Friday, February 24, 2017

Is The Trump Administration Preparing To Relaunch The War On Marijuana?

trump marijuanaBrandon Turbeville
February 23, 2017

If White House spokesman Sean Spicer is not simply spouting off at the mouth, as Trump Administration officials have been known to do, then recreational marijuana will face “greater enforcement” under a Trump Presidency.

But it is still unclear what the Administration’s position regarding medical marijuana will be.

When asked about the Trump Administration’s position regarding the legalization of marijuana, Spicer responded, “There’s a difference between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana, and I think when you see something like the opioid addiction crisis blossoming in so many states around this country, the last thing we should be doing is encouraging people. 
There is still a federal law that we need to abide by in terms of recreational marijuana and other drugs of that nature. 
When asked a follow-up question, regarding enforcement, Spicer stated, “That’s a question for the Department of Justice. I do believe that you will see greater enforcement of it.”
While Spicer and Trump himself have repeatedly hinted at a positive outlook for medical marijuana, Spicer’s statement tends to point toward a ramping up of the drug war for people who consume marijuana for recreational purposes or for medical purposes without the permission of a doctor.

This is what many pro-marijuana activists feared when Trump nominated drug war relic Jeff Sessions to serve as Attorney General. On the campaign trail, Trump suggested the possibility of leaving marijuana legalization up to the states, but also followed his statements up with nonsensical claims that “brain power” was being reduced in Colorado as well as other vague suggestions that Colorado’s program wasn’t working well.

For now, it’s business as usual but Spicer’s and Trump’s rhetoric as well as their official statements do not bode well for an end to the non-productive, violent and ridiculous drug war.

Image: Natural Blaze, pixabay

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