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The European Rape Crisis: The Cause, The Reasons, And The Solutions

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Brandon Turbeville
February 10, 2016

The crisis in Syria, entirely created by NATO, the GCC, Israel, and the West, is now having repercussions across the entire globe. These repercussions are coming not only in the form of mass numbers of dead civilians, lowered living standards, dangerous geopolitical chess moves between nuclear powers and tremendous strains on economies but also in terms of mass migration and social upheaval.

The displacement of tens of thousands of Syrians whose lives have been destroyed by NATO and the West is now placing the indigenous people of NATO countries in a moral quandary – whether or not to welcome the victims of the wars their governments have launched without their permission or to turn them back as a threat to the already lowered living standards of the average citizens of the West and to what is left of their culture.

Coupled with the fact that the majority of “refugees” are not refugees at all but immigrants from other locations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) who are coming to Europe and America for economic reasons and purposes other than asylum from warfare, assimilation programs in Europe and America are overwhelmed, Western cultures are being destroyed, and economies are facing an even greater low-wage competition for jobs. Already lowered living standards are thus being lowered further.

There is an immense clash of cultures taking place in Europe as masses of “immigrants” from cultures vastly different from those of the West have now been placed directly in the middle of European society. General crime is now increasing in Europe as a result, violent attacks on indigenous Europeans is becoming a regular occurrence, and rape has skyrocketed beyond belief. Indigenous Europeans are even being forced out of their homes to house “refugees” and thousands of years of historical cultural norms are being changed to accommodate foreigners.

Obviously, European governments (save for a few) have done nothing to stem the tide of immigration, to prevent violence against Europeans, or even, at the very least, to ensure that the people entering Europe are assimilated in an orderly way. Instead, these governments have done the opposite – encouraging more immigration and accusing anyone critical of it as xenophobic and racist.

As a result of the increased number of attacks, Europeans are now being forced to take matters into their own hands to protect themselves and their women who are under drastically increased threats of rape and violence. Some are doing whatever they can to avoid public places while others are attempting whatever feeble means left to them in the anti-gun utopias of Europe to defend themselves. Others still are forming groups of their own to patrol the streets and prevent these assaults from taking place. These individuals are then being attacked by the European press and social justice warriors who label them xenophobes and attempt to draw parallels to German fascism of the 1930s.

Yet, unfortunately, some individuals are forming truly racist and anti-Muslim gangs for the purpose of harassing Muslims, Middle Easterners, and immigrants and promoting their own racist agenda of “pure blood” and the like, targeting “Muslim” shops and neighborhoods as par for the course.

The Situation

The fact that rapes and violence against Europeans has increased exponentially ever since the EU has allowed hordes of immigrants and “refugees” to enter Europe is virtually undeniable. Even the most incredible feats of political correctness and collective Anglo-European guilt cannot cover up the fact that such acts have increased. Arguments in opposition to this fact are so inept that silence is the rebuttal of choice.

The number of cases of rapes as a result of Europe’s open door policy to any and all immigrants (it must be pointed out once again that most of these individuals are not even from Syria to begin with) are too voluminous to include in one article. However, Germany’s experience over New Year’s Eve – especially in places like Cologne – are enough to illustrate the cultural and moral clash that is taking place in Germany and much of the rest of Europe as well as the drastically increased danger to European women.

As Allison Pearson wrote for the Telegraph,

On New Year’s Eve, in the precincts of the beautiful, twin-spired cathedral, up to 1,000 men of Arab or North African appearance sexually assaulted and robbed women who were enjoying the festivities. Around 100 complaints have been made to police so far, including two cases of rape. Eighteen-year-old Michelle said she and her friends were surrounded by 30 men, who molested them and then stole their belongings. Michelle said the men looked angry. 
And there is the crux of the problem. If you are doctrinally commanded to cover up your women then the sight of a woman like the lovely, blonde Michelle, who is both uncovered and happily self-confident, provokes temptation, and this makes you angry. That anger is not directed where it should be – at yourself or at a belief system which forbids a woman to move and dress as she pleases – but at the temptress. (Just as it was in early Christianity.) In order for male pride to be salvaged, the temptress can be humiliated and terrorised, thus restoring power and dominance to where it properly belongs – the man. 
This puts a liberal western society, which values women’s rights, and admits men from countries that don’t, in a bit of a bind, to put it mildly. It’s difficult to raise the issue without being howled down by cries of “Islamophobia”. Sensitivities were already running high in Germany following Angela Merkel’s open invitation to refugees, which saw more than a million people arrive over the past twelve months. Shamefully, it took several days for the German news media to mention the Cologne assaults. As for the police, they issued a comically self-satisfied report saying that a jolly, peaceful time had been had by all. Apart from the girls who had fingers stuck in their most intimate parts, presumably.

