Thursday, May 22, 2014

Russia, China Veto UN Security Council Resolution on Syria

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 22, 2014

As was expected by most observers familiar with the geopolitical alignments surrounding the Syrian crisis, both Russia and China vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution on Thursday that would have empowered the International Criminal Court to “investigate and prosecute war crimes” in Syria.

The resolution was sponsored by France and was supported by the United States as well as a number of other Western nations. The measure received 13 “yes” votes from the Security Council, which is made up of 15 nations, the only “no” votes coming from Russia and China.

This vote marks the fourth time that Russian and Chinese veto power has been utilized to prevent UN and Western meddling into the affairs of the Syrian people.

The Russian veto was no surprise, of course, since the Russian Ambassador Vitaly I. Churkin, announced on Wednesday that Russia would veto the measure, calling the resolution a “publicity stunt.”

The Chinese position was more in question, however, although it was not expected to support the resolution. Considering the fact that the Russia veto was all but guaranteed, it was surmised that China might simply abstain from the process. However, the Asian and soon to be world power decided to cast its veto instead.

While the outcome of the vote is no different with two vetoes as it would have been with one, the Chinese vote is extremely important for what it represents.

Only days after signing a massive oil and gas deal with Russia and amid ongoing discussions on ways in which to avoid using the U.S. dollar for financial payments and trade, the Chinese have become emboldened in their response to Washington’s rush to war and other unreasonable demands.

Even the Chinese formal statement appeared more forceful in its tone than those in the past. “To forcibly refer the situation of Syria to the I.C.C. is neither conducive to building trust among all parties in Syria or to early resumption of negotiations in Geneva,” said Wang Min, the Deputy Chinese Ambassador.

The United States and France, predictably, reacted with hysteria and anger. The notorious warmonger Samantha Power, the U.S. Ambassador, stated “Sadly, because of the decision of the Russian Federation to back the Syrian regime no matter what it does, the Syrian people will not see justice today. They will see crime, but not punishment.”

The latter portion of Power’s statement is, of course, true. But it is not because of the Russian Federation that the Syrian people will only see crime. It is because of the United States and ravenous imperialists like herself.

In addition, Richard Dicker, the International Justice Director at the discredited Human Rights Watch organization stated that “Moscow and Beijing can veto a resolution but they can’t suppress the desire for justice by the Syrian people and the dozens of governments that stood for their rights.”

Thankfully, the Assad government and the Syrian Arab Army are making enormous gains inside the country, opening up the possibility that Power, Dicker and the rest of their ilk may be disappointed for years to come.

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