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Brandon Turbeville Interview With Khorasan News - Mateen was actually a patsy of the FBI

terror alertAli Khayami
June 22, 2016

"The FBI has a long history of not only allowing terrorist attacks to go live but actually initializing, creating, funding, and facilitating them", said Brandon Turbeville in an exclusive interview with Khorasan Newspaper. Turbeville, who is an author and a journalist dealing with Middle East, Syria, and geopolitics based in South Carolina, discussed the shooting in an Orlando night club in the U.S. with us. He asserts that this attack was actually engineered by U.S. intelligence and U.S. law enforcement agencies.

He claims that if we want to stop terrorist attacks inside the U.S, we should stop funding Daesh! Stop funding al-Qaeda! Stop funding “moderate” rebels!

1. First I would like to ask you some questionable facts about the Orlando terrorist attack. While FBI was aware of the danger, why they didn’t arrest him? Could you please explain your idea about the connection between Omar Mateen and FBI? (Like what you explained in “5 Reasons To Question The Official Story Of The Orlando Shooting” and also in “Was Orlando Shooting A False Flag? Shooter Has Ties To FBI, Regular At Club, Did Not Act Alone?”)

As I point out in the series of articles I did on the questionable aspects of the Orlando shooting, I would argue that the FBI didn’t arrest Mateen because the FBI wanted him to go forward with the attack. The FBI has a long history of not only allowing terrorist attacks to go live but actually initializing, creating, funding, and facilitating them. In many instances, the FBI will organize a plot and then step in to “foil” it at the very last minute. They will then take credit for stopping a terrorist attack from taking place. But, of course, they stopped an attack that they created! In some instances, we see those attacks go live – by that I mean we see that the attack is organized and facilitated by the FBI but it is not foiled and allowed to take place. At that point, there is a massive propaganda blitz by the U.S. media and the U.S. government suggesting various “solutions” to the general public such as greater surveillance, surrendering more civil liberties or justifying more foreign intervention.

In the case of Orlando, we know that the FBI did more than simply “investigate” Mateen. They “introduced” him to “informants” as well. This was coincidentally around the same time that Mateen started frequenting gay clubs. Not only that, but Mateen also had connections to Marcus Dwayne Robertson, a notorious FBI and CIA asset who has been implicated in other high profile terror attacks allowed to go live by the FBI such as the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Not to mention his father who was an alleged CIA asset himself. All of this information, especially when taken together with the reports of additional shooters and accomplices, leads credence to the assertion that Mateen was actually a patsy of the FBI who was being handled or blackmailed into committing the acts in Orlando.

2. Despite the fact that Daesh has accepted the responsibility for the terrorist act, the right-wing American media blames Muslims and the left-wing American media blame guns. Why no one talks about the consequences of aiding Daesh directly and indirectly by Obama administration and also other Western powers? What is behind the curtain that leads to changing the agenda? Who profits?

Because there is an agenda to this attack. Most of the available evidence suggests that this attack was actually engineered by U.S. intelligence and U.S. law enforcement agencies so naturally there is a desired reaction when such an attack is plotted out. There are a number of points that need to be made here. First, if Daesh accepts responsibility, what does that mean? Who controls Daesh? Daesh, or ISIS, is entirely a creation of the West and Saudi Arabia as I have documented on a number of occasions in my work and thus, if Daesh is committing a terrorist attack on American soil we have to look back to the CIA headquarters where this terrorist group and indeed the terrorist act originated. Of course, in the United States, there is a media blackout on the fact that Daesh was created by the CIA, Saudi Arabia, and NATO so the terrorist group functions as a perennial boogeyman with which to browbeat the American public into accepting various agendas desired by the oligarchy. Simply put, the media will not talk about the consequences of aiding Daesh because the media will not even admit that the U.S. is aiding Daesh.

So the other question would be “What is the agenda?” Even this, is not a simple answer. In my experience, there is rarely, if ever, only one reason for such an act to be committed. The right predictably blames Islam and Muslims in general. The left predictably blames guns. Stoking fear and hatred of Muslims is one aspect of the diatribe of the right wingers being reported by the mainstream press in order to create division in American society. You will find that stories in the mainstream American press are always running that depict controversial cases involving race, religion, sexual orientation and gender. This has a dramatic effect on the public already under so much stress. It creates real world division with blacks and whites, gay and straight, Christian and Muslim, men and women all fighting one another over perceived injustices that the media pelted them with. After all, if you are an oligarch, the last thing you want is a united population. Divide them and make them fight each other and they have no chance to fight back.

The demonization and elimination of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms is also a major reason for these types of events. Again, if you are an oligarch, the only thing worse than a united population is an armed one. The U.S. establishment has been trying to eliminate American gun ownership for years. As the government and media attacks on the Second Amendment step up so do attacks on schools, churches, clubs, etc. This is no accident.