And what was the response of the authorities in Germany, a country who does not think twice about jailing elderly women for thoughtcrime or legislating and promoting various forms of cultural Marxist ideologies like feminism? It was to suggest that the victims were largely responsible and should conduct themselves in a way that does not invite an assault upon them. This was, of course, after the authorities and the press remained entirely silent on the whole affair for as long as possible before the sheer number of victims reached a level where it could no longer be kept under the rug.

Pearson writes,

It soon became impossible to ignore the gravity of what had happened. Even then, the authorities’ default position was denial. On Tuesday, Henriette Reker, the Mayor of Cologne, made a statement which I sincerely hope will haunt her till her dying day. Asked how women were supposed to cope with this menace, the mayor proposed a new “code of conduct” for young women and girls “so that such things do not happen to them”. In particular, she suggested that women maintain an arm’s length from strangers. This caused a storm of sarcasm on Twitter where the German for arm’s length - #einearmlange – was soon trending. The idea that a woman ambushed by a Moroccan gang should inform them, politely and Germanically, that she was staying at arm’s length to avoid sexual harassment would have been a joke, had the threat not been so real and frightening. Meanwhile, reports of similar attacks were coming in from Hamburg, Dusseldorf and Stuttgart. 
Politicians and journalists had previously been reluctant to address stories about rape and child abuse in German refugee camps, where unaccompanied women are apparently seen as “fair game”. Reporting the mistreatment of women is seen as playing into the hands of a Right-wing agenda and stoking ethnic tensions. It’s hardly surprising that the government’s first reaction was to pretend it simply wasn’t true. Remember what happened last time in Germany when there was demonization of “the other”?

Pearson was, of course, right in her criticism, tepid as it was. We will return to the latter issue of her argument later. But Germany is not the only country where such massive sexual assaults and rapes have occurred.

Sweden experienced its own “refugee” rape fest at a Stockholm music festival where immigrant gangs leapt upon teenage girls and raped them as well. There were a number of other incidents too which were also covered up by Swedish police because of a desire not to paint immigration, “multiculturalism,” and forced “diversity” in a bad light. Too bad for the victims.

While the statistics are murkier than some would prefer to present them, it is notable that, ever since allowing itself to become a paragon of “diversity” and a modern “multicultural” society, rape in Sweden has increased by 1400%. Violent crime has also increased. Of course, neither of these statistics can be blamed on migrants alone but the notable increase of violent attacks and rapes that are occurring in Sweden today are indeed a result of open immigration policies. This is almost undeniable. It is well-known amongst Swedish society but no one dare say it, lest they labeled racist, anti-immigrant, or xenophobic.

But these two countries are only two examples. On New Year’s Eve alone sexual assaults at the hands of migrant gangs were reported in Switzerland, Austria, and Finland.

In France, the open immigration has become such a problem that highways near Calais resemble a scene Children of Men as opposed to an orderly society. Other videos have surfaced showing “refugees,” alongside trendy social justice warriors (SJW), howling at French residents in Calais, chasing them onto their own property and into their homes, all while throwing trash, tires, and bricks at them.

The Resident Response

Not only did many European authorities attempt to cover up the refugee violence and heavy increase in rape but they are essentially refusing to do anything about it even after it was revealed. Indeed, many “officials” are calling for allowing even more immigrants in! Thus, many European residents are being forced to police against rape and assault themselves in the absence of any action and despite much of it taken by government.

While the more trendy leftist members of European society, for whom life is incapable of living without being the victim of some racist, sexist, homophobic, or xenophobic act, scream to allow the “refugees” in and give them “grace” for their own cultural norms, other members of society are more hesitant to allow the mass rape of their women, children, and even men in the service of “cultural sensitivity.”

