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Russia Questions OPCW’s Omission Of White Helmets Video Used To Justify U.S. Strike On Syria

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
July 18, 2017

Although any shred of investigation regarding the chemical incident in Khan Sheykhoun, Syria reveals that the Syrian government did not use chemical weapons, it has not stopped the United States and its allies as well as the western corporate media from reporting claims that Assad personally ordered chemical attacks against civilians in a non-strategic location with chemical weapons he no longer has.

After the OPCW determined that sarin gas was indeed used, Western media has been alight with propaganda, hysterics and worries over “crimes against humanity.” This is all despite the fact that there were no on the ground investigators from the OPCW and the only samples they came in contact with were those provided to them by terrorists and terrorist supporting NGOs.

But what is also interesting is the lack of video evidence used by the OPCW in their report. After all, the White Helmets, al-Nusra’s propaganda wing, provided Western media and governments with a number of videos designed to pull at the heartstrings of viewers and to portray the Syrian military as having used chemical weapons. Those videos were all over the internet in the days after the incident, so why were they not included in the OPCW Fact Finding Mission report?

Russian officials are now asking the same question. If the video, which Donald Trump allegedly watched and inspired to launch 59 Tomahawk missiles at the Syrian military, is not significant enough to be included in a report about the incident, how is it significant enough to justify bombing and killing innocent people overseas and risking World War Three?

Alexander Shulgin, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the OPCW asked this very question at a recent meeting of the OPCW. He asked,

As for the video of children dying presumably from the exposure to sarin, the FFM leaders explained that the experts did not even analyze it as they did not consider it to be primary evidence… But excuse me, photos of whom US Permanent Representative [to the United Nations] Nikki Haley was demonstrating at a meeting in New York? Were they not of these children? … On April 6, at an official meeting of the OPCW delegation with the [US] State Department officials, we were told that US President [Donald] Trump got 'extremely angry' when he saw the footage of dying children. 
. . . . .

But since you say, I mean our opponents, that the video is not a significantly important evidence in the case of the Khan Sheikhoun incident, then, it turns out that the president of the great power took a critically important decision to launch missiles on the basis of just some sort of insignificant information.
It should be noted that, after the attack, a number of bombshell revelations have come to the surface such as the fact that the intelligence community was well aware of the fact that the Syrian military did not launch chemical weapons. It has also been revealed that CIA Director Mike Pompeo was the man leading the charge in showing Trump the “evidence” that the Syrian military conducted the attack.

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