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Days After Saudi Announcement, UAE Is Also 'Prepared' To Send Ground Troops To Syria

UAE+armyBrandon Turbeville
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February 6, 2016

Only days after Saudi Arabia announced its foolishness to the world in a statement revealing that the feudal Gulf monarchy is prepared to send ground troops to Syria under the guise of fighting a terror group it actually supports, the United Arab Emirates made a similar announcement.

UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Anwar Gargash stated at a news conference in Abu Dhabi that "Our position throughout has been that a real campaign against [ISIL] has to include a ground force.”

He also stated that "US leadership on this" would also be a prerequisite for the UAE’s military involvement.

He did not clarify how many troops would be sent by the UAE but he did state that "We are not talking about thousands of troops."

With the United States put somewhat in check by the Russians, there remains very little else available to NATO other than to risk a direct military conflict with Russia or to find new proxy forces to do the dirty work of the empire.

The West, apparently, has found a way to combine both strategies – i.e. the possibility of igniting a third world war and the raising of a proxy army to do much of the fighting.

The UAE announcement comes three days after the Saudi announcement on Thursday.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem has addressed the threats to invade Syria by stating that “Any ground intervention in Syria, without the consent of the Syrian government, will be considered an aggression that should be resisted by every Syrian citizen. I regret to say that they will return home in wooden coffins.”

Muallem also stated that the idea of Saudi troops invading Syria might seem far-fetched, but that “with the crazy Saudi leadership nothing is far-fetched.”

Indeed, the Saudi leadership has demonstrated its insanity time after time but the UAE has traditionally remained more reluctant to engage in direct military combat with other nations.

Recently, however, the UAE launched a foray into Yemen, a disastrous failure if the Gulf emirates wishes to showcase its military might. For the sake of all, however, we hope the KSA and the emirs of the UAE returns to their senses and abandon their schemes of foolish military adventures.

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