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The Case Against Corporate Media and Big Pharma Science Grows Stronger

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

In a recent anti-supplement propaganda article by NPR entitled “The Case Against Multi-Vitamins Grows Stronger,” the notorious “news” agency lavishly reported the alleged findings of “experts” proving that “vitamin supplements don't help most people and can actually cause diseases that people are taking them to prevent, like cancer.” Immediately, the entire mainstream media machine jumped into action promoting the statements of the “experts” and claiming that the case is now closed regarding the effectiveness and safety of nutritional supplements. Typically, Big Pharma mouthpieces such as NBC and CBS followed suit in repeating the same talking points.

Of course, what NPR, its fellow media outlets, and the authors of the editorial published in the Annals of Internal Medicine actually demonstrated was that the case against the mainstream media and Big Pharma funded science is growing stronger. This is because the cleverly worded editorial and the lapdog media repetition of these carefully crafted statements is nothing more than the annual attempt to demonize natural food supplements, organic food, and individuals who refuse to take toxic vaccines over hyped diseases.

Yet, before those who may be susceptible to trendy writing forms and flashy television presentations give in to the claims made by mainstream outlets, it is important to understand the fundamental flaws of both the reports being circulated to date as well as the editorial and studies being cited.

The first, and most obvious, flaw in this latest anti-supplement propaganda campaign is the fact that mainstream media outlets are citing an editorial, not a study. This is important for two reasons – one of which being the fact that so many who tend to claim such a respect for “science” usually demand to see “scientific studies” when confronted with claims surrounding benefits of supplements. However, in the case of claims regarding their ineffectiveness or their potential danger, a simple editorial seems to suffice. More importantly, the editorial makes much bolder claims than those made in the studies themselves.

Consider the statements made by the authors of the editorial when they state,

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Google Seeks Internet Surveillance of the Smart Grid

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

The “Internet of Things” just wouldn’t be “Internet” enough if Google was not involved in a major way. Fortunately for those who have designed the gadget spy system, however, Google is attempting to become heavily involved in the implementation of yet another piece of the technological control grid.

According to the The Information and The Verge, Google is now testing thermostats connected to the Internet that would allow users to view the amount of energy being consumed in their homes as well as be able to make adjustments to that level of consumption. At least that is the justification used to sell the technology to the public. The real reasons behind both Google’s foray into the relatively new field and those of other tech firms, governments, and “sustainability”-related organizations are somewhat less interested in consumer satisfaction, environmental health, and lower energy bills.

Google’s latest foray into the control grid, a wide open country for the corporate giant which never seems tired of pioneering new marketable technological control products, is called EnergySense. This new program is round two for Google, which attempted something similar a few years ago named Powermeter, although this program was terminated in mid-2011 due to “difficulties scaling it up.” The mission statement for Powermeter, similar to that of EnergySense “was that people could trim energy use by 15 percent if they could see what was happening.”

Things are looking up for Google in this regard, however, as Josh Lowensohn of The Verge writes that “This might be a better time for such a service, as indicated by a rising wave of connected home appliances. That includes Nest, which began with thermostats and has since moved onto smoke detectors. It's joined by a host of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-connected appliances that can pipe information to the cloud, from refrigerators to web cameras.”

Interestingly enough, Google Ventures already invested in Nest in 2012. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Latest Atrocity in Syria: Death Squads Bake Civilians in Ovens

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

On December 14, it was reported by Ziad Fadel of Syrian Perspective that death squads operating in Syria had once again committed a massacre against civilians, this time in a town known as Adra. Fadel claimed that Christians, Druze, and Alawites had been specifically targeted and that many had been killed by being burned alive in bakery ovens.

On December 16, RT confirmed Syrian Perspective’s reports both of the massacre by the death squads, as well as the gruesome methods used to kill some of the victims.

At this time, it is being reported that at least 80 civilians have been executed by death squad forces currently occupying Adraa, a town located northwest of Damascus. Like the Maaloula nuns, many other civilians have been kidnapped in order to be held for ransom or as human shields.

RT Arabic correspondent Abultaleb Albohaya, reporting on the ground in Syria, stated,
For now it’s established that over 80 people were killed in the areas now taken over by the army. Often whole families were murdered.
Some families were kidnapped in order to be used as human shields in areas where the Syrian army is now trying to free the civilians. 
The military sources also said that the other kidnapped families were moved to the area south of Adra in the direction of the town of Douma, which has been the opposition’s strategic backland since the start of the Syrian crisis [in March, 2011]. It’s also where the most important rebel fortifications are situated.

