Friday, May 30, 2014

Brandon Turbeville on Truth Traveler with Erin Dakins, May 29, 2014.

Brandon Turbeville on Truth Traveler with Erin Dakins, May 29, 2014.

Vince Finelli of appears as guest and co host.

Brandon discusses Syria, Ukraine, Zbigniew Brzezinski, radiation, fluoride and the culture industry among a host of other topics as well.



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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Democracy Comes To Syria, West Demands Democracy Come To Syria

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 28, 2014

Although the Western media reports regarding the Presidential elections currently taking place in Syria attempt to portray the event as a “sham election” or nothing more than a political stunt, evidence coming out of the country seem to show quite the opposite.

Indeed, the elections, which include Assad as one candidate among three, are experiencing widespread participation from Syrians inside the country as well as those who have been displaced in the region and around the world.

For instance, in a recent article from the Associated Press, reports of Syrian refugees in Lebanon wishing to vote (mostly for Assad) were so ready to enter the polling booth in the Syrian embassy in Lebanon, that a virtual riot ensued, resulting in Lebanese security beating the voters with batons and sticks.

The Syrians flocked to the voting stations by the thousands, causing traffic jams, with some even abandoning their own vehicles and walking the distance to the embassy. Such is the desire to participate in the vote.

The majority of those amongst the crowd in Lebanon were Assad supporters, with many chanting their support for Assad while waiting to cast their vote.

The elections are being held inside Syria but also at Syrian embassies that are not controlled by the Western-funded opposition due to the displacement of Syrian citizens across the world.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Role of NATO and the EU on Brzezinski's Grand Chessboard

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 28, 2014

On the first of May, 2014, Tony Cartalucci of Land Destroyer wrote an article entitled “Ukrainian Crisis Was Always About Containing Russia,” where he argued that “NATO's continued existence is hegemonic in nature - its meddling in Ukraine an act of war against Russia.”

In addition, Cartalucci also wrote that “what we have witnessed over the past several months is not ‘Russian aggression,’ but the premeditated destabilization and overthrow of the elected government of Ukraine, and a resulting, and continuously escalating confrontation with Russia as Moscow reacts to the reappearance of Nazis along its borders, backed by NATO and the EU.”

Cartalucci also discussed the importance of the expansion of NATO, particularly in the context of Ukrainian membership into the organization as a method of expanding the Anglo-European empire to the doorstep of Russia on yet another front.

As Cartalucci writes,
So what is NATO doing with Nazi militants in Ukraine? The same thing Adolf Hitler was doing - establishing "breathing room." While the West attempts publicly to portray the crisis in Ukraine as Europe reacting to Russian aggression, behind semi-closed doors they are very open about their agenda in Ukraine and elsewhere along Russia's peripheries - it is and always was about the expansion of Europe and the containment of Russia. 
Recently the corporate-funded NATO think tank, the Atlantic Council, celebrated what it called, "anniversaries of crucial importance to the transatlantic community, including the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the 15th anniversary of NATO's first post-Cold War enlargement, and the 10th anniversary of the "big bang" enlargements of both the European Union and NATO." These "enlargements" all took place after the fall of the Cold War - in other words, after NATO's mandate for existing expired. Yet the alliance continued to grow, and not only did it grow, in tandem with the European Union, it did so directly toward Moscow's doorstep with every intention of eventually absorbing Russia as well.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Militarized Police Occupy Myrtle Beach Bike Week

Dees Illustration
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 26, 2014

For residents of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Memorial Day Bike Week, (aka “Black Bike Week”), has long been synonymous with vastly increased crime, violence, and destruction of property. Likewise, the event attracts a high number of police that set up shop to detain and harass attendees with roadblocks and other traditional hallmarks of a police state.

Despite the city’s dependence on tourism, most residents and business owners generally dread the event year after year. Between the police and the crime, “Black Bike Week” is a great reason to get out of town if you live in Myrtle Beach.

Yet, while nonsensical violence has come to be expected at the rally year after year, the spate of shootings that occurred during this past event, Memorial Day Weekend 2014, has made national headlines. With three people being killed at a hotel early on, new reports surrounding the shootings were barely off the presses before another shooting took place, injuring two people at a Myrtle Beach resort.

