Regional Conflict Brewing In Azerbaijan, Armenia

Armenia+and+azerbaijan+have+been+in+a+battle+over+the+_11a859b54ab0e67139e691e2e238381bBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
April 22, 2016

Regardless of which side you choose to listen to in the Armenian/Azeri conflict, one thing everyone can agree on is that the ceasefire is not holding. The regularly ignited dispute between the two neighboring countries has been a fixture for years but, over recent months, has seen a flare up that is threatening to throw yet another part of the world into chaos and open warfare.

On April 5, Russia was able to organize and mediate between chief officials of the Azeri and Armenian militaries and clench a “ceasefire agreement” on the “contact line” in Nagorno-Karabkh, the area currently being fought over by the two countries and Armenian “militias.” However, ever since the ceasefire agreement was made, both sides have traded accusations that the other side has violated the agreement. In fact, the accusations of violations are so numerous that one could scarcely call the ceasefire a functioning agreement. For instance, Armenia has claimed that, in the last 24 hours alone, Azerbaijan has violated the ceasefire 50 times. There have been similar claims against the Armenians by the Azeris.

A Brief History Of The Conflict

The roots of the Azeri-Armenian conflict are connected to both national histories and the fall of the Soviet Union as well as ethnic histories and regional ties.

Essentially, in the late 1980s a referendum was held by the inhabitants of the Nagorno-Karabkh region where the majority Armenian population largely voted for reunification with Armenia while the minority Azeri population boycotted the vote. The vote obviously favored independence from Azerbaijan and reunification with Armenia causing a rift between both countries which escalated from a political disagreement and social disharmony to outright violence and eventually military operations that only grew as the Soviet collapse appeared more and more imminent.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Syrian Parliamentary Election Results Disprove Western Claims Of “Alawite Dictatorship”

1037940623Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
April 19, 2016

If the last nail had not yet been pounded into the West’s “The Syrian government is a sectarian dictatorship” line, the recent Syrian Parliamentary elections have gone great lengths to ensure that very few spikes are needed to finally seal the box shut.

Despite claims by Western governments and corporate media outlets that the Syrian government is led by Assad’s “Alawite clan” and that both minorities and majorities are excluded and persecuted, the truth is that Syria and its government are pluralistic and multifaceted. This has been widely known amongst genuine researchers and those not wedded to the NATO imperialist agenda for some time. Still, such knowledge has been obfuscated and largely hidden by a mass media machine intent on promoting inaccurate views of Syrian society for the purposes of justifying Western intervention under the guise of “Responsibility to Protect.”

Nevertheless, if the Syrian government was truly led by a sectarian Alawite and Alawites ruled the country in an authoritarian manner, then surely the sectarian Alawite’s cabinet and Syria’s Parliament would be made up of Alawites, right? Surely, the majority would be excluded from positions of power.

That is indeed the presentation that the Western corporate media would have its audience believe. However, the recent Syrian Parliamentary elections have crushed those claims mightily whenever one takes the time to look at the religious affiliations of the members of the Parliament who won positions in the government during this last round of voting. Indeed, the results of the Syrian elections do not show a religious minority controlling the government but a rather predictable and accurate sampling of the geographic areas taking part in the voting process. In other words, the elections yielded results that are an accurate representation of Syrian diversity with the majority religion taking the majority of votes in the given districts. Still, the majority did not always win out, as is evidenced by the fact that, even in Sunni-dominated areas, Christians and Shi’ites were able to win seats as well.

CA Board Of Supervisor’s Candidate Slams “Prison Industrial Complex,” Drug War

prison-industrial-complex-2Brandon Turbeville
April 19, 2016

Candidate for Napa County Board of Supervisors, District 2, James Hinton, drew quite a bit of attention to himself for his staunch opposition to GMOs in Napa Valley.

Now, Hinton is once again drawing attention for his political stance against the prison industrial complex. Not only is Hinton’s position on the prison industry something that clearly sets him a part from his opponents, but it was his passionate speech in front of the current members of the Napa County Board of Supervisors regarding a possible decision to build new jails in the county that caught the attention of many.