Monday, December 16, 2013

FSA Commander Forced To Flee, Attacked By Fellow Death Squads

FSA commander
Selim Idriss
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

Demonstrating yet again the jihadist nature of the so-called Syrian “rebellion” as well as the fracturing command structure the top “rebel” commander, General Selim Idriss, has fled Syria as a result of attacks by the more extreme jihadists of the Islamic Front.

According to the Wall Street Journal, TIME, UPI, and a host of other mainstream sources, Idriss fled Syria into Turkey after Islamic Front jihadists overran his weapons warehouses full of US-donated military gear as well as his own headquarters located near the border of Syria and Turkey. From Turkey, Idriss flew to Doha, Qatar. The warehouses were controlled mainly by the Supreme Military Council, the loose umbrella group which contains the FSA.

Reports of Idriss’ flight were corroborated by both an anonymous senior U.S. Official and a spokesman for the Islamic Front.

A spokesman for the FSA, however, attempted to claim that Idriss was merely in Turkey for talks between the Islamic Front and the FSA.

Doha plays an important role for the FSA forces as the Syrian National Coalition, the governmental wing of the “moderate extremist” version of the Syrian “rebels,” is based the country.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Syrian Military Victory to Become Western Propaganda Ploy?

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
December 12, 2013

In yet another strategic victory by the Syrian military, it was announced on December 8 by the Syrian Ministry of Defense and the General Staff that the Syrian Arab Army has liberated the town of Al-Nabk, a smaller town which is situated on the edge of the Damascus-Homs Highway. According to these announcements Al-Nabk is now largely free and clear of death squad forces.

The victory in Al-Nabk comes as a result of a series of special operations conducted by the Syrian military. Syrian Perspective reports that travel between Damascus and Homs without fear of being attacked by death squad members is now possible for the first time since the foreign-backed jihadists seized the area.

Al-Nabk is an important strategic victory because, not only does it allow reinforcements to be sent toward outer villages like Maaloula, Yabroud (where operations are now taking place), and Saydnaaya, but it also allows for the complete interlocking of supplies and reinforcements between Damascus and Homs. Such resupply and reinforcements can then be used to free the highway from Homs to Aleppo and initiate the liberation of the largest city in Syria.

Unfortunately, a disinformation campaign against the Assad government is already underway regarding the violence which took place in Al-Nabk.

This campaign is being waged by pro-Jihadist elements aiming to blame all death and destruction which came as a result of fierce fighting between death squad forces and the Syrian military as the fault and intention of the Syrian Arab Army.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Brandon Turbeville on Truth Traveler with Erin Dakins - December 10, 2013

Brandon Turbeville discusses Syria, Codex Alimentarius, the alternative media, and the Nationalization of the Federal Reserve.
Erin Dakins
Erin Dakins of Truth Traveler



ACCESS THE TRUTH TRAVELER ARCHIVES HERE (click on December 2013, then click on December 10, 2013. Brandon's appearance is for both Hour 1 and Hour 2)

Seymour Hersh Confirms Obama Lied About Syria Chemical Weapons Attacks

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
December 10, 2013

Almost five months after the chemical weapons attacks that took place in the Ghouta region of Syria, legendary reporter and revealer of American war crimes such as My Lai and Abu Grahib, Seymour Hersh, has revealed yet another bombshell of information – specifically that the Obama Administration intentionally misrepresented information that was used to claim Assad and the Syrian government was responsible for the attack.

Hersh’s article, “Whose Sarin?” which was notably published in the UK press and not in the American media, claims that the Obama administration is guilty of “cherry picking” intelligence information to suit the goal of military action against Syria. Hersh’s accusations come after his conversations with at least two “intelligence and military officials.”

Ultimately, Hersh’s article rests on the criticism and revelations that the administration intentionally buried information regarding Jobhat al-Nusra operating inside Syria and the clear and documented evidence that the extremist group did, in fact, have access to sarin gas and the means to deliver it via improvised rocket propelling devices. Hersh also criticizes the American media for engaging in “confirmation bias” and riding the wave of propaganda being promoted against the Assad government.

In addition, the respected journalist points out that the administration actually manipulated evidence so as to attempt to portray the Assad forces as the aggressors. Hersh clearly states that the administration's claims shortly after the Ghouta chemical weapons attack were nothing more than a fabrication, echoing the fabrication that famously preceded the tragedy of Iraq.

