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After Secret Meetings With Saudi Arabia, Israel Publicly Repairs Relationship With Turkey

maxresdefaultBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 10, 2016

Shortly after secret meetings between Israeli and Saudi officials were exposed by a small minority of mainstream outlets, the “reparation of relations” between Israel and Turkey began to be reported as well.

The Syrian war has accomplished many things and, apparently, the conflict in Syria has the ability to mend publicly broken relationships between Israel and other nations in a way that no other international incidents have been able to do. Either conflict in the Middle East has magical properties or these new “friends” with Israel have found so much common ground that the two countries can no longer hide their friendship even from the general public and international onlookers at the state level.

In an effort to “mend ties,” the Undersecretary of Turkish Foreign Ministers, Feridun Sinirlioglu held a secret meeting with the Israeli spy chief in Sweden in early April.

As Al Masdar News comments,

The relations between Turkey and Israel have deteriorated after Israeli soldiers raided the Turkish flotilla (Mavi Marmara) while heading to lift Gaza blockade in May 2010. However, both countries began gradually restoring diplomatic and economic ties. In January 2009, Erdogan harshly criticized Israel’s conduct in Gaza at the World Economic Forum conference in Davos. 
Nonetheless, many analysts, including Ashton Meyer, believe the Davos argument was nothing but a farce manipulated by Erdogan to present himself as the new defender of Palestinian cause. “Having failed in dealing issues with Europe, Armenia, Russia, Syria, Iraq and Iran, Erdogan began improving ties with Israel”, Meyer said. Meyer also wrote: “when I compare how the Turkish people welcomed Erdogan after returning from Davos conference in Istanbul airport with the blood-covered faces of Gaza children, I just can’t tell who is the most unfortunate”

Much like Israel and Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey have a number of similar interests, most notably the goal of destroying Syria by virtue of supporting jihadist proxies and facilitating their transit across both the Turkish and Israeli borders.

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