Thursday, April 12, 2018

Monsanto, Big Oil Lobbies Back Smear Campaign Against Ohio Gov Candidate Dennis Kucinich

Brandon Turbeville
April 10, 2018

It seems former Ohio Candidate for Governor, Dennis Kucinich, has drawn the ire of Monsanto. Documents released by the Kucinich campaign have demonstrated a link between attack emails aimed at the candidate to two major lobbying firms and statehouse law firms that represent corporations and corporate interests that Kucinich has challenged on the campaign trail as well as during his term as Congressman.

The emails attempt to label Kucinich as a conspiracy theorist, Russian sympathizer, and Trump supporter and encourage the reader to join the writers in preventing the “dangerous” Kucinich from reaching the Governor’s office or winning the May 8 Democratic Primary.

The emails were signed by Herb Hedden of the law firm Vorys Sater and John Gilligan of ICE Miller and were sent statewide last week.

Interestingly enough, Vorys Sater represents Monsanto as well as various oil and insurance interests who stand to lose if Kucinich’s plan to ban fracking and create a system of not-for-profit public health care in the state is enacted. Kucinich has long criticized Monsanto for its food health and safety record and Kucinich’s wife, Elizabeth, has been even more vocal against GMOs and unsustainable farming.

It is also worth noting that Vorys is a financial contributor to both political parties and party leaders.

ICE Miller represents firms that are heavily invested in “prison facility services,” insurance, and voting machines. It is worth nothing that Kucinich also opposes the private prison industrial complex. ICE Miller also maintains a PAC that has donated money to one of Kucinich’s opponents.

Vorys and ICE have both been beneficiaries of no-bid legal contracts coming from the Ohio Attorney General’s office. John Gilligan of ICE Miller and signatory to the emails, received such outside counsel contracts from the Ohio AG’s office in the past.

“Statehouse lobbying firms have helped make the state capitol a cesspool of corruption. It is a thoroughly rotten system and here is how it works: The law and lobbying firms give money to politicians. The politicians get elected. The lobbyists come calling. The doors swing open wide,” Kucinich said.

“The lobbyists usually get what they want. The politicians are happy to be in office and the lobbyists are happy to get a return on their investment. Everyone wins except the taxpayers of Ohio, who generally end up being stuck with higher taxes or greater costs because of this system.

“The law firms also get money back from the government through no-bid contracts for legal work from the attorney general’s office. These big firms are part of a system that owns the decision-making process, lock, stock and barrel.

“I’ll clean up the statehouse cesspool by breaking the cycle of corruption. This will save taxpayers billions of dollars to reinvest in #PowerToWeThePeople programs and policies,” said Kucinich.

“People will not have to make payoffs to advance honest policies. But those who have attempted to corrupt the process will be barred from lobbying the executive branch.

“I will instruct members of my Administration that they are not to meet with any interest group trying to buy support in the legislature,” Kucinich promised.

“These law firms and lobbyists, under the First Amendment, are free to support whomever they choose, just as I’m free to say ‘get lost’ to Monsanto, private insurance, oil companies, voting machine companies and for-profit prisons,” Kucinich said.

“My election will mean the end of the corrupt business-as-usual practices at the statehouse,” he vowed.

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