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Donald Trump Moves To Rejoining The TPP

Brandon Turbeville
April 12, 2018

Donald Trump is proving to be following in the footsteps of his predecessor in terms of the possibility of being the most disappointing president of modern times. His latest debacle now comes in the form of the TPP which Trump pulled out of days after assuming the Presidency. Now, however, Trump has announced plans to move back into the TPP even after campaigning against it as well taken Executive action against it.

It ranks as one of the bizarre about faces of any American president.

As the New York Times writes,

President Trump, in a sharp reversal, told a gathering of farm state lawmakers and governors on Thursday morning that he was directing his advisers to look into rejoining the multicountry trade deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a deal he pulled out of days after assuming the presidency
Rejoining the 11-country pact could be a significant change in fortune for many American industries that stood to benefit from the trade agreement’s favorable terms and Republican lawmakers who supported the pact. The deal, which was negotiated by the Obama administration, was largely viewed as a tool to prod China into making the type of economic reforms that the United States and others have long wanted.

Both Democrats and Republicans attacked the deal during the president’s campaign, but many business leaders were disappointed when Mr. Trump withdrew from agreement, arguing that the United States would end up with less favorable terms attempting to broker an array of individual trade pacts and that scrapping the deal would empower China.

Republicans in Congress have also been skeptical of Mr. Trump’s tendencies on trade, and 25 Republican senators sent a letter to Mr. Trump urging him to re-engage with the pact “so that the American people can prosper from the tremendous opportunities that these trading partners bring.”

The Trump administration says it has ordered the Agriculture Department to create a program to help farmers hurt by trade. Trade advisers say the department could use a program known as the Commodity Credit Corporation to purchase potentially billions of dollars of crops from American farmers harmed by tariffs. 
. . . . . 
But such a program would be time-consuming and costly and would come as the budget deficit continues to increase. Many American agriculturalists maintain that the easiest way to help them is to avoid a trade war with China in the first place. And many economists say the best way to combat a rising China and pressure it to open its market is through multilateral trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which create favorable trading terms for participants. 
. . . . . 
“The best thing the United States can do to push back against Chinese cheating now is to lead the other eleven Pacific nations that believe in free trade and the rule of law. It is good news that today the President directed Larry Kudlow and Ambassador Lighthizer to negotiate U.S. entry into TPP,” Senator Ben Sasse, a Nebraska Republican, said in a statement.
Among those who supported the Trans-Pacific Partnership was Mr. Trump’s nominee to head the state department, Mike Pompeo, who said during his confirmation hearing on Thursday that the United States needs “to be deeply engaged” in dealing with China.

China has targeted areas of the country where Trump’s base lies, i.e. rural America and agricultural areas as well as traditional red states for retaliatory tariffs, in order to put political pressure on the President to back off his America First police and “trade war” with China. It seems that policy is working.

With an American Congress completely sold out to international interests, corporations, and banks, bipartisan political pressure is being put to bear on the Trump administration to end its policy of tariffs as well. Naturally, with threats of less money in an already struggling industry, some American farmers are worried about the repercussions of tariffs on their own exports.

This whole debate, however, was framed improperly from the beginning and propaganda pushing Free Trade was shoved down the throats of masses of Americans who simply don’t understand what Free Trade is and how it has destroyed the American economy. Likewise, Trump’s tariffs have been applied haphazardly and in such a way that they are designed to fail.

For instance, Trump’s tariffs only targeted specific goods from specific countries when, in actuality, an across the board Protective Tariff on all goods coming into the country that could reasonably be produced at home would have been the single most effective thing an American president could do to truly make America’s economy great again.

Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse Of Global Transformation

Any “economist” or Congressman that advocates for more Free Trade after its disastrous history worldwide is clearly doing nothing more than shilling for corporations and financiers since Free Trade has done nothing but eviscerate American jobs and lower living standards for the majority of the world’s population.

In this Orwellian world, Americans have been brainwashed into thinking that Free Trade is good and tariffs are bad, despite the former being the reason for the worst American economy since the great Depression and the latter being the reason the United States was once the greatest economy and most equitable economic structure in modern world history at one time.

Regardless, Donald Trump has once again betrayed his base who voted for him due to his criticism of Free Trade, NAFTA, and the TPP (as well as America’s foreign war policy). This should come as no surprise. The level to which Trump is able to make such and abrupt turn without legitimate criticism and legitimate solutions from critics, however, should be the most shocking element.

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