Thursday, May 29, 2014

Democracy Comes To Syria, West Demands Democracy Come To Syria

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 28, 2014

Although the Western media reports regarding the Presidential elections currently taking place in Syria attempt to portray the event as a “sham election” or nothing more than a political stunt, evidence coming out of the country seem to show quite the opposite.

Indeed, the elections, which include Assad as one candidate among three, are experiencing widespread participation from Syrians inside the country as well as those who have been displaced in the region and around the world.

For instance, in a recent article from the Associated Press, reports of Syrian refugees in Lebanon wishing to vote (mostly for Assad) were so ready to enter the polling booth in the Syrian embassy in Lebanon, that a virtual riot ensued, resulting in Lebanese security beating the voters with batons and sticks.

The Syrians flocked to the voting stations by the thousands, causing traffic jams, with some even abandoning their own vehicles and walking the distance to the embassy. Such is the desire to participate in the vote.

The majority of those amongst the crowd in Lebanon were Assad supporters, with many chanting their support for Assad while waiting to cast their vote.

The elections are being held inside Syria but also at Syrian embassies that are not controlled by the Western-funded opposition due to the displacement of Syrian citizens across the world.

The Syrian elections, regardless of the outcome, have already showed the hypocrisy of the United States and the Anglo-European establishment when it comes to their support for the vague concept of “democracy.”

Indeed, it is true that one of the biggest obstacles to voting process in Syria are the very nations that have howled over the lack of elections in Syria for the last three years. The United States, Britain, France, and others are the biggest obstacles to the voting process second only to the death squads still fighting across the country today which they themselves are responsible for organizing, funding, training, and directing from the very beginnning.

Predictably, many European countries like France and Germany have refused to allow Syrian expatriates to vote in their capitols.

Regularly lambasting the Syrian elections as “sham elections” and a “farce,” Western nations and their media mouthpieces attempt to portray the Syrian elections as illegitimate, with one of their most vociferous justifications for their claims being that the country cannot hold legitimate elections while at war.

Yet, as Mimi al-Laham pointed out in a debate over the Syrian elections on the UK’s Islam TV, these same nations uttered not a word when sham elections were held in a war zone under foreign occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead, the elections were touted as a democratic success story.

Regardless of the Western desire to see Assad unseated and a weak puppet regime put in his place, the actions of the West have done nothing but increase the support for Assad since the beginning of the destabilization effort three years ago.

Although Western media outlets, governments, and discredited “human rights” organizations may howl over alleged “human rights violations,” “sham elections,” and other murky or outright fabricated incidents, it is clear that the Syrian people are both more interested and more adept at dealing with Syrian issues than the West.

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