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Which Terrorists Bombed Jobleh, Tartus? ISIS Or 'Moderate' Terrorists?

us isisBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 25, 2016

A series of coordinated and organized suicide bombings across the Syrian coast on Monday has left around 120 people dead. Despite the worldwide expression of solidarity that occurred during the Paris and Belgian attacks, however, there has been no mention of the Syrian attacks nor has there been any mass expression of condolences and solidarity with Syria.

The attacks took place in both Tartus and Jobleh, two cities that are fiercely loyal to the Syrian government and where two Russian bases are located. Syrian state media has reported a lower death toll than that of the West and the terrorist-supporting “activists” (or, rather “activist”) known as the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights.

Two or three blasts took place in Tartus while four explosions took place in Jobleh, with one bomber captured after his blast failed to take his life along with this victims. The blasts were coordinated to take place at a time when the target areas were expected to be crowded with civilians. In Jobleh, the bombings hit a busy bus station, a government electricity office, and an emergency room hospital entrance. In Tartus, the bombs hit a residential neighborhood and another bus station.

Ziad Fadel of Syrian Perspective provides a timeline of the bombings. He writes:

9:00 a.m. – we are at the entrance to the Jabla Transportation Garage, essentially a taxi and bus station, where people come into the town from nearby areas, including Tartous and Banyaas, to shop, attend school or transact business. This time is the busiest of the day before 8:00 p.m. when crowds begin returning to their destinations. A Toyota pickup, manufactured by the conformist and amoral Japanese, – bought by the Saudi cockroaches – was driven into the entry area and parked there. The pickup was stuffed with 350 kgs of C-4 (Semtex) and sundry metal items, like ball bearings and nails, to insure more lethality. It was detonated by remote control. The Syrian Security Services are now sweeping the area in search of a male suspected of being the trigger-man.

9:10 a.m. As word got out of the explosion, citizens naturally gravitated to the area in order to help or to determine if any loved one was among the injured. A distance of only 100 meters away was the Directorate for Jabla’s Electrical Company. People who heard the explosion at the taxi station were on alert and noticed a woman screaming out “Allahu Akbar” as she detonated her explosive belt right at the entryway to the building. She is now in a thousand pieces of porcine fragments, but, she killed enough people to insure her swift descent into the maws of Erebus. 
9:11 a.m. At the entrance to the city of Jabla from the major Latakia-Homs Highway, a male suicide bomber drove his automobile, stuffed with NATO-provided C-4, and detonated his payload at the intersection that leads into the Al-Tadhaamun Quarter. My readers may find this hard to believe, but, the driver survived the explosion and is now in critical condition at the Latakia National Hospital where doctors are frantically trying to keep him alive since his expected testimony will implicate both Erdoghan and Prince Muhammad bin Salmaan (and also, possibly, Obama and Cameron) in this atrocity. My source tells me that the explosion was strong enough to throw the driver from the car violently into some hedges. His survival is, still, quite amazing. 
9:25 a.m. – At the Emergency Division of the Jabla National Hospital, a slinky rodent terrorist exploded his belt at the entryway to the emergency ward destroying a whole section of the first floor where Sunnis were being rushed for treatment. The evidence is still flimsy, but, it appears this terrorist had connections to the Sulaybi Quarter of Latakia.

Residents now fear the possibility of more attacks in the region over the coming weeks.

While Western media is reporting that ISIS is responsible for the attack, citing another report from Amaq, a “news agency” associated with Daesh and curiously allowed to operate despite the West maintaining the most sophisticated surveillance and electronic warfare state on the planet, where the terrorist organization allegedly took credit for the bombings. The attacks also come after an alleged ISIS spokesman, Abu Mohammed al-Adnai allegedly urged fighters to increase the frequency of suicide attacks since the group is suffering numerous defeats in head-on battle situations. Adnai’s call was allegedly issued before the weekend.

Syrian media, however, is reporting that Ahrar al-Sham is the party responsible for the bombing.

The question of which terrorist organization is responsible for the bombing is incredibly important in terms of international politics and could have far-reaching effects on the geopolitical scene. Ever since the recent “ceasefire” agreement that excludes ISIS and Nusra, Syria and Russia have argued that Ahrar al-Sham is also a terrorist organization and should therefore also be excluded. However, the United States is refusing to label Ahrar al-Sham, one of the organizations that make up the bulk of the so-called “Syrian opposition,” as a terrorist group.

If the responsible party was indeed Ahrar al-Sham, then the United States can chalk up one more horrific atrocity to their publicly-supported pets and will be faced with a difficult row to hoe in front of the rest of the world as the bankrupt U.S. administration inevitably tries to obfuscate and defend the terrorist group.

But Syria and Russia do not necessarily need to point to the bombings in Tartus and Jabla as an example of why Ahrar al-Sham is a terrorist organization nor do they need to prove that Ahrar al-Sham was the guilty party. The terrorist group has already committed untold numbers of atrocities in Syria against soldiers and civilians (See here for video evidence). After all, there is absolutely no difference between Ahrar al-Sham and ISIS besides a mere name. They both have the same goal of Sharia. They both hate minorities, Christians, Alawites, Shiites, etc. They both torture. They both rape. We could go on and on.

We should also mention that the United States and NATO support both organizations. For public relations needs, however, the U.S. can claim that Ahrar al-Sham is the good, “moderate” terrorist organization that is fighting for democratic jihadism. But when an atrocity is committed that gains attention in the media, ISIS – the bad extremist terrorist organization fighting for extreme jihadism – can immediately take both the credit and the blame.

It’s very much like a movie script, but the script resembles that of a sequel that has gone through so many presentations that not only are the scenes predictable but the actors are wholly unconvincing and the plot entirely unbelievable. Unfortunately, the crisis bears another uncanny resemblance to a bad movie script – the American people eat it up without question.

Brandon Turbeville – article archive here – is the author of seven books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 andvolume 2, The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, and The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President. Turbeville has published over 650 articles on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s radio show Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. His website is He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at)

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