Visibly disgusted with the proposal, Hinton stated,

Shame on you for participating in the prison industrial complex, shame on you for trying to hustle us into expanding it here because we have a broken system of victimless crimes, mandatory minimums sentencing. And there’s nothing we can do about it but build bigger jails to bring them on home so that everybody else can profit. And if we’ve got extra cells then oh, we can profit too. And we can start making money off our cells – isn’t that what we need, huh? More money off arresting blacks like Hakim Brown who is providing me my cancer medicine and Gary Leiberstein wants to lock him up for four years. And you want to build more jails to take on more victimless crimes.

"Syrian Opposition" Ends Peace Talks, Launches New Offensive In NW Syria

Syria PeaceBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
April 19, 2016

As most expected they would from day one, the Syrian ceasefire agreement and Geneva peace talks have been broken, signaling a return to full-scale fighting on the ground in Syria.

An announcement made by the representation of the “Syrian opposition” members taking part in the Geneva talks made clear that the “opposition” was halting formal peace talks with the Syrian government and that the “moderate” terrorists will resume combat operations against the Syrian military.

It is being reported that terrorists have launched a fresh attack in Northwestern Syria in the provinces of Latakia and Hama. Terrorist forces are claiming that their decision to renew their attacks were a response to “an increase in attacks on residential areas and displaced people” by the Syrian military.

"After the increase of violations by regime forces that included targeting displaced people and continuous bombing of residential neighbourhoods, we declare the start of the battle in response," the moderate terrorists announced.

Of course, the Syrian military is not attacking residential areas and displaced people, they are attacking terrorist controlled territory and terrorist organizations. Remember, a number of terrorist groups were never considered to be part of the Syrian ceasefire. Nusra, Qaeda, and ISIS, for instance, were not included in the ceasefire plan and were considered legitimate targets for military operation. Groups considered part of the “moderate opposition,” however, were protected from SAA assault.

The entire classification system for which terrorist organizations were considered legitimate targets and which ones were not was entirely a farce by the West concocted so that Western machinations of arming terrorist brigades would be able to continue while the rifles of the SAA were silent. The West’s support for the ceasefire itself was nothing more than an attempt to buy breathing room and time to regroup for its terrorist proxies who had been sustaining massive losses on the ground by virtue of the Syrian and Russian assaults.

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - April 19, 2016

Brandon Turbeville
April 19, 2016

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - April 19, 2016

Brandon discusses the Syrian Crisis, Hillary Clinton, The CA Board of Supervisor's race, and much more.



Monday, April 18, 2016

The Clinton Body Count

Image Source: Western Journalism
Brandon Turbeville
April 18, 2016

Like many American Presidents, scandals have followed the Clinton’s from their days in the Governor’s mansion to their days in the White House and even continuing after having left office. While many American presidents have also been dogged by scandals that involve sexual crimes, pedophilia, and murder, none have had carried as many rumors (some well-founded, others not so much) of murders connected to them and their operations as have the Clintons.

Indeed, the “Clinton Body Count” list is so numerous that even a brief attempt to detail and explain the number of murders connected to the Clintons – either by clear and convincing evidence or by rumor – would be impossible. In fact, such a discussion would comprise the topic of a book in and of itself.

However, below is a list of names compiled by the Ether Zone website, entitled “The Clinton Body Count,” republished by permission. The reader may judge for himself whether or not every single person mentioned in this list is connected to the Clintons.


Here is the latest body count that we have. All of these people have been connected with the Clintons in some form or another. We have not included any deaths that could not be verified or connected to the Clinton scandals. All deaths are listed chronologically by date. This list is current and accurate to the best of our knowledge as of January 13, 1999 August 1, 2000. 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

NAFTA And The TPP – Hillary Clinton’s Free Trade History

Image Source:
Brandon Turbeville
April 7, 2016

Most even semi-informed Americans may recognize the day that NAFTA was signed into law as the day that the U.S. economy was diagnosed with rapid onset terminal cancer. A massive plan to bust unions, lower wages, remove trade protections, and generally lower living standards across the board, NAFTA was following in the footsteps of GATT and the WTO before it. While NAFTA was promoted by American oligarchs, parasitical politicians, business interests, banks, and the mainstream media, it was clear to anyone with a basic understanding of economics and trade or even a modicum of common sense that it was nothing more than a giant vacuum whose suction tube was aimed at the American economy.

In order to promote the agreement (negotiated by George H.W. Bush and signed into law by Clinton), a stupendous amount of lies and deceit were presented to the American public.

