Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Vanessa Beeley Shows What Is Really Happening In Aleppo

Janice Kortkamp
January 11, 2017

This is what is really  happening in Aleppo.

Vanessa Beeley has spent the last several days in Aleppo, both in East and West Aleppo. 

Unlike CNN et al of the main stream media...she's telling the truth.

An 8 year old girl died in a "rebel" terrorist prison.

The "rebels" were hoarding aid food and supplies selling them to civilians at exhorbitant prices that most couldn't afford.

The "rebels" shot a starving woman in the mouth when she begged them for food.

The "rebels" shot civilians as they tried to escape thru the humanitarian escape corridors set up by the Syrians and Russians.

Please 27 minutes too long to learn the TRUTH?

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