Yet the real story is not so much the shootings (although anti-gun fanatics have predictably latched on to them) or even the investigative response of law enforcement. Instead, the story might be the militarized presence of police stationed in Myrtle Beach which should remove all doubt that civilian policing has been turned into military occupation.

This is because many of the police stationed in and around the Myrtle Beach area during the bike rally could scarcely be distinguished from National Guard troops or regular Army soldiers.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Russia, China Veto UN Security Council Resolution on Syria

image source
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 22, 2014

As was expected by most observers familiar with the geopolitical alignments surrounding the Syrian crisis, both Russia and China vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution on Thursday that would have empowered the International Criminal Court to “investigate and prosecute war crimes” in Syria.

The resolution was sponsored by France and was supported by the United States as well as a number of other Western nations. The measure received 13 “yes” votes from the Security Council, which is made up of 15 nations, the only “no” votes coming from Russia and China.

This vote marks the fourth time that Russian and Chinese veto power has been utilized to prevent UN and Western meddling into the affairs of the Syrian people.

The Russian veto was no surprise, of course, since the Russian Ambassador Vitaly I. Churkin, announced on Wednesday that Russia would veto the measure, calling the resolution a “publicity stunt.”

The Chinese position was more in question, however, although it was not expected to support the resolution. Considering the fact that the Russia veto was all but guaranteed, it was surmised that China might simply abstain from the process. However, the Asian and soon to be world power decided to cast its veto instead.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

U.S. Sends Military Personnel To Chad

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 21, 2014

It has now been officially announced that the United States will yet again be committing troops to a foreign theatre.

As FOX News reports, President Barack Obama formally announced in a letter to Speaker of the House John Boehner on Wednesday, May 21, 2014, the deployment of 80 U.S. military personnel to Chad under the pretense of helping locate the 300 Nigerian schoolgirls allegedly kidnapped by Boko Haram.

The White House stated that “These personnel will support the operation of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft for missions over northern Nigeria and the surrounding area.”

Lt. Col. Myles Caggins, the Pentagon spokesman, further explained that the military team will be composed mostly of Air Force personnel who will be responsible for operating unmanned, unarmed drones.

These drones will be flying out of an airstrip in Chad, a country which shares a small portion of its Western border with Nigeria.

Other military personnel will be acting as “an armed security force” to protect the team operating the drones.
Obama stated that the team will remain in Chad as long as their presence is necessary.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Ukraine And Its Position on Brzezinski's Grand Chessboard

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 15, 2014

Throughout the conflict currently taking place inside Ukraine, it is often a frustrating ordeal to attempt to explain the hidden mechanisms at work in the battle for the strategically vital European nation.

Indeed, to convey the fact that the initial Euromaidan protests were instigated by the United States and Anglo-European powers in order to gain a strategic advantage over and antagonize Russia is difficult enough.

To further explain that Russia, who has geopolitical and imperial aspirations of its own, is acting defensively in its response to the destabilization efforts while, at the same time, attempting to extend its own level of control over Ukraine, is an equally difficult task.

However, assuming that the complex nature of the Ukrainian situation can be accurately conveyed, one question that almost always arises is “Why?” “Why is Ukraine so important?”

In order to answer this question it might serve us well to consult the work of powerful insider Zbigniew Brzezinski in his book The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives.

It should be remembered that it was in this very book that Brzezinski uttered the famous statement that “America is too democratic at home to be autocratic abroad. This limits the use of America’s power, especially its capacity for military intimidation. Never before has a populist democracy attained international supremacy. But the pursuit of power is not a goal that commands popular passion, except in conditions of a sudden threat or challenge to the public’s sense of domestic well-being.”[2]

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Two-Party Absorption: The Death Knell Of Independent Political Activism

Brandon Turbeville
The Anti Media
May 14, 2014

For decades, those few Americans who have dedicated their precious time and energy to working toward a better future for themselves and their children – regardless of the issue of their focus – have seen all their hard work come to naught as their organizations, labor, and intellectual commitments become absorbed by one or both of the two Wall Street parties. This absorption, if the issue is genuine, almost never leads to the adoption of the original idea or the implementation of the activists’ demands but rather a total watering down of the message, complete with partisan bickering and division until those players who initiated the discussion to begin with are lost in the Democrat-Republican disputes.

