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Civilians Of Liberated East Ghouta Praise Syrian Army, Curse Terrorists, Contradict MSM Reports

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
March 14, 2018

The Western media is aflame with reports of “barrel bombs” “last hospitals” and the “brutality” of Assad and Russia. The United States government along with the United Nations continually harp and cry about the loss of life incurred by civilians as a result of the operation to liberate East Ghouta from the grip of the Western-backed terrorists while none of the governments or media outlets complaining about East Ghouta ever mentioned the intentional targeting of civilians in Damascus by terrorists based in Ghouta.

Indeed, both governments and media outlets continue to present to their public a completely false image of the situation in East Ghouta, attempting to paint the Syrian government as a hated and feared force by the Syrian people trapped in Ghouta.

However, as in the case of East Aleppo (which was given a similar treatment in the halls of Western government and the screens of Western media), the civilians of East Ghouta who have been liberated tell a much different story.

Despite the claims that the Syrian military was intentionally targeting civilians (a claim which has never made any sense – why would Assad bomb his own supporters?), the Syrian military has repeatedly opened up corridors in order to allow civilians to leave Ghouta. However, the terrorists embedded in Ghouta routinely refused to allow these civilians to leave, preferring to keep them inside the area for use as human shields and useful propaganda set pieces when they were killed in the crossfire.

In fact, when humanitarian corridors are opened, many civilians are too terrified to approach them since, when they do, they are often sniped and gunned down by terrorists attempting to prevent them from leaving.

As Matija Lukac writes for Balkans Post,

After the liberation of Mesraba town, Syrian forces came upon dozens of civilians who refused to withdraw with terrorists and chose to stay and wait for the Syrian soldiers. Their statements speak for themselves, and prove that people were held as a human shields, and that they are seeing the Syrian Arab Army as liberators. After years of brutal governance of terrorist groups, no wonder they felt relieved.

In the towns of Hamoriyah, Kafr Batna, Saqba, Hazeh and Jisreen, civilians took the streets in support of the Syrian Army and Government, demanding that terrorists leave their towns. While writing this article, there was an update on these protests: In the town of Kafr Batna, terrorists from Faylaq al-Rahman opened fire on demonstrators killing at least one civilian, wounding eight. Also, as local media reported, a group of civilians who tried to escape Eastern Ghouta through Harasta neighbourhood were gunned down by the terrorists. This perfectly describes the horrific reality under the rule of criminal gangs in Eastern Ghouta.

Corporate media reported on many occasions that civilians were deliberately targeted by chemical weapons, specifically with chlorine, citing “sources” literally connected with terrorist groups. Now we must raise a very important question: If civilians were targeted by chemical weapons, why would they demand terrorists' withdrawal and embrace the Syrian armed forces who “tried to gas them”? Either these people are suicidal, or all chemical weapons stories are nothing but fraudulent and fake news, part of the continued effort to force Western powers to attack Syria.

Video of terrorists firing on civilians in Ghouta can be seen below. In this video, provided by Alikhbaria Syria, one can see the terrorist group, “Rahman Corps,” killing a citizen and injuring six more people who had taken part in a demonstration to welcome the Syrian military and denounce the terrorists.

Ghouta-based terrorists have also prevented civilians living in Ghouta from accessing the aid that was allowed in by the Syrian military, instead hording it for themselves or selling it at vastly higher prices, extorting the starving people under their control.

In the videos below, you can hear the people freshly liberated from East Ghouta by the Syrian military telling their stories. As you might suspect their stories are vastly different from the ones presented by Western mainstream media.

In the first video provided by Syria Insider, an entire family tells of their experiences of being threatened, extorted, and used as human shields by the terrorists of Ghouta. The families tell of being prevented from leaving the area via the humanitarian corridor at al-Wafadin camp and Jisreen al-Mleiha. Eventually, when the terrorists were forced to evacuate, they told the civilians to come with them but the families refused, opting to stay and welcome the Syrian military as they entered.

A second video by Syria Insider shows more reports of the same thing.

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