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Hillary Clinton Supported The TARP and The Banker Bailout

image source: The Daily Beast
Brandon Turbeville
Era Of Wisdom
February 3, 2016

If Clinton’s ties to Wall Street were not bad enough, one need only look to her Wall Street voting record to see the dividends such ties have paid to the American people. Clinton is, without a doubt, one of the most heavily-funded candidates by Wall Street in the 2016 elections and the Clinton machine has been so corrupt throughout the years that one would almost be tempted to wonder whether or not the millions of dollars flowing in to Hillary’s hands via Wall Street is what prompted her to promote such treachery or whether the money is simply payment for the treachery rendered. It’s a chicken or the egg conundrum, really.

Regardless, one need only look to Clinton’s record when it came to the TARP program and the infamous Banker Bailout of 2009 to see whose side Clinton comes down upon.

In 2009, as the banking industry had once again revealed itself as a perverted gambling casino of toxic nothingness and an enemy to both working people and first world living standards, the question put before Congress was whether or not to put the US government (meaning the American people) on the hook for Wall Street’s corrupt dealings and bad (though mostly coordinated and intentional) decisions.

While the American public has tended to be out to lunch on important issues, the overwhelming majority of Americans were still clearly opposed to the 2009 banker bailout. Of course, that didn’t stop the President, the Senate, or the House from supporting it.

While Congressmen Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich were rising to the floor of the House and demanding that Congress vote against bailing out banks and leaving the American people to deal with the consequences on their own, Congressmen and women like John McCain, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton were expressing their support for the bill.[1] [2] [3] While John McCain hilariously rushed back to Washington to discuss the bill with Bush, Clinton pretended to be a measured skeptic while ultimately doing what any informed observer knew she would do all along – throw the American people to the wolves while rushing to save Wall Street.[4]

Clinton ultimately voted for the banker bailout.[5]

By putting the American people on the hook for Wall Street’s mistakes, offering Wall Street a continual zero interest loan “window,” and leaving the beaten down American people to clean up the mess, Clinton and her ilk not only helped ensure that another crisis, even bigger than 2008, would happen in the future. After all, derivatives, the toxic financial instruments that caused the crisis to begin with, were not banned, taxed, or reigned in.

In fact, virtually nothing of any consequence was done to make sure the situation would not happen again and certainly nothing was done to fix what had already transpired. Clinton’s vote also ensured that, in the time in between 2008 and the next big crash, wealth inequality would continue to grow and living standards of the United States would continue to fall.

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image source: The Daily Beast

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