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Congress Goes After Kratom, Attempts To Expand Drug War

Brandon Turbeville
July 5, 2017

With the 4th of July holiday having just passed, there’s nothing to remind Americans of their freedom more than the staggering speed at which their government has taken and continues to take it away.

After having come under attack by one of the most useless organizations in the federal government – the DEA – kratom survived only to be attacked by state governments all over the country. But because more and more Americans have realized that decades of propaganda coming from the DEA and other government organs regarding drugs is utter bullshit, many more Americans have tried kratom, which only entrenched their view that the DEA is more concerned in mission creep than anything resembling public health.

This is clearly the case since the DEA recently labeled CBD oil as a Schedule 1 drug. While the DEA may feel proud of itself for being able to reclassify a non-psychoactive substance in the same schedule as heroin, it simply reaffirmed its belligerence to individual rights and its obvious connection to Big Pharma and Big Prison in the eyes of many Americans.

While the DEA was forced to back down last year, the federal government is once again creating a platform for a War on Drugs renewed. This is likely coming as a result of drug war relic Jeff Sessions’ fanatical desire to increase the police state and throw more Americans in cages.

In Congress, a new bill entitled Stop the Importation and Trafficking of Synthetic Analogues Act of 2017, aka SITSA, was introduced to both the Senate and the House.

Not surprisingly, a major sponsor of the bill is Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) long known for her hatred of human rights. And Senator Charles E. Grassley.

In an emailed statement, Feinstein said:

This bill provides federal law enforcement with new tools to ensure those peddling dangerous drugs, which can be lethal, are brought to justice.

Feinstein is sponsoring her chamber’s version of the bill which has moved on to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Feinstein is the top-ranking democrat on this committee and Grassley is its chair.

SITSA would allow the Attorney General to unilaterally outlaw currently unregulated chemical compounds on a temporary basis that would last for up to five years. It is essentially an expansion of the Controlled Substances Act and sets penalties including mandatory minimum sentences for the distribution and manufacture of these substances.

The bill is being pushed under the guise of an attempt to do something about America’s opioid crisis.

As Feinstein and Grassley wrote:

Uncontrolled synthetic analogues have come to represent the deadly convergence of the synthetic drug problem and the opioid epidemic.

Of course synthetic analogs exist because of Feinstein, Grassley and Sessions’ stupid War on Drugs. No one would be creating synthetics if they had access to the original.

In addition, it is noteworthy to point out that neither Feinstein nor Grassley dare comment on the source of the opioid epidemic. Namely, Big Pharma and America’s wars overseas, both of which Feinstein has been vocally in support of.

Because authoritarians are obviously not known for restraint or reason, many are now worried that kratom will be placed on one of these ridiculous schedules by ineffectual little men like Jeff Sessions.

For that reason, Americans, kratom supporters and anyone who supports the concept of free choice need to rally now against SITSA before it can get any further off the ground.

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