Hersh also states,

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - December 9, 2013

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - December 9, 2013

Brandon discusses the Nationalization of the Federal Reserve, the Austrian School, and the privatization of utilities.



Friday, December 6, 2013

Fighting in Ancient Syrian City, Nuns Taken Hostage

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

In yet another example of the religious fanaticism and intentional targeting of civilians by the foreign-backed death squads operating in Syria, a recent offensive push by the killers into the Christian village of Maaloula has resulted in widespread destruction, vandalism, and even the kidnapping of 12 nuns and others from a local Christian monastery.

On December 2, 2013, death squads invaded the ancient city of Maaloula which sits just north of Damascus and close to the Damascus highway, a strategic supply route for the Syrian government forces and the Western-backed death squads. After overtaking the government forces which had themselves retaken the town only months ago, the death squads began instituting oppressive policies and terrorizing the inhabitants.

Indeed, shortly after the invasion, the terrorists kidnapped 12 Syrian and Lebanese Orthodox Christian nuns who had been residing in the Mar Thecla convent, located in the middle of the city. In addition, Febronia Nabhan, the mother superior of another convent in Maaloula, stated that three “young maids” were also kidnapped. According to Mario Zenari, a spokesman for the Vatican, the women were seen being forced to follow the death squads toward Yabroud.

Although the death squads have not released any public statement regarding the reason behind the kidnappings, the ridiculous assertions put forward by the mainstream death squad sympathizing media that the women were taken “for their own protection” should be dismissed out of hand. If death squad forces were abducting the women for their protection, it would be the first time in death squad history that protection was the reason behind an abduction.

Indeed, if protection was the reason for the abduction, now that the fighting has abated, why have the women not been released? Who were the women being protected from? Members of their own convent? Residents of the mostly Christian village? Government forces who have protected Christians at every opportunity (from the death squads)? Clearly, such a suggestion is beyond laughable.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Nationalize the Federal Reserve!

Brandon Turbeville
December 4, 2013

The United States today finds itself in the midst of a crisis which exists on a multitude of different levels. From the establishment of a culture of constant warfare, increasing environmental degradation, and the devolution into an outright police state, the perils of the current system are easily visible to those with eyes to see.

Nowhere, however, is the crisis more visible than in the manifestations of the world economic depression.

From mass unemployment (estimated at approximately 25% when all factors are considered) and a growing national debt to a ballooning trade deficit and the loss of purchasing power of the dollar as well as decrepit and crumbling national infrastructure, the United States today faces a crisis of epic proportions.

Most of the blame for this economic calamity, of course, can be directly traced back to the treachery of private bankers, Wall Street, and the practice of usury combined the acts of the agents of these financiers in the halls of government at some point or other. Ever since the Federal Reserve was solidified as the perceived national bank of the United States, the most powerful nation on the face of the earth and, thus, its people, were placed under the rule and at the mercy of private bankers. The economic health and future of the United States was placed in the hands of the very elitists and financiers from which the American people should have been protected. As a result of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and subsequent policy, the power of issuing currency and credit, the ability to cause mass inflation or deflation, and the opportunity to orchestrate booms and busts, productivity and depression, was placed in the hands of private bankers who were granted the authority to act completely independent of the authority of the United States Federal government. Thus, the U.S. Federal government has now been reduced to reacting to the decisions made by the private Federal Reserve instead of the Federal Reserve acting as a truly national central bank and reacting to the decisions made by the Federal government.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - December 2, 2013 - Brandon Interviews Daniela Walls of the Tax Wall Street Party and the United Front Against Austerity

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - December 2, 2013

Brandon interviews Daniela Walls of the Tax Wall Street Party and the United Front Against Austerity. Brandon and Daniela Discuss the Tax Wall Street Party and how it is different from the Greens and the Libertarians. Also, they discuss the American system of economics.

Tax Wall Street Party     www.taxwallstreetparty.org

United Front Against Austerity



Wednesday, November 20, 2013

UN Resolution Blames Death Squad Crimes on Assad

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

In yet another unbelievably hypocritical move, the United Nations General Assembly Rights Committee voted on Tuesday for a resolution which “strongly condemned” what it claims are human rights violations in Syria and laid the blame for both the atrocities committed during the course of the two year conflict and the high death toll at the feet of the Syrian government.