3. It is not the first time that official story does not match the facts on the ground. World remembers so many questions about 911 attacks and the strong viable evidence about the role played by Saudi. Recently there are reports about hiding 28 pages from congress report on 911 attacks which was about Saudi. What is going on in United Sates of America?

Good question! The United States is in a period of severe economic and cultural decline. Vicious austerity measures, offshoring of jobs, low wages, crumbling infrastructure, rationed healthcare, and the emergence and establishment of an American police state are all combining with the propaganda industry coming out of Hollywood, not just mainstream news, to create a culture of mass schizophrenia. Americans are being forced to deal with rapidly declining living standards, toxic food, unemployment, and, at the same time, being hit with mind-numbing amounts of propaganda via their television and social media. I speak as an American when I say that people here are struggling. Questions like those related to Saudi connections to 9/11 simply take a back seat to basic survival for many but, for others, the constant supply of entertainment takes over. I honestly don’t think we have the time go through exactly what is happening in the United States in this interview. It’s too complex. But suffice it to say that Americans are under a type of mass hypnotism when it comes to their media and the television. And this is not by accident either. It is intentional and it has been engineered from the top down.

4.) Republicans have their own proposals for confronting the terror threat, and warn that certain gun control measures could make America less safe. House Speaker Paul Rayan on Tuesday touted proposals to improve refugee screening and other measures to deal with homegrown terrorism. On the other hand, Congressional Democrats are renewing their push for gun control measures in the wake of Orlando terror massacre, arguing the best way to prevent suspected terrorists from carrying out acts of violence is to legally limit their access to the firearms. What do you think about these two point of Republicans and Democrats point of view? What difference does it make anyway?

The Republicans and Democrats are both hypocrites. They are both warmongers and a gaggle of war criminals, Wall Street hacks, and authoritarians. Republican and Democrat is just a brand like Coke and Pepsi. It’s the same thing with a different twist and different colors.

If you want to stop terrorism in the United States the first step is incredibly simple. Stop conducting it. The FBI has been responsible for most of these terrorist attacks in the U.S. and, if we want it to stop, the process of using terrorist attacks to achieve political agendas must stop. But we don’t even have to go that deep down the rabbit hole to provide a solution. Stop funding Daesh! Stop funding al-Qaeda! Stop funding “moderate” rebels! Terrorism inside U.S. borders would largely cease on day one.

As to your specific questions, under no circumstances should a limitation on gun rights ever be entertained. Americans have a fundamental right to firearms and it is imperative that we keep that right. Sacrificing civil liberties for the perception of security is always the wrong choice as every American should be able to attest to now. Without going into too much detail regarding the “gun control” issue, “gun control” has never made anything safer. In fact, you can look to Pulse in Orlando for the microcosm of a gun free zone.

As for the issue of refugee status, there is a serious problem in America with illegal immigration. Particularly at a time with such high unemployment, this is causing a major issue in the area of jobs for American citizens. This absolutely has to stop. What country do you have if you cannot or will not secure your borders? What level of order do you have? In the case of refugees specifically though, the answer is stop destroying their countries. The U.S. made those people refugees after all. They wouldn’t even be here if the United States had not funded proxy terrorists to destroy their country or bombed their civilian infrastructure. That being said, the American people and the country as a whole should not be sold down the river for political purposes or for social engineering which is what much of the U.S. immigration policy is based upon.

5) Obama was more mad at Trump than he was the Muslim terrorist, could you explain that?

This is just theatre. Obama was neither mad at Trump or the Muslim terrorist. I wouldn’t get too excited over debates and jabs taken in the political arena. Obama was mad at Clinton during the 2008 Presidential race and he appointed her Secretary of State. All of this is just complete theater. Obama has to play a certain role to appeal to the typical mindset of his base and vice versa for Trump. Obama has to appear to be pro-Muslim despite the fact that he has killed hundreds of thousands of them and Trump has to appear to be anti-Muslim to drum up fear and support from his base. Both positions draw disgust from the opposing side and thus we are at Pepsi and Coke again. Choose which war you want. The one led by a Muslim hater or the one led by someone who professes to support Muslims. It doesn’t matter. They both end up the same way.

Brandon Turbeville is an author and a writer who resides in Florence, South Carolina. He is the author of seven books, The Road To Damascus- The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, Codex Alimentarius- The End of Health Freedom, Seven Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions, The Difference It Makes: 36 Reasons Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President, and Dispatches From A Dissident Vol. 1 and 2. Brandon joined Anti-Media's team as an independent journalist in July of 2014. He is a staff writer for Activist Post and has published over 700 hundred articles dealing with the Middle East, Geopolitics, Syria, Economics, Health, war, government corruption, and civil liberties. He has been a guest on numerous alternative media broadcasts as well as mainstream outlets. Turbeville is also an occasional contributor to other media outlets such as Natural Blaze, The Anti-Media, and Progressive Gazette, Era Of Wisdom, and Off Rail Alliance.

Ali Khayami

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