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Hillary Clinton On Drugs – America In Prison

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Brandon Turbeville
February 29, 2016

When Hillary Clinton participated in a Town Hall event with Christiane Amanpour in 2014, Amanpour asked Clinton about her position on the legalization of marijuana. Clinton responded that she believed medical marijuana should be available for individuals who are experiencing “extreme conditions” but that she believes we should “wait and see” how the legalization of marijuana turns out at the state level before doing so at the Federal level.[1]

While many people may have looked upon Clinton’s hesitation to even go as far as the governments of a number of states in her drug policy as a bit behind the times, the truth is that Clinton’s new drug policy – heavy-handed and anti-freedom as it may be – is an improvement to her drug policy in the past.

While Hillary attempts to court the fanatical racist #Black Lives Matter movement (both Hillary and BLM are funded by George Soros), the truth is that anyone who criticizes the American Prison Industrial Complex would be remiss in their criticism if they did not mention the role that Bill Clinton (being cheered on by Hillary all the way) played in the development of that complex.

Jeff Stein in his Salon article “The Clinton Dynasty’s Horrific Legacy: How ‘Tough On Crime’ Politics Built The World’s Largest Prison System,” where he writes,

The explosion of the prison system under Bill Clinton’s version of the “War on Drugs” is impossible to dispute. The total prison population rose by 673,000 people under Clinton’s tenure — or by 235,000 more than it did under President Ronald Reagan, according to a study by the Justice Policy Institute.[2] “Under President Bill Clinton, the number of prisoners under federal jurisdiction doubled, and grew more than it did under the previous 12-years of Republican rule, combined,” states the JPI report (italics theirs). The federal incarceration rate in 1999, the last year of the Democrat’s term, was 42 per 100,000 — more than double the federal incarceration rate at the end of President Reagan’s term (17 per 100,000), and 61 percent higher than at the end of President George Bush’s term (25 per 100,000), according to JPI. 

Hillary Clinton: Supported By Major Gas And Oil Giants

Image Source: Washington Free Beacon
Brandon Turbeville
February 26, 2016

Right in line with Hillary Clinton’s support for the Fracking industry comes the funding and support of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign from a number of major oil and gas giants. At least in this instance, there are no surprises.

Many of these corporations are supporting the Clinton campaign through a semi-complicated method known as “bundling,” where agents of the corporation collect money from “private donors” and bundle them into a sizeable donation. It is, in a sense, an effort to skirt laws related to corporate donations to candidates and the limits set on private donations.

As Brandon Jordan writes for Mint Press News,

Lobbyists connected to fossil fuel firms are acting as bundlers for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign based on documents uploaded by journalist Lee Fang.[1] 

In a post last month for The Intercept, Fang highlighted how private prison lobbyists were helping raise money for Clinton’s campaign. Interestingly, the documents also highlight lobbyists—who also have gone through the revolving door—working on behalf of oil and gas companies.[2] 
. . . . .

Emailgate: The Hillary Emails

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Brandon Turbeville
February 26, 2016

In what has developed from a cursory spin-off issue from the Benghazi catastrophe in which US Ambassador to Libya and terrorist liaison Chis Stephens was killed, Hillary Clinton’s use of her private internet server and the server of the Clinton Foundation for emails that contained sensitive and confidential material has now ballooned into a major controversy in true Clinton fashion.

Judge Andrew Napolitano summed up the gist of the controversy in a few short paragraphs in his article “Hillary Lies Again,” where he wrote,

It now appears that Mrs. Clinton was managing her war using emails that she diverted through a computer server owned by her husband’s charitable foundation, even though some of her emails contained sensitive and classified materials. This was in direct violation of federal law, which requires all in government who possess classified or sensitive materials to secure them in a government-approved venue. 
The inspector general of the intelligence community and the inspector general of the State Department each have reviewed a limited sampling of her emails that were sent or received via the Clinton Foundation server, and both have concluded that materials contained in some of them were of such gravity that they were obliged under federal law to refer their findings to the FBI for further investigation. 

Friday, February 26, 2016

CDC Docs Reveal Deceptive Media Campaign To Instill Fear, Anxiety To Push Flu Vaccine

CDC Mass HysteriaBrandon Turbeville
February 26, 2016

Recently, a presentation stemming from the Centers for Disease Control regarding a flu vaccine awareness and uptake program has been making the rounds on a number of natural health and alternative media websites.

Entitled “Increasing Awareness and Uptake of Influenza Immunization,” by Dr. Glen Nowak, acting director of media relations for the CDC and associate director for communications for the NIP/CDC, reads more like a cross between Edward Bernays, Zbigniew Burzynski and an aggressive corporate marketing firm than anything related to public health.

Nowak’s presentation is supposed to be a short talk about how to best encourage the public to accept vaccinations and encourage vaccine uptake. However, the presentation is actually a list and chronological display of how to manipulate statistics, take advantage of mass media, create mass hysteria and capitalize on a witless and frightened public to achieve the aims of the CDC.

Realistically speaking, the presentation reads more like a wartime psy-op and propaganda manual than a public a service announcement. Nowak’s presentation begins by pointing out that “good (i.e., effective) communication is a necessary but usually only partially sufficient condition for achieving desired behaviors,” and “facts, figures, and statistics in and of themselves, don’t equate to good communication (nor does more information equal good communication).”

Nowak then gives and example of a commonly used type of propaganda related to vaccines. He writes, “‘it strikes 2 million Americans each year. And complications from this kill up to 200, 000 people a year – more people than breast cancer, car crashes, and AIDS combined. The good news is, in most cases, this can be prevented.’ What is it that causes this harm? (and does having this information change your behavior)”

Kerry's Plan B For Syria Equals Brookings, Brzezinski Plan A

brzezinski_geopoliticsBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 26, 2016

In his testimony to a U.S. Senate committee regarding the Syria ceasefire agreement brokered by the United States and Russia, Secretary of State John Kerry didn’t express much optimism for the success of the plan. That is not surprising, however, since no informed observer has any real hope for the success of the ceasefire because the agreement seems to lie largely in the hands of the Western-backed terrorists, of which none of whom are moderates.

Despite the lack of enthusiasm in his presentation, Kerry went through the motions of Congressional testimony when an agreement has already been made and a public show is required for mass consumption. What was telling about his testimony, however, is Kerry’s allusion to a mysterious “Plan B” if the ceasefire agreement does not work.

“There is a significant discussion taking place now about a Plan B in the event that we do not succeed at the [negotiating] table,” Kerry said. But he did not go into specifics as to exactly what that Plan B would look like. That is, except for a slight comment suggesting that the U.S. may have to shift its policy from the total destruction of the Assad government and Syria as a whole to almost total destruction of the country in the form of partitioning and dividing the country into separate principalities.