Yet this is not merely an attempt by the two Corporate sub-parties at harnessing the energy of grassroots activists into their own political machines. It is a coordinated attempt at derailing those campaigns entirely and shaping the very will of the people that, given half a chance, would have sided with the groups on the ground. Instead, the average person is left with nothing more than the will of the one party system presented to them in saccharine form and catered to their own inbred political pedigrees.

The fact is that, anytime an issue of concern to the American people or the cause of a true grass roots movement is taken up by one of the major parties, the death knell of that cause has been sounded.

By now, many should be able to accept the fact that the two major parties are bought and paid for by Wall Street and major corporations in addition to its being a tightly controlled cover operation for the ensconced state apparatus.

While this two party system serves a variety of functions from the standpoint of the national and world oligarchy, one of its important aspects is the ability to co-opt and redirect legitimate political activity emerging at the grassroots level and use the energy and momentum of that activity toward the goal of the oligarchy even as it appears to be doing just the opposite.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville, May 12, 2014 - Video


Brandon interviews Arnold Hoekstra, the first Canadian fired for refusing a vaccine. Brandon also discusses the Cliven Bundy fallout. - See more at:
Brandon interviews Arnold Hoekstra, the first Canadian fired for refusing a vaccine. Brandon also discusses the Cliven Bundy fallout.
Brandon interviews Arnold Hoekstra, the first Canadian fired for refusing a vaccine. Brandon also discusses the Cliven Bundy fallout. - See more at:

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville, May 12, 2014

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville, May 12, 2014

Brandon interviews Arnold Hoekstra, the first Canadian fired for refusing a vaccine. Brandon also discusses the Cliven Bundy fallout.



Monday, May 12, 2014

The Asian Pivot and the Revolving Empire

How America's Asian Strategy Spells Potential Disaster

Brandon Turbeville
May 12, 2014

With the obvious decline of the United States and the simultaneous rise of China as both an economic and military world power, the increasingly provocative nature of the relations between these two nations draws up a roadmap for a potentially dangerous future conflict that is global in scope.

The “Asian Pivot” of the Obama administration has served only to open up one more front on the geopolitical battleground for world hegemony, a stage that already has more than enough potentially explosive players to involve the entire world in the most destructive confrontation ever witnessed in recorded world history.

Indeed, the situation in Asia remains volatile, particularly when coupled with the growth of China and its economic expansion across the world and the antipathy held toward China by Japan who is increasingly attempting to break free from American domination while, at the same time, using every available resource to block the Chinese expansion to what it views as its own historical land claims.

This traditionally tense relationship between China and Japan is compounded by Barack Obama’s recent statement that the United States supports Japan’s claims to the Senkaku islands and that the United States would thus be bound to defend Japan if the conflict took a military form.

Yet, short of documenting the history of the Japanese-Chinese – American friction and geopolitical tug of war, it may be helpful to consult the words of documented insider, Zbigniew Brzezinski, in his book The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives.[1]

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Latest Propaganda Against Syria: Chlorine Gas From Iran Via China

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 8, 2014

Having now heard the claims that Assad has used chemical weapons against his own people or againstWestern-backed death squad fighters on numerous occasions only to find shortly thereafter that those claims were either entirely fabricated or that the death squads themselves were the responsible party, the chemical weapons lie now stands as the false narrative that the West simply refuses to let go.

Thus, the recent attempt by Western governments and their media mouthpieces to suggest that Iran is supplying the Syrian military with chlorine bombs to use against death squad forces should, at least initially, ring hollow.

For instance, in articles such as “West Fears Iran Is Supplying Chlorine Bombs To Syria” by Con Coughlin of the Telegraph, it is suggested that Iran has ordered 10,000 chlorine canisters from China and funneled them to the Syrian government via a regular air freight route between the two countries.

The sole source of this information provided by the Telegraph is a report by the Israeli military news agency Debkafile. Beyond that, there is the citation of “Western security officials” and vague reports of “photographs provided by intelligence satellites” in order to bolster the claims that the flights between Iran and Syria are shipping chlorine weapons.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hillary Clinton Calls To "Rein In" Gun Culture

image source
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 7, 2014

By now, it is nothing more than a formality to say that Hillary Clinton is only “thinking” about running for President in 2016. In fact, Clinton’s increased visibility and speaking appearances are clearly just the amping up of her 2016 campaign.

