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Former Qatari Prime Minister Admits Funding Nusra/Qaeda In Syria With U.S. Knowledge And Approval

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
November 3, 2017

In the same week an NSA secret document was released which revealed that the terrorists in Syria were directly under the command of foreign governments like Saudi Arabia and the United States and that the attack on Damascus International Airport was ordered by KSA and supported by the U.S., a Qatari official has admitted that the tiny Gulf nation colluded with other nations to wage war on Syria, support terrorists in the country, and even support al-Qaeda/al-Nusra.

The Qatari official, former Prime Minister Sheikh Hamid bin Jassim Bin Jaber al Thani, gave an interview with Qatari TV where he revealed what many have known for a long time. Indeed, Jassim would be in a position to know, since he oversaw those operations until 2013. During the course of the interview, Jassim revealed that Qatar, along with the United States, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, shipped weapons to terrorists since the moment the crisis “first started” in 2011.

Jassim expressed no regret for funding these terrorists, only for the fact that Qatar’s allies did not properly inform Qatar when “the game changed” and the plans in Syria allegedly shifted. Despite admitting that Qatar had no legitimate problems with Bashar al-Assad, Jassim’s only complaints were that there was a lack of adequate communication between the “allies” and Qatar.

Jassim stated:

Syria . . . When events began in Syria, I went to Saudi Arabia and met with King Abdullah upon the instructions of his Royal Highness the Father. I addressed the situation (in Syria). The Saudi King said “We are with you.” The Saudi King said “You lead the Syrian file and we coordinate with you.” We took the responsibility and we have all the evidence on this issue. [Any support from the Gulf] was going to Turkey and was coordinated with U.S. forces. The distribution of military support was happening by the American, Turkish, Qatari, and Saudi forces. They were all there. The military personnel were there. Maybe a mistake happened where a particular faction [al-Nusra] has been supported for a period of time, but not ISIS/Daesh, accusing us of supporting ISIS is an exaggeration. Maybe there was a relationship with al-Nusra Front. I swear I don’t know about this topic. I say, even if there was support to al-Nusra, but when they told us this support to al-Nusra is unacceptable, the support has stopped. And the focus was on liberating Syria. We were fighting over the prey. Meanwhile, the prey escaped. Now, Bashar al-Assad remains, and you are telling us, let him stay. We don’t have a problem with that. We have no revenge with Assad. He was our friend. But you [Saudi Arabia] were with us in the same camp. Tell us if you changed the camp. We also change.

While Jassim states that it is ridiculous to suggest that Qatar has supported ISIS , the facts state otherwise. His admission to having funded Nusra is an admission of funding ISIS since ISIS is nothing more than a name change from Nusra/Qaeda after the official merger between the Syrian and Iraqi terrorist organizations. It is well-known that Nusra (in Syria) and al-Qaeda (in Iraq) merged to form the IEIL which then changed its ISIL/ISIS.

It is also important to note that Jassim admits Qatar had no problem with Assad but that it went ahead with the war against him anyway. This statement alone indicates that Qatar is simply following orders from someone or, at the very least, following along with the U.S., KSA, and Turkey, since no state concerned with its own welfare would instigate an unnecessary war against a nation with whom it has no problems.

While the admissions made by Jassim are not earthshattering revelations, they are still another piece of the puzzle officially announced by the former Prime Minister of a participating state and one of the main individual participants in the attempt to overthrow the Syrian government.

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