According to France24, the resolution passed overwhelmingly with 123 nations in favor, 13 opposed, and 46 abstentions.
The resolution "'strongly condemned' the continued widespread and systematic gross violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms and all violations of international humanitarian law by the Syrian authorities and the government-affiliated shabbiha militias."

In addition, the resolution came extremely close to actually blaming the Syrian government for the August 21 Ghouta chemical weapons attacks by condemning the attack for which it claims the UN inquiry provided “clear evidence that surface-to-surface rockets were fired on August 21 from government-held territory into opposition areas, using professionally made munitions containing sarin.”

Of course, the above statement is carefully worded to suggest that the Syrian government was responsible for the chemical weapons attack by virtue of its claim that such weapons were fired into the rebel-held areas. The reality, however, is quite the opposite since there was a great deal of fighting taking place in and around the very areas from which these rockets were supposedly fired, meaning that there was never any clear evidence that the Assad forces were responsible for firing them. Indeed, the overwhelming majority of the evidence surrounding the Ghouta attacks points to the death squads themselves, not the Syrian military.

Syrian Military Liberates Strategic Supply Route

Deviantart: think0
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

In yet another example of the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) march forward with its liberation of Syria from the foreign-backed death squads that have terrorized the Syrian people for the last two years, the SAA has recently announced that it has retaken the strategic village of Qara.

The liberation of Qara comes after days of military airstrikes near the Lebanese border targeting weapon smuggling routes used by the death squads.

As a Syrian army spokesman stated to the press:
This morning units from our armed forces succeeded in taking control of the town of Qara in Damascus province. 
This latest success is a continuation of the successes that our heroic armed forces are achieving in their battle against terrorism. 

This success consolidates our control on the supply routes... preventing terrorists from illegally entering and from smuggling weapons into Syria.
A photo posted by Syrian Perspective appears to show a large celebration by Qara citizens at the liberation of the village. Syrian military soldiers are said to be focused now on the dismantling of IEDs and other explosive devices left behind by the death squads for the purpose of terrorizing the Syrian military and the Syrian people.

The liberation of Qara is a strategic victory both due to its location and due to the fact that it has acted as an outpost of a death squad supply route since the terrorists overran the village nearly a year ago.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Egypt Anti-Terror Officer Gunned Down Before Testimony Against Morsi

Egypt flag
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

Late on Sunday afternoon, an Egyptian officer was gunned down by seven bullets coming from three gunmen in Nasr City, a neighborhood in Cairo, Egypt. The officer, Mohamed Mabruk, had been in charge of the Muslim Brotherhood file at the Interior Ministry’s National Security Agency, according to a statement made by the Interior Ministry.

France 24 reports that an Egyptian security official has stated that Mabruk had been involved in drafting the charges against Mohammed Morsi and the Chief of the Muslim Brotherhood Mohammed Badie on which the current trials of both are based. It is also reported that Mabruk was focused on “Islamist groups that have escalated their attacks since the July 3 overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi.”

France 24 also states that Mabruk was set to testify against Morsi this week regarding charges that Morsi had been working with groups like Hamas and Hezbollah in his escape from prison during the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak in 2011. Thus, Islamist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood appear to be the prime suspects in what even the interim Prime Minister Hazem al-Belawi is calling an “assassination by treacherous hands.”

Still, there have been no claims of responsibility for the attack by anyone at this point.
Prime Minister Beblawi also stated that “The government will not tolerate criminal and terrorist groups who raise their arms to terrorize security officials” and that authorities are “able to cleanse the country of all criminal hands, returning security and safety to all corners of Egypt.”

Jihadist organizations have engaged in attacks in Cairo on previous occasions, including an attack in September that attempted to assassinate Interior Minister Mohammed Ibrahim by targeting his convoy. Ibrahim survived the attack.

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - November 19, 2013

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - November 19, 2013

Brandon discusses Egypt, Syria, Bulgaria, and False Flags



Saturday, November 16, 2013

Eastern European Protests Spread to Romania

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

Even as protests continue to take place in Bulgaria regarding rising electricity prices, government corruption, and political thuggery, tensions appear to be rising in neighboring Romania, with thousands of demonstrators taking to the streets in protest of low wages, bad working conditions, and a poor health care system.

The Romanian protesters, largely made up of teachers, marched through the streets of Bucharest on Wednesday, November 13, by the thousands demanding better wages and working conditions as well as “an end to political interference in education.”

