Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Special Offer For Donations To BrandonTurbeville.com - Copy Of The Animals Say No Way!

Image Source: M Larens
Brandon Turbeville
Brandon Turbeville.com
May 12, 2016

Author of The Animals Say No Way!, M. Larens, has graciously offered the book as an incentive for donations to BrandonTurbeville.com for a limited time. The Animals Say No Way! is a children's book designed to educate children in a fun and interesting way without terrifying or preaching to them.

The Animals Say No Way! is not currently available on Amazon.com or any major retailer.

For a limited time, any donation to BrandonTurbeville.com of $30 or more will receive a free copy of The Animals Say No Way! delivered to their doorstep. (See donation instructions below)

"Utterly delightful! I recommend this wonderful book for children of all ages from 99 to one year old. It will bring many a smile and insidiously corrupt you to abandon your hypnosis about the food we (try to) consume.


-- F. William Engdahl, author, Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation

[Continued - click "Read More" below for Donation Instructions]


1.) Contact Brandon at anticodex@yahoo.com. Please make clear that you are interested in donating and receiving the book. Please put "book donation" in the subject line. Upon sending the email, you will receive Brandon's PayPal information.

2.) You will be asked to provide your shipping address which will be provided to a third party for the purpose of shipping. This information will only be provided to the shipper for shipping purposes. 

3.) A payment will be made to Brandon's Paypal account. 

4.) Upon confirmation of receipt of payment, a book will be shipped to your mailing address. 

Please send any further inquiries or questions to Brandon Turbeville at anticodex@yahoo.com. 

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