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Talk Of Nuclear War Over Ukraine Beginning To Surface In Mainstream Media

Anthony Freda Art
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
September 5, 2014

Until now, the talk of nuclear warfare between the United States and Russia has been confined to prescient and observant researcherslargely operating within the alternative media. Western media outlets, while attempting to Portray Putin as the new Hitler and Russia as a provocateur, still attempt to paint a picture of a winnable confrontation between the two superpowers. Indeed, Western media outlets along with opportunistic politicians are attempting to nurture anti-Russian sentiment amongst the American people who, unfortunately, have no real sense of the consequences of military action.

Thus, when researchers warn of the dangers of nuclear war, Americans are conditioned to ignore these warnings. Nuclear war would never happen, they think. The powers-that-be would never allow it. Only conspiracy theorists and paranoids would concern themselves with the possibility that major leaders might actually ignite the world in a nuclear holocaust.

Unfortunately, such an outlook on the current state of geopolitics is simply naive.

Following the recent statements from Russian General Yury Yakubov regarding his desire to see Russian military nuclear policy restructured to allow for pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons against the U.S. and NATO, the former President of Poland, Lech Walesa, has also uttered the “N word,” in the mainstream press.

When asked whether or not he thought the European Union should send weapons to Western-backed fascists in Kiev, Walesa wisely stated that such a move was a bad idea. “It could lead to a nuclear war,” he said.

One of the few public figures to inject some level of sanity into the mainstream international discussion over Ukraine, Walesa also stated, “The EU is well aware that Russia has nuclear weapons. NATO has them too. Must we then destroy each other?"

Walesa’s fears are very real. As mentioned above, Russian General Yakubov recently stated his desire to see the Russian military doctrine revised so as to allow for the pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons. Yakubov stated, 

First and foremost, the likely enemy of Russia should be clearly identified in this strategic document, something absent from the 2010 military doctrine. In my view, our primary enemy is the U.S. and the North Atlantic bloc.


In addition, it is necessary to hash out the conditions under which Russia could carry out a preemptive strike with the Russian Strategic Rocket Forces.
Of course, the truth is that the United States and NATO are the primary enemies of Russia. Indeed, the entire Ukrainian crisis is the handiwork of NATO and the US since the two are responsible for creating, sponsoring, and directing the Euromaidan movement that overthrow the elected government of Ukraine and installed fascists, Nazis, puppets, and central bankers in its place.

Even as Vladmir Putin has managed to secure a fragile ceasefire in Ukraine, the United States and NATO have responded in a typical provocative fashion that reveals their true intentions regarding Ukraine.

Only hours after the ceasefire was announced, NATO and the United States announced that dynamic duo of destabilization was going ahead with planned military exercises in Western Ukraine that will see approximately 1,000 troops posted on Ukrainian soil.

Shortly ahead of the NATO meeting, Barack Obama stated from Estonia "that the U.S. and NATO would not allow a foreign country to encroach on its friends. He said this after blaming Moscow for the political turmoil in Ukraine. He was a hair away from saying that the U.S. would protect Ukraine from a Russian military attack.

If the NATO exercises were not enough to inflame tensions in the fragile country, four NATO warships are also set to enter the Black Sea this week. USS Ross, an Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer, French Commandant Birot, Canadian HMCS Toronto, a Halifax-class frigate, and Spanish frigate Almirante Juan de Borbon are all set to enter the Black Sea before September 7.

Regardless of the realities of the situation, however, the American people are falling prey to the propaganda of the mainstream media and Western oligarchs who present Russia as the new Nazi Germany and seek to stir up nationalistic fervor and synthetic patriotism for the purposes of motivating the general public into supporting a confrontation between two nuclear powers. Fueled by years of television and Hollywood production, Americans are entirely insulated in terms of the consequences of such a confrontation.

For far too long, Americans have envisaged war as something America does to other people far away.

The reality is that, if the American people do not wise up and see past the propaganda being fed to them on a daily basis, they may soon find out that war is a two-way street.

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