The protesters whistled, blew horns, held up banners, and chanted slogans such as “Solidarity!” and “Without education, any nation will die!”

The Romanian protesters, however, appear to have slightly more concrete demands than those of Bulgaria. Romanian activists are calling for an increase in education spending to 6% of GDP, more than double the current 2.5% and greater than the 5% EU average.

Romanian teachers unions are also demanding that teachers and principals be hired on merit, not on political criteria.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kidnapped Syrian Girls Used as Sex Slaves: Report

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

If new reports coming out of Syria are accurate, then the level of cruelty and inhumanity of the death squads attempting to overthrow the Assad government has reached an even more shocking low. According to Ziad Fadel of Syrian Perspective, it has been discovered that foreign-backed death squads have been holding Syrian minority women captive in tunnels and using them as sex slaves for months on end.

Indeed, Syrian Perspective reports that, according to its sources in the Syrian military, after the liberation of Greater Al-Subayna and Lesser Al-Subayna, the Syrian Arab Army discovered a tunnel outfitted with both electricity and a field medical clinic. In addition to the advanced state of the tunnel’s facilities, however, the army also found 16 women, ages ranging from 14 to 27, who had been kidnapped by the death squads.

The women, mostly from the eastern and southern parts of Syria were all either Christian or Shi’ite. Most were not married when they were abducted, except for two women who had husbands serving in the Syrian military.

According to Syrian Perspective, the women had been held by the death squads for at least 5 months and were forced to repeatedly have sex with the death squad members who inhabited the tunnel. The women were subjected to continual beatings and other forms of brutality if they did not comply.

Syrian Perspective reports that at least 4 of these women had become pregnant as a result of the rape, with the aforementioned 14 year old being one of them.

Bulgaria Protests: True People Power or NGO Operation?

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

Once again tensions are beginning to rise in Bulgaria after 4,000 protesters recently gathered outside government buildings in Sofia calling for an end to what they have deemed the “reign of the oligarchy.” The demands of the demonstrators include the resignation of the Prime Minister and his Socialist-backed government as well as an “end to corruption in politics.”

Among the signs seen carried by protesters were slogans such as "Down with the mafia," "We stay, you emigrate," and “24 years of sham democracy is enough.” The latter slogan is a reference to the removal from power of Todor Zhivkov, a Communist dictator who led Bulgaria from 1954 to 1989. November 10, 2013 was the 24th anniversary of Zhivkov’s ouster.

According to the AFP, the recent spate of protests were organized by teachers and students from approximately a dozen different universities who have been demonstrating in Bulgaria for the past two weeks in hopes of reigniting the “anti-government” fervor that was so prevalent earlier this year.

The previous protests, much larger in scale and often numbering in the hundreds of thousands, were initially set off by austerity measures and the result of privatization schemes that would have caused electricity costs to skyrocket. In combination with high unemployment, systemic government corruption, and economic stagnation, the rise in prices of electricity was the catalyst to send such a large number of determined demonstrators into the streets demanding the reversal of privatization policies and the resignation of the government.

Thus, in February, Prime Minister Boiko Borisov resigned as a result of the protests. He was replaced by the Bulgarian Socialist party and a political party representing ethnic Turks in a fragile minority government coalition led by current Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski.

Brandon Turbeville on Truth Traveler with Erin Dakins - November 11, 2013

Listen to Brandon's appearance on Truth Traveler with Erin Dakins - November 11, 2013. Brandon and Erin discuss Syria, Egypt, and False Flags.



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11 Signs of a False Flag

Dees Illustration
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
November 7, 2013

Throughout history, versions of the false flag attack have been used successfully by governments in order to direct the force of the people toward whatever end the ruling class may be seeking. At times, that end may be war, or it may be the curtailing of domestic civil liberties and basic human rights. In others, it is an economic agenda.

Indeed, false flags are themselves capable of taking on a wide variety of forms – domestic or foreign, small or large, economic or political, and many other designations that can often blur into one another. Each may serve a specific purpose and each may be adjusted and tailored for that specific purpose as societal conditions require.

For instance, the chemical weapons attack which took place inside Syria in August, 2013 serve as an example of a foreign false flag designed to whip up American fervor for war, on the platform of Responsibility to Protect similar to the Gulf of Tonkin.

