Thursday, November 29, 2012

Food Stamp Biometric I.D. Program Introduced Under Guise of Fraud Reduction

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
November 29, 2012

At the beginning of 2012, I wrote an article entitled “Cashless Society: India Implements First Biometric ID Program for all of its 1.2 Billion Residents,” where I detailed the Indian UID program being implemented for purposes of “cutting down on corruption” in the distribution of social welfare benefits.

At the time, I wrote in the introduction to the article, “However, current events in India should serve not just as a warning, but also as a foreshadowing of the events to come in the Western world, specifically the United States.” But, while this statement was clearly not an outlandish claim, the fact is that the Indian UID is very similar to programs which are in operation all over the country and that have been operating since at least late 1998.

In some areas like Los Angeles, New York, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Texas, Arizona, New Jersey, and California, the slow emergence of the UID-style program for food stamp recipients is clearly evident. Many other areas of the country are considering the implementation of the program as well such as Florida, Maryland, Michigan, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania.

Like the Indian UID program, the roll-out of the American system will require the fingerprinting of individuals receiving food stamps under the guise of reducing fraud. Yet, like the early status of the Japanese version of the UID, the Juki-Net, the emerging American system is currently being implemented on a state-wide or local basis (county or city), with no administration by the US Federal government.

However, that is not to say that the Feds have no interest in the program. Indeed, as reported on the USDA’s own website, in May-June 1998, the USDA actually conducted interviews with representatives of human service agencies in most of these states to determine their feasibility in terms of reducing food stamp fraud.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Surveillance Grid Moves Ahead With VoIP Spy Technology

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
November 24, 2012

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Once upon a time, privacy was not a word that was foreign to the English language. In that time long ago, police and governments would often have to manufacture an incident (like 9/11) in order to successfully push for more legal powers to monitor private conversations or access data without a warrant.

However, in 2012, the premise of the invasion of privacy is no longer necessary. Now, the debate itself is a foregone conclusion that agencies will be granted greater power to surveil the populace. The only question taken into consideration is what might be the best method that these organizations can utilize in order to take advantage of these coming powers.

Such is now the case with various Internet chat services like Skype and other companies or products utilizing Voice over IP technology, which law enforcement complains makes the task of eavesdropping on “suspects’” communications much more difficult.

As explained by MassPrivateI in the article, “Police want to covertly eavesdrop (spy) on voice over IP chats,” Voice over IP software allows for individuals to “make phone calls over the Internet by converting analog audio signals into digital data packets.”

The article continues by stating,

Because of the way the packets are sent over the Web, sometimes by a 'peer-to-peer' connection, it can be complex and costly for law enforcement agencies to listen in on them. This has previously led some countries, like Ethiopia and Oman, to block VoIP services on 'security' grounds. In the United States and Europe, too, VoIP has given authorities a headache. The FBI calls it the going dark problem' and is pushing for new powers to force Internet chat providers to build in secret backdoors to wiretap suspected criminals’ online communications.

In other words, law enforcement is irate that a technology exists that does not allow them to easily and illegally monitor the private conversations of American citizens. This, of course, ignores the fact that government technology is light years ahead of anything available to the average person. Thus, to believe that surveillance technology for VoIP software does not exist already is clearly naive.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Biometric Gunshot Surveillance Net Will I.D. Shooters in Real-Time Across America

Brandon Turbeville
November 23, 2012
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With the recent announcement regarding San Diego police who are now using facial recognition technology to build and maintain a massive biometric database of their citizens, as well as the nationwide roll-out of department store dummies equipped with cameras and microphones used to recognize, record, and monitor shoppers, it appears that the biometric databasing of the American people has now been turned to overdrive.

However, treasonous law enforcement and Big Brother department store dummies are not the only methods by which the American people are being surveilled by recently introduced technology.

Now, programs have been developed that are able to detect gun shots from miles away in conjunction with high-resolution cameras and facial recognition software that allows for not only the location of the shots but the direct biometric identification of the shooter.

Essentially, the new programs being prepared for implementation all over the country (and the world), are designed to detect gun shots from a remote location via acoustic sensors. When the gunshots are detected and located through a quick process of triangulation, a high-resolution camera is then used to photograph the shooter’s face, which is then processed through a biometric database to determine the person’s identity. If the shooter is not yet enrolled in the police state database, the new technology can actually create a new record using the photograph.
In an excellent report entitled, “FaceFirst’s biometric software can use a database of photos to identify you in public,” which details the emerging facial recognition technologies, MassPrivateI, states, “The companies say this is the world’s first such detector to instantly ID a shooter, and aim to make it available to law enforcement agencies and private physical security firms.”