To this end, Kerry only stated that it could be “too late to keep as a whole Syria if we wait much longer.”

Yet Kerry’s “Plan B” sounds very much like the “Plan A” of a number of other strategists, policy makers, and imperialist organs.

Assad Adviser: West's "Moderate Rebels" Are The "Only Opposition In The World Who Are Agents Of Foreign Countries'

_70928575_70928574Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 26, 2016

Bouthaina Shaaban has been an effective and dominating figure representing the Syrian government in Western media for years now. Having delivered a number of fiery rebuttals to Western governments and the claims made by their State Departments and media mouthpieces, the political advisor to President Bashar al-Assad has recently returned to the Western media circuit to respond to questions regarding fighting terrorism in Syria and the upcoming implementation of a U.S. – Russian brokered ceasefire there.

In her interview to largely sympathetic RT, Shaaban stated that dialogue between the Syrian government, “rebels,” and other “opposition forces” would legitimately be held “whenever the opposition is able to get together and be at the table.” She also pointed out that the so-called “opposition” has yet to even agree on the makeup of their own delegation.

“For five years they [Syrian opposition] have not been able to have a dialogue, because each party of this opposition belongs to a different country and is paid by different countries. They are not an opposition that have a political party in Syria and that have grown from the Syrian people. This is the only opposition in the world that are agents of foreign countries against their own country,” she said.

Pointing out that both the Syrian and Iraqi armies are doing their best to defeat and destroy ISIS, she also reiterated that “We are running the country according to its constitution... We are fighting terrorism as we should, and we are forthcoming in pursuing any political solution.”

Shaaban specified that the interference of both regional and international players has prevented Syria and Iraq from defeating the terrorist organization and restoring peace to their respective countries. “If it were not for the support [of militants groups] by regional parties – in particular Turkey and Saudi Arabia, it would not be difficult to defeat ISIL. But the money, the resources, the facilitation comes from these countries to IS. [IS] doesn’t live in a vacuum.” She added that not only has ISIS received support from countries in the region but also “political support of the United States and the West.”

South Carolina Bill To Legalize Marijuana Faces Uphill Battle

icons-842849_960_7201Brandon Turbeville
February 25, 2016

In a sign that the tide is beginning to turn in terms of public opinion of marijuana, there is now a new push to legalize medical marijuana in South Carolina.

Never known for its reasonable drug laws even the Palmetto state is being forced to admit that not only does marijuana not cause ax-murders and terrorism, but that it has a substantial amount of benefits.

The bill, H4037, is being examined this congressional session and will focus specifically on THC.

There are three state representatives sponsoring the legislation: Peter McCoy, John King and Jenny Horne.

There are some medical uses for marijuana that would be beneficial not only for kids with epilepsy, but for patients with post-traumatic stress disorder, fibromyalgia, terminal cancer,” said Representative Horne. “Other states have done this quite successfully and we’ve looked at some of the other states who have done it well and kind of modeled the legislation off those other states.”

Horne pointed out that the passage of a bill that legalized the use of CBD oil in 2014, has allowed the Medical University of South Carolina to conduct clinical trials using CBC oil. Likewise, she says that H4037 would bring similar opportunities to the state.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Saudi Generals Sign 'Secret' Letter To Monarch, Gov't Warning Against Invasion Of Syria

Saudi Military
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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 25, 2016

As a shaky ceasefire agreement is set to take hold in Syria on February 27, the threat of a NATO-backed Turkish, Saudi, Qatari, and UAE military invasion of Syria remains looming in the background.

By now, the Saudis and the Emirates have been revealed for the paper tigers that they are by virtue of their disastrous military campaign in Yemen. While the Saudi/UAE forces have managed to return the Hadi government to semi-power in parts of Yemen, a battle against rag tag rebels wearing sandals and carrying light arms has nevertheless decimated much of the Saudi-led coalition forces.

Thus, any threat to invade Syria (without the full backing of the U.S., NATO, or Turkey) is not likely to strike terror in the hearts of the Syrian military.

A number of Saudi generals have also recognized the feebleness of Saudi military power, however, and have, in a top secret document, warned the Saudi government of involving itself militarily in Syria. The generals also warned of “dangerous consequences” such as “national instability” in the event of Saudi involvement.

Below is the translated document, addressed to the Saudi Monarch, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers, and the Minister of the Interior. The document was translated by Ziad Fadel of Syrian Perspective, a Michigan Supreme Court certified translator for Arabic/English:

“THE KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA In the name of Allah, the Compassionate and the Merciful Illegible 

'OK, Big Brother:' Evidence Shows ISIS Fighters Working With Turkish Military To Cross Syria Border

1031061957Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 24, 2016

Tempting fate and risking both prosecution and shut down, Turkey’s Cumhuriyet newspaper has recently revealed yet more evidence that Turkey is collaborating directly with ISIS terrorists and assisting them across the border into Syria.

The Turkish paper has published new transcripts of telephone conversations between Turkish military officers and ISIS/”jihadist” fighters.

These documents allegedly stem from a court case currently moving through the Turkish judicial system in the Ankara 3rd High Criminal Court relating to the Islamic State. The investigation apparently began when six Turkish citizens reported to law enforcement officials that their family members had joined ISIS. Around 19 people were monitored as a result and 27 individuals were charged. Cumhuriyet published the first batch of documents in December, 2015 which where subsequently reported by the independent and alternative media in the West.

These new transcripts, however, are supposed to be conversations between Turkish military officers and Mustafa Demir, a leading ISIS figure based near the Syrian-Turkish border.

As Cumhuriyet writes, “The transcripts and the documents in the investigation revealed that Demir received money… from smugglers at the border and cooperated with the officers as far as [border] crossings are concerned.”

RT provides a sample of some of the interactions between Demir and Turkish military officers:

In the first transcript, translated into English by Today’s Zaman, Demir is talking to a Turkish military officer. 
- […] where are you, big brother? At the place where I told you to be? 
- Yeah. We also saw you, your men… 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hillary Clinton: Anti-Labor, Anti-Working Class

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Brandon Turbeville
February 23, 2016

In general, Clinton’s “silence” as a lawyer and corporate board member, backstage coaching as First Lady, votes as Senator, policies as Secretary of State, and positions as candidate for President in 2016, all lead to one conclusion – that Hillary Clinton is a member of the aristocratic class and is an enemy of the poor and working class of the United States. Clinton is firmly in the grips of Wall Street and, as such, is firmly anti-labor. At least she is “anti-labor” any and everywhere except for the campaign trail.

Hillary’s close connections with Wall Street banks and major corporations notwithstanding, it is important to point out her role as Wal-Mart corporate board member where she “remained silent” about the attempt by the corporation to fight unions and remove the possibility of collective bargaining from ranks of Wal-Mart employees.

