Monday, May 23, 2016

Why Donating to Brandon Turbeville Is Seriously Important and Funny, Too

G Meadows
Image Source: M Larens
May 23, 2016

Things are tight for most of us and yet we want to help other, including those doing valuable work for all of us.

To do that, we have to shift into abundance and gratitude. When we give when we feel strapped ourselves, we become strong because we are actually making a real difference and doing something beautiful in giving. In truth, we're helping ourselves and all we care about.

Brandon Turbeville is a very good example of someone doing invaluable investigative work. He's been exposing the big "humanitarian" NGOs which are covertly part of the war machine.

But he's just done something more and quite unusual. He's the first person in the country to arrange for his donors to be part of helping get word out about GMOs - and in a very funny way - to kids (and adults).

The author of the book, M Larens, is not selling the book - though it is the only GMO book for kids in the world that is rhymed and illustrated and funny yet honest. Instead, by not selling it but only offering for it to be used as a thank you to their donors, is Larens trying to move us from focusing on objects to what matters more deeply to us? Because if we buy the book, we just have the book. But if we donate, we feel our appreciation to people like Brandon, we get behind people like him, we do actual good, and the book becomes a symbol of gratitude to us.

It means more. It means everything. It's rising above chaos and even above our ourselves, to be focused on gratitude and helping out personally.

Special Offer For Donations To - Copy Of The Animals Say No Way!

The book is important. It leave the lies and direness of GMOs behind and bring truth wrapped in humor and actual delight. Ban the labeling of GMOs? The book tells the story of what a mother DOES when she finds out that animals won't eat GMOs and realizes people can't tell and yet they aren't labeled. She has a plan.

Brandon Turbeville, though day to day doing very serious work, stopped a moment and saw the crazy goodness in the book and the value for families. He decided to use the book as a thank to his donors.

He was the first to take that leap into imagination and something new.

We all need to be donating now as never before. We have a lot of good to do.

Let's start with Mr. Turbeville who saw beyond his normal heavy work and thought something wonderful could happen out of doing this differently, out of reaching kids, out of bringing humor.

If we donate to Turbeville as a thank you to him for being the first to offer joy along with truth, he becomes an example for other writers and groups to also start offering the book so donations start flowing nationally, helping so many other doing good work. And the book will start flowing out to inform even little children about GMOs. If we help Mr. Turbeville do his work, we help get this quirky truthful book out there and amazingly, at the same time, delight the whole country.

Eat GMOs? The Animals Say No Way. Humor is going to sweep the day.

Finally! a children's book on GMOs
That won't bring a bleed to a single little nose
Or scare the pants off of favorite aunts ....

If you can imagine that Dr. Seuss met biotech,
And wrote a funny book about their genetic heck,
Well, then you might have an idea or three or two
Of what this book has in store for you
Or for your child, which is even better,
If we get down to brass tacks and orange cheddar.

So, click right here for a scrumptious book for your child,
Though bio-poo Bahs of GMO ilk may call it bumptious and go quite wild,
In their business-y way, of course, with "Ahem, no, no," to say on it,
But meanwhile - with "ahem, ha ha!" - everyone loves to crayon it.

Thank you sincerely, Mr. Turbeville, for your hard work and, now, thank you for offering the country not only something real but something fun. The world needs more and more truth and getting it in such a charming and silly form like this is just fabulous!

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