Friday, November 23, 2012

Gunshot Detection and Biometrics Merge to Form Real-Time Shooter I.D.

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
November 22, 2012

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Amidst the recent revelations regarding the use of facial recognition software by police in San Diego as well as its use by department stores via mannequins equipped with cameras and microphones, it appears that yet another facial recognition technology is being rolled out. This new introduction of yet another method by which to develop and utilize a massive database of American biometrics, like all the other programs, represents the further shredding of privacy rights as well as the fourth amendment.

The new program being referred to is the product of the partnership between two military industrial complex firms – Safety Dynamics and Airborne Biometrics Group (ABI). Both of these firms are thinly veiled creatures of the stampeding DARPA-style surveillance state and shadow government infrastructure now firmly in place the world over.

Essentially, the new programs being prepared for implementation all over the country are designed to detect gun shots from a remote location via acoustic sensors. When the gunshots are detected and located through a quick process of triangulation, a high-resolution camera is then used to photograph the shooter’s face, which is then processed through a biometric database to determine the person’s identity. If the shooter is not yet enrolled in the police state database, the new technology can actually create a new record using the photograph.

As Homeland Security Newswire writes,

Individuals who fire weapons with criminal intent will now have to think twice now that Safety Dynamics Inc. and FaceFirst have decided to join forces.

Working together, Safety Dynamics will combine its gunshot detection technology with FaceFirst’s facial recognition capabilities to automatically identify a shooter’s face in real-time.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Xbox Kinect Cameras and Smart TVs - Who is Watching Who?

Brandon Turbeville
November 20, 2012
Back in April, I wrote an article entitled, “CIA Home Invasion: Smart TVs and the ‘Internet of Things,’” where I detailed the roll-out of the then-new Samsung LED HD Smart Tvs and the inherent dangers that lay therein.

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At the time, the dangers related to the televisions were the fact that these new TV sets came fitted with their own built-in cameras and microphones, thus making the potential for remote spying intensely more acute. Coupled with a virtually simultaneous announcement by then-CIA Director David Petraeus that, due to the increase in the amount of household gadgets which are capable of being controlled by apps, the CIA would soon be able to read these devices via the Internet or radio waves outside of the home, the release of television sets with built-in cameras and microphones, some of which are attached to the Samsung cloud, should have been a cause for much alarm.

Unfortunately, the new Big Brother TVs were not met with serious skepticism nor did they even draw significant ire of privacy proponents. After all, what would the CIA or a corporation gain by watching you in your living room? Why would the government want to see you sinking lower into the couch? They have much more important things to do, right?

Aside from the obvious implications regarding the destruction of basic privacy or even the open desire held by governments and intelligence agencies to actually build a Total Information Awareness Network, one would find it difficult to find a manner in which cameras and microphones attached to one’s television would make the viewing experience any better. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Prince and the Pedophile: Charles' Connections to Pedophilia Networks

Brandon Turbeville
November 16, 2012

Fresh on the heels of the fallout from revelations regarding former BBC entertainer Jimmy Savile and his unbelievably sickening and innumerable instances of child molestation as well as the “look the other way” approach taken by the BBC, more and more questions are now emerging in regards to the connection between Savile and British Royalty, most notably Prince Charles.

At least, more questions should be emerging.

Unfortunately, however, the British mainstream media is deeming Prince Charles and the rest of his ilk in positions of power and perceived genetic royalty as if they are beyond reproach. This approach is typical and to be expected, yet it is also highly ironic considering the fact that such is the same position the mainstream media took with the allegations against Jimmy Savile for so many years.

As a result of the Savile affair, mainstream outlets, particularly the BBC, now have a lot of egg on their faces in the areas of credibility and respect.In short, any connections placing Prince Charles in an uncompromising position regarding his connections with Savile or his potential for sharing a penchant for unnatural relationships with children is being completely ignored if not officially covered up.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bilderberg Group Quietly Meets in Italy

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
November 15, 2012

While the attention of most Americans was focused on whatever trivia dished out from the mainstream media such as the current hot celebrity or the David Petraeus incident, it appears that the Bilderberg Group has arranged what some have described as an impromptu meeting in Rome, Italy.

Yet, although much of the European press is dark on the issue, which is unfortunately characteristic of the mainstream media in any nation, some Italian newspapers are reporting the information regarding the meeting.

According to 21stCenturyWire, the agenda apparently centered around the fate of EU countries such as Italy, Spain, and Greece, three nations that have been hit hard with the worldwide derivatives crisis and the subsequent imposition of austerity.

Various newspapers from all across Italy are reporting that around 80 members of the Bilderberg Group, particularly the Bilderberg Steering Committee, have been called to Rome for a semi-secret meeting to discuss the unfolding events of the engineered crisis.