As Kevin Young and Diana C. Sierra Becerra of Solidarity wrote in their article “Something That Might Be Called A Neo-Con: Hillary Clinton And Corporate Feminism,”

Hillary Clinton’s record on such issues is hardly encouraging. Her decades of service on corporate boards and in major policy roles as First Lady, U.S. Senator, and Secretary of State give a clear indication of where she stands. One of Clinton’s first high-profile public positions was at Walmart, where she served on the board from 1986 to 1992.[1] She “remained silent” in board meetings as her company “waged a major campaign against labor unions seeking to represent store workers,” as an ABC review of video recordings later noted.[2] 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

BBC Film Maker Discovers Saudi, UAE Cooperation With al-Qaeda In Yemen

isis psyopBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 23, 2016

At some point, it seems like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and the rest of the GCC would simply admit they are funding and supporting jihadists and al-Qaeda terror groups across the world. After all, an official public announcement is, at this point, merely a formality since it is apparent to all who follow the developments of international terrorism and geopolitics with even a slight amount of critical thought.

Still, despite the ample evidence that GCC member states are some of the largest financial supporters of al-Qaeda, the Western mainstream press has opted for the “shadowy” and “wealthy Islamist donation” theory of al-Qaeda funding. But even with such staunch cover provided by a media apparatus itself tightly controlled by relevant western governments and intelligence agencies, the myriad of connections between the jihadist terrorist organization and the GCC cannot be fully hidden.

For instance, a documentary film maker working for the BBC has recently brought back evidence of collaboration between the Saudi-led coalition and al-Qaeda fighters in Yemen.

The film maker, as part of her mission, filmed fighters from the United Arab Emirates and those from “jihadist” brigades. The film maker discovered that, not only were the jihadists and the coalition members fighting the same enemy (Houthi rebels opposed to the government of Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi) but that they were doing so in a coordinated fashion.

The coalition publicly denies supporting the jihadists but Safa al-Ahmad, the BBC film maker discovered just the opposite upon her trip to Taiz, an embattled city under control of jihadist fighters but essentially surrounded and cut off by Houthi rebels.

Al-Ahmad spoke to “militia” fighters conducting operations against the Houthis from a hilltop near Taiz who were doing so with the tactical assistance of UAE troops. Al-Ahmad was warned by one of the groups not to film them and was later warned that they were offended by the presence of a women in their midst. She was informed they were members of Ansar al-Sharia.

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - February 23, 2016

Brandon Turbeville
February 23, 2016

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - February 23, 2016

Brandon discusses the 2016 primaries and a list of demands and platform points on which to build the foundations of a political revolution and a movement towards a better world. Brandon also discusses the Syrian crisis.



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Hillary Clinton's Civil Liberties Record

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Brandon Turbeville
February 22, 2016

By now, civil libertarians should be fully aware that, if they are looking for a candidate that reflects their values, the best rule of thumb would be to find Hillary Clinton on the map of the political spectrum and move in the opposite direction.

Perhaps the most obvious bell weather of Clinton’s respect and support for American civil liberties can be seen in her support for the PATRIOT Act.[1] Clinton wholeheartedly supported the passage of the PATRIOT Act in the dark days after 9/11, voting for the act as a member of the US Senate. Five years later, Clinton once again expressed support for the evisceration of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution by voting for the 2006 reauthorization of the PATRIOT Act.[2]

In April 2014, Clinton appeared at the University of Connecticut where she suggested that Snowden was guilty of treason and possibly working with the Russians and the Chinese. Although her words were not direct, her position was clear enough. As Emma Roller wrote for the National Journal,

Speaking at the University of Connecticut on Wednesday night, Hillary Clinton made a restrained but nonetheless damning attack against Edward Snowden.

At the event, an interviewer asked Clinton whether she thought the former National Security Agency contractor's disclosures about its domestic spying programs had any positive effects on American security policy or public discourse.

Without ever explicitly mentioning the NSA's spying programs, Clinton justified their utility in protecting the U.S. from another terrorist attack in the wake of 9/11.

Friday, February 19, 2016

As Russia Bombs Terrorists In Syria, NATO Members Repeat Calls For 'No-Fly Zone," War

us-military-intervention-in-syria-could-start-in-jordanBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 18, 2016

As both the rhetorical and military situation begins to heat up in Syria, Turkey and the NATO powers appear to be doing everything in their power to launch yet another direct invasion of a sovereign nation. In the shadow of U.S. airstrikes, Turkish shelling of Syrian positions, and the massing of Saudi “troops” and aircraft inside Turkey, the concept of a “no-fly zone” is once again being trotted out as a legitimate solution to the Syrian crisis.

Of course, a “No-Fly Zone” is nothing more than a cover for a direct NATO invasion of Syria, which has been the goal ever since it became clear that terrorist proxies were simply not enough to get the job done. While Syria has been turned into the world’s most visible conflict zone, the Western powers have failed in their goal of turning it into Libya 2.0 and the Russian involvement has effectively prevented them from merely bombing Assad into the Stone Age as was done to Ghaddaffi nearly 5 years ago.

Still, the calls for a “no fly zone” come from Western governments, the GCC, and the Western mainstream press despite the fact that ISIS has no air force, nor do any of the other terrorist groups and groupiscules operating in Syria today. Thus, it is clear that the real enemy here is the legitimate government of Bashar al-Assad.

For instance, Angela Merkel, the wretched German Chancellor, has already made renewed calls for a “No Fly Zone” in Syria on Tuesday and again in the German parliament on Wednesday. She preposterously suggested that such a zone could be created as the result of an agreement between the Syrian government, “opposition forces,” and ISIS as a “sign of good will.”

"In the current situation, it would be helpful if there was an area there in which none of the warring parties carry out attacks by air - so a type of no-fly zone," she added .

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton And Israel - Hillary's Bob And Weave Can't Hide Her Support For The Settler State

image source: Philosopher's Stone
Brandon Turbeville
February 18, 2016

While those on the Republican side of the aisle are able to parade their support for the brutal, racist, and horrific Zionist settler state of Israel as a positive aspect of their campaigns, Democrats generally need to be a little more couched in terms of their position on Israel. This is not because the Democratic Party is any less dedicated to the facilitation of the Israeli campaign of extermination of the Palestinians, promotion of Israeli aggression in the Middle East, or any less beholden to AIPAC or the Israel lobby than the Republican Party. It is merely because a sizeable portion of the base of the Democatic party are either legitimately anti-war, opposed to genocide, or simply consumed with the desire to take up human rights causes (real or imagined).

Hillary Clinton, however, has been open in her unwavering support for the Zionist settler state on numerous occasions.

