Sunday, March 11, 2018

East Ghouta Terrorists Attack Civilians Attempting To Leave Area, MSM Silent As Usual

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
March 9, 2018

For all the weeping and wailing of the mainstream media regarding East Ghouta and the hysteria over civilians in the terrorist held areas being killed as a result of the operations to liberate the area, there is scarcely even scant mention of the civilians undeniably being targeted in Damascus by East Ghouta-based terrorists. While Russia and Syria have never been shown to have intentionally targeted in civilians during the entire course of the war, America’s “rebels” have often solely targeted civilians throughout the conflict and are continuing to do so today.

But despite crowing over the humanitarian catastrophe in East Ghouta, the need for aid, and the ability of civilians to leave the area, there has been little mention of the fact that the East Ghouta terrorists opened fire on civilians attempting to do just that.

On March 8, a convoy of around 300 families was attempting to leave East Ghouta via a humanitarian corridor in order to join their family members who were waiting with journalists on the other side. According to the Russian Center for Reconciliation In Syria, armed groups based in East Ghouta opened fire on the families only a kilometer from the exit. It is not yet clear whether or not there were any casualties but it is known that at least three cars were destroyed due to shelling.

The terrorists then opened fire on the exit area itself. There were no injuries in the second attack and all the civilians and journalists were quickly evacuated.

East Ghouta terrorist have long been blocking civilians from leaving the area. On February 27, terrorist in East Ghouta opened fire on a humanitarian corridor in much the same manner as they did in this most recent attack.

On Sunday, the terrorist implemented a curfew and punished civilians publicly for “violations,” apparently attempting to prevent them from leaving the area.

Still, the western corporate media is focused on the hysteria of “intentional targeting” of civilians by the Syrian government, propaganda whose sources are terrorist groups and terrorist-supporting organizations such as the SOHR, based in Coventry, UK and the al-Nusra Front propaganda wing known as the White Helmets.

Indeed, there was no report (at least visible) by any major outlets regarding the terrorist attack on civilians attempting to leave the area. Instead, CNN ran with the headline "Eastern Ghouta Death Toll Passed 1,000 On Sunday." The piece was typical msm and typical CNN; i.e. full of emotion, completely biased, and sources entirely based on terrorist sources, laying the blame for all of the deaths in East Ghouta at the feet of the Syrian and Russian governments. 

When it comes to the targeting of civilians by terrorists in East Ghouta, the silence of the western media is deafening . . . but completely expected.

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