In contradiction to the traditional methods of secrecy used by the Bilderberg Group such as renting entire hotels for days on end and dispensing with the guests and even some of the workers during the conference, this Italian Bilderberg meeting is taking place at the same time as another popular event, the Rome Film Festival.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Supreme Court to Rule on Police Access to DNA Samples For "Crime-Fighting Databases"

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
November 12, 2012

As the US Supreme Court meets privately over the next few days, it seems that all of the pieces of the puzzle are coming together in order to form what will undeniably be the most scientifically advanced dictatorship ever realized in world history.

Supreme Court Justices are currently meeting in private for the purpose of deciding whether or not to hear a highly important genetic privacy case regarding the possibility that government authority extends to taking DNA samples from anyone arrested for “serious” crimes. If the court rules in favor of the prosecutors who wish for greater access to DNA samples, convictions will not be necessary to require DNA from arrestees.

As David Kravetz writes for Wired, at least 21 states and the federal government have policies and laws requiring suspects to give DNA samples upon their arrest. In these states, DNA saliva samples are added into state and federal “crime-fighting databases,” effectively creating a catalog of individuals and their most personal information, even those not guilty of committing a crime.

Kravetz writes, “The issue confronts the government’s interest in solving crime, balanced against the constitutional rights of those arrested to be free from government intrusion.”

Monday, November 12, 2012

New Mysterious "Booms" Reported in New Jersey

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
November 11, 2012

Alongside the mysterious “booms” which were recently heard and felt all across the Pee Dee region of South Carolina, it appears that there were also reports of these same types of incidents occurring much farther north, this time in Manchester Township, New Jersey.

According to an NBC 10 report, broadcast on October 5, 2012, residents who experienced the event said that both the noise and the impact felt exactly like an explosion, with many stating that the impact actually shook the windows of their home.

NBC 10 conducted interviews with several of the Manchester Township citizens who all agreed that the sound and impact was akin to an explosion, with some interviewees stating that the “booms” were strong enough to frighten them awake.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bill Gates Malaria Vaccine Flops In African Trials

Brandon Turbeville
November 10, 2012
Dees Illustration
In what may prove to be a minor public relations setback for vaccine pushers like Bill Gates and GlaxoSmithKline, the much touted Mosquirix malaria vaccine recently rolled out in Africa has been officially demonstrated to be only 30% effective in babies.

Results from the final-stage trial administered by GSK appeared to demonstrate that the vaccine only provided “modest protection” for babies aged six to 12 weeks, with a reduction in the contraction of the disease by only 30%, a much lower number than what had been touted by those promoting the jab in the industry and the corporate media.

Reuters also reports that for children after the age of six months, a 65% rate was established. For children of five to 17 months old, the researchers claim a protection of around 50%.

In response to what Reuters has dubbed a “surprisingly poor result” for the vaccine, Bill Gates stated, “The efficacy came back lower than we had hoped, but developing a vaccine against a parasite is a very hard thing to do.”

Indeed, Gates is correct in suggesting the difficulty for creating a vaccine for a Protozoan, the type of parasite which causes malaria, This is because vaccines are supposedly designed to protect against viruses. Thus, the Mosquirix vaccine enters into the growing science of DNA vaccines – a research field which is expanding but also one in which the science is still very much out in regards to effectiveness, safety, and even possibility.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Numerous Reports of Mysterious Booms and Strange Lights Over South Carolina

Brandon Turbeville
November 8, 2012

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Several months ago I wrote an article entitled “Investigation Continues Into Source of Strange Michigan Area ‘Explosions’ and Radiation Spikes,” where I reported on the mysterious sounds and vibrations felt by countless individuals all over the state of Michigan. In this case, the corporate media, law enforcement, and the military typically tried to downplay the anomalies, even to the point of arresting activist journalists for appearing at the local military base with questions as to the nature of the disturbances.

In Michigan, residents all across the state and into Indiana, reported hearing loud explosions which actually rocked the ground hard enough to shake their houses. Bob Powell of The Truth Is Viral, who lives in the area, and is himself a military veteran, described the “explosions” as being similar to the firing of artillery both in sound and impact.

Recently, however, almost exactly the same kind of incident has occurred in South Carolina, spanning the entire Pee Dee region and all the way into North Carolina. On the evening of November 5, around 7:30-7:45 p.m., various law enforcement and local news agencies were contacted by individuals living in the Pee Dee region of South Carolina in reference to a loud “boom” that was large enough to shake their houses.

The reports were numerous around Pamplico, Johnsonville, Marion, Hemingway, Aynor, Nichols, Hannah, and Mullins. However, as stated earlier, reports also came from as far away as Evergreen, North Carolina.

