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Is Ukraine MP Blaming Putin For The Flu?

putin virus2Heather Callaghan
February 1, 2016

Last week, we reported the uncontained U.S. lab virus dubbed by Donetsk Army officials as “Californian Flu” that killed over 20 Ukraine soldiers and hospitalized hundreds more. The deadly strain apparently escaped a U.S. military lab located near the city of Kharkov and is said to claim lives within two days.

Coincidentally, reports surfaced of another flu epidemic that spread to civilians in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk. It simply isn’t clear at this time if the two outbreaks are related, although they both share serious respiratory complications. The U.S. media is still eerily quiet about claims of possible U.S. involvement in a deadly, uncontained outbreak which doesn’t respond to modern medicine. Reports of the Ukraine flu, called a Swine flu, continue in the news each day as the death toll climbs and citizens everywhere don white masks.

Ukrainian MP, Olga Bogomolez, the Head of the Committee of the Verhovnay Rada stated that the illness has killed 122 people. It is being reported that Bogomolez has accused Putin of being responsible for the sickness.

DONi News reports:

Over the past week, there were registered eleven deaths in Kiev, one death in Kharkov, four deaths in the Odessa region, three deaths in the Chernigov region and two deaths in Zaporozhye. 
“I wish everybody health. I am absolutely confident that the Ukrainian society will win both the aggression of Putin and that of all the viruses which are on the territory of our country,” summed up Bogomolez at a briefing in the Verhovna Rada.

“At this point, there are vastly more questions than answers when it comes to either of the viruses circulating in Ukraine. One is being labeled “Swine flu” and the other “California Flu” simply because the latter has yet to be identified and allegedly comes from a US laboratory,” says geopolitical analyst and writer Brandon Turbeville. “The Donetsk Army seems convinced that the two are separate, however, since it has stated clearly that the virus has not been identified.”

Turbeville also stated,
Naturally, if the virus has escaped from a U.S. lab, it presents the possibility for it be used as a propaganda attack on the West, particularly the United States. After all, it has been the United States that created the unrest in Ukraine to begin with. That’s if it came from a U.S. lab. It is quite possible that the virus is a mutation or the product of other factors. If the virus did, in fact, come from the lab in question, then we have a whole new set of questions. We would not be able to assume that the virus “escaped” from the lab at all. In fact, given the lab’s general location, it would be a conducive setting for the release of a biological weapon. It’s deep inside Ukraine but very close to the Russian border. Not the most ideal in terms of delivery but close enough to have effect.

It’s important not to lose our heads here though. Every year, fear and panic over viruses and illnesses appear in the mainstream press to disappear just as quickly. Still, it’s clearly something to keep an eye on.

As for Bogomolez’ statements, allegedly blaming Putin for the flu outbreak, Turbeville said, “From everything I can see, Bogomolez is not blaming Putin for the flu. While rhetoric like that tends to come out of the Ukrainian parliament on a regular basis, it seems Bogomolez was simply encouraging the nation by the saying that it would overcome Putin and the flu separately. While the claims of Putin’s aggression against Ukraine are fanciful, it doesn’t appear that she was linking him to the flu.”

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