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Trump Presidency, Transition of Power To Ignite Era Of Destabilization In The U.S.?

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
January 15, 2017

It is clear that Americans were able to avoid the worst case scenario of a Hillary Clinton presidency. However, the 2016 elections provided the country with the Presidency of Donald Trump. While the surprise was not unwelcome considering the other option, Trump supporters are now being faced with some difficult questions as he nears actually taking office.

Trump was always the wild card, running roughshod over the Republican candidates and eviscerating Clinton (if not in the debates, then at least during the campaign as a whole) in the general election. His supporters painted him as an outsider set to save America while his opponents literally painted him as Hitler. Trump’s refusal to articulate specifics about his plans once in office have been represented by many of his supporters as a brilliant strategy since, obviously, no one required specifics before voting for him (Clinton was enough to sway the vote his way). However, the tactic has worked extremely well because those of us who are watching his progression to the White House are incapable of making solid statements – critical or supportive - about his policies one way or the other since we do not actually know what they are.

To be sure, in the days leading up to his inauguration, Trump has done a few positive things. First, by appointing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to head a Vaccine Safety Commission, the President-elect has taken a bold stance in favor of unbiased research into the dangers of vaccinations and the power of Big Pharma as well as the constant hysterical lunacy coming from corporate media outlets kept alive by Big Pharma’s money. Second, his recent attack on CNN was a welcome breath of fresh air. To see CNN correctly labeled as “Fake News” after years of literally making up skits and stories to promote the establishment agenda was a pleasure to behold. It is also worth mentioning that, during the campaign, Trump hinted around at increasing tariffs and protectionism, “renegotiating” the disastrous free trade agreements, working closer with Russia, and abandoning the NATO destabilization campaign against the Syrian government. All of these are things Trump should be commended for, assuming he actually enacts them as policy.

But, despite his rhetoric, Trump has shown a penchant for cozying up to corporations and Wall Street as well as the political establishment. Looking at the list of appointments Trump has made to his advisory councils, his cabinet, and positions within the Federal government, one sees a litany of Wall Street bankers, corporate monsters, and even old guard political establishment figures. And, of course, we can’t forget the Neo-Cons and Zionists who are garnering their own seats at the table. Trump’s announcement that he was going to “drain the swamp” got the attention and praise of many of his supporters but it’s more likely that when they heard “drain the swamp” they did not want him to turn the swamp into a cesspool.

It also needs to be mentioned that Trump appears to be walking back his previous stance of looking for a closer relationship with Russia, even suggesting that the Russians were responsible for hacking the DNC, claims for which the entire “intelligence community” and White House have yet to offer any hard, credible evidence. Trump has also alarmingly suggested a year in jail for burning the American flag, a flagrant unconstitutional act clearly violating the First Amendment. He has suggested cracking down on the internet and essentially giving the police even more of a blank check for violation of rights and general violence against the public.

Yet, despite his inclination toward ignoring Constitutional rights and his friendly relationship with the establishment, corporate America, and Wall Street, Trump has been attacked more by the corporate media than any other President who has yet to even be inaugurated. One need only turn on corporate media outlets for less than a minute to see them taking Trump’s statements out of context, insulting Trump supporters, and generally trashing the President-elect for everything under the sun. This is rather odd considering that the new President is generally revered and treated with honor by the corporate media since part of the ruling elite’s racket is based on the change of heads of state in order to keep up the illusion of democracy. Every President eventually sees his personality mocked by pundits and comedians at some point (except the last one) but Trump has taken it on the chin ever since winning the Republican nomination. Does this not strike anyone as a bit odd?

Of course, this is not to say that Trump is not part of the establishment. Rather, it is to say that there is an agenda afoot.

After observing the behavior of the corporate media, the outgoing administration, the defeated candidate, the Hollywood/entertainment industry, NGO network, and intelligence community, it is apparent that the ruling elite are now embarking upon a domestic strategy of tension. After years of constant propaganda and provocation by corporate media organizations and the NGO community, Americans are now more divided than ever in modern history, with race, religion, gender, and class divisions worse now than they were decades before. Many Americans – regardless of their preferred identification – have been radicalized by their media and entertainment industrial complex.

From years of constant media attention and “debate” regarding instances of “racism” (real and imagined), races were gradually divided as the debates filtered into general society. Racial identity groups, once relegated to the fringe, and (so long as they were non-white) were given attention and credibility by the corporate media. In turn, whites, finally tired of being labeled responsible for all the ills of society, have grown increasingly radicalized as well. As a result, many on both sides are more entrenched and radicalized in their beliefs that the “other” is the enemy. Indeed, all identity groups, not just racial identity, in the country have become more and more entrenched in their ideologies, from religion and politics to gender identities, orientations, and even genders themselves.

Thus, the stage is now set for confrontation between these varying groups inside the United States. For the first time since the first Civil War, the United States seems primed for a domestic upheaval on a massive scale. If the establishment continues to push for such an upheaval, there is little doubt that a television-saturated American public could indeed be provoked into turning on one another in a physical manner, that begins in riots and random acts of violence but which culminates in a much bloodier organized version.

Whether or not the United States is poised for a full on civil war, however, the country is apparently bound for a sustained period of cultural tension that sees the radicalized “left” (Clintonistas, racial/sexual/ identity groups, “left” political NGOs etc.) clashing with the radicalized “right” (Trump supporters, flag-wavers, and race-based identity groups, etc.), both on the internet and on the streets. With such a large portion of the United States unemployed and impoverished, the ability to attract teeming hordes of rioters per the usual State Department NGO methods clearly exists and will no doubt be utilized. After all, Soros-funded “leftist” groups and their own hapless hordes are plentiful, having sprung up in earnest over the past several years. Surely no one believes that the ones who direct and fund these groups will simply wipe their hands and walk away clean.

During the course of 2017, it is possible that we may see the left increasingly clashing with the right, igniting all of the other sub-groups to do battle with one another as well. Americans may very well be pushed to the brink, with riots and flash-mobs becoming the order of the day, a modern culture that some mainstream news organizations and military-industrial complex “think tanks” have talked about openly in the past. The ushering in of such a culture will lead to only one thing – the destruction of what is left of modern living standards and any trace of personal freedom. It will necessarily lead to open authoritarianism and a system that no longer even shows the pretense of caring for human rights or human dignity. All of this while the U.S. continues to provoke a Third World War in Syria, Asia, and Eastern Europe.

Americans had better get their heads straight now. They must immediately begin asking themselves what they truly believe and what they truly stand for. They must abandon loyalties to parties, groups, organizations, and slogans and begin thinking for themselves, listening to their intuition, and reconnecting with a sense of humanity and empathy.

In order for Americans to stop being tossed back and forth between competing “teams,” they must develop a sense of guiding principles that serve as a litmus test for Presidents, Senators, and leaders of political movements.

We are at a crucial point in human history where we must choose the direction of humanity - peace or war.

Freedom or slavery.

Ignorance or enlightenment.

Brandon Turbeville – article archive here – is the author of seven books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 andvolume 2, The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, and The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President. Turbeville has published over 850 articles on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s radio show Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. His website is He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at)

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