Thursday, April 12, 2018

Horrifying Testimonies Prove You Have Been Lied To About Eastern Ghouta

Bas Spliet
April 12, 2018

During my time in Damascus, I got the opportunity to talk to several civilians from Eastern Ghouta. Their testimonies, totally ignored by the mass media, tell a horrifying story of starvation, withholding of food and medical aid, rape, and the imprisonment and murder of innocent women and children. World peace hangs in the balance as the whole world is busy talking about Syria. Yet, the voices of those with an actual right to testify and share their experiences and opinions, i.e. the Syrian people, are disregarded.

Access my very first video report here.

Show notes:

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Bas Spliet is a 22-year-old student Arabic studies at the University of Ghent in Belgium, where he previously obtained his bachelor’s degree in History. His journalistic work can be found at and he can be reached at

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