For instance, in 2000, when Clinton was running for New York Senate, she became embroiled in a Senate debate that essentially turned into a contest of who could placate and pledge to allegiance to Israel the most. Clinton seems to have won that debate.[1] Consider the brief exchange:

Q: In recent weeks, scores of people have been killed in the Middle East. In view of what’s happened, do you think there should be a Palestinian state now? 
CLINTON: Only as part of a comprehensive peace agreement. That’s always been my position, that [it should] guarantee Israel’s safety and security and the parties should agree at the negotiating table. A unilateral declaration is absolutely unacceptable and it would mean the end of any US aid. 
LAZIO: That’s a change of heart for Mrs. Clinton, because back in 1998 you called for a Palestinian state. You undercut the Israeli negotiating position. The people of New York want to have somebody who has a consistent record. For eight years I have been consistent and strong in my support for the security of the state of Israel. Without equivocation. Without a question mark next to my name. 

Propagandist Robert Ford Goes For Round Two With Syria Researcher Vanessa Beeley . . . And Loses!

propagandaBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 18, 2016

In early January, 2016 Syria Researcher Vanessa Beeley found herself in the midst of a Twitter debate with none other than terrorist supporter and death squad organizer Robert Ford. The former U.S. Ambassador was apparently upset with Beeley’s challenge to the official State Department narrative of “Assad’s brutality” and shortly commenced to debating her in a private message.

Beeley published that conversation in her article, “Disseminating Fake Information: Conversations With State Department Propagandist Robert S. Ford, Former U.S. Ambassador To Syria,” and it can also be viewed in my own article “Syria Researcher Destroys Former U.S. Ambassador And Terrorist Supporter Robert Ford On Twitter.

After this correspondence was published by Beeley, Ford was apparently ready for Round Two and, after expressing his dissatisfaction at having the previous correspondence published, began to engage her in yet another debate surrounding the nature of the Syrian “rebellion” and the true perpetrator of the atrocities witnessed in Syria today.

Below is a sampling of that discourse as posted by Vanessa Beeley in her article “Moderate death squads: Conversations with former US ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford.

Ford’s credentials as a fomenter of sectarian division and facilitator of “regime change” forces inside target nations goes way back and is well documented. When this was mentioned during a twitter exchange, Ford took umbrage and engaged me, again, on private message. Ford was keen to refute the accusations levied against him and his former colleague, John Negroponte. Negroponte is notorious for his “Salvador Option”, the creation of death squads in Honduras to assassinate resistance to the US supported regime. Ford and Negroponte worked side by side in Iraq. Ford was Political Counsellor during Negroponte’s tenure as US Ambassador to Iraq 2004/5. During this time there is significant evidence of the death squad blueprint being re-deployed in order to suppress, torture and massacre opponents of the US regime change operations.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Brandon Turbeville : "Les connexions entre les États-Unis et Daesh sont sous nos yeux"

Brandon Turbeville. DR.Brandon Turbeville
February 16, 2016

Mohsen Abdelmoumen : Ne pensez-vous pas que l'accord sur une trêve en Syrie que les USA ont obtenu de la Russie vise à donner un nouveau souffle aux groupes terroristes pour leur permettre de se réorganiser, mais aussi d'effacer les traces de liens entre les Etats-Unis et Daech ? Certaines informations provenant de diverses sources de renseignement révèlent que des éléments de Daech ont été exfiltrés suite aux bombardements russes, qu’en pensez-vous ?

Brandon Turbeville : Je pense que la raison principale derrière le cessez-le-feu était une tentative des puissances occidentales, particulièrement des États-Unis, pour faire gagner du temps aux terroristes en Syrie, qui sont maintenant en fuite à cause de l'aide russe fournie à l’Armée Arabe Syrienne. Les connexions entre les États-Unis et Daesh sont sous nos yeux - depuis la campagne de bombardement “inefficace”, les liens entre pratiquement tous les autres groupes luttant contre le gouvernement syrien jusqu’à al-Qaïda et Daesh, et les documents de la DIA divulgués qui ont révélé que la création d'une “principauté salafiste” était en fait le désir des États-Unis et de leurs alliés. Donc, éliminer simplement des éléments spécifiques des groupes terroristes n'effacerait pas nécessairement les connexions claires entre les États-Unis et Daesh. Souvenez-vous que Daesh n’est que la suite d'une série de changements de noms opérés par al-Qaïda et al-Nosra, pas une armée mystérieuse qui est apparue au milieu du désert sans avertissement.

Il est vrai que permettre l’éradication des groupes désignés comme ISIS pourrait satisfaire la curiosité de certains, mais cela éliminerait également la justification d’une implication américaine directe en Syrie et il est peu probable que les puissances de l'OTAN veuillent que cela se produise. Souvenez-vous aussi que c'est un schéma que nous avons vu depuis que les militaires syriens ont commencé à lancer une série de contre-offensives réussies il y a quelques années et encore plus depuis la participation russe. J'entends par là que chaque fois que les terroristes - appelez-les comme vous voulez : "ISIS", "Nosra" ou "rebelles modérés" - commencent à gagner du terrain, les puissances occidentales crient pour qu’Assad démissionne. Après, il n'y a pas de négociations. Mais, lorsque l'armée syrienne gagne du terrain, nous entendons des appels incessants pour la "paix" et des "cessez-le-feu".

Brandon Turbeville: "The connections between the United States and Daesh are there for all to see"

Brandon Turbeville. DR.Brandon Turbeville
Mohsen Abdelmouman.over-blog
February 16, 2016

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: Do you think that the agreement on a ceasefire in Syria that the US has got to Russia is not intended to give a new breath the terrorist groups to enable them to reorganize, but also to erase the traces of links between the United States and Daesh? Some information from various intelligence sources reveal that Daesh elements were exfiltrated further to Russian bombardments, what do you think?

Brandon Turbeville: I think the major reason behind the ceasefire was an attempt on the part of the Western powers, particularly the United States, to buy time for the terrorists in Syria who are now on the run because of the Russian assistance being provided to the SAA. The connections between the United States and Daesh are there for all to see – from the “ineffective” bombing campaign, the links between virtually all other groups fighting against the Syrian government to al-Qaeda and Daesh, and the leaked DIA documents that revealed the creation of a “Salafist principality” was actually the desire of the U.S. and its allies. So simply eliminating specific elements of the terrorist groups would not necessarily erase the clear connections between the United States and Daesh. Remember, Daesh is merely the progression of a series of name changes made by al-Qaeda and al-Nusra, not some mystery army that appeared in the middle of the desert without warning.

