Friday, February 10, 2017

MSM And "Human Rights" NGOs Promote War, Remain Silent When Propaganda Is Proven False

Hanin Elias
February 8, 2017

CNN and BBC etc. published another huge accusation against the Syrian government with "Human rights activists" based in England and Amnesty International who claimed that, by hearsay and photos, they can prove that, in a secret prison in Sednaya Syria, that between 2011-2015 up to 5000- 13,000 people were tortured, killed and buried in mass graves.

After the Cesar files, chemical weapons accusations and barrel bombs "killing his own people", torture prisons was what was missing.

While the Syrian army found mass graves of Syrian soldiers in East Aleppo and had photos and bodies to proof it, nobody at CNN and BBC cared.

While we see other real war crimes in Yemen that are so horrible that everyone who posts a photo of a starved or killed Yemeni Kid gets blocked on Facebook for weeks, somehow chosen violent footage posted by the mainstream media made it through the censorship.

White powder, red blood and rubble from film sets in formerly besieged East Aleppo stood in strong contrast to actually starved Yemeni people who were just skin and bones and had open splattered skulls and a different color blood, less shiny, more brownish like a rusty nail.

These images can't be shown on Facebook -just the White Helmet style, running, screaming for a No Fly Zone and saving kids dusted in rubble with elegantly placed amounts of blood...and a logo in the corner.

Now that Aleppo is liberated ,The White Helmets (accused by the civilians in East Aleppo and independent journalists of being terrorists themselves) are gone in safe green buses escorted to Idlib where Al Nusra and Al Qaeda are still receiving huge amounts of donations from all kinds of charities and Syria help groups. And the humanitarian catastrophe in Aleppo and all over Syria is ignored by the media who went hysterical to save Aleppo just 2 month before.

The Syrian government is trying to repair the drinking water that was poisoned and cut off by the "moderate opposition" to leave 1.5 million people in Damascus without drinking water for over 60 days now.

Freed civilians from East Aleppo tell about the terror reign of the opposition for the last 4-5 years with lots of torture, killings and beheadings, starvation and oppression.

But since the liberation the journalists have been quiet and concentrate on more evidence to somehow justify why they tried so hard to bring Syria down.

100.000 foreign mercenaries from over 80 countries have been trained, armed and funded to fight in Syria against the government and invade the country to rape, kill, slaughter, kidnap and behead people.

A legitimate government, supported by a huge majority of Syrian people ( last election 87%), and the Syrian Army are protecting the civilians from these brutal invaders!

The Syrian people have been starved by western sanctions. Their oil, water, electricity and gas has been stolen and cut off, either by ISIS or the other terrorist groups funded by the West and Saudi Arabia to destabilize and destroy a country so rich in culture and history, where all religions and civilizations grew from, just to please the players for a geopolitical plan to control the Middle East and steal all its recourses and install Wahhabi style Sharia law in a secular country. There is no Democratic opposition in Syria, only Fundamentalist extremists .The Media and these various "human rights groups" know no shame and keep spreading stories to justify their own heinous crimes, their own torture prisons and lies. They are always surprisingly quiet when their stories get debunked...

Hanin Elias was born 1972 in Wittlich, Germany. Daughter of a Syrian doctor and a German doctor's assistant. She spent her childhood in Damascus and Aleppo. Co founder of the Band Atari Teenage Riot, Founder of Fatal Recordings, and political activist, she toured with Rage against the Machine, Wutang Clan, and Nine Inch Nails. She has also released an album under the name "Fantôme" entitled It All Makes Sense. Elias has released 13 albums as a solo artist.

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