Monday, June 20, 2016

New Chem Weapons Attack In Ghouta, Syria - 'Rebels' Gas Syrian Soldiers: Report

A Syrian soldier aims a 7.62mm PKM light machine gun from his position in a foxhole during a firepower demonstration, part of Operation Desert Shield. The soldier is wearing a nuclear-biological-chemical warfare maskBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
June 16, 2016

Three years after the infamous Ghouta chemical weapons attack launched by Western-backed terrorists but blamed on the Syrian government by Western mainstream media outlets, Ghouta, once again, is the scene of another possible chemical weapons attack.

According to a Syrian military source cited by Al-Masdar, “rebels” in Damascus used crudely assembled chemical bombs to attack Syrian soldiers with nerve gas in Ghouta.

“Several soldiers suffered breathing difficulties after the attack and were immediately taken to a military hospital. Thankfully, all of them are now in stable conditions,” the source stated.

Video evidence has been produced which reportedly shows Syrian soldiers suffering the effects of the gas and undergoing treatment.

The attack took place on Wednesday after four days of intense fighting between “rebels” and the Syrian military where the SAA managed to reclaim territory from the Western-backed Islamists.

Jaish al-Islam, a terrorist group backed by the U.S. and NATO, has denied using the chemical weapons and has instead claimed that the Syrian government was the perpetrator.

Thus, with both sides claiming that chemical weapons were used, it appears that such an attack did take place.

Video evidence such as that produced by Syrian news agency SANA, however, tends to lend credence to the claims of the Syrian government rather than the terrorist groups.

The 2013 chemical weapons attack was blamed on the Assad government by the United States and its allies despite evidence that it was actually the terrorist proxy forces that committed the attacks.

It stands as one of the most intense moments in the Syrian crisis as the United States was preparing to launch a Libya-style invasion before the Russians stepped in and mediated a diplomatic solution that resulted in Syria surrendering its chemical weapons stockpile.

Terrorists in Syria, backed by the West, have used chemical weapons on a number of occasions, even televising proof of their possession of the chemicals and the manufacturing capability needed to produce them.

On the contrary, there has never been any credible evidence to suggest that the Syrian military has used chemical weapons against either civilians or combatants.

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