It is true enough that allowing groups designated as ISIS proper to be eradicated might satisfy the curiosity of some but it would also eliminate the justification for direct American involvement in Syria also and it is not likely that the NATO powers want to see that happen. Also remember, this is a pattern we have seen since the Syrian military began launching a series of successful counter-offensives a few years ago and even more so since the Russian involvement. By this I mean that, whenever the terrorists (call them what you will – “ISIS,” “Nusra,” or “moderate rebels,”) begin to gain ground, the Western powers scream for Assad to step down. Then, there is no negotiation. But, when the Syrian military gains ground, we hear incessant calls for “peace” and “ceasefires.”

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Geneva Is A Deception: In Syria, Peace Will Be Won On The Battlefield

1033270920Afraa Dagher
Activist Post
February 16, 2016

Peace talks are being held for Syria in Geneva while Syria itself is bleeding because of the so called moderate rebels’ blasts. Unfortunately, we are used to such reactions from the terrorists since the same thing happens before every peace conference regarding Syria.

At the moment the peace talks began in Geneva, these so-called moderate rebels, backed by the United States and its regional allies, particularly the Wahhabist Saudi Arabia, began their suicide bombings in pro-government provinces like Syeda Zainab. In this town, located in the Damascus countryside, we saw a suicide attack that claimed the lives of more than 63 civilians with many more injured. Only days before, suicide bombings took place in Homs, leaving large numbers of martyrs and injured residents in its wake.

We suppose that, by these acts, the terrorists sent a clear message to the “Saudi delegation” and vice versa that the two stand in solidarity with one another. After all, killing civilians is a normal feature of the Wahhabi kingdom. And who can ignore their crimes in Yemen? Why should Syria be any different?

It is also important to mention that any peace talks that take place should be between Syrian actors only and not the “Riyadh delegation” since they most assuredly represent Saudi Arabia more than anyone in Syria.

Still, in the face of such atrocities and international aggression, Syria continues to launch successful offensives in Aleppo and Latakia provinces and achieve magnificent victories over Erdogan’s fighters.

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - February 15, 2016

Brandon Turbeville
February 16, 2016

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - February 15, 2016

Brandon discusses the 2016 elections, potential to sabotage the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Syrian crisis, and the Avaaz network.



Russia Warns Of 'Permanent War' As Turkey, Saudi Arabia Set To Invade Syria

russia natoBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 15, 2016

As the Syrian government is swiftly gaining control over the terrorists who have run rampant all across the country for the past five years, NATO and the GCC are kicking their provocations into high gear. Unfortunately, if NATO is prepared to go all the way in its goal to destroy the Syrian government, the rest of the world may find itself locked in the midst of a third world war.

Such a possibility is exactly what Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev warned about in an interview with German newspaper, Handelsblatt. When asked about the recent announcement by Saudi Arabia that the feudal monarch is considering sending ground troops to Syria, Medvedev responded that “the Americans and our Arab partners must consider whether or not they want a permanent war.”

Medvedev stated that such an operation “draws everyone taking part in it into a war.”

Yet that has not stopped the Saudis or the Turks from preparations for an invasion of Syria or from becoming increasingly aggressive in the meantime.

For one, Saudi Arabia has sent jets to Turkey’s Incirlik Airbase, where NATO planes are already stationed. Mevlut Cavusoglu, Turkish Foreign Minister, stated on February 13 that the jets would be deployed at Incirlik and that Saudi Arabia and Turkey would be engaging in “ground operations” in Syria under the guise of fighting ISIS. As Hurriyet Daily News reported,

“This is not an issue for Turkey or Saudi Arabia alone, we have been saying that the coalition should be doing this,” Çavuşoğlu said when asked about reports of a possible ground operation against ISIL by Turkey and Saudi Arabia in Syria.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Hillary Clinton And The Dicks In The White House

Image Source: Mother Jones
Brandon Turbeville
February 12, 2016

Gary Aldrich, a disgruntled former FBI agent who served in the Clinton White House, has dished on many of the depraved dealings of both Bill and Hillary Clinton. Ranging from the raunchy to the criminal, few of Aldrich’s accusations have reached the level of bizarre that his claim of Hillary’s choice of Christmas tree decorations was able to reach.

Aldrich wrote a book about his experiences with the Clinton White House entitled “Unlimited Access,” in which he detailed a number of concerning experiences. In his book, Aldrich relates how, according to him, Hillary had the White House Christmas tree decked out with penis ornaments, phallic symbols, condoms, cock rings, and drug paraphernalia. In a number of excerpts from pages 101-106, Aldrich recounted what he claims took place during the Clinton holiday. He writes,

. . . . Just before Decorating Saturday, I ran into some of my old team members from the previous Christmas…

. . . . . .
“You aren’t missing anything. You wouldn’t believe what they’re calling ‘Christmas decorations’ this year. It’s unbelievable. In fact, it’s downright disgraceful. There’s this one ornament, a clear lucite block, and inside are some old computer parts, and that’s a Christmas ornament, see?”

Sunday, February 14, 2016

South Africa’s Secret Plan To Sterilize Blacks Through Vaccines

706x410q70rebecca-reconciliation-subbedmBrandon Turbeville
February 14, 2016

South Africa’s apartheid system will always be known for the tragic example of the institutionalized racism that it was as well as for all of the horrific acts of oppression, violence and dehumanization it produced. Much of what took place under the system will never be revealed as both its victims and perpetrators have taken the information to their graves. However, what is known already is more than enough to prove that such a system must never be instituted again.

A number of years after the end of the apartheid system in South Africa, a Truth and Reconciliation Committee was established to reveal the wrongs that had been committed against the people of South Africa and to begin the process of healing and reconciliation between the parties. Yet even during the process of “uncovering” many of the atrocities committed against black South Africans some of that information has been largely ignored throughout the decades after the system ended; most notably, a system of attempted genocide of black South Africans by means of a national vaccine program.

Some of that information came to light in January 1997 when Wouter Basson was finally arrested by South African authorities. A cardiologist by trade Basson was also the head of Project Coast, South Africa’s secret chemical and biological warfare program.When searching his car, hundreds of secret documents were found that revealed the program’s covert operations including connections, contacts, and murder weapons.

As Jerome Amir Singh wrote in his article for Endeavor, entitled “Project Coast: Eugenics in Apartheid South Africa,

The Clinton Climate Obsession: Minus The Environmentalism

hillarydictionaryBrandon Turbeville
Natural Blaze
February 12, 2016

While oligarchs like Hillary Clinton continue to prattle on about disproven theories such as that of man-made CO2 – based Climate Change, the planet continues to be raped and pillaged by international corporations, deforestation, pollution, and general overuse without a peep from the likes of Clinton or the alarmist Al Gore. Indeed, much like Al Gore, Hillary Clinton was recently seen boarding a private jet – quite the carbon emitter and fuel drinker – hours after launching the non-statement of her plans for a “greener” climate if she wins the Presidency.[1]

Hillary Clinton’s plans to fight “climate change” as President are, like most of her 2016 positions, almost indecipherable from her website or her current statements on the campaign trail. For her actual opinions and plans, we can only look to the periphery and the past.

