Thursday, September 11, 2014

Obama's Speech to America: Stop ISIL by Funding ISIL

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
September 10, 2014

As many had expected as soon as the announcement was made that Barack Obama would make a speech on September 10 regarding his strategy against ISIS, the U.S. President has confirmed that he reserves the right to engage in airstrikes inside Syria.

The President outlined a four-point strategy that would, according to him, "degrade and ultimately destroy" ISIS. Obama stated that, "if left unchecked, ISIS could prove a threat across the middle eastern region" and possibly the American "homeland." Obama warned that ISIS terrorists originating from the United States and Europe could return home and engage in terrorist attacks on both American and European soil.

The President also announced his desire to create a "broad coalition" to "roll back the terrorist threat."

The four-point strategy is allegedly 1) "a systematic campaign of airstrikes" against terrorists in Iraq as well as a plan to work with the Iraqi government and the Iraqi military forces. 2) To increase support to forces fighting ISIL on the ground. This will take the form of 475 additional U.S. service members. Obama claims that these troops will not have a combat mission, but instead an advisory role. Obama also stated his intention to increase assistance to Syrian death squad fighters fighting against Bashar Al Assad. 3) Increase counter-terrorism efforts, cut off funding to terrorist groups and improve intelligence on the ground. Obama stated that he intends to convene a meeting of the UN Security Council in two weeks to discuss these matters. 4) Increase humanitarian assistance to the victims of the crisis in Iraq and Syria.

Obama made clear that he will "not hesitate to take action against ISIL" and that he has "the authority to combat ISIL" but he believes that the country is stronger when the President consults Congress in these decisions. Toward the end of his speech, Obama stated that he intends to "take out ISIL wherever they exist."

All in all, Barack Obama's speech to the nation was nothing more than an exercise in the live broadcasting of utter insanity. Obama's four-point plan is entirely full of deceit and contradictions.

Obama's statement regarding ISIS in Iraq and Syria is a thinly masked lie covering up the ultimate goal of launching air strikes against the secular government of Assad in Syria. Despite all of the air strikes taking place in Iraq and those to take place in the future, ISIS/ISIL is entirely a creation of the United States and NATO. 

In the same speech, Obama professed a desire to cut off funding for ISIL while he simultaneously announced his intention to increase financial and military assistance to ISIL in Syria.

If Obama were truly serious about ending terrorism in Iraq and Syria, he would immediately cease funding it. He would also call on his NATO allies and his allies of the Gulf State feudal monarchies such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar to cease their funding and assistance.

Aside from comments that have no basis in reality, such as his statement that "America's manufacturing industries are thriving" and that American businesses are experiencing the "biggest streak of job creation in our history," Obama also took the opportunity to take a jab at what he called "Russian aggression." Taken with the statement that he reserves the right to "use force against anyone that threatens core American interests," one can only surmise that the western provocation in Ukraine will continue as planned.

While echoing the Brzezinski-esque [1] cry for "dignity" Obama also proceeded to take credit for the rescue of the trapped Yazidis on Mount Sinjar despite the fact that it was the Syrian Kurds who rescued the Iraqi victims.

In the end, Barack Obama's statements of aggression and duplicity came as no surprise to informed observers. The Western-backed terrorist organization known as ISIS will be used as an excuse to continue American Imperialism in the Middle East and to justify a military strike on Syria.

[1] Tarpley, Webster Griffin, Obama the Postmodern Coup, Progressive Press, 2008

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