While Hillary Clinton was merely the first lady and, admittedly, not officially in charge of making public policy, she nevertheless supported NAFTA and assisted in its promotion from the position she held. In 1996, she visited a gathering of unionized garment workers and stated “I think everybody is in favor of free and fair trade. I think NAFTA is proving its worth.”[1]

During both her presidential campaigns, Clinton has attempted to scale back her past support of an agreement that outsourced American jobs so fast it created a metaphorical traffic jam of companies exiting the country. However, as recently as 2003, Clinton voiced clear support of the agreement, a striking act of defiance of the existence of reality. In her book, Living History, she wrote,

Friday, April 15, 2016

US, Saudi, Turkey, Discuss Delivering Anti Aircraft Weapons To "Rebels" For Use Against Assad,Russia

us-missiles-commercial-airlinesBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
April 14, 2016

The CIA is reportedly discussing a plan to augment the fighting capability of the terrorists forces they have been supporting in Syria since the beginning of the crisis in 2011 if the “ceasefire agreement” currently underway in Geneva falls apart. The discussion centers around the supply of weaponry that would help the jihadists better respond to the Syrian and Russian air forces. The discussion is centered around the possibility of sending a variety of anti-aircraft technologies ranging from MANPADs to less portable systems, including Soviet era – BM-21 Grad missiles.

According to reports by the Wall Street Journal, the CIA has given “provisional assurances” to “coalition members” to expand support to forces fighting against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad if the ceasefire falls apart and “full scale fighting” resumes, but the United States is declaring the right to determine which weapons will be introduced to the battlefield as part of this “renewed” effort to arm terrorists fighting the Syrian government.

The discussions between the United States and its “coalition members” were part of a plan that the Washington Post described as a “Plan B” for Syria if the ceasefire talks fell through and fighting resumed.

“On the eve of the ceasefire agreement coming into effect in Syria at midnight on February 27, the heads of Middle East intelligence agencies met to lay out a plan for waging war after the truce. And consultations on the matter never stopped ever since,” RT reports.

As Adam Entous writes for the Wall Street Journal:

Thursday, April 14, 2016

CA County Board Candidate Slams GMOs And Opponents In Debate

james-hintonBrandon Turbeville
Natural Blaze
April 14, 2016

No one can accuse James Hinton of being unclear on his stance regarding GMOs and GMO legislation. The Napa County Board of Supervisors, District 2 candidate has staunchly opposed GMOs since day one of his candidacy and has even made the issue a major part of his platform.

Hinton was also not afraid to raise the issue during the County Board of Supervisors debate held in April 2015. Indeed, in a world of corporate politics, it is rare to even hear the GMO issue being brought up, much less seeing GMOs so passionately opposed. But this is exactly what Hinton did as he took aim both at GMOs and Supervisor Luce when he stated this,

Supervisor Luce denied the will of the public. We were 15 and 0 in support of this letter and he said, we must remove the words “and state” and submit this. He would only support federal labeling which we all know is never going to happen which 535 people there aren’t going to agree on this – they’re so far away from it. There’s a 120 in the State of California Legislature that are much closer to doing this and we would have been much better to go with the state support. But the fact that he denied 15 and 0 unanimous support…

Hinton then transitioned to a personal story. He stated,

And I was told in 2013 I might have pancreatic cancer – I was 300 pounds suffering from psoriatic arthritis extremely bad and I made a switch from pharmaceutical drugs to organic medicine. And to an organic diet. Everything I ate was labeled – I knew what I was eating. They were all organic, non-GMOs. And I no longer have signs of cancer – I have benefitted so much off knowing what I’m eating and selecting organic food every time so I am in full support of this and I will fight everyday for state and federal leadership to fight against the GMOs that are making us all sick.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Geoengineering Escalation of 2016: Accounts of “Chemtrail Flu” Rise

The Geoengineering Escalation of 2016: Accounts of “Chemtrail Flu” Rise
Image Source: Dees Illustration
Cassisus Kamarampi
Era Of Wisdom
April 12, 2016

Have you been feeling ill lately? Perhaps you feel mentally foggy, feverish, congested, or weak in the heart? Are you experiencing itchy skin?
If so, you might want to carefully monitor your onset of symptoms, and see if they immediately follow aerosol spraying in the sky.

It’s hard to believe, but this is happening: people all over the United States have been reporting a blatant, easily observable escalation of geoengineering/chemtrail activity in the past 3 months, often followed by flu-like symptoms. I’m going to call this the “Geoengineering Escalation of 2016.”