At this point, it is important to note some very basic problems with the theory of “anthropogenic Man-Made Global Warming. Unfortunately, given the detailed nature of “climate science,” it is impossible to provide a detailed summation of the thoroughly debunked theory of Anthropogenic Man-Made Global Warming, at least as it relates to the non-existent and entirely invented theory of CO2 as a poisonous and planet killing gas. [2] [3] Suffice it to say that the earth was much hotter in the past, thus indicating that we are well within the norm of climate ups and downs.[4] [5] [6] In addition, it is important to mention the fact that global warming has not taken place in the last eighteen years despite the rigging of science equipment and faulty computer models to prove the opposite, thus calling into question whether the planet is actually still warming at all.[7] [8]

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Kerry Calls For Peace As NATO Proxies Lose Ground In Syria

nato-eagle-backgroundBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 11, 2016

The pattern is almost unmistakable for any observer with an adequate attention span – when the terrorists are gaining ground, the calls from the NATO corners are a united chorus of “Assad must go!” When the SAA is gaining ground, however, that chorus becomes united with calls for a “ceasefire.”

Thus, as the SAA continues to make immense gains across Syria and as the battle for Aleppo has all but seen the terrorists huddled inside the city completely eradicated, Secretary of State John Kerry is calling for a ceasefire at the top of his lungs.

As Michelle Nichols of the Huffington Post writes,

World powers pressed Russia on Wednesday to stop bombing around Aleppo in support of a Syrian government offensive to recapture the city and a Western official said Moscow had presented a proposal envisaging a truce in three weeks' time. 
Secretary of State John Kerry is pushing for a ceasefire and more aid access to Aleppo, where rebel-held areas are being cut off and the United Nations has warned a new humanitarian disaster could be on the way. 
. . . . .

Kerry is hoping for agreement at a meeting in Munich on Thursday between Russia, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other powers, aimed at trying to revive peace negotiations that foundered earlier this month.

Afraa Dagher On Greek News On Demand With John Kountouris

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The European Rape Crisis: The Cause, The Reasons, And The Solutions

Image Source 
Brandon Turbeville
February 10, 2016

The crisis in Syria, entirely created by NATO, the GCC, Israel, and the West, is now having repercussions across the entire globe. These repercussions are coming not only in the form of mass numbers of dead civilians, lowered living standards, dangerous geopolitical chess moves between nuclear powers and tremendous strains on economies but also in terms of mass migration and social upheaval.

The displacement of tens of thousands of Syrians whose lives have been destroyed by NATO and the West is now placing the indigenous people of NATO countries in a moral quandary – whether or not to welcome the victims of the wars their governments have launched without their permission or to turn them back as a threat to the already lowered living standards of the average citizens of the West and to what is left of their culture.

Coupled with the fact that the majority of “refugees” are not refugees at all but immigrants from other locations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) who are coming to Europe and America for economic reasons and purposes other than asylum from warfare, assimilation programs in Europe and America are overwhelmed, Western cultures are being destroyed, and economies are facing an even greater low-wage competition for jobs. Already lowered living standards are thus being lowered further.

There is an immense clash of cultures taking place in Europe as masses of “immigrants” from cultures vastly different from those of the West have now been placed directly in the middle of European society. General crime is now increasing in Europe as a result, violent attacks on indigenous Europeans is becoming a regular occurrence, and rape has skyrocketed beyond belief. Indigenous Europeans are even being forced out of their homes to house “refugees” and thousands of years of historical cultural norms are being changed to accommodate foreigners.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - February 8, 2016 - Interview with David Icke

Brandon Turbeville
February 9, 2016

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - February 8, 2016

Brandon interviews David Icke. The two discuss the Phantom Self, Transhumanism, Consciousness, Intuition, and the nature of reality.


The Phantom Self

Hawaii Vaccine Bill Dead On Arrival

hawaiian-hula-dancers-aloha-stadium-dod-photoBrandon Turbeville
February 8, 2016

After significant public outcry against a Hawaii state bill that many claim would have led to mandatory vaccination, Hawaii lawmakers have wisely killed the legislation. The death of the bill represents a victory for vaccine-rights advocates and proponents of civil rights and liberties.

Senator Rosalyn Baker said on Thursday that the bill would not move forward shortly after hearing opposition arguments. The bill was largely focused around adopting federal vaccination guidelines but apparently had many other provisions regarding vaccination requirements.

As the Daily Mail reports:

Baker said the bill didn’t pass because there seemed to be “so much confusion and a lot of misinformation” about what it would do. 
Sen. Will Espero, who is on Baker’s committee, said he hasn’t seen a lawmaker do that before. 
“Normally she would wait to the end of the agenda,” Espero said. “But in this case, she felt that it might be best before we get to the other bill to just share with them that, ‘FYI, I hear you, and I’ve made the decision.’ ” 
Baker’s decision shows how the public can be involved in making laws, Espero said.
Supporters of the bill say it would have helped the Hawaii Department of Health address public health crises quickly. They said given the potential for diseases to spread rapidly, it’s important to be able to adopt vaccination rules swiftly. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Days After Saudi Announcement, UAE Is Also 'Prepared' To Send Ground Troops To Syria

UAE+armyBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 6, 2016

Only days after Saudi Arabia announced its foolishness to the world in a statement revealing that the feudal Gulf monarchy is prepared to send ground troops to Syria under the guise of fighting a terror group it actually supports, the United Arab Emirates made a similar announcement.

UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Anwar Gargash stated at a news conference in Abu Dhabi that "Our position throughout has been that a real campaign against [ISIL] has to include a ground force.”

He also stated that "US leadership on this" would also be a prerequisite for the UAE’s military involvement.

He did not clarify how many troops would be sent by the UAE but he did state that "We are not talking about thousands of troops."

With the United States put somewhat in check by the Russians, there remains very little else available to NATO other than to risk a direct military conflict with Russia or to find new proxy forces to do the dirty work of the empire.

The West, apparently, has found a way to combine both strategies – i.e. the possibility of igniting a third world war and the raising of a proxy army to do much of the fighting.

Iran No Longer Accepting Dollars For Oil; Demanding Euros Instead

death-of-the-petrodollarBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 8, 2016

Even with a number of U.S. sanctions against Iran coming to an end, the Iranian government has recently made a very important decision in regards to its oil payment system and it could spell bad news for the United States. This is because Iran has apparently decided to no longer accept U.S. dollars for payment on both its new and outstanding oil sales. Instead it will receive its payment in Euros.

