Saturday, March 12, 2016

When It's Time To Report On Their Crimes, Turkey, Saudi, Israel See Time To Crack Down

Image Source: Islamic Invitation Turkey
Afraa Dagher
March 11, 2016

Israeli forces raided Palestinian television station, Palestine Today, and arrested its manager, Farooq Aliat on Friday, March, 11, 2016. 

Clearly, Israel would like to silence this platform and it is attempting to do so by accusing it of backing an Islamic Jihadi militia against the Zionist occupation force. This is quite ironic, of course, since Israel offers terrorists and jihadis operating in Syria and labeled "moderate rebels" with every possible form of support including medical treatment in Israeli hospitals and ambulances on the border.

Those terrorists are not merely stabbing Syrians, they are are professional suicide bombers using car bombs and explosive belts. 

Israel has long used those terrorists to weaken Syria and its military, killing Syrians and forcing them to leave the country, seeking a safer life elsewhere. Moreover, Israel has used them to assassinate high level officers, scientists, and other important figures in Syria. 

We can see the same ideology and disregard for freedom of speech when moderate terrorists, ever since 2011, have been targeting journalists and bombing Syrian television stations. 

Of course, when discussing the sponsors and support of moderate terrorists in Syria, we cannot forget to mention Saudi Arabia and Turkey. 

Remember, the Saudi Interior Ministry claimed that it executed 47 terrorists. To all appearances, these people were the same as those running amok in Syria. But what made them terrorists in Saudi Arabia? Being protesters demonstrating against the Wahhabi Saudi royal family led by Shia religious leader Nimr Al Nimr. 

Furthermore, this same terrorist regime in Saudi Arabia is funding the fighters in Syria to destabilize the country and topple its democratically elected President. This same Saudi regime is launching a war of genocide against Yemen so that it may impose a proxy leader on the Yemeni people.

Turkey's latest scandal regarding freedom of speech and democracy surrounds the recent government takeover of Zaman Daily News in order to silence journalists who are critical of Erdogan. 

However, this same empire of the new Ottoman Erdogan is the first station for every terrorist to cross when trying to entire Syria. Once they arrive, of course, the West considers them freedom fighters.

In the end, it is not about ISI
S, ISIL, or their black flag. It is about those who created the boogeyman to begin with - sometimes as moderate rebels, other times wearing the mask of ISIS. 

The real source of those terrorists is not some dark hole in the desert, it is Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, and Israel.

Image Source: Islamic Invitation Turkey

Afraa Dagher is a political analyst currently residing in Syria. She has made numerous media appearances commenting on the current state of affairs inside Syria as well as the nature of the current crisis. She has appeared on RT, PRESS TV, and is a regular guest on Activist Post writer Brandon Turbeville’s Truth on the Tracks radio program. Her website is

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