If you’re not familiar with chemtrails/geoengineering, you might want to research the well documented and easily verifiable history of the US government experimenting on citizens with biological creations, often sprayed out of airplanes: from the 1966 San Francisco spraying of bacteria on unsuspecting civilians, to the 1955 “Operation Drop Kick,” which released infected mosquitoes on poor African American populations in Georgia and Florida without their knowledge or consent. A comprehensive timeline of experiments on US citizens can be found here.

For the geoengineering aspect of “chemtrails,” widely considered to be the more prevalent application of aerosol technology, you could watch Dane Wigington and his team of experts at Shasta County townhall, or this 2005 documentary entitled “Aerosol Crimes,” or the wildly popular “What in the World Are They Spraying”documentary, or Peter A. Kirby’s comprehensive history of geoengineering, either inaudio form orarticle form.

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - April 11, 2016

Brandon Turbeville
April 12, 2016

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - April 11, 2016

Brandon discusses the Panama Papers, Israel's connections to the "Syrian Rebels," the Syrian Crisis, and Kurdish federalization.



Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hillary On Iran – Candidate Hillary Supports The Deal. Will President Hillary Invade?

Image Source: Reuters/Gary Cameron
Brandon Turbeville
April 7, 2016

While Hillary has come out publicly and endorsed the Iran nuclear deal clenched by Barack Obama, Republicans were probably too busy calling for nuclear world war three to have noticed. Democrats, for their part, were too busy kneeling at the feet of Obama to pay too much attention to Clinton’s statement. However, for a few observers who were of the mistaken belief that Clinton’s past rhetoric is to be believed more than her behavior and track record, her statements may have come as a bit of a shock.

This is because Hillary’s past statements were much more pro-war and hawkish than her tepid endorsement of the Obama deal, itself nothing more than theatre to set the Iranians up for an eventual US invasion once NATO is done with Syria.

Michael Crowley of TIME writes,

Clinton brought a hard-line background to the topic of Iran. In April 2008 she warned that the U.S. could “totally obliterate” Iran in retaliation for a nuclear attack on Israel—prompting Obama to chastise her for using “language that’s reflective of George Bush.”[1] 
In Obama administration debates about Tehran’s nuclear program, Clinton opposed talk of ‘containment,’ a policy option that plans for a world in which Iran possesses a nuclear weapon. Preparing for containment implies a decision not to use military force to prevent an Iranian bomb in the event that diplomacy fails.[2]

Friday, April 8, 2016

Syria's Grand Mufti Claims "Rebels" And Their Sponsor Countries Working With Israel

israel syriaBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
April 8, 2016

In an interview conducted with Lebanon’s Al-Mayadeen TV, Syria’s Grand Mufti Ahmad Hassoun publicly accused the “Syrian rebels” of working with Israel. Hassoun, a major religious leader in Syria, claimed the “rebels” had repeatedly offered peace deals on the condition that Assad make concessions to Israel.

Ever since the Western-backed destabilization campaign began in 2011, Hassoun said, the Syrian government had repeatedly received unofficial offers from “rebel” groups suggesting that they would end their operations against Syria if the government would agree to various deals with Israel.

The “deals” proposed by the “rebel” groups included the expulsion of all the Palestinian resistance from Syria as well as the ending of all association with Hezbollah.

Hassoun also added that “al-Sham” (Syria) was once “a vast territory extending from the Sinai desert to Hejaz desert and was not divided into a small state,” but that France and Britain carved up for political purposes and that the same powers continue to try and divide it to this day.

Hassoun pointed out that “40,000 Muslims from Europe are fighting in Syria” and said that none of those fighters are pushing for the liberation of Palestine. He also pointed the finger at “several” Muslim countries who are fighting in Syria and Yemen, highlighting the fact that they are not fighting for Palestine. It is fairly clear that Hassoun was suggesting that these unnamed Muslim countries were also in league with Israel.

