Monday, January 30, 2017

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It's Time To Legalize Medical Marijuana In South Carolina

Brandon Turbeville
January 29, 2017

As 2017 rolls around, the South Carolina legislature will soon be considering a proposal to legalize medical marijuana in a very controlled and limited fashion.

The new bill, being labeled the Compassionate Care Act by supporters, would provide access to medical marijuana for patients suffering from specific diseases listed in the bill. The legislation would also provide for the creation of a review board and strict guidelines for access, such as a limit to no more than two ounces every two weeks.

We should all express our respect and gratitude for the individuals who wrote and submitted this bill in order to provide support and relief to so many people in South Carolina suffering from incredibly painful and life-restricting diseases. We should also do whatever is in our power to ensure that this bill passes by calling our representatives and expressing support.

It is time for South Carolina to move into the 21st century in regard to its drug policy, even if it has to tip-toe in order to get there. It is absolutely shameful that, in a country that prides itself on freedom, Americans are hunted down and locked into a cage simply because they are in possession of a plant.

I should add that this plant, for which so many people have been imprisoned, has never caused a single death, is not addictive and has been repeatedly demonstrated to have extraordinary amounts of benefit to health. It’s time to finally bring an end to the war on drugs.



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