Unfortunately, this is what makes her recent comments at the annual conference of the National Council for Behavioral Health even more concerning.

Long known for her aggressive assault on the Second Amendment, Clinton told the audience that the United States must reign in its gun culture or the country could end up being a place where even insignificant confrontations lead to shootings.

When asked about the mental health aspect of guns in a Q&A session, Clinton responded that “We really have got to get our arms around it because at the rate we are going, we are going to have so many people with guns everywhere fully licensed, fully validated.”

Of course, one might logically ask who is the “we” that Clinton is referring to. For oligarchs like Hillary, a population with guns everywhere is indeed a frightening prospect since these individuals are generally harder to dominate than those that have been completely neutered and disarmed.

Clinton also stated that “I think we've got to rein in what has become a almost article faith that anybody can have a gun, anywhere, anytime. I don't believe that is in the best interest of the vast majority of people."

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville May 5, 2014 - Video


Brandon discusses the Bundy Ranch fiasco, Syria, Ukraine, and color revolutions.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - May 5, 2014

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - May 5, 2014

Brandon discusses the Bundy Ranch Fiasco, Syria, Ukraine, and color revolutions.




Cliven Bundy’s Historical Claims To Land Debunked

Brandon Turbeville
The Anti Media 
May 5, 2014

On April 12, I wrote an article entitled “Turn of the Screw: The Cliven Bundy Standoff” where I attempted to encourage the alternative media and the liberty community to exercise caution when deciding their stanch on the Bundy Ranch controversy.

As time progressed, I became convinced that Cliven Bundy did not have a legitimate case and that his supporters were being caught up in a fight they did not fully understand. I also became convinced (and still am) and that this knee-jerk response would later come back to haunt them in one fashion or another.

Indeed, I explained my position thoroughly on my weekly radio show, Truth on the Tracks, a few days later. 

See here as well.

Monday, May 5, 2014

New Video Evidence Points To al-Nusra Chemical Attack Against Syrian Soldiers

image source
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

With the constant concern over the use of chemical weapons in Syria, Western media outlets consistently seize on every opportunity available to lay the blame of any deployment of such weapons on the back of the Assad government.

Even when the evidence points to the death squads instead of the Syrian government, the West continues to prattle on about Assad’s crimes against humanity all the while ignoring that evidence incriminating the death squads.

Other cases pointing toward the use of chemical weapons by the death squads, however, are simply ignored in total.

Indeed, this is the situation regarding a video that recently surfaced from the Deraa province near the Syrian/Jordanian border where a number of dead Syrian soldiers can be seen strewn about a field in a manner that seems to indicate that they were killed by chemical weapons. More specifically, it appears that these soldiers may have been killed by a blistering agent.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Questions Surround Latest Syria School Bombing

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 2, 2014

Americans, by now, should not be shocked at the level of depravity to which Western governments and their media mouthpieces will sink in order to demonize the government of a target nation. While the historical parallels are plentiful, recent events should serve as enough of a reminder that reports circulating from Western media outlets should never be trusted when concerning the situation on the ground inside a country that is slated for NATO intervention. Indeed, Syria has been witness to this fact time and time again.

Thus, as reports begin to circulate regarding the alleged Syrian military airstrike against a school in Aleppo, it is important to remember the history of the Anglo-European propaganda machine in regards to so many other “masscares” and “crimes against humanity” that have later turned out to be either completely fabricated or twisted in such a way as to represent a narrative that is 180 degrees different from the truth.

With that in mind, mainstream outlets like Reuters are reporting that on April 30, 2014, the Syrian military conducted an airstrike on a school in the Al-Ansari District of Aleppo which resulted in the death of at least 18 people, most of them children.

The reports present the bombing of the Ain Jalout school as if it were the target of the Syrian Air Force all along.

The pro-death squad organization, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, essentially one man located in Britain, claim that the death toll surrounding the school bombing was 18, while the media wing of the death squads, the Aleppo Media Centre, claimed that the death toll was higher, with at least 25 children being killed.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Captured OSCE Observers In Ukraine Are NATO Officers

image source
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 1, 2014

Despite an attempt by Western media outlets to present the recently captured individuals in eastern Ukraine as OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) observers, evidence has now emerged demonstrating yet again that the presentation provided by these outlets is actually quite far from the truth.