Marion County dispatchers alone received more than 100 calls in ten minutes related to the “booms."

Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's Official: Liberals and Conservatives Becoming Zombies

Anthony Freda Art
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
November 8, 2012

In the wake of the 2012 Presidential election, the expected gloating over Obama’s victory and sulking over Romney’s defeat by their respective supporters is taking its typical turn toward the absurd, at least for those who are aware of the true lack of choice that was presented in this election. Anthony Freda Art

As every other failed presidential campaign in history has done, the Romney camp will soon come to grips with their loss. The Obama camp, however, will now be presented with four more years of a President who has been and will continue to be identical to the President they claimed to have hated for so many years.

As Obama continues to execute, for another four years, the very same policies implemented by Bush (and by Romney had he been elected), individuals who call themselves “liberals” or “progressives” will be faced with the challenge of defending what they perceive to be “their candidate” irrespective of reality, facts, and common sense.

Like the first four years, self-proclaimed progressives will continue to support the wholesale slaughter of innocent people in foreign countries, indefinite detention, banker bailouts, free trade, and a gross violation of civil liberties and Constitutional rights. While these very acts were once what liberals claimed was fueling their hatred of George W. Bush, it turns out that what passes for a progressive in 2012 is a rejection of war and totalitarianism directed by Republicans – not war and totalitarianism itself.

Indeed, when asking your average Obama fan their reason for such irrational support, one can scarcely receive an answer that does not have its root in false and divisive social paradigms such as his party, his race, or his age. Simply put, Obama supporters main reason for their allegiance to Barack Obama can be boiled down to two words – “He’s Obama!”

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Katerina Jeleva's Five-Year Battle to Reclaim Her Son From Rogue Family Court System Continues

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
November 5, 2012

Dees Illustration
As far back as May, I wrote an article entitled, “Utah Woman Has Son Stolen By DCFS Agent Despite Declaration of Innocence by Court and Social Services,” where I discussed the case of Katerina Jeleva, a Utah mother who has been victimized by an out-of-control Child Protective Services system. If you are new to this case, I encourage you to go to the article linked above in order to understand the background behind this present update on her case. You should also take a look at my article entitled, “Katerina Jeleva Continues Legal Battle to Rescue Son From Child Protective Services” for more details.

In short, when Katerina was conveniently served with a Protective Order by her ex-husband shortly after his own bankruptcy proceeding, Katerina’s son was immediately taken from her by DCFS agents and armed police. Yet, after repeated interviews and investigations by psychologists, sex abuse investigators, and other DCFS agents, it was determined that there was absolutely no evidence that Katerina had abused her son.

Soon after her son was returned to her, however, Katerina was served with yet another Protective Order by her ex-husband – this time with the help of rogue Guardian ad Litem, Amber Ruder. Once again, after the filing of the second Protective Order, Katerina’s son was forcibly removed from her, with police literally taking the child out of her arms.

The process of interviews and investigations thus began anew and, again, Katerina was exonerated. Yet, after being ordered to organize and facilitate the family therapy sessions, Guardian ad Litem Amber Ruder has flatly refused to obey the judge’s orders, telling Katerina that she “cannot and will not do this for you.” Ruder subsequently claimed that Katerina’s son may not be returned to her at all because the two have been separated for such a long time that it might traumatize the child to return to his mother. This is in regards to a child who, in the opinion of the child psychologist who interviewed him, showed signs of being coached by other adults in what to say to the therapist in order to implicate his mother in misconduct in the first place.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

'Smart City' Failures Dumped on Taxpayers

Brandon Turbeville
October 31, 2012
If there was ever any doubt as to whether or not the Smart Grid aspect of UN Agenda 21 is marching forward, recent developments in Boulder, Colorado should dispel such skepticism. Likewise, these developments should also make clear that so-called Smart technology is about much more than simply cost saving.
The relevant part of this story starts as far back as 2007 when Boulder entered into an agreement with XcelEnergy to enable the city to become the world’s first “smart city.”
For those who are unaware of what the terms “Smart Grid” and “Smart City” refer to, the Smart Grid is essentially a computerized system that allows the monitoring and control over energy use from power the plant source to every appliance in the home. Smart Grid technology is a major part of UN Agenda 21, the United Nations plans to herd a drastically reduced population into “human habitat areas,” meaning ultra-modern super cities with stack em’ and pack em’ dwelling structures and zero contact with nature and the outside world.
Smart Grid technology includes the infamous “Smart Meter,” which is not only a Big Brother spy device that monitors the amount of power consumed in the household (even down to the specific devices using that power), but it is also linked to a variety of adverse health effects as a result of the frequencies they emit.