With that, a number of men across Europe have begun to band together and form “vigilante gangs” for the purpose of patrolling the streets and attempting to prevent further attacks on indigenous Europeans. These groups – some legitimate expressions of community solidarity and some actual racists – are, of course, being lumped into one category by the European and Western press. According to the mainstream press reports, anyone who dare show force by which to prevent women from being raped on the streets of Europe is a “racist,” “bigot,” “xenophobe,” “white supremacist,” “far-right,” or a “Neo-Nazi.”

But the designation these groups receive in the press reveal another debilitating aspect of European culture - the collective “German guilt” over the second world war and the holocaust combined with the European obsession with political correctness and “anti-racism” that borderlines an actual mental illness. In an effort to appear “tolerant,” Europeans are allowing catcalls of xenophobia to overshadow any suggestion of preventing unfettered immigration policies or the destruction of their own culture. Hence, they are witnessing the literal destruction of European culture before their very eyes.

For this reason, it is difficult to tell which groups are truly racist neo-nazis and which are legitimate citizens simply fed up with mass rape. According to mainstream media postings, they are all one in the same.

European society has been so overcome with political correctness and “rightspeech” that the best many European men can do is to march through the streets in women’s clothing to express their opposition to rape. But who in their right mind would think this is a deterrent? Do these men truly believe that gang rapists are concerned about men wearing women’s clothing and merely parading themselves up and down the street in a pathetic demonstration? If anything, does this not send a message of weakness? Unfortunately, in many areas of Europe, the expression of true masculinity is now being equated with the Adolph Hitler regime.

While true racism and anti-Muslim hate groups should be reviled and while gangs of "enforcers" and bullies are indeed a sign of fascism, a decision to form a group of men to escort and protect women from mass rape is not an example of the “return to fascism” in Germany or anywhere else in Europe. The expression of masculinity and a readiness to defend one’s women and culture as a reaction to a mass uptick in rape and sexual assault is not the equivalent of a slippery slope to the holocaust. It simply isn’t and to suggest that it is, is an insult to those who suffered through it.

Europeans, and Germans in particular, had better start dropping this idea of collective“German,” “European,” or “white" guilt and see things for what they are. Not everything that suggests Germany has a culture of its own and that its people also deserve as much is a return to Hitler’s Germany. Likewise, not everything presented as humanitarian is just or humane.

The Myth Of The Syrian Refugee

While social justice warriors, the mainstream media, and western governments continue to push the idea that the massive wave of immigrants flooding into Europe are the result of the “butcher” Assad and the Syrian civil war, the facts on the ground show otherwise. Not only is the ridiculous claim that Assad is the aggressor and responsible party in the tragedy that has befallen the Syrian people entirely false and easily debunked, the truth is that the overwhelming majority of the immigrants marching through Europe are not even Syrian but are coming from a diverse menu of Middle Eastern and African states.

In fact, only one in five immigrants to the EU are “refugees” from Syria.

Pakistanis, Eritreans, Bangladeshis, Afghanis, Nigerians, and refugees from all across the MENA and even sub-saharan Africa are all heading to Europe in droves, with many claiming Syrian nationality and being granted refugee status once they reach the shore.

Despite the best efforts by Social Justice Warriors to claim otherwise, the majority of “immigrants” rushing into Europe have been demonstrated by numerous reports, videos, and eyewitness testimony to be male.

In addition, there has been a concerted effort to recruit more fundamentalist elements of foreign societies for relocation in Europe. Sources inside Syria, for instance, told this writer early on that the more fundamentalist Muslims in Syria seem to be given preferential treatment for “refugee” status. Of course, this is not to say that the Syrian refugees are fundamentalist or even that the majority of them are of this variety. We must be careful not to paint with broad brushes. Still, it is difficult to avoid seeing that the more fundamentalist “refugees” seem to be given greater attention and assistance in making their way to European countries. This information has been corroborated by the behavior of many of these “refugees” in the form of mass rape, sexual assault, and general violence.

The Reason For The Immigration Push

Why the sudden influx of immigrants and refugees into Europe now?