That ISIS fighters, “rebel” groups,” GCC and NATO forces are working with Israel for the purpose of destroying Syria is not really in question. Israel has long been providing healthcare to injured terrorists, patching them up and sending them back to the Syrian battlefield.[1] Israel has also been exposed for providing weaponry and other related supplies to terrorists fighting in Syria.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

DEA To Look At “Rescheduling” Marijuana Over Next Few Months

Brandon Turbeville
Natural Blaze
April 7, 2016

It is one of the most tragically comedic aspects of the War on Drugs that marijuana is classed in the same category as heroin and LSD by the U.S. Federal Government. Such a ridiculous classification would truly be worth laughing at if it did not bring along with it mass incarcerations, militaristic policing, untold millions of wasted money and a general police state.

The utterly useless Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) currently lists marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug, a list reserved for “the most dangerous drugs” that have “no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.” If one did not suspect that the U.S. Government’s War on Drugs was actually a cover for enslaving its citizenry, then he would be justified in wondering where the DEA has intellectually been since it was created.

Just to clarify – according to the DEA, marijuana is significantly more dangerous than cocaine. (Yes, you read that right.) That classification, however, might potentially change over the next few months. That is because the DEA has announced plans to decide “in the first half of 2016” whether or not the agency will reschedule marijuana. If the DEA should indeed reclassify the plant down to either Schedule 2 or Schedule 3, the decision would most likely open the door much wider when it comes to greater research regarding marijuana’s medicinal value.

The legal marijuana industry also stands to gain from any reclassification. But before anyone gets too excited, the DEA and the Federal Government are not suggesting that marijuana become legal at the federal level – it is only suggesting the reclassification of the plant. In other words, the U.S. Government is itself attempting to reclassify its policy on marijuana from incurable insanity to crippling and severe mental health issues.

Merle Haggard Dies At 79, Outspoken Opponent Of War And Chemtrails In Later Years

9664780923_f18531d40f_zBrandon Turbeville
April 6, 2016

On April 6, 2016 country music legend Merle Haggard passed away at the age of 79. Haggard was one of the most legendary country music performers and artists in the music industry with more than 36 number one country hits to his credit. Haggard’s career was more than that of a typical country performer. His songs touched a chord with the working man, the down and out and the outsider in a way that few artists could ever hope to do.

“Country music has suffered one of the greatest losses it will ever experience,” said Charlie Daniels on Twitter. “Rest in peace Merle Haggard.” Haggard was well known for country gems like “I think I’ll Just Stay Here and Drink,” “Mama Tried,” “Sing Me Back Home,” “The Bottle Let Me Down,” “If We Make It Through December” and “Silver Wings.” But he was also known for songs like “Okie from Muskogee,” a possibly satirical or possibly real (Haggard would never say which one) commentary on the cultural divide in the 1960s. Haggard was also known for “The Fightin’ Side of Me” an uber-patriotic song that Haggard himself claimed probably set “my career back 40 years.” While the latter song seemed to glorify some of the worst elements in American society at the time, in his later years, Haggard came to speak out against imperialist warfare.

Haggard also stood up for American farmers by taking part in Willie Nelson’s Farm Aid. What has gone surprisingly under-reported, however, is Haggard’s outspoken criticism of the practice of geoengineering – also known as chemtrails.

In his song “What I Hate” Haggard wrote: “What I hate is looking up and seeing/Chemtrails in a clear blue sky today.”

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Are 'Panama Papers' An Act Of Destabilization By Western Powers?

rs-panamananannananaBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
April 5, 2016

World media is now alight with reports surrounding the largest data leak in the history of journalism known as the Panama Papers. The 2.6 terabytes worth of information has apparently revealed dirty deals, money laundering operations, and tax avoidance schemes by some of the world’s most powerful people including celebrities, athletes, world leaders, politicians, and their relatives. In addition, over 200,000 companies, trusts, and foundations are mentioned and exposed in the leak coming from Mossack Fonseca, a Panamanian “law firm” that contains files with information such as “holdings of drug dealers, Mafia members, corrupt politicians and tax evaders – and wrongdoing galore.”

Mossack Fonseca is considered one of the world’s biggest creators of “shell companies,” corporate formations that can be used to hide the true owners of various assets. The data that was released by Mossack Fonseca includes contracts, emails, bank records, property deeds, passport copies and a host of other collections of sensitive information going as far back as 1977 to as recent as December, 2015.

As media outlet Zero Hedge describes the leak, “It allows a never-before-seen view inside the offshore world — providing a day-to-day, decade-by-decade look at how dark money flows through the global financial system, breeding crime and stripping national treasuries of tax revenues.”