Domestically speaking, a large-scale false flag such as 9/11, can be used to whip up both a massive public support for war and a popular willingness to surrender civil liberties, constitutional procedure, and constitutional/human rights. Economic false flags may take the form of manufactured “government shutdowns” or “government defaults” designed to create a demand for austerity or other pro-Wall Street solutions. Lastly, smaller-scale domestic false flags such as Sandy Hook or Aurora, often involve the implementation of gun-control measures or a greater police state.

There are, of course, many different versions of false flag attacks and none fit into a tightly crafted classification beyond the generalized term “false flag.” As stated above, some false flags may indeed embrace an element of each of the different versions listed previously both in terms of methodology and purpose.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Columbia, S.C. Police Chief Allegedly Plotted To Frame City Politician

Former Captain David Navarro, left
Police Chief Ruben Santiago, right
image source
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
November 7, 2013

The Columbia, S.C. Police Chief who caused controversy last week after posting an intimidating Facebook message to a man who criticized the Department’s aggressive stance on marijuana users has apparently been at the center of more controversies than mere Facebook drama in recent months. Indeed, allegations against Chief Santiago regarding a plan to frame a city official and install himself as Police Chief is much more serious.

Back in September of this year, Columbia, S.C. Police Chief Ruben Santiago found himself facing accusations that he had attempted to mastermind a conspiracy to frame Assistant City Manager Allison Baker with gun and drug charges in order to get him fired. The plan, according to former CPD Captain David Navarro, was to allow then-Police Chief Randy Scott to move into his position, thus allowing Santiago to move up to the position of Police Chief.

The plot, nicknamed “Black Ops,” allegedly involved planting both a stolen gun and cocaine in Baker’s car, which would then set off the chain of events resulting in Santiago’s promotion.

The plan, however, was blown wide open when Captain David Navarro filed reports to both S.L.E.D. (State Law Enforcement Division) and Internal Affairs. Navarro was suspended without pay within hours of his making the reports.

Captain Navarro was Commander of the Community Services Team which consisted of several other “teams” including: P.A.C.E. Team, Police Athletic League and Drug Suppression Team, Warrant Team, and a K-9 Unit. He is a 34-year Law Enforcement and military veteran and has been with the Columbia Police Department for two years. Previously, he served as Fort Jackson’s Police Chief and spent over eight years with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department as well as twenty years in the U.S. military.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Syria: Cats on the Menu While Death Squads Halt Food Shipments

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
November 5, 2013

Last week, Syrian death squads (aka Syrian “rebels”) sent shockwaves of horror through many casual observers when a video was posted to YouTube showing the fighters slaughtering cats for food. The video, which was intended to be used for propaganda purposes, showed the “rebel” fighters after having corralled several domesticated housecats, catching a cat, killing it, and then cooking and eating the feline for the camera. The death squad fighter told the camera how hungry the people of Syria had become that they were resorting to eating cats to survive, as the Syrian military had effectively cut off food to the area.

Although the video did not include the full graphic slaughter, it did show a man beheading a cat, the animal shrieking in terror and pain as he slits its throat, and the subsequent skinning, butchering, cooking, and eating it.

While none of the men in the video openly admitted to being a part of the death squad ranks, the group that posted the video to YouTube calls itself the “South Damascus Media Bureau,” and has, in the past, posted mostly videos of death squads in battle.

Even the dialogue of the individuals featured in the video is quite similar to that seen in countless other death squad produced material. For instance, the narrator of the video states, “To whom don’t believe it, this is the situation of the people in the south of the capital Damascus. The Shiekhs have issued fatwas and the people are now following these fatwas.”

After the man on screen finishes killing the cat, he holds the liver up to the camera and states, “This is the liver. This is the most delicious part of the body.”

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - November 4, 2013

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - November 4, 2013

Brandon discusses the the prevalence of police APCs all across the country and the Syrian crisis.




Brandon Turbeville Appears As Co-host on Occupy America Social Network

Brandon Turbeville briefly appears as co-host alongside Terry and Melinda with Ziad Fadel of Syrian Perspective as guest. November 5, 2013.



Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Reports: Muslim Brotherhood Uses Puppies as Firebombs In Egypt

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
November 4, 2013

image source
Ever since the ouster of former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, the American people have been force-fed a steady diet of propaganda regarding the nature of the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet, while mainstream media outlets attempt to portray the organization as peaceful and pro-democracy, the fact is that the Brotherhood is nothing more than a conduit for Western-backed destabilization efforts aimed at destroying a secular Egyptian government and the rise of Arab nationalism.

