Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's Time for the Aware to Take Action

Brandon Turbeville
December 21, 2012
For anyone who is even passively aware of current events and the condition of humanity across the globe, it is abundantly clear that both the nation and the world as a whole are moving further and further into a state of oppression and total lockdown.

From the traditional macro-events which are taking place at the international and global levels to the micro-events (or seemingly micro) that are taking place at the national, state, and local arenas, the opportunity for optimism in the outcome of the decisions made seems to be few and far between.

Indeed, in order to find areas where battles are won by those on the ground fighting against an encroaching police state, further pollution of the environment, war, proliferation of GMOs, or related causes, one must search on average one hundred times harder than would otherwise be necessary to locate the news of another defeat. The headlines from both the mainstream and alternative media outlets suggest only greater accomplishments of the system (New World Order/Anglo-American Establishment/Shadow World Government, etc.) with each passing day.

Obviously, the mainstream media is intent and focused on the further brainwashing and propagandizing of the world’s people, blatantly promoting their enslavement for those who are aware of the methods used, further implanting the accepted opinions of the future in the minds of the masses who are not. The constant replay of a laundry list of possible catastrophes - those that have occurred and those that might occur - serve to wrap the human mind in a cloak of continual panic and subconscious desire to protect oneself by any means necessary.
That method of protection, of course, is readily served up by the mainstream media under the guise of sacrificing freedom for security, which the victims of the propaganda continue to fall for on an ever-increasing scale. Whether the initial incident is 9/11, mass shootings, flu outbreaks,[1] or financial calamity, the unchanging trend is FEAR and the unchanging solution is the sacrifice of basic human rights under the guise that government, its agents or agencies, will act as the protectors.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Episode 11 - Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville, discussing surveillance and the gadgets used to enable it, such as X-Box Kinect Cameras, Smart-TVs, Gunshot Detection, Biometric databases, VoIP Spy technology, and Food Stamp Biometric Programs. Truth on the Tracks airs on UCY.TV every Monday night at 9:00 PM EST at http://UCY.TV/TT.

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

U.S. Continues Nuclear Tests; Draws Condemnation From Iran ... and Bombed Japanese Cities

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
December 12, 2012
"War Mind"
Anthony Freda Art

With little fanfare amongst the American corporate media, the United States has now conducted yet another nuclear test in the deserts of Nevada. The move was condemned by both Iran and two Japanese mayors, who stated that not only was the American test emblematic of the double standard held by America and the international community, but that it also endangered the progression to a nuclear-free world.

As reported by RT, it was announced by the National Nuclear Security Administration on Friday, Dec. 7 that the Nevada National Security Site “had successfully detonated plutonium in a deep shaft on Wednesday (Dec. 5) to test the safety and effectiveness of US nuclear weapons.”

The Pollux subcritical experiment involved “a tiny sample” of plutonium bomb material and was carried out by scientists at the Los Alamos, New Mexico national laboratory and the Sandia National Laboratories.

Subcritical nuclear experiments have been conducted inside the United States since 1997 under the justification of helping “scientists understand how plutonium ages in the stockpile.” The December 5 experiment, however, marks the twenty-seventh “subcritical experiment” conducted since 1992, when full-scale nuclear weapons tests were supposedly stopped.

It has been the fourth such test under the administration of Barack Obama. The term “subcritical,” it should be pointed out, refers to using “chemical explosives to blow up bits of nuclear materials designed to stop just short of erupting into a nuclear chain reaction, also known as criticality.”

In response to the test, two Japanese Mayors, Kazumi Matsui of Hiroshima and Tomihisa Taue of Nagasaki, separately sent letters of protest to President Barack Obama.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

FDA Expands Irradiation of Food Supply; Harmonizing with Codex Alimentarius

Brandon Turbeville
December 9, 2012
Demonstrating the lack of concern held by regulatory agencies for public safety or public opinion as well as the increasing attempts to become compliant with Codex Alimentarius regulations, the FDA has recently expanded the amount of ionized radiation that can be used to treat unrefrigerated raw meat.

As reported by Food Safety News, the two new policies decided upon by the FDA were issued in response to two petitions filed in 1999 by the Food Safety and Inspection Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

While the previous policy was that only refrigerated or frozen meats could be irradiated, the new rule allows for the irradiation of unrefrigerated raw meat. The second rule change allows for increasing the dose of ionizing radiation in poultry from 3.0 kGY to 4.5 kGy.

Although a period for public comment is always set aside for regulatory agency decisions regarding potential changes to policy, the FDA promptly ignored the many comments it received from individuals all over the country as well as consumer advocacy groups which requested the denial of the two FSIS petitions.

The response from the FDA was that all of these comments, made by individuals and by groups such as Public Citizen and the Center for Food Safety, “were of a general nature” and “did not contain any substantive information that could be used in a safety evaluation of irradiated poultry.” This statement was made regarding both the poultry irradiation rule and the passage of a new meat temperature rule.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Comprehensive Scientific Study Calculates the Cost of Geoengineering

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
December 4, 2012

Dees Illustration
As more and more evidence is produced on what is virtually a weekly basis regarding chemtrails, geo-engineering, and stratospheric modification, it is now the case that individuals who deny the existence of these programs may be classified as delusional, even as they have repeatedly attached this label to those who have acknowledged the existence of such programs in the past. Although the label of “conspiracy theorist” has been applied to people who have spoken out about geo-engineering for many years, the fact is that those who are incapable of acknowledging basic reality are only eroding their own credibility as time moves forward.

For many, the ability to hold two contradictory thoughts (i.e. “chemtrails are conspiracy theories” while “geo-engineering projects are needed to combat global warming”) is a major impediment to any real acceptance of the health and environmental consequences of barium oxide, cadmium, sulfur dioxide, and aluminum oxide being sprayed over their heads on a daily basis.

Likewise, the thought that governments, corporations, banks, and academia might be working in secret toward nefarious ends is beyond comprehension for a large portion of the general public.

However, as more and more mainstream media outlets and “respected” scientific organizations begin to openly admit the existence of both the technologies and the programs, the ability to deny it is a gift more closely associated with a mental disorder than with ignorance.

Thus, the recent release of a study published in the journal Environmental Research Letters entitled, “Cost analysis of stratospheric albedo modification delivery systems,” should only serve to weaken the ridiculous claims that those individuals capable of looking above their heads and researching government programs are conspiracy nuts.

The study, conducted jointly between three researchers affiliated with three different institutions – Justin McClellan of Aurora Flight Science Corporation, David W. Keith of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and Kennedy School at Harvard University, and Jay Apt of the Tepper School of Business and Department of Engineering and Public Policy of the Carnegie Mellon University – centered around the evaluation of the projected cost analysis of various systems capable of “delivering 1-5 million metric tonnes (Mt) of albedo modification material to altitudes of 18-30 km.”