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New Tool Quickly Taps Coconuts For Drinkable Coconut Water Bottles On The Go

Heather Callaghan
Natural Blaze
April 5, 2016

A company has invented a unique way to enjoy fresh coconut water anytime – even on the go.

“I wish I could enjoy the benefits of coconut juice anytime I want – without all the junk.”

“I wish it was easy to get coconut juice from the coconut.”

“I wish coconut water from a can was the real deal and wasn’t so expensive.”

“I don’t trust the coconut water industry and I don’t want more plastic in the landfills.”

If you have ever thought any of those statements, a company called Coco Taps has invented a solution to the coconut conundrum. (website)

Full disclosure – this is not a sponsored post. I received this product for free but not under any obligation to review it here. This is my true experience. Read our disclaimer.

Coconut water – especially fresh from the coconut – is so precious and amazing, it’s been used to replace human blood as early as World War 2 and today in third world countries. It is the ultimate, hydrating electrolyte treatment providing instant potassium among a near-perfect balance of other electrolyte minerals such as magnesium, calcium, sodium and phosphorous. Not to mention, it is loaded with vitamin B9, aka folate. These constituents and more make coconut water a wonderful blood builder. (source)

Coconut water would be ideal as the base for this blood and liver building smoothiewere it not for two major problems: 1) coconuts are a pain to open and 2) coconut water from bottles and cans are riddled with problems of their own.

The first problem is obvious – to open and drain a coconut often requires a hammer and nail and creates a big mess with a good chance much the water will be spilled and wasted. Definitely not an ideal before-work, morning routine.

Secondly, the coconut water industry is loaded with junk. Not only does the pasteurized product come in BPA cans and plastics and is loaded with sugar and other additives/preservatives, but it turns out very little nutrients is to be found in them. In many cases, the companies are using reconstituted juices from concentrates and are price gouging customers. One of the common preservatives is sodium metabisulfite and/or sulphur dioxide. As I’ve written before, sulfites can be a trigger ingredient for food sensitivities and are now known to cause heart issues, trouble breathing and nausea. At least one brand listed “artificial coconut flavor” on its ingredients. Lastly, I have yet to meet one person who enjoys the taste of bottled/canned coconut water, but when it comes to fresh coconut water from the coconut, I’ve made some converts through taste tests.

Only one bottled brand has nutritious coconut water that is unpasteurized and straight from the coconut – Harmless Harvest. If you are lucky enough to see it in healthfood stores in your area, you will notice a steep price – around $4 per eight ounce bottle, give or take. If the healthfood store will order it for you, you will most likely have to buy it by the case because it is too perishable to keep in stores if not enough people buy it. This is what happened to me in my area when I asked for it. Fortunately, HH uses BPA-free plastic bottles but the downside is that they must use plastic because glass would break with their non-pasteurizing methods.

When I was sent a set of Coco Taps, I did not have high expectations – none at all. I was just going to wait until I could find some young raw coconuts and try it out.

The multi-functional tool is essentially a drill and extractor that comes with a sheath that also cleans the drill. The handle of this tool also removes the tap from the coconut when through. This tool is what is used to puncture the coconut at an angle. The set comes with two two taps (and two reusable bottle caps that screw on like a plastic water bottle – all BPA-free).

The whole process goes like this:
Screw in the tap
Pour out the juice in a cup or drink straight from the coconut! Use bottle cap to preserve any leftovers or take on the go.
Unscrew the tap and rinse tool and tap – that’s it!

This process took a shockingly short amount of time and easily provided nearly every last drop of the coconut water – at least 8 ounces. It was great to have fresh coconut water again.

Here are some pictures of Coco Taps at work.

Please excuse the turmeric stains on the counter.

Needs some elbow grease, but too much “oomph” will cause some of the water to sploosh out like a volcano if you’re not careful.

Ready to go!

I also tried drinking straight from the tap – it works great, no leakage.


I got two full teacups’ worth.

All in all, I’m thrilled with Coco Tapss and can recommend it freely. If I wasn’t buying young raw coconuts then I wouldn’t need a set – but now that I have an easy method to get coconut water, I plan on getting fresh coconuts much more often.

What do you think of this tool?

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