Indeed, despite the narrative spun by the corporate media regarding the violence taking place in Egypt, it is important to remember that the recent clashes were instigated and perpetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood. From firing weapons at Egyptian security forces to throwing opponents off of rooftops, as well as large-scale ransacking and destruction of Christian churches, the Muslim Brotherhood has been guilty of using violence and intimidation in order to both weaken the Egyptian government and terrify the citizenry into accepting the dominance of the Brotherhood.

Recently, however, it is being reported that the Brotherhood has taken advantage of even more shocking and bizarre tactics – using puppies as firebombs.

According to the Washington Times, Pet ResQ Inc., has managed to save three puppies that were unlucky enough to have fallen into the clutches of the Muslim Brotherhood. Pet ResQ began taking action to rescue the animals after it came to the organization’s attention that the Brotherhood was using them as weaponry.

Reports suggest that members of the Brotherhood were dousing the puppies with gasoline, lighting them on fire, and throwing them into the midst of the crowd of demonstrators in Tahrir Square in Cairo turning them into what the Washington Times report refers to as “makeshift bombs.”

Monday, November 4, 2013

Will Morsi Trial Ignite New Wave of Violence in Egypt?

Morsi Trial, John Kerry Visit Sets The Stage For Muslim Brotherhood Violence

image source
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
November 3, 2013

Update: It is now being reported that Morsi's trial has been adjourned until January 8, 2014. (Source)

Amidst the ever-present social tension and potential for violence that has existed in Egypt since the election of Mohammed Morsi in 2012 and even more so since his ouster by the Egyptian military at the behest of the Egyptian people in 2013, the subsequent trial of Morsi for the ordering of violent crimes is set to become yet another catalyst for violence in the country. Thus, November 4, 2013, the day Morsi’s trial is set to begin, may very well ignite a nationwide explosion of protest and violence by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Many may be surprised at the nature of the charges against Morsi, especially after the public has been subjected to so much propaganda by Western media outlets regarding a “brutal crackdown” on Muslim Brotherhood “protesters” who, themselves, are largely portrayed as democracy-loving, secular, peaceful activists by these organizations. Reality, however, contradicts Western media narratives as it almost always does. Indeed, it was the Muslim Brotherhood itself that was responsible for the initiation and escalation of the violence all along.

Morsi has been formally charged and stands to face trial for the alleged incitement to murder protesters who were demonstrating in front of the Presidential palace in Cairo last December. He is being accused of ordering hundreds of Brotherhood thugs to attack secular demonstrators who had camped outside the palace in protest of his perversion, disregard, and dismembering of the Egyptian constitution. The violence lasted all through the night and left 10 people dead. 14 other Muslim Brotherhood officials are facing the same charges.

Nevertheless, the trial of Morsi will, for most Egyptians, no doubt rekindle memories of abusive power, corruption, and betrayal on the part of Morsi and the Brotherhood and, for that organization’s supporters, memories of the Brotherhood’s abrupt removal from power. This re-ignition will assuredly be used by the Brotherhood to encourage more nationwide demonstrations, a dangerous prospect for Egypt since such demonstrations by the Brotherhood almost always end in violence and destruction.

Brandon Turbeville To Appear On Occupy America Social Network

Occupy: False Flag 101

Here’s a picture worth more than a thousand words.  The picture on the left is Black and White and looks like an execution about to happen.  The picture on the right is Black and White – it looks like a rescue.  The whole picture, in living color, is a lot more ambiguous, but it is true.  Context is everything.  Sometimes truth is harder to figure out than simple Black and White Left/Right false constructs.  Free men and women, however, given good information, will figure things out for themselves.

Somebody a lot smarter than me once pointed out that if you don't stand for something; you'll fall for anything.  Free men and women (the Greek word for that is "liberal") stand for something.  This past weekend has been very busy for psychopaths creating "False Flags."
  • Case Study: Syria
  • Case study:  LAX shootings
Our guest for this episode is Ziad Amin Abu Fadel of  Syrian Perspective.  Co-hosts are Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, and Brandon Turbeville. Occupy Syria reached out to OASN Occupy America for support.  This episode began on our twitter feed, one of the new features here in Version 3.0 (check it out on the right hand side of the page, about half way down.)  Fake action, False Reaction - that is what a false flag operation does.
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Friday, November 1, 2013

Confirmed: Israeli Attack on Syria Air Defense Facility

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
October 31, 2013

Update: RT is now reporting that an Obama administration official has confirmed to CNN that this was in fact an Israeli attack. There is still no comment from the Syrian or Israeli government. (Source)

On the heels of a reported chemical attack committed by the death squads on the Syria/Turkey border, a massive explosion has completely destroyed a Syrian air defense base in Snobar Jableh, Syria which is located near Latakia, a port city on the coast of the Mediterranean. Snobar Jableh is just south of Latakia.