With the ability of Assad to hold out for as long as he has in the face of the Anglo-American onslaught, the need for greater use of Western military power in addition to terrorist proxies has become apparent. The creation of a “safe zone” in Syria by the United States and Turkey was one major step toward greater direct military involvement in Syria and the re-creation of the destruction of Libya, this time in version 2.0.

The Russian involvement in Syria and the upcoming vote on the Iranian nuclear deal in the US Congress, however, created the need to accelerate the attack on Syria before the Russians became too entrenched and before Iranian money and supplies began to flow even freer to the SAA.

Hence, the “debate” as to whether or not certain European countries should engage in greater bombing in Syria or troop deployment, under the guise of fighting ISIS but, in reality, targeting the Syrian government.

Thus, we see that the influx of “refugees” into Europe is being used to frighten the European public with images of Muslim fanatics, hordes of people chanting “Allahu Akbar!” and “Fuck you!” into supporting a bombing campaign against the Syrian government. The European public, already witnessing their countries and cultures being destroyed under waves of immigration and now being confronted with the physical violence of dislocation of themselves as well as the immigrants, are likely to simply throw up their hands in frustration and accept the bombing campaign as a solution. They will simply say “Do whatever you have to do stop ISIS and/or Assad. Just get these people out of here!”

The waves of immigrants arriving from a war-torn country, fresh with images of drowned children, thirsty adults, and general misery will be used by the Responsibility To Protect (R2P)/Humanitarian Bomber crowds of the left liberal variety in order to bring the second half of the false political dichotomy on board with a bombing campaign right conservatives were already vociferously supporting.

The second aspect of this latest wave of immigration, and perhaps the most important, is the destruction of European culture with diverse and often “opposing” cultures and the creation of an easy “divide and conquer” strategy in order to break the European people using the already broken immigrant population. Already, Europe has been overwhelmed with massive waves of immigration from Middle Eastern and African nations as well as other “third world” countries, even before the Syrian crisis.

Under a number of guises – economic, ethical, etc. – the ruling class has opened the floodgates to immigration from countries whose culture is vastly different from that of the host country and where the majority of citizens of European countries are themselves struggling to make ends meet. The influx of immigrants has only worsened the economic situation of the European countries who have taken them in, creating another underclass of low-wage low skill workers who are then played off against the indigenous Europeans. Anger at second class status is directed at Europeans from immigrants while anger at the lowering of wages and living standards are directed at immigrants from Europeans. Neither group ever understands that it is the oligarchical elements of their societies that have created such conditions at home and abroad and thus turn their pent up anger on one another.

Furthermore, any society that no longer maintains a common culture is one that begins to break apart at the seams, only finding connection with members of small specialized groups – race, religion, gender , etc. – and further subgroups and groupiscules. Such a society is no longer able to unify against an aggressor since it is, by nature, fractured. There is no unified culture and thus no unified people. It is thus ripe for the picking by any oligarchy, corporation, bank, or government that seeks to dominate it. Like the Brzezinski method of microstates and ministates, the resulting population will be nothing more than a grouping of weak, impotent, squabbling identity cliques.

An invading horde of immigrants that contains substantial elements of criminals, rapists, and religious fanatics will be a perfect spark for the fire of tension that will be necessary to initiate a major culture clash – intellectually and physically.


The immigration crisis being experienced in Europe today is entirely one of Europe’s own making. By engaging in war after war in the Middle East and North Africa, it is Europe that bears the responsibility (along with Israel and the United States) for killing millions of innocent people and displacing millions more. It is thus the responsibility of Europe and other guilty parties to engage in policies that will eliminate the source of displacement.

Yet the same sources of so much destruction in the Middle East and Africa are responsible for not only creating the conditions in those countries where so many would want to leave, they are also responsible for bringing hordes of immigrants to Europe.

Of course, the European oligarchs know well that they are responsible for the mass displacement and are working to exploit that displacement to their own ends. Regardless, it is important to mention a number of rational solutions that would solve an ensuing tragedy in the hopes that activists and the general public may force their implementation.