Reuters has cited an official from the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) as stating that the new plan will apply to “newly signed deals” with France’s Total, Russia’s Lukoil, and Spain’s Cepsa.

Reuters quotes the official as saying that “In our invoices we mention a clause that buyers of our oil will have to pay in euros, considering the exchange rate versus the dollar around the time of delivery.”

In addition, Iran is also informing its trading partners, including India, that owe it billions of dollars that it now prefers to be paid in Euros instead of dollars.

"Iran shifted to the euro and cancelled trade in dollars because of political reasons,” the official source said, pointing out that this policy was concocted during the time of the sanctions.

Hossein Yaqoubi-Miab, the director for international affairs department of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI), has stated that plans have already been made to receive the Euro payments from India which total about $6.5 billion.

Saudi Arabia 'Prepared' And 'Willing' To Send Troops To Syria

saudi_arabia_militaryBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 8, 2016

ISIS and other related al-Qaeda fighters are facing a rout in Syria. In addition, the famed “moderate rebels” - themselves non-existent - are no help for the West. Despite the best efforts of feudal monarchies in the Gulf, Israel, the United States, and NATO, Syria has resisted the destruction foreign powers have wished to visit upon it. In fact, not only has Syria resisted a foreign invasion, it is now set to visit destruction on the very forces invading it.

With the United States put somewhat in check by the Russians, however, there remains very little else available to NATO other than to risk a direct military conflict with Russia or to find new proxy forces to do the dirty work of the empire.

The West, apparently, has found a way to combine both strategies- i.e. the possibility of igniting a third world war and the raising of a proxy army to do much of the fighting.

Enter Saudi Arabia.

On Thursday, Saudi Arabia announced that the kingdom would be willing to send its troops to Syria in an effort to “fight ISIS.” Of course, Saudi Arabia has been one of the staunchest allies of ISIS and other terror groups fighting against the Syrian government since the beginning of the crisis so it is not reasonable to belief that any military action taken by the KSA will be directed at anything other than the Syrian government.

Radioactive Water Is Leaking From NY Nuclear Plant, Governor Warns

indian_point_hope_abramsBrandon Turbeville
Natural Blaze
February 8, 2016

In an era where lead, bacteria, fracking and Fukushima are all competing to see which can be the most destructive to clean drinking water supplies in the United States, a new contender has emerged – the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant in New York. This is because radioactive water leaking from Indian Point has reportedly contaminated the groundwater surrounding the facility.

A statement issued from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office revealed that,

“Radioactive tritium contaminated water leaked into the groundwater” beneath the facility. What’s more, Indian Point sits on the bank of the Hudson river and is only 25 miles north of New York city.

The owner of Indian Point, Entergy, “reported alarming levels of radioactivity at three monitoring wells, with one well’s radioactivity increasing nearly 65,000 percent. The facility reports that the contamination has not migrated off site and as such does not pose an immediate threat to public health.”

The governor described the leak as unacceptable and stated that an investigation would be conducted by the New York department of environmental conservation and Department of Health “to determine the extent of the release, it’s likely duration, cause and potential impacts to the environment and public health.”

Explosive Upsurge in Virus Causing Tumors on Endangered Sea Turtles

Green Sea Turtle, Five Graves, Makena, Maui, Hawaii
Brandon Turbeville
Natural Blaze
February 8, 2016

No one knows for sure what is causing it, but one thing is for certain, sea turtles off the coast of Florida are increasingly becoming sick and the numbers of sick turtles are starting to alarm the veterinarians treating them.

Doctors and staff at the Turtle Hospital near the Florida Keys are reporting that cases of fibropapillomatosis are exploding. It’s a disease caused by a herpes virus. “When I first started here 20 years ago, I would do 6-8 of these a month. Now we are doing 6-8 a week,” said veterinarian Doug Mader.

Many of the turtles that wind up in the hospital are covered in tumors with some having growths on their necks, underbellies and even their eyes. A number of the turtles have such massive growths that they are blinded or otherwise disabled, yet the doctors have no idea what is causing this increasing in fibropapillomatosis cases.

Some conservationists have suggested that the increase in cases of tumors is simply because the population of sea turtles itself has increased. Green sea turtles were listed as an endangered species in 1976, but the numbers of turtles nesting have reached record highs. Still, their status may only be changed from endangered to threatened as early as March of this year.

Some experts have predictably blamed the increase of illness on global warming, while others have suggested more plausible reasons such as agricultural run-off and increasing pollution.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton: Changing Positions At Every Election

Image Source: Hypeline
Brandon Turbeville
Era Of Wisdom
February 7, 2016

As the tide of public opinion goes, so goes Hillary Clinton’s campaign rhetoric.

Note the term “campaign rhetoric” here since it is not Clinton’s true positions that change, it is only her words that ride the political wind.

If America is sick of war, Hillary is sick of war (except for the new one). If America is angry at banks, Hillary is angry at banks (except when she votes to bail them out). If Americans are beginning to question vaccine safety, Hillary questions their safety. If trendies are afraid of getting sick and there is a temporary false consensus that vaccines work, Hillary is pro vaccine. The list goes on and on.

Below are only a few points on which Hillary Clinton has made an about-face in regards to her alleged positions on the campaign trail.

Vaccines - In stark contrast to candidate Clinton in 2008 when questions over the safety and effectiveness of vaccines were coming to the political consciousness of the American people, Hillary has now become a vocal cheerleader of Big Pharma and vaccinations.

While her opinion is odious enough on its face, it is quite the change from the opinion she held as a candidate in 2008 when she stated that there was the possibility that vaccines were linked to autism.[1] In fact, she wrote in a campaign questionnaire that she was committed to finding out the causes of autism, including “possible environmental causes like vaccines.”[2]

Saturday, February 6, 2016

TSA Conducting "Bag Checks" At Donald Trump Event

659932_1280x720Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 6, 2016

For years, many in the alternative media have been warning that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), complete with its grope downs and naked body scanners, will eventually be expanded from airports and begin conducting operations on the “streets” of America.

These warnings generally suggested that the TSA would first be conducting operations like bag checks in non-transportation-related areas such as sporting events, concerts, and theatres and, eventually, be expanded even further.

Those warnings have officially come true in Florence, South Carolina as Presidential candidate Donald Trump came to town for a large campaign rally on February 5, 2016.

Upon entering the Florence Civic Center, attendees were greeted with bag checks, metal detectors, and wands being operated by both the Florence County Sheriff’s Office and the TSA.

The TSA presence appeared to be limited to extra bag search personnel and this writer, who arrived shortly before the main event started, did not witness the presence of any naked body scanners or full body pat downs being conducted.

Still, the presence of the TSA at a political event is extremely concerning considering the fact that such an event has absolutely nothing to do with transportation.