The attacks allegedly were to have taken place on Wednesday night.

Although no one has publicly claimed responsibility for the explosion, both Syrian and Lebanese media are attributing the attack to Israeli forces. Even Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya is now reporting Israeli responsibility for the attacks, citing anonymous sources.

Al-Arabiya also claims that the target of the attacks were two shipments of SA-8 Surface-To-Air missiles slated for delivery to Hezbollah. The organization claims that the two targets were successfully destroyed.

Syrian news agency Dam Press is reporting that the facility was indeed heavily damaged but that there were no injuries. Business Insider claims that a Syrian security official has confirmed the attack.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Propaganda Narrative of a Peaceful Muslim Brotherhood

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
October 31, 2013

Three years after the Syrian destabilization began in earnest, it appears that the propaganda narrative surrounding the nature of the so-called “Syrian rebels” is wearing away as more and more Americans realize that the “rebels” are actually nothing more than Western-backed fundamentalists and mercenaries. However, while the propaganda revolving around Syria seems to be failing, it appears to be much more successful in regards to current events taking shape in Egypt.

Indeed, the narrative constantly played throughout the mainstream and, unfortunately, alternative media largely constructs the Muslim Brotherhood “opposition” as peaceful protesters who are merely fighting for democracy, free elections, and self-determination. However, as I have written on numerous occasions, the fact is that the Muslim Brotherhood is nothing more than a conglomeration of religious fanatics, dupes, and corrupt individuals of varying societal status. In addition, the Muslim Brotherhood is tied at the hip to Western intelligence, most notably that of the British and Americans.

Nevertheless, the tired propaganda of the corporate media which has been used in Egypt, Libya, and Syria is being used once again in Egypt and, unfortunately, is continuing unabated even by much of the alternative media.

Yet nowhere is the intentional obfuscation more obvious than in the mainstream outlets which clearly seek to portray the Muslim Brotherhood as the “good guys” of the confrontation between the Brotherhood and the government. Indeed, in an article written by Michael Georgy and Tom Perry entitled “Special Report: As Egypt’s Brotherhood retreats, risk of extremism rises,” a clear attempt is made to portray the Brotherhood as being “committed to peaceful protest” an eschewing violence while also attempting to paint a more human face on the organization.

Perhaps unintentionally, the Reuters article manages to shed some light on the manner in which the Brotherhood operates inside Egypt when it explained the nature and operations of the usra – a small grouping of members headed by a religious leader that advises and guides the members in every aspect of their lives. Even more so, while the article attempts to portray to the Brotherhood as the victim of violence, upon more careful and informed reading, it actually depicts the violent nature of the organization and the methods used to inflict such terror upon the Egyptian government.

Breaking: New Rebel Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria

image source
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
October 31, 2013 

According to Lebanese television channel Al-Mayadeen, foreign-backed death squads also known as Syrian “rebels” have once again used chemical weapons against Syrian citizens.

As RT reports, the chemical weapons came in the form of an artillery shell which was detonated near the Syria/Turkey border in the city of Ras al-Ayn al-Hasakah. Kurdish defense forces were the apparent targets of the chemical weapons detonation.
According to Kurdish fighters on the ground, after the shell was detonated, a yellow smoke began emanating and many of them began experiencing symptoms of "severe chemical intoxication." (Source)

Fighting has raged in Ras al-Ayn al-Hasakah for at least two days and Kurdish forces have been successful at repelling attacks by death squads seeking to overrun the area. During the fighting, the Kurdish Defense Forces have managed to kill 28 death squad members belonging to both al-Qaeda-linked Jobhat al Nusra Front and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

The Kurdish population has come to resent the death squads as much other Syrians, even though the Kurds initially attempted to remain as neutral as possible since the beginning of the conflict. Recently, however, Kurds have been mobilizing armed militias in an attempt to defend their territory and neighborhoods from “rebel” assaults.