Indeed, those men captured by pro-Russian militias in East Ukraine are not OSCE observers at all, but were sent to Ukraine by NATO countries and OSCE member nations under the auspices of the Vienna Document on military transparency. This group included no OSCE monitors whatsoever.

In fact, on April 26 Bloomberg reported the facts on the ground by saying:
In Ukraine, pro-Russian militants yesterday captured a bus carrying observers sent by member states of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, a 57-nation group that includes Russia and the U.S. focusing on conflict prevention and preserving human rights, Ukraine’s Interior Ministry said in a statement on its website. They were holding 13 people hostage in Slovyansk, it said.
The observers — who include four Germans and citizens of the Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland and Sweden — were sent under the Vienna Document on military transparency and included no OSCE monitors, according to the Vienna-based organization. They were accompanied by Ukrainian military officers. [emphasis added]
With this in mind, it is important to note the home countries of the individuals in question – Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland, and Sweden . All of these countries, in addition to being OSCE member nations, belong to NATO, the notoriously warmongering international treaty organization now standing as the opposition to Russia over the issue of Ukraine. 

Interview With Arnold Hoekstra, First Canadian To Be Fired For Vaccine Refusal

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 1, 2014

In my recent article entitled, “First Canadian Fired For Refusing Vaccine,” I wrote about the case of Arnold Hoekstra, the first man in Canada to be fired for refusing to submit to a flu vaccination at his place of employment, the Boundary Hospital in British Columbia.

Hoekstra, who is 49, held a permanent part-time position at the hospital as an adult day program worker. However, when he was instructed to submit to a flu vaccination, he refused to be injected with the toxic cocktail of chemicals and viruses that have been demonstrated to cause a number of adverse health effects in both children and adults. Short of agreeing to be injected with a vaccine that has been shown to be ineffective at preventing the flu (at best), Hoekstra’s only other option was to wear a face mask at all times while at work.

Hoekstra refused this option as well because he claims that wearing a mask all day makes him feel like he is suffocating. Thus, Hoekstra was terminated from his job as a result of his decision.

In my article, I used quotes from Hoekstra as they were presented in other media outlets as well as those that he provided me with in an email interview. Below is the entirety of the email interview between myself and Arnold Hoekstra.

As I wrote previously, social approval and disapproval is often used to enforce a number of tragic policies by using the force of the people who themselves will be further enslaved by them. The recent propaganda push by the pharmaceutical companies and their media mouthpieces is simply the gearing up for a major battle in the future that will inevitably lead to the universal mandate of vaccination applicable to all people with no exemptions.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

First Canadian Fired For Refusing Vaccine

image source
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
April 30, 2014

While Ukraine, the NBA, and Cliven Bundy dominated the headlines in North America, the Canadian press reported on a major milestone that was quietly reached – the first firing of a Canadian healthcare worker for refusing a vaccine, and the public shaming effort that comes with the “option” of wearing a face mask which took place in December.

Although the few reports surrounding the firing were published only days ago, the Boundary Hospital employee from British Columbia, Canada, Arnold Hoekstra, was fired in December of 2013. His case was only announced by the Health Ministry on Wednesday in order to “wrap up the flu season.”

Hoekstra, who is 49, held a permanent part-time position at the hospital as an adult day program worker. However, when he was instructed to submit to a flu vaccination, he refused to be injected with the toxic cocktail of chemicals and viruses that have been demonstrated to cause a number of adverse health effects in both children and adults. Short of agreeing to be injected with a vaccine that has been shown to be ineffective at preventing the flu (at best), Hoekstra’s only other option was to wear a face mask at all times while at work.

In an interview with the Vancouver Sun, Hoekstra stated “I don’t believe you should do things just because somebody tells you. We should be able to think for ourselves, we should be able to make those decisions. I’ve worked in health care since the early '80s. You’d think we should be a little bit more enlightened but we’re not.”

According to the Vancouver Sun, Hoekstra stated that he and his wife have seven children and that he would rather die than force them to be vaccinated.