As Sueddeutsche Zeitung, the outlet that received the leaks, summarized the new revelations:

Over a year ago, an anonymous source contacted the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) and submitted encrypted internal documents from Mossack Fonseca, a Panamanian law firm that sells anonymous offshore companies around the world. These shell firms enable their owners to cover up their business dealings, no matter how shady. In the months that followed, the number of documents continued to grow far beyond the original leak. Ultimately, SZ acquired about 2.6 terabytes of data, making the leak the biggest that journalists had ever worked with. The source wanted neither financial compensation nor anything else in return, apart from a few security measures. The data provides rare insights into a world that can only exist in the shadows. It proves how a global industry led by major banks, legal firms, and asset management companies secretly manages the estates of the world’s rich and famous: from politicians, Fifa officials, fraudsters and drug smugglers, to celebrities and professional athletes.

New Tool Quickly Taps Coconuts For Drinkable Coconut Water Bottles On The Go

Heather Callaghan
Natural Blaze
April 5, 2016

A company has invented a unique way to enjoy fresh coconut water anytime – even on the go.

“I wish I could enjoy the benefits of coconut juice anytime I want – without all the junk.”

“I wish it was easy to get coconut juice from the coconut.”

“I wish coconut water from a can was the real deal and wasn’t so expensive.”

“I don’t trust the coconut water industry and I don’t want more plastic in the landfills.”

If you have ever thought any of those statements, a company called Coco Taps has invented a solution to the coconut conundrum. (website)

Full disclosure – this is not a sponsored post. I received this product for free but not under any obligation to review it here. This is my true experience. Read our disclaimer.

Coconut water – especially fresh from the coconut – is so precious and amazing, it’s been used to replace human blood as early as World War 2 and today in third world countries. It is the ultimate, hydrating electrolyte treatment providing instant potassium among a near-perfect balance of other electrolyte minerals such as magnesium, calcium, sodium and phosphorous. Not to mention, it is loaded with vitamin B9, aka folate. These constituents and more make coconut water a wonderful blood builder. (source)

Kraft Quietly Removed Artificial Food Dyes From Their Mac And Cheese

15891656130_80c3852001_cBrandon Turbeville
April 5, 2016

When most major food corporations are forced to abandon toxic chemicals in their food products, the companies generally try to make as big a deal as possible out of the change so as to take full advantage of the positive public relations that result from it. But when natural health proponents scored another victory in December 2015, Kraft-Heinz didn’t say a word. And clean food activists had no idea the change had taken place. And what one would think would be a major announcement, Kraft-Heinz decided to remove artificial dyes from its Macaroni and Cheese products.

Instead, the product is now colored with anatto, paprika and turmeric.

There was no announcement from the company in regards to the changes. Only the disappearance from the list of food coloring from the ingredients on the box.

The real reason Kraft-Heinz did not announce their changes was simply because they did not want to create the perception that it was changing the texture or appearance of their product. Kraft-Heinz did not want to give consumers the ideathat anything was changing with its Macaroni and Cheese.

As a result, consumers continued purchasing the product which suggests that they approve.

Clearly, it is possible to continue to produce major products in massive amounts without harmful ingredients as Kraft-Heinz has demonstrated.

Cannabis Juice Company Gets Around DC Law

20116329_45f266d37e_zBrandon Turbeville
April 5, 2016

Despite the fact that Washington, D.C. has taken the positive step of legalizing the free exchange of an ounce or less of cannabis, marijuana sales are still illegal in the district.

But some entrepreneurs are finding ways around the law in a novel way. Companies like HighSpeed, which says it has about 300 customers in D.C., say what their company does is not illegal because consumers are not buying marijuana – they are buying juice.

On HighSpeed’s website, customers are able to pick a flavor of juice to be delivered. They can opt for their juice to come with “love,” “lots of love,” or “just juice.” Love equals about an eighth of an ounce of marijuana and lots of love is slightly larger than an eighth. Ironically, “just juice” is a randomly selected amount of marijuana that comes out to be around a gram.

According to HighSpeed spokeswoman, Rachel Bor, the company has run its plan by lawyers and will be continuing its operation.

We have no doubt that more lawyers, prosecutors, police and politicians will soon get involved in an attempt to prevent HighSpeed from providing a product that many people wish to purchase. In the meantime, however, the juice costs anywhere from $11 to $150 depending on the amount of “love” preferred.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016