Monday, January 16, 2017

As Christmas Approaches, Remember It Is The U.S. Government Who Is Responsible For Ruining Christians In The Middle East

Janice Kortkamp
January 14, 2017

Editor's Note: This article was intended to be published five days before Christmas. However, due to an oversight, the article is being published late. We are publishing the article now because it still bears relevance. 

Christmas is coming and since the days of Jesus, Syria has almost always been a safe haven for Christians. Enjoy this video of the Lord's Prayer being sung in Aramaic...the language of Syria.

The first Christians ran away from Jerusalem to Damascus where Saul was going to hunt them down. These days, there are hundreds of churches from most denominations there. They sit comfortably side by side with mosques. Except where "rebels" those areas they are desecrated and destroyed...and so have many mosques by the way.

Under the government of Syria they have thrived...until the US, UK, and EU decided to TRY to "take out Assad" as they took out the leaders of Iraq and Libya that is. Christians are not treated like some protected endangered species though! They are an integrated part like everyone else in the beautiful mosaic that is Syria in every aspect of society including the government, army, business, education, etc. Non-Muslims are not allowed yet by the constitution to be President. This is a complicated issue and one for Syrians to hash out themselves.

Thanks to the US war in Iraq, that huge population of Christians is just about gone...communities that have existed for 2,000 years. Gone forever are over a million innocent Muslims and other minority groups.

Syria was a safe haven also to millions fleeing the US war there and no refugee was asked what their religion was. Just as they provided a sanctuary for Armenians running from the genocide of the Turks. Or Lebanese from the war there. Or Palestinians torn from their homes.

Thanks to the US war in Syria, the number of Christians has been cut by almost half. It's only by the combined sacrifices of the Syrian armed forces, local militias, Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah that there are still Christians living there. "Moderate rebel" groups on the other hand have always called for genocide against Alawites and targeted Christians and Sunnis who support the government for persecution and slaughter as well.

That's right, its been the Army of Syria dying to protect all civilization in Syria. Sunnis, Alawites, Shiites and Christians as well as many other groups fight side by side in the Syrian Army and with its allies.

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims and others have died in this terrible war trying to save their safe and secular country from the terrorists.

While the US and our allies continue to support radicalized mercenaries...terrorists...that have been killing all Syrians: Sunnis, Alawites, Shiites, and Christians and the rest.

Shame on us. My heart is so heavy this Christmas but it is always strengthened by Syrian friends of all faiths, some with faith but of no religion, and some who cannot have faith because they've seen too much evil. But they keep going and keep living and keep fighting. God bless you all.

Janice Kortkamp is a pro-Syrian activist who has traveled to Syria on several occasions to witness the situation firsthand. She has long opposed the U.S. war on Syria and given a number of lectures on the topic. She is an occasional contributor to

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