1.) End Illegal and Unfettered Immigration To Europe

It is clear that Europe cannot continue to accept such unfettered immigration. Immigration policies such as the ones discussed above have already wrought economic and cultural havoc upon a number of European nations. The average European, of course, is as entitled to his own country, culture, and opportunities as any other human being. However, while Europe should refuse to allow such waves of immigration, legitimate immigrants themselves should never be blamed for seeking a better life or for seeking to escape the hell that the West has visited upon them. That being said, sexual assault, rape, and other criminal behavior should never be given a pass because of fears of “racism” or attempts to be “culturally sensitive.”

Thus, Europe must immediately cease accepting any new immigrants from entering the EU. If the EU is incapable of preventing the influx, individual nations must act on their own and reassert their own national sovereignty.

2.) Enact A Program Of Repatriation Of Immigrants

If the “refugees” are indeed from Syria and are indeed seeking refuge from warfare and violence, then, with the stabilization of the Western and Northwestern portions of Syria by the SAA and the Russians, there should be no ethical or logistical issue with allowing them to return to their homelands. Such a program must be enacted immediately to ensure that Syrians return to Syria.

If other individuals have come to Europe under the false pretenses or claiming to be Syrian, they must be deported to their home countries immediately.

Europe must begin the process of returning illegal immigrants and immigrants who have not begun the process of naturalization by legal methods. A freeze on all further immigration might also be enacted for a set period of time, allowing for a period of assimilation to take place.

3.) End The Bombing, Destabilization, and Economic Attack On Syria, Iraq, And Other Target Countries In The Middle East And North Africa

The third step must be an immediate cessation of any and all bombing of Syria and other related nations. There must be an immediate cessation of support for ISIS, FSA, Nusra, or any other “moderate” cannibals operating in the Middle East. The Syrian government must be allowed to wipe these terrorists off its territory, preferably with assistance and intelligence provided by Europe and the United States. If the United States refuses to change its position on Syria, then the E.U. must go it alone.

Remember, legitimate Syrian immigrants who are truly seeking refuge from warfare are not going to Europe because they dream of debating gender politics, sipping coffee in French cafes, or kneeling at the feet of the queen. They are going to Europe because their homes have been destroyed, their families have been killed, and their country is overrun with savages.

4.) Begin Investing In International Development, Rebuilding, And Scientific Progress In The Middle East and Africa

Europe would also be well served to assist in the rebuilding of Syria with a comprehensive plan of foreign investment and credit extended from various European central banks (nationalized banks) and a nationalized Federal Reserve for the purpose of rebuilding civilian infrastructure, hospitals, schools, sanitation, roads, and industry. Credit can be made available for the procurement of products, materials, equipment, and even services so that no actual money changes hands – only materials – in order to avoid fears of corruption or reckless use of finances. Europe and the United States should extend civilized cooperation with Syria in this regard. The goal should be to bring the various countries up to the standards of the First World and Western societies, improving public health, transportation, communications, drinking water, food supplies, and the like.

5.) End The Obsession With Political Correctness

There is an ideology and a mindset that is destroying Europe but it is not Islam or even Islamic fundamentalism - it is political correctness and the obsession with collective European guilt. The European brainwashing of its citizens to view any critique of immigration policies as “racist” “xenophobic,” or even a return to fascism has now led to a situation in which many legitimate critics are dismissed as luddites, the majority are afraid to speak out for fear of being labeled, and a significant portion of European society adamantly support the destruction of their own culture. For that reason, Europe must immediately abandon the historically alien concept of “multiculturalism” and “political correctness.”

While in staunch opposition to the will of the world oligarchy, the above solutions are the only hope of the Syrian and the European peoples. If unheeded, both Syrian and European culture and national identities will be erased and the living standards of all continue to be eviscerated.

The United States, now beginning to witness immigration from the same countries producing immigrants to Europe, must heed these warning as well and it must immediately take part in the solutions.

Clearly, European oligarchs and their American counterparts do not want to see a peaceful end to the crisis in Syria nor do they desire to see a peaceful and humanitarian end to the immigration crisis. It is for that reason that the European and American people must begin to build coalitions amongst themselves and, indeed, amongst immigrant communities, in order to force these oligarchs to do so.

Brandon Turbeville – article archive here – is the author of seven books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria,and The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President. Turbeville has published over 650 articles dealing on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s radio show Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. His website He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at)

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