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The Clinton Climate Obsession: Minus The Environmentalism

Image Source: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara
Brandon Turbeville
May 6, 2016

While oligarchs like Hillary Clinton continue to prattle on about disproven theories such as that of man-made CO2 – based Climate Change, the planet continues to be raped and pillaged by international corporations, deforestation, pollution, and general overuse without a peep from the likes of Clinton or the alarmist Al Gore. Indeed, much like Al Gore, Hillary Clinton was recently seen boarding a private jet – quite the carbon emitter and fuel drinker – hours after launching the non-statement of her plans for a “greener” climate if she wins the Presidency.[1]

Hillary Clinton’s plans to fight “climate change” as President are, like most of her 2016 positions, almost indecipherable from her website or her current statements on the campaign trail. For her actual opinions and plans, we can only look to the periphery and the past.

At this point, it is important to note some very basic problems with the theory of “anthropogenic Man-Made Global Warming. Unfortunately, given the detailed nature of “climate science,” it is impossible to provide a detailed summation of the thoroughly debunked theory of Anthropogenic Man-Made Global Warming, at least as it relates to the non-existent and entirely invented theory of CO2 as a poisonous and planet killing gas. [2] [3] Suffice it to say that the earth was much hotter in the past, thus indicating that we are well within the norm of climate ups and downs.[4] [5] [6] In addition, it is important to mention the fact that global warming has not taken place in the last eighteen years despite the rigging of science equipment and faulty computer models to prove the opposite, thus calling into question whether the planet is actually still warming at all.[7] [8]

Still, that does not stop the Clinton’s of the world from continuing to promote human population, food, air conditioning, heat, travel, and industry as the greatest threats to world civilization. In fact, the Clinton AMMGW (Anthropogenic Man-Made Global Warming) theory is nothing more than a veil over a plan to deindustrialize the West, reduce the world population, and bring the world into an open state of neo-feudalism. Such a policy was devised by the Club of Rome decades ago.[9]

The same is the goal of “carbon taxes” which are themselves nothing more than a tax on production, living standards, and human necessities. Likewise, “cap and trade,” another form of “carbon tax,” system in which companies can trade “carbon credits” to reduce “emissions” is nothing more than a fresh new derivatives bubble built out of the taxes and fees placed upon the necessities of the American public. It should be noted that Clinton has supported Cap and Trade plans in the past.[10]

Clinton’s 2016 plan seems reasonable enough on the face of it – a greater focus on “renewable” sources of energy and an increase in the deployment of those forms of energy transmission while also incentivizing “green” energy production. Fine. It’s not the greatest solution but it sounds semi-reasonable.

Hillary even claims that, within 10 years of her inauguration, every home in America will be powered by “carbon-free” methods. Putting aside the obsession with carbon, the plan sounds like it has a decent goal.

Yet there is one important question and one important point to make regarding Clinton’s plan.

First, the question is “Does Hillary really intend to promote greener sources of energy?” The answer is, of course, “No, she doesn’t.”

In true Clinton fashion, Hillary speaks of eliminating “giveaways” to big oil companies. Yet her campaign and much of her career as Secretary of State was built upon promoting Big Oil and fracking. The reality is that, for Hillary Clinton, there is a very real lack of concern for true environmental degradation.

Indeed, Clinton is following the methods of the Club of Rome who argued for de-industrialization of the West and the use of the UN’s Agenda 21 plan for removing humans from the wilderness and the ability to sustain themselves independently. Clinton is perhaps correct that “renewable” sources of energy – woefully inadequate at least in their current forms – may be able to produce most of the energy consumed by the American people within 10 years of her inauguration. Unfortunately, this may be due to the fact that, under a Clinton administration, the cost of energy may be so high and the availability of it so rare that few individuals will be able to afford it.[11]

The Clinton position (as opposed to the public Clinton campaign plan) on the environment is one that represents a free-for-all for Big Oil, Big Industry, and other major business interests across the world. For the average American, however, that position represents unimaginable austerity and the return to open feudalism.

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Image Source: Newsday/Thomas Ferrara

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