Brandon Turbeville on Sputnik International's Red Line - February 6, 2016

Red LineBrandon Turbeville
February 6, 2016

US Presidential Race: Are the Kings of the Road Dethroned?

The results of the Iowa caucus came as a bitter pill to both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, with their leadership challenged by Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders, who are both geared to bring even more big surprises in New Hampshire.

In an article entitled “Iowa Caucus Results: 6 Things That Explain How It Happened”, written by Jessica Taylor and carried by NPR, the author opens by saying that “Donald Trump thought he could upend Iowa caucus traditions. The gamble didn't pay off. Hillary Clinton hoped she could wipe away her campaign nightmares of eight years ago by posting a solid win over an insurgent Bernie Sanders. Instead, her margin of victory over Sanders was vanishingly small. Those were just some of the surprise twists from Monday night's results.”

She then elaborates on a list of 6 factors that explain the dramatic results, concluding that “Huge turnout didn't just benefit Trump — it also helped Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio… On the GOP side, it was a three-way race for evangelical voters… Ground games and retail politics still matter… Rubio peaked late at just the right time… Sanders couldn't replicate Barack Obama's 2008 youth coalition…(and) Clinton still has a problem with liberals and progressives”.

Igor Pellicciari, professor at the LUISS University in Rome and lecturer at the Higher School of Economics (studio guest); Eric Shiraev, professor of international relations and political psychology at George Mason University (Fairfax, Virginia); and Brandon Turbeville, writer and geopolitical analyst (Iowa) commented on the issue.

U.S., Russia "Base Wars As Turkey Allegedly Prepares For Invasion

russiaamericaBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
February 5, 2016

The chess pieces are continuing to be set by the world’s two superpowers in Syria in steps that are slowly leading to the possibility of a direct military confrontation between them. That is, if the United States and NATO do not abandon their pipe dreams of world hegemony and the destruction of the secular government of Bashar al-Assad.

The latest chess pieces being moved around on the board come in the form of air bases now being set up and expanded by both the United States and Russia inside Syrian territory.

According to reports from a number of media outlets, most notably Al Jazeera and Foreign Policy, the United States has now taken control over the Rmeilan Airbase in Northeastern Syria, in the Hasakah Province.

The information was first reported after a Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) spokesperson told Al Jazeerathat U.S. troops have taken control of the airbase in order to “assist” the SDF in their “fight against ISIS.”

The SDF is made up of a number of participants – mostly Kurdish, but also members of the Free Syrian Army, and other “moderate cannibal” groups fighting Assad and, allegedly, ISIS. The SDF has been supported by the United States in the past.

Hasakah, and the Rmeilan Airbase specifically, are located in the Northeastern tip of Syria, close to both the Iraqi and Turkish borders thus making the base a strategic location.

Friday, February 5, 2016

SC Floods Reveal A Need To Nationalize The Fed, Jumpstart American Infrastructure

image source: NPR
Brandon Turbeville
Era Of Wisdom
February 5, 2016

As the flood waters began to rise in South Carolina, so did the level of awareness that the vast majority of South Carolinians were wholly unprepared for such a disaster. But local governments also proved themselves to be unprepared, poorly prioritized, and inept and dealing with the destruction left by a historic amount of rainfall over the Palmetto state.

As the flood crisis got under way, South Carolina saw its major cities inundated with so much water that city centers were unnavigable without a boat, coastal areas saw houses collapse, and both city and rural areas saw roads wash out completely. With dams bursting and bridges washing away, local governments, citizens, and emergency management personnel clearly had their hands full. Most of them, to their credit, did their jobs well enough with the resources they had.

However, the floodwaters have raised an important issue for the state of South Carolina and for the rest of the country – infrastructure.

While the force of nature is capable of amazing and terrifying demonstrations of power that manmade structures often cannot withstand, the fact that much of South Carolina’s infrastructure crumbled so quickly is both a testament and a warning to the general public about just how weak America’s infrastructure has become.

While, admittedly, South Carolina saw a record amount of water during this recent crisis, significant portions of infrastructure showed signs of collapse early on with numerous highways simply washing away, bridges collapsing, and dams bursting.

Monsanto’s Glyphosate Now Most Widespread Weedkiller In History

13948990857_c86fd5f40d_cBrandon Turbeville
February 3, 2016

A new landmark study entitled “Trends in glyphosate herbicide use in the United States and Globally,” published in Environmental Sciences Europe has labeled Monsanto’s herbicide glyphosate as the most widely and heavily used weedkiller in both U.S. and world history.

Glyphosate of course is the main ingredient in Monsanto’s famous Roundup herbicide product. The paper which was published on Feb 2 2016, claims that as of this time, 18.9 billion pounds of glyphosate has been used across the world.

According to a press release by Environmental Working Group,
In 2014, enough glyphosate was sprayed to leave more than three-quarters of a pound of the active ingredient on every harvested acre of cropland in the U.S., and remarkably, almost a half pound per acre on all cropland worldwide (0.53 kilogram/hectare).
Dr. Charles Benbrook, the author of the paper, stated that, “The dramatic and rapid growth in overall use of glyphosate will likely contribute to a host of adverse environmental and public health consequences.”

As EWG points out, since genetically engineered Roundup ready crops were publicly introduced in 1996, glyphosate use has risen almost 15-fold.

EWG also highlights the heavy dousing of agricultural products with glyphosate over a concentrated amount of time:

Hillary Clinton: Fracking America

hillary clinton frackingBrandon Turbeville
Natural Blaze
February 4, 2016

There are essentially two kinds of environmental initiatives – the kind that are legitimately geared to protect the planet, animals, and humans and the kind that are anti-progress, de-industrializing, and based on political ideologies. Whenever one examines the positions of Hillary Clinton, it is easy to see that the latter occupies the vast majority of her environmental stances while the former rarely enters into the equation.

Such is the case with her support and promotion of fracking. While Clinton constantly promotes her fantasies of a de-industrialized America on the altar of disproven man-made CO2 based Global Warming theories, the destruction of whole drinking water supplies, landscapes, and ecosystems is buoyantly promoted.

The environmental watchdog organization, Food and Water Watch released a short description of the toxic effects the process of fracking – using pressurized water, sand, and toxic chemicals with which to break open shale deposits in the earth.

Food and Water Watch describes just a few of the dangers of fracking in the following way:

Affordable access to clean water is a public health issue and a human right. Fracking requires large amounts of fresh water in order to extract natural gas from the ground – about five million gallons of water per well. That water is mixed with sand and toxic chemicals, including over 100 suspected endocrine disruptors and carcinogens. Wastewater from fracking and water that escapes from fracking wells can pollute our streams, lakes and rivers, and ultimately our drinking water.