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Dumbed-Down America, Propaganda and Weaponized Social Media with Brandon Turbeville

Rory Hall
Activist Post
January 29, 2015

After finding out that our world has been under the influence ofpropaganda since the beginning of written history, it only makes sense that our society is uninformed and doesn’t care about what is happening in their world.

According to Brandon Turbeville that is exactly what we are up against. He references a variety of scenarios throughout world history, going all the way back to Plato, where so-called leaders wanted to control what people either read or listened to; be it music or news or stories. I sat with Brandon from, and Activist Post, to find out a little more about what is actually happening with one of the more disturbing developments to surface over the past decade.

Social media has become a big part of most people’s everyday lives. Texting and emails have taken the place of phone calls or, heaven forbid, a written letter. Brandon and I take a look at the sordid, short history, and more importantly the birth and dissemination of digital, personal information.

What is the connection between uprisings and social media? What role does propaganda play in our lives today and how does social media and propaganda interconnect? These are important questions, especially in light of what we have learned since William Binney and Edward Snowden first introduced us to the criminal activity of the NSA.

Equally as important is the role the CIA plays in our everyday lives. Where did Twitter come from and how did it rocket into our lives and become a point of mass distribution of information? Remember, DARPA developed the Internet, not Al Gore. Brandon reminds us that DARPA does not conduct research for the benefit of humanity, DARPA conducts research in order to kill people more efficiently. He also reminds us that the Internet was launched with tons of pornography already available. Why? How? For what purpose?

As you can see, this is not a simple issue. The implications can create havoc in our lives. Did you post to your Facebook account the activities of your day? Where you had lunch or dinner? Who you spent time with? Share a photo? What about Skype? Did you Skype someone today? If you participated in any of these actives then you are participating in building your profile for the CIA; and they no longer have to “spy” on people, they simply program their software to look for this, listen for that and the next thing you know - profiles are building themselves.

If you are a young person, especially the under-30 crowd, by the time you reach my age, 52, you will have built an amazingly detailed profile of your life. Think about it for just a second. The words you are reading are currently housed in a database that is building my profile and is now part of your profile. Did you read this at The Daily Coin or another website? If you are reading this at a website other than The Daily Coin, then you have built a path that connects all the digital dots between this sentence and where you have been and where you go next. If you’re not concerned, you should be.

How did we arrive at this point where our entire digital lives are tracked, housed and cross-referenced in a nanosecond. It begins, as you will hear, with the indoctrination system called public education. This is where children, at their most impressionable. are taught that asking questions makes you look stupid. Where critical thinking processes are suppressed in order to keep children in line so they will be good robots, I mean citizens, when they become adults. These children will not question authority, will not stand up when oppression is beating them about the head and shoulders, as they will not even notice they are being beaten.

The next thirty-six minutes with Brandon Turbeville is a kaleidoscope of information beginning with the color revolution in Egypt and the first true mass use of Twitter and social media as a weapon. We make an attempt to show the positive side of social networks and how they can in fact be used for good. It is unfortunate that the evils created by the CIA, DARPA, Mossad and the other shadow mercenaries far outweigh all the good that social media has to offer.

Will I continue using Twitter, Facebook and Google+? Absolutely. I will continue, along with all of you, “the irate minority, keen to set brushfires of freedom in the minds of man.” We will continue the fight. We will continue standing up and we will not shut up. All it takes is one match to completely dispel the darkness.

Brandon Turbeville's article archive can be found here:

You can read more from Rory Hall at The Daily Coin, where this first appeared.

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