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Russian Aggression Prevention Act Seems Designed to Provoke Russian Aggression

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
July 29, 2014

Although there has yet to be any proof of “Russian Aggression” surrounding the Ukrainian situation in general and the Malaysian flight shoot down more specifically, the general public of the Western world (at least those that actually watch TV news) is consumed with paranoia over a new Russian threat to world democracy. In their minds, that threat is marching westward in the Stalinesque or Hitlerian model (depending on the mode of propaganda being pushed that day) with the ultimate goal of world domination.

Of course, this paranoia has been developed and crafted by the propaganda mill of Western media outlets and NATO governments designed to establish a new Cold War with Russia and, eventually, a much hotter one.

Thus, while “evidence” of Russia’s guilt surrounding the Malaysian flight, which is based entirely on YouTube and Twitter, is being repeated ad nauseum on Western media outlets, members of Congress are by no means going to be left out of the action. Indeed, before the drums of war can even begin to beat loudly enough to be heard by the general population, American Congressmen are seeking to craft legislation that will enable that war to take place as soon as possible.

Such is the case with Senate Bill 2277, also known as The Russian Aggression Prevention Act.

Many aspects of the bill, while unreasonable and provocative to say the very least, rank among relatively weak and ineffective platitudes such as the imposition of asset blocks and sanctions against Russian individuals and their family members of Russian government officials, "supporters" of the Russian government’s policies, and Russian corporations involved in some way in the implementation of the Russian government’s Ukraine policy.

Other areas of the law, however, are much more dangerous

There are essentially three “Titles” to bill 2277. Title I, “Reinvigorating the NATO Alliance,” deals with strengthening both the NATO alliance and the posture of US forces in the European and Eurasian regions. It also involves the acceleration of the construction and deployment of the ABM (anti-ballistic missile) systems as well as the construction of the bases which will house them on Russia’s borders.

This is the same ABM system that caused such friction between the US and Russia under the Bush regime as the systems are designed solely for the purpose of eliminating Russia’s nuclear deterrent capabilities.

This section of the bill also provides for increased funding for Poland and the Baltic states and for the increased cooperation between the United States and Germany on global and European security issues.

Title II is a bit more aggressive, however. Entitled “Deterring Further Russian Aggression In Europe,” Title II provides for the implementation of sanctions against Russia if the Russians do not meet the unreasonable requirements of withdrawal from Crimea. Further sanctions are also provided for in the event of any further phantom “Russian Aggression.” Title II would also provide for financial and diplomatic support for “Russian Democracy and Civil Society Organizations.” Of course, one can clearly translate this “Russian Democracy and Civil Society Organizations” to mean the NGO, color revolution, and destabilization apparatus which was used in the Arab Spring, and the string of “People Power” revolutions across Eastern Europe in the late '90s to mid 2000s.

Indeed, this is the same apparatus that was responsible for the Euromaidan Ukrainian color revolution which set the wheels in motion for confrontation with Russia over Ukraine to begin with. This color revolution apparatus is currently stationed all throughout Russia waiting to come alive at the proper time. Only recently, during the tenure of President Putin, has Russia taken any steps to remove some of these organizations from their positions of stealth and power.

Title III reaffirms American “support for democracy and civil society organizations in countries of the former Soviet Union” but adds to that the further extension of military and intelligence assistance to Ukraine. This part of the bill would fast track the export of American natural gas exports in order to counter the growing European and Eurasian energy dependence on Russia.

It should be noted that the increase in drilling and fracking for natural gas was sold to Americans as something that would reduce American dependence on foreign oil. Instead, as many researchers and commentators pointed out early on, Americans will be forced to pay higher energy prices for the purposes of fighting a proxy war between the United States and Russia.

Title III would also put Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia on track to become NATO members, a highly aggressive political and military maneuver that will undoubtedly serve to provoke Russia to immediate action. This part of the bill would increase broadcasting inside Russia, also known as propaganda, albeit a slightly different form than the propaganda broadcast to the American audiences who never seem satisfied with the amount of entertainment provided to them by the ruling class.

As Paul Craig Roberts writes

If the Russian government hopes to prevent war with Washington, which is likely to be the final war for life on earth, the Russian government needs to act now and end the problem in Ukraine by accepting the separatist provinces’ request to be reunited with Russia. Once S.2277 passes, Russia cannot retrieve the situation without confronting militarily the US, because Ukraine will have been declared an American ally.

Putin’s bet was reasonable and responsible, but Europe has failed him. If Putin does not use Russian power to bring an end to the problem with which Washington has presented him in Ukraine while he still can, Washington’s next step will be to unleash its hundreds of NGOs inside Russia to denounce Putin as a traitor for abandoning the Russian populations in the former Russian provinces that Soviet leaders thoughtlessly attached to Ukraine.
Roberts continues by stating that 

It is almost certain that Obama is being told that President John F. Kennedy had this window of opportunity and did not use it, and that Obama must not let the opportunity pass a second time.

As Steven Starr explained in a guest column, there are no winners of nuclear war. Even if the US escapes retaliatory strikes, everyone will die regardless.

The view in Washington of the neoconservatives, who control the Obama regime, is that nuclear war is winnable. No expert opinion supports their assumption, but the neocons, not the experts, are in power.

The American people are out to lunch. They have no comprehension of their likely fate. Americans are an uninformed people distracted by their mounting personal and financial problems. If Europeans are aware, they have decided to live for the moment on Washington’s money.

What life is faced with is a drive for hegemony on the part of Washington and ignorant unconcern on the part of the rest of the world.

Americans, worked into a lather about Washington’s unfunded liabilities and the viability of their future Social Security pension, won’t be alive to collect it.
Roberts is exactly right. Except, of course, for the fact that the Neo-Cons are mistaken to believe that nuclear war is winnable. While the experts might agree that it is not, the experts are looking at the problem from the point of view of national boundaries and national populations. The truth is that the true war being waged does not originate with the nation state, it originates from the world oligarchical ruling class and it is being perpetrated on those down below.

The Neocons are indeed experts in the art of war and world confrontation.

They simply do not care whether or not the “little people” survive the coming world confrontation.

In fact, that may be the point after all.

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