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Is The SB277 Vaccine Law Causing LA Schools' Numbers To Drop?

Brandon Turbeville
Natural Blaze
November 16, 2017

Attendance in the Los Angeles Unified School District is dropping by relatively dramatic numbers and some are suggesting the reason is the SB 277 law recently passed in California removing exemptions to vaccines for all school children.

School Districts are, as one might suspect, more worried about how this reduction affects the bottom line.

As Mike Szymanski of LA School Report writes,

LA Unified’s enrollment is dropping even faster than the district projected. 
There are 12,604 fewer students than last year, a 2.51 percent decline, last month’s official head count showed. The district had anticipated only a 2.1 percent drop. 
The difference means there will be $17 million less in the 2018-19 budget, and an additional $18 million less in the 2019-20 budget, according to a superintendent’s reportto be presented to the school board Tuesday. 
School districts receive their funding from the state based on average daily attendance, which is determined each year on norm day. That day, which was Sept. 15 this year, is when school populations are finalized for the year and teacher class sizes are adjusted.

Marcus Dorsum of March Against Monsanto seems to think the dwindling school numbers have to do with the Communo-Fascist SB 277 bill passed into law last year. He writes,

What do you do as a parent, when vaccines repeatedly proven to injure and kill are mandated for your children to attend public school? You get them them the hell out of public school. 
Apparently that’s what the parents of Los Angeles have been doing. 
After Senator Richard Pan’s infamous bill SB277 was passed a couple years ago, mandati+ng that California schoolchildren receive every vaccine on the schedule or not attend public school, attendance has dropped tremendously in some school districts. While information on attendance for all California school districts is not readily available, the LA USD info is. 
The Los Angeles Unified School District lost over 13,000 students this year alone. While most people would struggle to find an explanation for this, understanding the mandatory vaccination law, it makes perfect sense.
Clearly, many Californians were upset by the vaccine law but, interestingly enough, Hollywood and wealthy LA parents seem to have an aversion to vaccines even as they push vaccines on their audiences and the "lower classes." This lends some credence to Dorsom's claims since, back in 2014, the Atlantic ran a typically paranoid piece lambasting the wealthy Hollywooders for not vaccinating  their children. In fact, the Atlantic argued that the vaccination rate of some more wealthy neighborhoods in the LA area had the same vaccination rate as South Sudan. (Readers please note the paranoia and hysteria over "outbreaks" cited in the Atlantic piece were shortly thereafter thoroughly debunked.)

But Szymasnki of LA School Report points out that numbers in LA schools were declining before SB 277 was ever passed. He writes,

This year’s drop was less than last year’s, when the district lost 2.76 percent of the school population, or 14,190 students.

The total enrollment for all district schools in 2017-18 is now 501,271 students. That does not include the district’s expanded pre-K and transitional kindergarten school populations. 
The number of children in the district has steadily declined since its peak in 2004, when there were 750,000 students. The birth rate in LA County has declined as rising rents have forced families to leave the city. Enrollment in LA’s independent public charter schools is expected to grow by about 4,000 students from 107,000 last year.
There might still be something more than mere population flight that is dragging children out of the LA public schools. After all, many of these children seem to be moving to charter schools. One piece of data that would be helpful in determining the reason for the decline would be weather or not California school populations are on the decline as a whole or whether it is an LA phenomenon alone. Polling would also be helpful in determining whether or not the reason for the decline is related to vaccines and the vaccine law. 

At the end of the day, however, mandatory vaccines are only one in a myriad of reasons for parents who are able to avoid public schools to do just that. Overcrowding, poor education, brainwashing, lower skilled teachers, violence, and poor teaching methods are just a few reasons in a long list.

At this point, we simply don't know the full data and it's impossible to make a certain claim one way or the other. 

What do you think? Do you live in California? Have you removed your children from public school due to mandatory vaccines? Tell us in the comments below! 

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