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CA County Board Candidate Slams GMOs And Opponents In Debate

james-hintonBrandon Turbeville
Natural Blaze
April 14, 2016

No one can accuse James Hinton of being unclear on his stance regarding GMOs and GMO legislation. The Napa County Board of Supervisors, District 2 candidate has staunchly opposed GMOs since day one of his candidacy and has even made the issue a major part of his platform.

Hinton was also not afraid to raise the issue during the County Board of Supervisors debate held in April 2015. Indeed, in a world of corporate politics, it is rare to even hear the GMO issue being brought up, much less seeing GMOs so passionately opposed. But this is exactly what Hinton did as he took aim both at GMOs and Supervisor Luce when he stated this,

Supervisor Luce denied the will of the public. We were 15 and 0 in support of this letter and he said, we must remove the words “and state” and submit this. He would only support federal labeling which we all know is never going to happen which 535 people there aren’t going to agree on this – they’re so far away from it. There’s a 120 in the State of California Legislature that are much closer to doing this and we would have been much better to go with the state support. But the fact that he denied 15 and 0 unanimous support…

Hinton then transitioned to a personal story. He stated,

And I was told in 2013 I might have pancreatic cancer – I was 300 pounds suffering from psoriatic arthritis extremely bad and I made a switch from pharmaceutical drugs to organic medicine. And to an organic diet. Everything I ate was labeled – I knew what I was eating. They were all organic, non-GMOs. And I no longer have signs of cancer – I have benefitted so much off knowing what I’m eating and selecting organic food every time so I am in full support of this and I will fight everyday for state and federal leadership to fight against the GMOs that are making us all sick.

Hinton’s statements were met with ruptorous applause from the audience, something that is rarely seen in local election debates.

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