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Brandon Turbeville on Sputnik International's Red Line - February 6, 2016

Red LineBrandon Turbeville
February 6, 2016

US Presidential Race: Are the Kings of the Road Dethroned?

The results of the Iowa caucus came as a bitter pill to both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, with their leadership challenged by Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders, who are both geared to bring even more big surprises in New Hampshire.

In an article entitled “Iowa Caucus Results: 6 Things That Explain How It Happened”, written by Jessica Taylor and carried by NPR, the author opens by saying that “Donald Trump thought he could upend Iowa caucus traditions. The gamble didn't pay off. Hillary Clinton hoped she could wipe away her campaign nightmares of eight years ago by posting a solid win over an insurgent Bernie Sanders. Instead, her margin of victory over Sanders was vanishingly small. Those were just some of the surprise twists from Monday night's results.”

She then elaborates on a list of 6 factors that explain the dramatic results, concluding that “Huge turnout didn't just benefit Trump — it also helped Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio… On the GOP side, it was a three-way race for evangelical voters… Ground games and retail politics still matter… Rubio peaked late at just the right time… Sanders couldn't replicate Barack Obama's 2008 youth coalition…(and) Clinton still has a problem with liberals and progressives”.

Igor Pellicciari, professor at the LUISS University in Rome and lecturer at the Higher School of Economics (studio guest); Eric Shiraev, professor of international relations and political psychology at George Mason University (Fairfax, Virginia); and Brandon Turbeville, writer and geopolitical analyst (Iowa) commented on the issue.

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