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Deputy Tases Handcuffed Man Repeatedly: "You Wanna Do This The Hard Way???"

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
September 19, 2014

In yet another example of brazen police brutality, a Richland County Sherriff’s Deputy has been videotaped repeatedly tasing a handcuffed man. The video also shows the deputy verbally rubbing it in to his victim that he was being tased for not obeying the commands that were barked at him.

The scene is disturbing not only because of the fact that the Deputy uses such physical and dangerous force on an unarmed and clearly subdued man but also because of the officer’s crazed demeanor after the tasing took place.

The video, which lasts a little over seven minutes long, shows the entire tasing incident, beginning with the officer, who has not surprisingly remained unidentified, barking orders at Charles James Lang Jr., the victim.

Lang is clearly handcuffed and is leaning against the hood of the Deputy’s car. The Deputy can be seen and heard barking orders for Lang to “put his face on the hood of [the] car.” The Deputy can be heard to say “If you don’t put your face on the hood of my car, you are getting tased. Last warning.”

Lang does not comply with the demands and the Deputy shoots Lang with the taser. Lang immediately falls to the ground.

While Lang is lying face down on the ground, still in handcuffs and visibly stunned from the tasering, the Deputy screams, “Now, You wanna do this the hard way???”

The Deputy then leans down in front of Lang’s face and screams “You can stay right there!!!”

As Lang lifts his head up, the Deputy screams “Stay right there!! Don’t you move!!” Lang then begins to roll over onto his back slowly when the Deputy once again yells, “Don’t you move!!.”

The Deputy then tases Lang again.

Lang can be heard saying “I’m not moving man.” The Deputy responds, “Good! Don’t move!!” Lang repeats that he is not moving and the Deputy once again shouts “DO. NOT. MOVE!!”

The Deputy then begins pointing at Lang and saying “You are making this hard for yourself. You are making this hard for yourself!!”

Lang continues to try and reason with the Deputy but the cop will hear none of it. “All I asked you for was your name. . . . It’s over now. You are going to jail.”

A second deputy arrives shortly thereafter and, after a brief discussion between the two, the video ends.

Lt. Curtis Wilson, the spokesman for the Richland County Sheriff’s Department, stated that the Deputy “followed proper procedure” in the videotaped incident.

You can watch the video for yourself here:

While it is not entirely clear what caused the incident to take place to begin with, what is overwhelmingly clear is that Lang was entirely subdued. He was not a threat nor was he a flight risk. The Deputy simply used his taser as a cattle prod to force Lang into “compliance.” At least, the first jolt was for “compliance.” The second was sadism and torture.

After Lang was on the ground, even more subdued and even less of a flight risk than he was before, the Deputy tased him for simply rolling over on his back.

Yet what is even more disturbing than the actual act in the video is the Deputy’s crazed, power-hungry, and sadistic demeanor. One can clearly see that the Deputy is drunk with the power he believes his badge grants him, particularly over Lang, whose helplessness only makes the psychopathic Deputy hate the victim even more.

The Deputy’s behavior echoes something seen commonly in places like Auschwitz, Russian Gulags, and Chinese labor camps; in other words, the desire to exercise outright power over another with the combined desire to express that power in the form of pain and humiliation. In every police state, it is this specific type of individual that rises to the top of society as well as the type that staffs the bottom rung of enforcement.

It should also be noted that, while the details of what provoked Lang’s encounter with his attacker are still murky, the Deputy states that all he was asking for was Lang’s name, indicating that there is the distinct possibility that Lang had committed no actual crime except for accidentally being in the path of a feral cop. In addition, there is fact that Lang was arrested for “disorderly conduct,” the famous charge levied against uppity citizens who are under the false assumption that they have rights when no other charge will do.

Lang’s prior arrest history is by no means flattering but there is no justification for the way that he was treated by the Richland County Deputy.

Lang was also charged with resisting arrest; yet, if this is the only official charge, one must ask how a man can be charged for resisting arrest when there is no cause to arrest him to being with? At this time, we are still waiting on the official charges against Lang. We are under no illusions that the Deputy will be found guilty of anything but having “acted appropriately.”

In fact, the Richland County Sheriff’s Department wishes to justify this moment of psychopathy and torture as “proper procedure.” The RCSD also wishes to justify the use of a taser as a cattle prod as official department policy. This should not be lost on the citizens of Richland County or American citizens as a whole.

The fact that the RCSD considers torture and shocking citizens into following orders as official policy and procedure of domestic police should tell Americans and Richland County residents just how the police view them in reality.

Unfortunately, while Americans go weak in the knees with fear over “tyrants” across the world, they will continue to ignore the tyrants operating daily in their own back yard. They will continue to stay glued to the television set that tells them that Russia wants to invade them, Assad kills his own people, and that ISIS will kill them all if they do not support war overseas and an even greater police state at home.

But America is already occupied. One need only to drive the highways or walk through any city in the country to see that an internal army has been created to keep them in line and fully aware that they are indeed slaves to the world oligarchy.

No other nation need invade America if their wish is to enslave the American people.

We have done that well enough on our own.

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